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Netizens outraged over favored press coverage given to PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi

Posted by temasektimes on July 13, 2012

Netizens were outraged over the perceived favored press coverage given to PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi who was widely vilified  for causing a fatal road traffic accident in May this year.

A free tabloid paper reported today a Health Sciences Authority (HSA) toxicology report showed no detectable traces of intoxicating substances, such as drugs and alcohol in Ma Chi.

Though a video clip of the accident clearly showed Ma Chi beating the red light and ramming into a Hyundai Sonata taxi, the state media used the word ‘allegedly’ to describe the accident, much to the derision of netizens.

Below is an extract from the article in question:

“On May 12, the Ferrari allegedly beat a red light and crashed into a ComfortDelGro taxi, which then hit a motorcycle at the junction. Mr Ma, a financial investor from Sichuan, died at the scene, while cabby Cheng Teck Hock, 52, died in hospital along with his Japanese passenger, Ms Shigemi Ito, 41.”

Ma Chi died on the spot while the cabby Cheng Teck Hock and his Japanese passenger died hours later in hospital.

The state media also addressed Ma Chi as ‘Mr’ while calling the cabby simply by his name.

Some comments from Hardwarezone forumers:

“Singapore is a place where once dignity and place is measured by how much money he of course limited edition prancing horse driver is Mr. while taxi driver uncle is …” – balzehub

“heck on 154 and taxi driver don’t have mr. or ms. address as “cabby” tan xx xx…” – crazyliao

“should show respect to all equally,right? even the perpetrator of the accident is addressed as “Mr”, why not the victim? is it just because the victim has a humble job as a cabby?” – moolah

42 Responses to “Netizens outraged over favored press coverage given to PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi”

  1. No money no title. That’s Singapore for ya.

  2. Let us avoid emotion, and review the incident in a clinical and rational manner.

    If there is no argument that the accident did happen, then the issue is just which of the two likely scenarios is less, or more, culpable – crashing when a driver is drunk or whan sober.

    hoi polloi

  3. Ren said


  4. pinoys love to suck cock said

    When u have money,den u deserved to be called mr, mrs or mdm

  5. Jardel said

    Sad….next time please pay attention when driving or crossing the road. FTs are trying to kill Singaporeans so that more of their fuckers can come here and leech. Remember the poor ah ma? Another similar case. Fuck that cheebye Indian. So sad….is this still Singapore?


  6. Very Garang said

    The Ferrari driver was never intoxicated. He wanted to test crash his car on its robustness.

  7. Troll said

    He should live, vegetable till 80.

  8. Fence Sitter said

    simple… one drive Ferrari and not local, also FILTHY rich… the other… nuff said….

  9. Free Trolley said

    This is old news.

  10. i5htar said

    should we trust Health Sciences Authority (HSA)????

  11. Fox said

    A free tabloid paper reported today a Health Sciences Authority (HSA) toxicology report showed no detectable traces of intoxicating substances, such as drugs and alcohol in Ma Chi.

    This simply means that he was fully aware of what he was doing when he beat the red light….
    It only shows the quality of man in him.. I mean insect. Know it’s red light, yet purposely beat it.

    damm locust…

  12. taxiUncle said

    Sickening MSM. Now the issue has died down, they still playing up the image of this damn sickening super-rich idiotiic PRC driver who took away ppl’s lives and this is truly infuriating!!!
    I am a taxidriver not becos of my life-long desire to be one but bec I ended up as one despite being a PMET and jobless despite having a degree. The issue makes me mad. Reading MSM makes me even more mad. I hate the PAP, their manipulation thru the MSM to play up such sickening FTs and foreigners and I truly will encourage all the ppl I know to vote them out the next election. Blooody MSM, blooddy PAPpies and their pro-foreigner policies and you truly make me sick. I hate being a Singaporean now and wish I was never born here in this sad country. Tks a lot

  13. lima said

    So the article gave favorable coverage to Ma Chi by calling him Mr Ma while calling the taxi driver by full name. I mean, please, is this a joking blog? Btw, the article also called the Japanese passenger Ms Shigemi Ito – (also more favored coverage than the Taxi driver?).

    • yong choon kiat said

      Hey lima. Fuck ur mother n ur whole family. The Jap is oso a foreigner. Can u use ur fucking dicky brain if u haf 1?

  14. Sad Sinki said

    The govt controlled media trying to play up again the sickening Mr Ma’s so-called “innocence” by only now releasing the findings of his toxicology report. Who in the world will believe its authenticity? Who is that stupid? Take so long to publish findings of a simple report, also body cremated to remove all suspiscious evidence. What the hell are you stupid media people trying to do? Are we all that daft???
    I now am even more angry for an incident , killed an innocent Sporean taxi driver and passenger.
    Spore govt so desperate for rich foreigner prc nationals like Ma, isit????Idiotic and sickening

  15. if we vote them out this problem will solve ,i said this in a responsible way ,very tired with our ruling party .

  16. Denzuko1 said

    Shouldn’t the evidence show that ma is intentionally ramming his car at high speed? This is worse that DUI !

  17. kaypoh said

    Still milking this shite? lol Ma Chi B__ oredi Bye Bye liao , RIP liao….

  18. Ron said

    Because he was not intoxicated he was able to drive so fast. Otherwise he would have been weaving his car and this accident may not have occured. Interesting to see how the Court will punish him. Being sober meant he did it deliberately. He should have been charged for manslaughter because he knew what he was doing.

  19. MA CHIBYE! said

    Not drunk?? SO ??
    Means he deliberately crash through the red light??
    SERVES HIM FUCKING RIGHT TO DIE!!!! A pity 2 innocent lives were taken.

