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Singaporean uncle earns $50,000 monthly by renting out rooms to freelance prostitutes to do their ‘business’

Posted by temasektimes on July 14, 2012

Jalan Suka off Geylang Lorong 24 has been in the spotlight lately after an irate resident Adam Goi wrote a lengthy letter to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong complaining about the ‘flourishing’ vice trade there. (read more here)

The Chinese evening tabloids then reported an elderly woman living there who got into conflict with the freelance prostitutes plying their trade there.

A 59 year old Singaporean uncle claimed today that he earns about $50,000 monthly by converting his residence there into a budget ‘part-time’ brothel for the prostitutes to conduct their ‘business’.

He reported rent out the rooms in his terrace house in Jalan Suka to the freelance prostitutes at a rate of $6 per 10 minutes.

The unlicenced prostitutes hailed mostly from Indonesia and they served mainly the foreign workers working nearby. Unlike prostitutes working legally in brothels, they do not go for monthly medical examination and HIV screening which exposes them to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The authorities should do more to clamp down on such vice activities in the vicinity which is not only causing distress to the residents living there, but give Singapore a bad name as well.


25 Responses to “Singaporean uncle earns $50,000 monthly by renting out rooms to freelance prostitutes to do their ‘business’”

  1. Golden said

    10 mins = $6
    60 mins = $36.
    24 hours = $864
    Every 7 days = $6,048
    Every 30 days = $25,920
    Assuming he only operate from 6pm-6am, so the profit will be halved, which mean per room, he get $12,960 and also, assuming that only 3/4hrs of these time is utilised, which mean per room’s profit every 30-days is $9,720. So taking that has a reference, he is sub-letting 5 rooms or converted particles.
    Welcome to Changi Prison, Uncle.

  2. Submitter69 said

    Even the local hookers have to compete with these cheaper FTs.Pathetic !

  3. kbkb said

    Wah! Better pay than being a minister leh. Work so hard be minister for what, still kena complaint and curse! Be a “Or Gui Tao” better.

  4. Free Trolley said

    millionaire in less than 2 years. not to mention the rentals are not tax.

  5. FR said

    I bet he doesn’t pay tax.

  6. Ren said

    Wow! Uncle should donate some to charity, by earning this kinda monies,,,

  7. good said

    “A 59 year old Singaporean uncle claimed today that he earns about $50,000 monthly by converting his residence there into a budget ‘part-time’ brothel for the prostitutes to conduct their ‘business’.”

    Ha… I earn about $500,000 monthly by converting my warehouse into a part-time brothel for CHC to conduct their worships.

  8. 60+ Singaporean said

    How can the authorities clamp down these joint? If u dont let the bitches in, where is the need to clamp. Furthermore, with all these FTs, how are they going to release bah? Our gar ber men is so smart they got all plan out. So dont complain. When in Rome do what the romans do. So just rent out your property and make $50K a month. Then, ask yrself. Who would u vote?

  9. joe said

    And that once the prostitutes are detain, they should go for medical check up to determine the damage they had caused us in the(undetected) STD cases to the man here

  10. Sinking Sinkies said

    That uncle’s doing is directly reflective of our Gahment’s doing all for the sake of money.
    The uncle is getting good income indirectly by way of prostitution no different from our Gahment’s open legs policies of allowing in and giving jobs to any Tom Dick and Hairy with total disregards to locals’ well being.

  11. Multiply n Integrate said

    What’s wrong with that?
    Ah Loong tells us locals to “integrate” with foreigners mah…

  12. K said

    Clever uncle. Keep it up. Better than waiting for your CPF.

  13. kbkb said

    Must nominate for the top 50 SME, entrepreneur award !! Somemore no personal tax !!!

  14. mahbok tan said

    Like this hor I would like to call on all SGporean to lease out at lease 1 room to theis FT’s whore by enticing them to the heart land and then all can earn money and less complain and heartache…good idea must be supported right….!!!

  15. Naivety said

    Wow, uncle earned $50,000 monthly by renting out his rooms to FL prostitutes & that monthly income is equivalent to some superscale civil servant salary such as Ex-Commissioner, SCD already!

  16. Tan Big Tan said

    I thought the Gahmun wanted us to be more entrepreneurial? This Uncle deserves a silver award from the EDP – he’s making more profits in percentage terms than Temasek!

  17. joker said

    2016 make it happen

  18. Impressive! said

    $50,000 a month?

    That’s a lot of money.

    No wonder people turn to a life of crime. Obviously it does pay!

    Not as much as Government parliamentarians, but he’s getting there!

  19. Passerby A said

    Don’t care if profitable or not, should arrest the uncle for living off the earnings of prostitutes!! Otherwise the neighbourhood will never see peace again!!

  20. SG Talent said

    Seems like the normal people dun earn $$$, its the CHC, Geylang and Gar Ment all earn good $$$!

  21. kaypoh said

    Prostitution Always Pays…… Pay And Pay 🙂

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