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Singaporean complains to PM Lee on his estate being turned into a new Geylang

Posted by temasektimes on July 13, 2012

Dear Prime Minister Lee,

On behalf of the residents and my elderly mother as well as speaking for myself, I’m urging you to look into the matter of the worsening security and well-being of the residents here at Jalan Suka.

I have written to URA to clarify on the matter that many residential units here have been converted and also in the process of turning into brothels. The URA officer whom I’ve corresponded with have clearly stated that the units here are meant for residential and institutional and added that SPF should be the ones whom we should approach.

I have written to my MP, SPF (for at least 5 years now) and more recently the DPM to ask them to intervene as it is within their power to take action against the owners and brothel operators. Strangely the replies which I’ve received so far are archaic and generic. Their standard replies are predictable and are in the likes of ‘we are cognizant of the situation’, ‘we will forward the feedback to the relevant department’ and ‘we will step up enforcement against the streetwalkers under the Women’s Charter’. SPF have been avoiding taking the most obvious, and probably the most effective way to deal with the matter systemically that is to take action against the owners and brothel operators!

I have serious doubts about whether our pleas are really heard and whether the safety and well-being of the citizens matter. Every day and every night, we are victimised by the incessant noise that goes on throughout the night and even the day, large crowd of foreign workers filled the streets, streetwalkers chatting loudly and turning on the music on their radio/mobile phones to in order to keep them awake in the night and day, pimps becoming de facto authority in the streets. Even last Sunday, a pimp intimidated my girlfriend when she was driving out of the lane! The pimp slammed his hands on my girlfriend’s car and she is still traumatised by the incident.

Open-air illegal gambling still happens on weekends, peddlers selling contraband cigarettes still sell them freely for the last few years and last month, my immediate neighbouring unit has become a brothel and from where I stand I can see an opposite unit is being renovated and soon it’ll be another brothel. We have not been resting well either in the day as well as night and it is beginning to take a toll on us, emotionally and physically.

I’ve been following your speeches, your desire to begin a new chapter for Singaporeans after the watershed election and building a more inclusive society and yet we still feel so neglected and helpless.

Mr Prime Minister we urge you to take a personal interest on this matter as not only we have lost faith in the policing ability as well as authority of SPF in this area as the agency so far is only interested in sending patrol cars and police officers on foot on rare occasions which doesn’t amount to improvement to the situation given their brief and inconsequential presence. I also have doubts whether our previous mails to the DPM and the relevant departments were read at all. Otherwise how can no concrete actions be taken? Could this be a case of negligence, just like the recent MRT inquiry which has exposed LTA flaws?

I’ve included a lestest image taken outside my house for your perusal. For your information, Jalan Suka has two surveillance cameras installed and the footages (if the cameras are even operational at all) which prove that I am not exaggerating.

Please help us; we just want a safe and reasonably peaceful neighbourhood and I believe it’s not too much for us to ask.

Yours sincerely

Adam Goi

*The above was first posted as a note on Facebook


43 Responses to “Singaporean complains to PM Lee on his estate being turned into a new Geylang”

  1. Jardel said

    He is not interested at all. 60% vote him and his bunch of clowns into the parliament. They do wat they want in the next 5 years and then during the 1 year prior to the next GE, LHL will come out again and advocate for singaporeans and CRY again to beg for votes from stupid singaporeans. Yes I meant my words. STUPID. Not innocent but STUPID.

    If you want a change, MoVE out of Geylang and try not to vote PAP into power in the next GE.

    Bless you. Good Luck.

  2. kaypoh said

    Obviously the Thai & Pinoy prosties are integrating well with the Indian & Bangla & Ah Tiong FTs, seems to be going according to plan of integrating the FTs into society…..

  3. bummer said

    jalan suka mah. so papayas suka suka lah. Except for a handful of righteous law enforcers, SPF are the most laggard bunch of jokers ever. They are there mainly for show only. Their high occupational turnover rate should tell you about how these pen pushing patrollers feel about their jobs.

  4. Lim said

    Well if your street is sandwiched between 2 lanes of Geylang 22 and 24 the spill-over effect of pimps, prostitutes and foreign men is inevitable. Geylang is `approved’ red-light district and sanctioned . So I guess the govt is unlikely to move the mountain so it is must be Adam who must move. I remember one lady MP wanting to clear the vice there and change it into cultural and heritage buzz.

