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Ng Eng Hen urged Singaporeans to play their part in achieving ‘balance’ between ‘foreign talent’ and economic growth

Posted by temasektimes on July 15, 2012

Though it is the government which opens the floodgates to foreigners with little proper planning a few years ago, Singaporeans are now asked to ‘play their part’ in achieving a ‘balance’ between economic growth and foreign talent by Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen.

Speaking on the sidelines of a community event, Dr Ng said it will always be difficult to do so, and added that Singapore should not pretend that it is going to be easy.

“The balance depends very much on what Singaporeans are willing to support. Because if you tighten too much, your jobs are at risk. And not only your jobs, because you become less competitive. But not only that, for example in essential services, we need people to build our homes, man our hospitals, so on and so forth. Your quality of life will be affected,” he said.

Most Singaporeans have no problems with foreign workers who are taking up jobs shunned by Singaporeans such as those in the construction and marine industry, but not with the PMETs who are competing directly for positions which can otherwise be filled by them.

Despite the government being the mastermind of the unpopular immigration and labor policies, Singaporeans are now asked to ‘support’ the balance:

“On the other hand, we are reaching the limits of some of our land, our ability, our transport, our housing, so we have to adjust to that. And I don’t think that it’s only the government that will have to decide this. Singaporeans must also support the balance.”

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Celebrity Sharon Au broke up with French boyfriend of three years

Posted by temasektimes on July 15, 2012

Mediacorp celebrity Sharon Au has broken up with her French boyfriend of three years.

The 36 year old revealed the breakup in an extensive interview with Lianhe Zaobao.

Au said she enjoyed her time with him during her stay in France, but broke up eventually as he was unable to come to Singapore with her.

During the presidential election last year, Sharon Au flew back to Singapore to lend her support to eventual winner Dr Tony Tan, a move which caused her to be vilified by opposition supporters to this very day.


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S Iswaran urges Singaporeans to ‘integrate’

Posted by temasektimes on July 15, 2012

‘Integration’ has become a new buzzword for PAP leaders nowadays as Singaporeans are exhorted repeatedly by them to ‘integrate’.

Speaking to the state media on the sidelines of a racial harmony event in his constituency today, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, S Iswaran urged Singaporeans to learn to integrate and be part of a larger society.

He stressed the need for ongoing dialogue, not just across ethnic or cultural groups, but with different religious groups as well.

“One of Singapore’s basic tenets has been that we view multi-culturalism as a basic organising principle,” Mr Iswaran said.

He added that Singapore has to ensure that multiculturalism remains a ‘vibrant’ part of Singapore “where (when) people from very different cultural and religious backgrounds come here, they feel free to practise, pursue their faith, pursue their religion, but being a part of a larger Singapore society and integrate in that manner.”

Due to the government’s ultra-liberal and pro-foreigner immigration policies, Singapore has become ‘multi-national’ of late with foreigners from all over the world flocking here to live, work and study, changing the island state’s demographics beyond recognition.

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PHOTO: SBS Transit sign translated by ‘FT’?

Posted by temasektimes on July 15, 2012

A netizen was amused by the ‘broken English’ being used on a SBS Transit bus and wondered if it was translated by a ‘FT’:

[Source: Hardwarezone forum]

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Public housing should be reserved for Singapore citizens and not PRs

Posted by temasektimes on July 15, 2012

I felt that HDB is meant to provide a roof over the heads of Singaporeans, if PRs really want to profit out of the property system, please go and buy private property.

If a PR is living in a private property, why deny another person from owning the HDB by increasing the demand of it and directly jacking up the price of it? To the PR, it is an investment, to a Singaporean it is a shelter that will give protection to him/her and his/her loves one. So why should people who have no intention of staying be allowed to own a HDB? If the rental is actually cheaper than the price you are paying for the installment, why not the PR stay in the HDB or not buy it at all?

The same thing goes for CPF, it is meant as a strategy to help Singaporeans save up for education, retirement and their medical expenses. Not some ‘investment funds’ for PRs to withdraw as and when they like it.

Theses 2 things have long been abused by the PRs and they are now complaining because the government wishes to rectify it. Its is like a child complaining when you stop giving the child candies and he/she felt that they are entitled to it because you have been giving it for the past few years.

Second class citizen as PR? Seriously, which country treat their PRs like first class citizen? If you do not want your son to serve NS, you can easily pay 10k and send him somewhere else before he hit consciption age.

If PRs really wish to enjoy the full perks of a Singaporeans, please renoun their citizenship to being a Singaporean rather than a remaining a PR and be able to ‘bail’ when trouble arises.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.

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MOH to provide palliative care to more patients at home

Posted by temasektimes on July 15, 2012

The Ministry of Health (MOH) will be increasing its efforts to provide palliative care for terminally ill patients at home.

Palliative care is a specialty which aims to control symptoms and relieve suffering of dying patients.

Speaking at the Singapore Palliative Care Conference on Saturday, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong revealed that MOH will be expanding palliative home care services and improving caregiver training.

“The majority of patients would also prefer to be cared for at home, near to their loved ones, and be accorded as much independence as possible, even towards the last phase of their lives,” Mr Gan said.

At the present moment, most terminally ill patients are cared for in hospitals and hospices and there is a misconception among Singaporeans that they cannot be adequately be cared for at home.

However, Mr Gan said that “even when the disease is advanced, it is still possible to look after patients very well at home if the necessary expertise and services are made available.”

A three-year pilot project for integrated home palliative care was set up last year with Dover Park Hospice and Tan Tock Seng Hospital. The project costs S$3 million and is funded by the Tote Board Community Healthcare Fund.

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