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Number of Filipino visitors to Singapore increased by 24 percent last year

Posted by temasektimes on July 14, 2012

The number of Filipino visitors to Singapore hit a record high 678,000 last year, a 24 percent increase compared to 544,000 in 2010, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) said.

Speaking to queries from the media, Sherina Chan, STB Area Director for the Philippines and Brunei expressed her heartfelt ‘gratitude’ to the Filipinos:

“2010 was already considered an exceptional year as the Philippines increased its ranking from number eight to number six in terms of international visitor generating markets for Singapore. We are heartened by this continued growth momentum and warm support from Filipinos.”

The increase in the number of pinoy visitors is attributed to the growing economy in the Philippines in 2011, the increasing number of flights between Philippines and Singapore and the fact that around 160,000 Filipinos live in Singapore today, thereby encouraging visits from their family and friends.

However, what was not reported is that a number of pinoys are coming to Singapore not for visit purposes, but to find a job which is not allowed under the law.

A common practice among these pinoy job-hunters is to stay at a friend’s place and using their stay to try to obtain a work permit or employment pass in order to work in Singapore.

Unfortunately, the Singapore Tourism Board seems more fixated on the figures than analyzing the real reason behind the increase in the number of pinoy ‘visitors’.


34 Responses to “Number of Filipino visitors to Singapore increased by 24 percent last year”

  1. lee long long said

    with so many coming for interview, of course the number go up lah

  2. Gregory said

    Anyone knows of Pinoys who are hosting Pinoy ‘tourists’, who in turn, are abusing their social visit pass to look for jobs? Please report them to the relevant authorities and get their PR status revoked, HDB apartment repossessed and finally, get kicked out of Singapore with their entire families.

    • i say what i think only... said

      pinoy rent a hdb and post online to rent out as hotel, in the end? nothing happened. even if is bto hdb flat, at most is a wayang warning, reposession? dreamin

  3. TZMYami said

    Yes, most young visitors from Pinoy, Myanmar and China are here not as tourist but are actually job seekers. Of course some visitors are here to making “quick and easy money”. Their visa allow them to stay 14 to 30 days. I think ICA knew about this but they can’t to be too certain which one is genuine visitor and which one are not.

  4. kbkb said

    No wonder orchard tower so crowded nowadays. Got so many new stock.

  5. Ponders said

    Mexicunts of Asia, fuck off we are full.
    The moment they touch down, they are at Orchard Towers dancing with their tits out like a whore.

    • No, we are not full.
      According to the CIA World Factbook, Singapore has the LOWEST fertility rate in the world, at 222 out of 222 countries in the study.
      If we do not replenish our population, the island will become uninhabited.
      Other countries are overpopulated and need to offload their excesses.

  6. Singaporean Employment Agency said

    As employment agency, we see so many Pinoys come over without job and walk into our office asking for one.
    This trend is increasing.. if not taken seriously, we may see these Pinoy walking and working on the streets of Singapore as prostitutes if they cannot find a job here in Singapore. We have marketed ourselves in Philippines too well that Singapore has become a dream place for Pinoy to come here to work.
    Can ICA so something?

  7. Singaporean Employment Agency said

    “However, what was not reported is that a number of pinoys are coming to Singapore not for visit purposes, but to find a job which is not allowed under the law.”

    You are wrong, under the law, you are allowed to come here as tourist for 30 days and find job.

    • Gregory said

      We can hire them, even though they have no EP or S-pass? What if application for EP or S-pass is rejected? Or MOM accepts overwhelming majority of applications, so the chances of rejection is very low?

    • A Singaporean by birth said

      i’ve heard from a friend that these pinoys could also be given a ONE year’s visa to come here and encouraged to look for jobs… is it surprising to see WHY there are so MANY of them here now?????

  8. icefire said

    pls admit sg need them !!! if not rape report will raise … the bangala prc thai construction need them …

  9. crazy SGean said

    the rules allows them to. plus, they dun ask “are you here for the purpose of finding a job”

  10. bb said

    Sooner or later sg becomes a colony of Phillipine.

  11. spotlessleopard said

    Many of these filpino “tourists” actually came to look for jobs…

  12. Nation said

    ICA can do thing? Under WKS, so many corruption cases.
    Yet, he is the DPM. Related to PM? U find out. Y Singapore is so messy now? Thanks to WKS, MBT, GKY, NEH. These ppl must be removed for polluting our nation.

  13. Virgorian said

    678000 Pinoy, 100000 here for prostitution , 200000 here to steal job, leftover to be a maid !

  14. Lyn Labradores said

    I think Filipino is more competitive in work rather than the local one.

    • Cheap is talent said

      You mean competitive in work salary?

    • Sg said

      Not in work, Competitive in rates, i.e. cheap to hire. But, Perpectually on Facebook and yak, yak, yak….. I hire 3 pinoys to do the work of 1 local and still get a 30% savings on labour costs. Good deal! Pinoy mabuhay!

  15. fpap said

    an influx of ali baba and his robbers

    beware of your pockets, your home, you will get robbed

  16. Singaporean said

    I am really angry there r so many pinoys here and their former president had the cheek to say we should reserve jobs for them. What is our govt doing? Singaporeans do not want to see so many pinoys here.

  17. Naivety said

    Wow, 678,000 cheap FTs from Phillipines are here in Singapore’s shore to find jobs, no wonder so many Native Sinkaporeans are out of work nowadays!!!

  18. KKit said

    scandal pinoy

  19. True BLUE Sinkie said

    The PInoys are here on 2 weeks social visit pass apply for jobs. I see them frequently at walk-in interviews. Singapore Tourism Board is blind. Figures dont tell the real story behind that increase in numbers. Dumb idiots…

  20. Virgorian said

    I have a suggestion , we should give them more job, the more the merrier example high end job like rubbish collector , toilet cleaner , house cleaner , construction worker (cos good at broken English )and prostitution !!this e the best job for them cos they r real fucking stink same as FT stinking indian !!

    • gr0koewi said

      Do not even think of trying to play with fire here. What you said has exploitation written all over it. Locals don’t like foreigners, yet they don’t want to do certain jobs. And when the migrant workers are done, they get disposed of. Migrant workers have rights. And in the worst case scenario, should they take this matter to the UN, it will be the end of us. We might be stripped of sovereignty (as well as UN membership), and Malaysia would be more than happy to reclaim their ’lost lands’.

    • cerridwen said

      Looking at your post, it is really surprising that you have the guts to mention “broken English”. Anyway, for your information, with the number of investments that Singapore is attracting, it will mean that more man power is needed in supporting these new businesses. If the current population, or manpower of the country cannot support that, then the risk of loosing investments is present. It would really make sense to open jobs to other nationalities to make sure that the manpower pool requirement of existing or future investors will be met. It really pays to think critically before making a stand on any issue, please always bear that in mind.

  21. Disgruntled said

    This is nothing new. I remember at a walk-in interview as far back as in 2006, I chatted with a fellow interviewee only to find out that she’s a pinoy who came here on a social visit pass. And I heard from our HR that foreigners can apply for some sort of special pass that allow them to stay here for 1 yr to search for a job. Unlike the western countries that only issue such passes to foreigners who had graduated from their local unis, our government issues them to any tom, dick and harry who wants to come, i.e. those with no root or link here at all. Now tell me which other government in the world will open the floodgate to foreign trash like this?

  22. precious said

    hahahaha… stupid sinkaporeans are finding it hard to compete with filipinos who can’t find a job back in manila.

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