    • Joe said

      You are slightly incorrect. Only certain areas of Geylang are “approved” red light areas. I am not sure if it stretches all the was to Lor 22 and 24 though. I was under the impression (and I may be wrong) that it was only up till 16 or 18.

      • Lim said

        Is it even or odd lanes that prostitution is endured? Or is there up to a certain number like to Lorong 18 beyond which you can’t pimp or solicit as you mentioned? But what ever it is the vice is not going to be confined strictly to these artificial boundaries and bound to spill over. Like I said they are not going to remove the mountain so poor adam must endure or move.

  5. Ben said

    well if u choose a place in the even Lorongs of Geylang, u gotta close 1 eye, its the red light district dude

  6. Supertroll said

    Jalan Suka is part of the whore town la. If the police is useless, use your own water bombs. don’t everything wait for all these bochup authorities. Choose 12 midnight, those whores make up ruined, they cannot sell. hahahahhaa

  7. fish 'n' chips said

    I have no comments.
    Just keep my fingers crossed and say a little prayer everyday wishing all the best for Singapore and true blue Singaporeans.

    • Julie Ong said

      Thanks heaps Fish ‘N’ Chips. I share the same sentiment.
      Just this one thing: we have to back up one another in order to change things. To the point: Singaporeans, love your fellow Singaporeans!

  8. A Vibrant SG said

    PM Lee got no time lah, moreover this area is a showcase of his project of making SG into a “vibrant” country. To him money is more important.

  9. Puzzled said

    Why choose to stay in Geylang and then complain about the whore there? If the price of property there is cheap because of it’s “unique” location, then don’t cry father cry mother now.

  10. Crap... said

    He’s too busy courting more foreigners to Singapore.. no time to be bothered with singaporeans..

  11. Yayrhah said

    Adam Goi is a stupid ass! That street is right in Geylang.. what’s the complain about turning to new Geylang??

  12. SGT33 said

    I sincerely understand your problems. I give you a solution. How about changing your apartment we my HDB flat. I will not complain to the PM.
    How about it?

  13. roy said

    use ur brain to think 1st before u made complaint next time please!! Jln suka is part of the red-light district ,if the government were to ban this little paradise here,then if the guys got horny and desperately need short hour partners,then how ????????
    Sell ur house and move to other town la. ,go! go! go!
    Stop making so much noises like a crow.

  14. Andrew said

    Please wait till 2016…election year….everything will be solved….

  15. Geo said


    how long you atying there? you bought it recently, or rent the unit/house? you must have known it in Geylang area…….if its is bought….must be cheap lah……? if rent…you can do something ah…….SPF and the FTs (different types) only plays tom and jerry.

  16. LkySi said

    Temasek Holdings has now ventured into pornography and prostitution

  17. voting them out is more effective than sitting down to talk to them ,now you know why vote them out ,many have tasted it and tired to talk to them ,even voting a rats is better than them , The PAP are busy working out to stay in power in 2016 .

  18. Leo said

    Dear Adam,

    They will not care less. Simple. I am a resident of Geylang and have been complaining for years. No solution as they do not want to solve. We do not see foot patrols. Anyway police could not intervene as anti-vice department is the department handling vice issue. Recently I have written to URA regarding illegal parking by the big lorries. They responded by saying ‘we could not stop them for parking and Geylang is a light industry area’. I do not see any factory near my house and it is classified as full residential area by URA. When I challenged them, they simply says they will put more patrols. I have given up on our government.

    • Joyce said

      Dear Leo and Adam,

      Same situation here though I am residing further away in other “non red-light” lorong. I too have been complaining for more than 5 years to the SPF, anti-vice branch, URA and even PMO Office of the prostitution rings that are trafficking vice in the pubs area. Both the pub and budget hotel operators are aware of the vice rings working in the area including those in lorong 24. Our families’ security and safety are always at risks when the prostitutes attract gangsters and vice rings into the neighborhood. Note that the operating licenses of these sleazy pubs and budget hotels are issued by the relevant authorities and they continue to allow them to operate these for many years despite residents’ pleads.

