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PHOTO: Big man seen hogging two MRT seats

Posted by temasektimes on July 13, 2012

A netizen was peeved when he saw a big man hogging two MRT seats:

Source: Hardwarezone forum


70 Responses to “PHOTO: Big man seen hogging two MRT seats”

  1. The photo takes a small part of the seats which cld be empty. So this is an unreliable post for serious comment.

    • SashaQueenie said

      It doesn’t matter if the other seats are empty (which is highly unlikely in high density Singapore of today).
      The issue is occupying two seats, when he paid only one ticket price. That is a self-centered, greedy act. Many commuters would be hard pressed to speak up, for fear of altercations.

      • HomerJSimpson said

        You don’t pay for a seat. You pay to travel. You can’t claim a refund if you’re left standing when the trains are packed. Yap Swee Hoo is correct, if we’re to take citizen journalism seriously, then context is needed. And the above picture, and single sentence don’t provide it.

  2. Anon said

    I would just plonk myself next to him…reserved seat or not…just to get him to move his bag. 🙂

  3. Jardel said

    LOL TT is Stomp now. Beware…This fat guy will sue you for privary intrusion. How you know he is pinoy? Any words of such on his fucking forehead? 😀

    Dear me….he is sure FAT. It will be good if he is forced to do his fucking NS. Fat = high medical costs = SINGAPOREANS PAYING….WHY ARE WE ACCEPTING FAT FTS? FAT MEANS BAD. LAZY. USELESS.

  4. Curious said

    How do you tell he’s a pinoy?

    • mtfpinoy said

      he doesnt look like malay… either pinoy or myanmar could be

    • mahbok tan said

      100% he is ….. !!!! most of those in here can differentiate the locals from FT’s….!!!
      FAT , young , iT savvy….but….!!!????………..add urself wat is rite for him….!!!

  5. TZMYami said

    In thier country this kind of behaviour is very normal. That is why the goverment kept tell Singaporean to integrate with them and accept their behaviour. We mustn’t get annoy over this kind situation.

    • SashaQueenie said

      Sorry, they have to integrate into OUR customs and culture. Why? Because we are the HOST, so they are the guests. The guest does not tell the host what to do. Not happy FUCK off!

  6. LkySi said

    Maybe he used another Ezlink for his hand baggage as well

    • SashaQueenie said

      You are as stupid as he is. What is the likelihood of that happening? Zilch! Until you have prove that he did, we must assume the more logical assumption that he did not.

  7. After all This is ok por me ,they like to do things to let other tell them excuse me can i have the sit ? this they got to learn to integrate with us if not will have conflicts if they insist to argue ,what do you think ?

  8. Free Trolley said

    pinoy? cannot tell.

  9. Denzuko1 said

    Okay. Let’s not jump to conclusion here. Has any one asked him to give up one seat?

  10. MY MAID IS A PINOY said

    Looks more like a pig to me.

  11. WP said

    Nothing unusual.. I’ve seen an Indian man taking 3 seats.

  12. True Blue Singaporean said

    Fuckin Pinoy Bastard !!! Fat Toad, even the toads in Spore look dearer than this obnoxious creature. Pinoys and Pinays are the Descendants of indigenious tribeswomen screwed or raped by Spanish sailors and settler immigrants over 3 centuries ago. Dat explains all pinoy names sounds similar to Spanish names eg: Ricardo, Santos, Valencia, Edmundo, Pinato, Reina…..

  13. kaypoh said

    1 seat for each ball…

  14. iloveft said


  15. Bad gene said

    He needs to go on diet. Look at his shirt buttons, almost burst out.

  16. spotlessleopard said

    He is not big….just ask him to move over and take yoru seat…

  17. kaypoh said

    He is pregnant…..he deserves the reserved seat 🙂

  18. solaris8899 said

    the result of having more FTs?
    will see more of this kind ppl on our streets….

  19. Ron said

    Shame on TT. Probably has no better news to report. This is no big deal. Anyone who wants a seat can just say, Excuse me. Give a smile and it will be okay.

    Maybe he was too engrossed. Maybe the train was not even crowded when he got on board. Maybe, maybe.

    We can all be more gracious and of course it applies to this passenger too.

  20. Strangely nobody noticed the bag’s on a reserve seat.

  21. SAF said

    Send this fat fuck for RT!!
    Fucking PIG! PIGGG!

  22. J said

    to-whoever-it-is-who-took-this-picture. unless you went up to him to ask if he could spare the seat next to him, you really have no right to claim “he hogging 2 seats”.

  23. bb said

    Remove his PR status so that all FTs scared

  24. mahbok tan said

    wah so many angry netizens here …cool bro n sis…..!!!
    There’s always another day to be angry….just keep our self happy lor….its funny to see this guy personality and attitude ….like SHIIIIIIIITTTTTT……!!!!

  25. RC said

    People like him, with too fat ass will tend to occupy two seats.

  26. Joe said

    Cmon people stop discriminating n being a xenophobic. Do u think people wants to be fat????? In fact he’s not even taking two seat. I think if u ask him nicely, he will take his bag away. Beside the train is not crowded. Temasek review, u r an alternative news site do bear in mind to provide constructive article. What u just did with this article to flame the race issues. Be careful when playing with fire.

  27. alibaba said

    We dun need another STOMP here.

  28. just curious said

    Shame on that fella… what a rascal

  29. cc said

    doesn’t hve better thing to do issit???

