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PAP grassroots leaders selling Singapore flags to residents to hang to ‘celebrate’ National Day

Posted by temasektimes on July 14, 2012

National Day may be still three weeks ago, but Singapore flags are already seen hanging from blocks of HDB flats in certain parts of Singapore.

According to the state media, PAP grassroots leaders have been knocking on the doors of residents to sell the Singapore flag and ‘encouraging’ them to hang the flags outside their homes to show their ‘love’ for Singapore.

RC members from the Jurong West district are at the forefront of the “Fly our Flag Campaign” to paint the estate in a sea of ‘red and white.’

A statement from the state media reads:

“It’s that time of the year again. If you haven’t already done so, you can start flying the Singapore flag during the National Day celebration period from July 1 to Sept 30. Other than displaying the flag from buildings and vehicles, you can also wear attire bearing images of the flag during this period, as long as it is done with respect.”

The number of Singapore flags being hung publicly outside homes have become a sort of barometer to gauge public support for the ruling party which bans all forms of opinion polls in Singapore.

For some strange reasons, the Singapore flags are only noticed being hung from HDB flats lining the main roads while they are hardly seen in those situated in remote areas and in private housing.



51 Responses to “PAP grassroots leaders selling Singapore flags to residents to hang to ‘celebrate’ National Day”

  1. GodBlessSG said

    I used to love Singapore, but it’s getting lesser and lesser by the years.

    I will not hang Singapore Flag, at least not for now, until we reclaim Singapore back for Singaporeans!

  2. Anthony said

    Is PA grassroots leaders and not PAP.

  3. prab said

    In my estate, some of the years they just come and hang it for you. Then take it off few years after that.

  4. President of Nasi Brani said

    To me is just a public holiday. It no longer feels like I am in Singapore. I will not hang it even it is free.

    • Daft Peasants said

      ya lo…..just another holiday….. even CNY to me is meanless now……all stupiak holidays is just a holiday……

      if they pay your money, will you hang??

      Ha ha ha…

  5. Daft Peasants said

    i never hang sing flag before……hang lai cho si mi???

    ask the 200 NEW CITIZENS to hang lo…….

    ha ha ha ha ha…………………

  6. Not Celebrating National Day said

    To me, PA grassroots = PAP and I feel disgusted when I see one of them. I am very unhappy with the influx of foreigners and CPF matters, I don’t feel like I am in my own country and I am worried about my CPF savings, until these issues are resolved satisfactorily, I will not celebrate National Day…

  7. Singaporean said

    temasektimes, national day hang flags u also write article about it. Write something interesting lah

  8. Pantatko said

    Singapore still have huh?…I thought now this country us now called chinapore with piglets.

  9. ttt said

    I will hang it if they pay me for the rental of the space. As a loyal Singaporean, I will give them some discount.

  10. Wolfglare said

    I don’t mind hanging one of our PAP MP outside my flat

  11. Singaporean said

    Many Singaporeans are not hanging the flag any more.. We lost hope in the PAP leadership. We don’t respect President Tony Tan. We may hang flag again after GE2016.

  12. Aaron said

    my house along the corridoor facing the PIE….. i dun need to hang the flag… someone will hang the flag for us…. i think its the RC members….

  13. Mikey said

    One block hang cheena flag, one block hang pinoy flag, one block hang inntor flag, another one hang burma flag..

    United colours of Benetton la.. lagi best la..

    PAP want integrations ma..

    • Me said

      Maybe our dear PRIME MINISTER will create an iNTEGRATED flag

      • AnotherSingaporean said

        Or change our national flag to china/pinoy/etc combined in one, since now rojak kns.
        I used to be proud of my pink IC. Now, no value. Any tom dick and harry from third world country also can easily get one.

  14. Ken said

    yes, dont hang as a sign of protest!

  15. Paul said

    they dare to come hang flag i will hang them by the window

  16. mahbok tan said

    As i have suggested much earlier lets hang black cloth any shape and size will do…its how we celebrate national day…in sadness and gloomy future…for the COS.Period.

  17. Oz PR said

    Can I hang my oz PR visa label?

  18. Anthony Tang said

    We are hanging the Singaapore flag, not the PAP flag. We may be displeased with the ruling party’s arrogance and attitude, but we are still Singaporeans, and should be proud of our flag.
    The only reason that I can think of, for not hanging the Singapore flag is that Singapore is no more Singapore, as it has been adulterated by too many foreigners who take root here and call themselves Singaporeans. It may be instrumental to allow some foreigners to take up Singapore citizenship, but they must not interfere with our culture and take over jobs that we can do. They also must leave their dirty habits behind in their home country where it can be accepted.
    My 2 cents worth.

  19. the cake is a lie said

    hanging up a philippines flag seems more legit

  20. Native said

    Like many of my friends, I no longer feel the patriotism in me on National Day unlike in the 80s and 90s.

    I now view the NDP as one that takes advantage of the manpower from our increasingly reluctant NS men as cheap labour and forces young school students to perform and entertain the elites and FTs. It is evidently being turned into an annual tourist event like F1 to attract tourists here, among whom some will decide to return as FTs, rather than a day to sincerely celebrate our independence day!

    • KKit said

      Aiyah! just hang laundry clothings for drying outside……

    • ??? said

      True, it is even more ironic that there are Singaporeans (born and grew up in SG) who never got the NDP tickets despite bidding for them year after year while the FT somehow got the tickets to attend the NDP????

      • FedupNativeSingaorean said

        I was born in Kandang Kerbau Maternity Hospital in the 1950s, bid for NDP tickets last yr and this yr, still not successful! Guess the gahmen saved them for their precious new citizens, PRs, and all other foreign trashes…

  21. Jackson said

    Well the PAP is the only government since 1965, means PAP = Singapore. Whatever PAP fails in, Singapore also fails. So why hang the Singapore flag?

  22. going to hang a black cloth as a flag.

  23. Free I also don’t want.

  24. Not another brick in the wall said

    LOL This reminds me of something i EXPERIENCED myself. Was in-charge of a renovation project somewhere in singapore. Corridors were Vandalised by loan shark runners. Some corridors light are not working. Guess work? Despite all these way long overdue work. THEY DECIDED TO HANG THE NATIONAL FLAG OUTSIDE A UNIT WHERE NO 1 IS STAYING. Damn narcissist.

  25. True BLUE Sinkie said

    i will hang the flags of Myanmar, Bangladesh, Philippines, India, Indonesia. I will not hang the Singapore flag since I am a foreigner in my own country.

  26. Fed Up Singaporean said

    I’ll hang the Singapore flag but will replace the moon and stars with a single star..

    Welcome to Chinapore

  27. Cute said

    I will not hang Singapore flag anymore. I even dislike National Day. There is nothing proud to be Singaporean nowadays. Let the PR and FTs hang the flag and celebrate instead.

  28. P Koh said

    Love Singapore for what it is and where we belong. Hang the Singapore flag out of Pride for our Nation and we should not
    be upset with the letdown by the ruling party who may have got things wrong over the last few years. It does not mean that
    we have to protest against the Nation as we are and will always be Singaporeans at heart.

  29. sure or not said

    Did I see wrongly? “ndp 2012 – Losing Singapore, Our Home”!!??
    Ironically, I think we are LOSING our Singapore…

  30. Steve said

    Can I display Philipines, china, Maymar and india flag too?

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