      Since the relevant authorities are unable to resolve these problems after so many years in your area and ours at lorong 41, 42, 43, 44, 40 Geylang Road and Guillemard Road; perhaps we should join our efforts and seek help from UNODC Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling Section at or whichever agencies local or international who will care to address issues of sex rings and safety for our residents.


  19. ChickenKing said

    So fucking convenient you still kpkb????
    I want chicken still have to drive to Geylang and book hotel. You CCB, from your window look down and whistle, the chicken can go your house and suck your cock liao. Y U complain????

  20. Pantatko said

    Sell ur stupid house ah…complaint for fark…geylang is already a red light district even before u were born goddamn it. Complaint for farking 5 yrs no action that show pigs didn’t do their work lah fark. Don’t want move out than suck thumb LAN LAN keep quiet ah fark

  21. 龍的传人 said


    • Wicked Brain said


      • 新加坡人 said


  22. desmond said

    They must be trying to INTEGRATE these kind of foreign activities into singapore as well. And we sinkies are supposed to EMBRACE them with wide open arms. Joke at its best.

  23. pegonmynose said

    palau tekong is also geylang as the local males prostitude themselves to the FT who come in free without doing NS

  24. Lee101 said

    PAP now don’t bother about local citizen problem,they only think for FT!

  25. pingpolice said

    Our home team is really home sick. They have lost count of how many of these surveillance cameras they have actually installed. They assume these equipments already replaced their job and yet they continue to take tax payer money as their salary!

    • NativeSingaporean said

      As the saying goes, If u can beat them, join them, even old man knows how make money, convert ur place to brothel make 50k/mth n go n rent a high end bungalow in tanglin with big swimming pool

  26. Ah Seng said

    Papaya Supporter said already
    Not happy can leave the country
    A thousand more will easily take yr place, yr job, yr home
    So stop grumbling
    Not happy Can leave
    No one is stopping u
    (sorry ah, it is the papaya carrier say one, not me)
    I also a victim
    Proud to say I m in the 40% ever since I turned 21.

  27. Khteo said

    If u can’t beat them…. Join them lor…. Offer yr residence for $5 per hour….lol

  28. Naivety said

    Down with the pigs come GE 2016!!!

  29. Joyce said

    Dear Fellow Residents of Geylang,

    If you still face such harassment from the pimps and prostitutes AFTER complaining and writing to the relevant authorities for more than 5 years, try writing to PM office. IF THAT still fails after a week ( yes, don’t wait too long ) , please let me know if I can join you to appeal for help from UN office.


    • Joyce said

      Dear Fellow Residents of Geylang,

      I understand the aggressive prostitution activities have returned to affected areas of Geylang after few quiet days probably they heard news of impending raids following Mr. Adam’s appeal was published in the media..

      Likewise, sex vice rings involving pimps, agents and Vietnamese women (some are underages ) return to operate at some of the pubs near Guillemard Road ( Grandlink Sq ) , Lorong 44, 43, 42, 41, 40, 39, 38 , etc. There are more than 200 women soliciting for clients at these pubs.
      Some of the operators have coordinated with the pimps of these girls to bring them to the pubs and acting as watch outs at nearby coffeeshops. The sad things are some of these heavy make up girls look like they are from secondary school children. No sex/human trafficking in Singapore ? I don’t think so.

      IF the relevant authorities want to solve the problem permanently for safety and welfare of the residents and Singaporeans, they have the options 1) to enforce and penalize on landlords of residential units being used for brothels or facilitate the vice activities including harboring these transit tenants. 2) penalize and terminate/suspend operating licences/permits of establishments ( such as pubs, budget-hotels, health centers, etc. ) found to facilitate such vice activities knowingly.

      Some of the laws and regulations are already established, just that we are very puzzle why no such actions like termination of licenses of pubs that continue to facilitate such vice acitivities despite anti vice raids and public complaints.

      So hopefully, residents who have been suffering and complaining for many years may wish to accompany us to appeal to the UN anti-human trafficking body for help ?


  30. spotlessleopard said

    Ask the students from JC.”So what do you think?”

  31. Ng said

    I think the best time to send out pleas to gov ppl is when election is near. For now they usually wont care much so just endure few more years ba.

  32. cscs1956 said


    Is becuase people reporting to him did not do the job well, so we have to escalate higher. Just pass there few days back. Is business as before. Nothing has changed. Very sad to see this even the case has been escalated to highest person in charge of the country !

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