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Former secondary school teacher pleads guilty for filming girls in school’s toilet

Posted by temasektimes on July 13, 2012

A former MOE teacher at Yuhua Secondary School Bertrand Ngien Wen-Tseah has pleaded guilty to filming girls in the school’s toilet.

The 37 year old reportedly trespass the school’s female toilet in February this year where he installed three pin-hole cameras in each of the three cubicles.

After realizing the cameras had been discovered by a colleague, he tried to steal the micro SD memory cards. His act was discovered by the school subsequently and a police report was lodged.

Bertrand had used the school laptop to view footage of earlier videos of the girls using the toilet.

If convicted of insulting modesty of a woman, he could be jailed up to a year and fined.


10 Responses to “Former secondary school teacher pleads guilty for filming girls in school’s toilet”

  1. kaypoh said

    Dat Wan No Enough, Part 2….

  2. ChickenKing said

    No wonder he become teacher, so many small cunts to see and smell. He must have gone crazy smelling all the developing schoolgirl’s smelly cheebyes.

  3. kums said


  4. said

    Wow MOE again.
    MOE you have so much budget and employ so many shake legs teachers. Yet they have so much time to surf porn and promote extra curriculum. MOE under NEH and Th@rm@n must have done a GREAT JOB by increasing budget after budget each year.

  5. Hardup case go get married with work on school girls, what kind of a teacher he is. What has MOE has got to say about this guy.

  6. kbkb said

    His name sounds like from “pervert” country. Surely not sporean. Don’t even know what is IP camera. Still use SD card.

  7. tud Q said

    i bet he is a FT, if he is a sgporean, probably a FTporean

  8. Applaud said

    Seems like a Myanmese, Vietnamese/Malaysian to me. Another foreign talent. MOE u R SO GREAT.
    Please get them to screw the NEW CITIZENS’ KIDS. We will applaud u.

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