  30. If he buys a ticket for his bag then it is alright. Otherwise no.

  31. Grow up, do not be so petty

  32. Using foul language tells the whole world the moral character of present day Singaporeans. I bet you all are the blue collar minority. You shamed Singaporeans. Most Singaporeans are classy and highly educated.

    Be more objective and be tolerant. Do you know where you came from originally. We live in an international global village. Singaporeans are everywhere around the globe and highly respected.

  33. Lets pick our battles correctly said

    TRewiew falling to new lows. Ever thought of focusing on more important issues?!

  34. Jake said

    If u’d like to have that seat just tell him politely u need one and he will most probably move his bag away, problem solved zz no need for any hoo-haa

    • Don't B an UGLY SINGAPOREAN! said

      Precisely! Hey you people here….shame on you lar…since you can type English here means you guys are educated…but you people shows no tolerant at all…how to achieve gracious society leh! Just signal to him or ask him politely you want the seat…if he pretend not to hear you or refuse to move then perhaps you can make an issue out of it…you just took his photo without even confirming his Nationality!!! Are you being ridiculous?! I have seen more Singaporean who did the same thing! How come you never come across?! Are you suffering from selective blindness?! If you people are trying to stir up racial hatred, BEWARE…It will not be allowed in Singapore! You will be traced and dealt with by the ISD! STUPID ASSHOLE!

  35. kaypoh said

    Where is the fierce bitchy auntie when u need her????

  36. Fuck Pinoys said

    Pinoys are Mexicans of Asia.


  37. Singaporean said

    Definately Pinoy

  38. jeffrey said

    he was reserving it for the umbrella auntie. didn’t you see the reserved sign?

  39. 龍的传人 said


  40. Singapuraboi said

    I am so Ashamed of our govt and of being a Singaporean. Was sitting next to this Ang mo FT who was talking to someone who I believe is a friend from back home. He was rarer loud about how the FTs r having a good time at the expense of the locals and encouraged his friend to come over to get a job which he says is so easy cos the govt is only intersted in making money and don’t care for the people and their well being. He even went on to say how the locals will be sacrificed to allow an FT to get a job. He laughed at the govt and the people and said no where on the world would you see such a situation that benefits not citizens and penalises the natives. He even talks about how ridiculous the govt is when he spoke how the govt insist in keeping Singapore clean and green and you can’t find a garbage bin around. He laughed at how paranoid the govt is and how full of shit. He talks about the insincerity of givt policies such as discouraging smoking and how folkish we r in thinking that increasing the price is cigarettes will discourage the habit. He insinuated how naive our govt to think that high price would be a deterrent. Then he added that it obvious that they only want to abuse the situation and line their pockets. This FT talked loudly and laughed his head off. He insinuated that the govt would betray its people to make quick buck. As angry as I m, I know it’s true and did not want to challenge him as I have no evidence to prove him otherwise. PAP you think the FTs r grateful to you letting them in and giving them a chance at survival? Think again! They r abusing our system and making a mockery out of you. People it is obvious we need a new govt. if u guys heard u would’ve been infuriated but yet know he is right. The funny thing is that our govt keeps tiring a blind eye and a deaf ears to all these unfavourable behaviours and comments from the FTs.

  41. A G Young said

    This is the responsibilty of SMRT to deal with this uncultured commuter but it appears SMRT main concern is when will be the next FARE increase. That is their main concern! There used to be some Service Ambassadors on board each SMRT train but where are they now?

  42. Anonymous said

    The FT dun give a FARK.. our govt also dun give a FARK… only us SINGAPOREAN gives a FARK about SINGAPORE…the day will come when we SETTLE this issue ourself … so.. say whatever you wanna say about us SINGAPOREAN.. you FT think you can BIG HEAD here ah.. you all try lah.. before you FT can say anything.. your head will fly high on top of our flag pole for our NATIONAL DAY soon.. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA…

  43. Voice from the Genuine Singaporean said

    tell these pinoy pack their bad & go home

  44. No, he's NOT big said


  45. P Koh said

    Such a minor incident and I am sure that if someone wants to sit on that empty seat, he will surely remove the bag and that will be the end of the story. So much speculations over a tiny issue really baffles me.

    • Edmund said

      Agreed with u. Some ppl look at things from different angles and blow up a small incident into a big issue – a storm in a tea cup issue. If u asked him to take away his bag, i see no reason y he shouldnt do it. Have anyone come across this incident where an Indian lady reserved A SEAT 4 a friend who she claims is getting up at the next stn.I told her off that there is no such thing as reserving seats in the MRT. She thinks she is still in India or some third world country where such practice sttill prevails

  46. justicenequality said

    Was the carriage[train] crowded with commuters standing around?

    Or was it during the ‘off peak’ when there are pockets of empty seats? If this is the case, then he can be said to ‘borrow’ that seat for a while when he is busy with his tablet. He seems to be the ‘chubby’ type who is harmless. No harm cause to anyone because his bag look ‘heavy’ and it will be uncomfortable for him to place it on his lap.

  47. kong man under the sun said

    Pinoy bastard

  48. i say what i think only... said

    stupidity is not a handicap, cannot take priority seat

  49. SashaQueenie said

    You paid one fee and you expect to take up two freakin’ seats! Selfish MUCH?

  50. Ren said

    Maybe he’s handicapped…Look at his crooked left leg…

  51. iknowthisislovebutifwereyouiwouldleaveher said

    Dramatic girl next to him Lol

  52. Naivety said

    Very selfish act from a Pinoy Scum!

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