  20. i say what i think only... said

    does it matter whether he is drunk? drunk means irresponsible, drive after drinking. not drunk worse. sheer irresponsibility, doing everything while 100% sober.

  21. ken said

    to us Singaporean, a singaporean and a japan gal have die…..because of 1 stupid PRC.
    to Goverment . they lose a PRECIOUS financial investor .

  22. kaypoh said

    How cum nobody mention too many bloody traffic light liao??? He damn kanchiong go hotel & “integrate” with his fellow FT gal lah….

  23. Tab1 said

    I do not understand, why when something goes wrong it is always the government fault?

  24. icefire said

    pls respect the law here … mr ma is innocent his bank statement can prove that … in sg the only offence is been poor … if u dont believe ask the rich man’s watch dog – spf

  25. Goondu said

    It was great that he was not driving under any influence. At least he was concious to see his life disappear in front of him.

  26. patin said

    事情己過去,為何還有人為他擦屁股? 在本地..車速最高100/km..死者以180/km車速衝红燈..不論他有無喝酒, 吃藥 , 有沒有傷到人..都是罪..自尋死路..但不該拉別人跟他一起死..這罪..洗不掉的!!!!!
    該死, 不該死..都己過去..別再把他們當新闻操作..!!!!!!!

  27. It was an accident dude. Grow up.

    • yong choon kiat said

      Driving at 180 km of course will cause accident. Pls use ur brain. If i chase u ard wif a chopper n suddenly i slip and the chopper hacks u, is this an accident?

  28. Paul said

    Sujin Thomas

  29. desmond said

    LOL HSA is now just like SPH, gone case liao.

  30. Don't B an UGLY SINGAPOREAN! said

    I’m just wondering why nobody commented on the Romanian Ambassador who sped and kill/hurt a few Singaporean? Is it because he is an “Ang Moh” and an Ambassador too? You people don’t like China and Chinese National? You people prefer USA and “Ang Moh” ??? If you are a Chinese yourself, then you have a rather amazing logic!!! Simple-minded Loser!

    • Seraphim said

      Singapore attempt to persecute the romanian diplomat, but due to the abuse of ‘diplomatic immunity’, he escaped justice. That guy was suspended from his position.

      The state media describe ma chi as a ‘年轻有为,高大英俊’ (it means young and capable, tall and handsome.), then it goes on about his good character and business he do.

      People are pissed with the media regarding the MSM coverage and nothing to do with the ‘race’ issue. I hope you see the differences.

    • chankoro said

      chinese so wat? big fucking deal?! all ethnic chinese from all over the world must carry ur ugly gookoid red n yellow flag and cheer ur fascist little regime? bugger off, u typical racist and xenophobic chinkoid swine!!! i’d rather be a so-called 2nd class citizen in the land of free than to live with and under the filthy jackboots of the ugliest, shittiest cuntree on the face of the earth. yucks!

      • Don't B an UGLY SINGAPOREAN! said


      • chankoro said

        hahaha…no idea what a gook or chink is? look in the mirror, please! it’s a state of mind, and not just a ‘racist’ designation, that’s all i’m saying… fascist little PRC toadies cheering mindlessly the march of contemporary chinese imperialism and boasting non-stop about their 5000 yrs of shitvilization and cultural ‘achievement’… tsktsk… use ur bloody brain and judgement for pete’s sake…stop hiding behind the coattails n badges of ‘chinese-ness’ (ugh!) and stand up fr urself. or do u really have nothing? usually only losers who lead sad miserable lives filled with emptiness (typical fenqing dumbasses…) find it necessary to trumpet their chink chauvinism, nationalism and xenophobia in such a tasteless manner. typical ugly chinamen, in other words.

  31. Joe said

    Let more stupid farks like him in…

  32. Tan Yan Ren said

    Your observation on the laNGUAGE USED is accurate because these actually tells you that the only Cock su..king times has more respect for the Chinaman ass..hole and the disrespect for a SINGAPOREAN taxi driver…I really like to see the reverse the next time…PAY ATTENTION you cock …s kers ..newspaper…!!!!!

  33. Ah Seng said

    Now then u know,
    This place is not my home anymore
    The bottom line count$
    If u cannot contribute
    Yr bottom gets kicked
    U need SPURS to move u

  34. Naivety said

    Only the Rich & Powerful people in Sinkapore rule!


    Just wondering…if those FTs PAP imported were from “high-class” countries like UK, US, Finland, Russia, Sweden or any other rich European nations, would local Singaporeans be so hostile and SNOBBISH?! Don’t forget we have lots of ugly Singaporeans around too…you can find them on the roads…on public transports…food court…markets…shopping centers. Among these ugly Singaporeans, some jump queues, some talk loudly in public places, others eat like pigs, some pick their nose openly…some quarreled openly on bus and MRT… not to mention some high-profile civil-servants and professionals who are convicted by the laws for being corrupted…for being a peeping tom…for being a molester…for having sex with underage girls…for vandalisms…for petty theft…for SHALL I GO ON? Among these people, we have Lawyers, Doctors, former police, University students…SHALL I GO ON?!

    And YES…we have employer who doesn’t pay their maids salaries and abuses them…we have Employers who molested their maids…we have child abusers…we have con-man…we have RACIST…in fact anything you can name it, we have it!!!

    Seems like Singaporeans are generally not very self-conscious, very snobbish and possess over-big ego! Tsk tsk tsk! You pride yourself over what? What so proud about Singapore? 1st class nation? WAKE UP!!! YOU ARE FAR FROM IT!!!

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