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Celebrity Sharon Au broke up with French boyfriend of three years

Posted by temasektimes on July 15, 2012

Mediacorp celebrity Sharon Au has broken up with her French boyfriend of three years.

The 36 year old revealed the breakup in an extensive interview with Lianhe Zaobao.

Au said she enjoyed her time with him during her stay in France, but broke up eventually as he was unable to come to Singapore with her.

During the presidential election last year, Sharon Au flew back to Singapore to lend her support to eventual winner Dr Tony Tan, a move which caused her to be vilified by opposition supporters to this very day.



66 Responses to “Celebrity Sharon Au broke up with French boyfriend of three years”

  1. Alex said

    Tres Bien!

  2. stevenado said

    No big deal!…End up marry a chinese man.Who is the lucky/unlucky one?

  3. Paul said

    Don’t vilify someone for their views, and don’t take pleasure at their misfortunes. This article’s intention is contemptible and contrary to the ideal of Freedom. Dear Temasek Review, if you seek to be a force for positive change in Singapore, you can start by stopping all these disgusting tactics meant to provoke catcalling and inspire negativity in our society. If you had at all any heart you would feel very sorry for her- I’m sure you would prefer sympathy to scorn if you were in her shoes.

    • Theminoritydude said

      Dude, this is not TR. You have been hoodwinked by TT.

    • mahbok tan said

      Are you reading the wrong website….????
      Or my eyes read wrongly of your addressing…temasek review….????
      Temasek times fun only wat…why so serious …..!!! Anyway sharon got open vacancy or not…can apply to be her BOaYa friend or not for say 1 year enuf la…..!!!

    • Blood suckers said

      Eh. You Singaporean or foreign trash? First you ask SPH that whore house to start reporting the truth first. All alternative websites have one in common. Is to report the other side of coin

    • P Koh said

      Totally agree. We should always empathize not necessaily sympathize is you do not feel up to it, and above all always wish the best for our fellow human beings because who knows one day, we may be in their shoes as you correctly pointed out.

    • Oatmeal said

      Seriously, the first intelligent comment I’ve seen so far on TR. Hate, bigotry and pleasure at other’s misery only reflect to others the reason why Singapore is in the state its in – if people want to change a country and better society it should be through positive change and energy, not the vitriol that spews out from this website – so much apathy and indifference, and its always someone else’s fault for that. Has history not taught you this or are people so blinded by the hole they’ve dug and stuck their heads into?

    • Govt Out of touch said

      Don’t get personal over national issues.Separate between personal and the official spaces.

    • Ron said

      Well said Paul. Am disappointed that TT sometimes become a Longkang Times.

    • sunhub said

      What has been your problem. A Chinese girl screwed by Frenchman. Same as Maggie Chung. These silly girls thought they are being loved.

      Ang Moh kwe know these Chinese girls are easy target. Screwed by Ang Moh or any man still being screwed, right?

  4. Terence Chong said

    She must have found out he was “digg’n tunnels” elsewhere on the side 😉

  5. Ren said

    Ah bon…
    Singapore chabors always claimed angmohs are more lomantique…
    Dair u r
    Vive la difference!

  6. SG Talent said

    Failed Sarong Party Gal wannabe

  7. David Leong said

    Who care? For all you know, the French guy might have abused her after he had enough.

  8. CruEL said

    Not only stood up for Tony Tan, she was also the supporter and presenter of PAP in boat quay during PAP’s afternoon rally. Serves her right. Sorry Sharon, it has nothing to do with you, but your political beliefs are wrong, look at our fellow men suffering and you still support PAP. Karma, Sharon, Karma.

  9. Jacques said

    Someone said they married easily and divorced easily.

  10. SF said

    Bless the frenchie, he has finally woke up.

  11. He ran out of French Caps???

  12. Singaporean said

    She is a PAP supporter ..who support foreigners and she likes French.. so she deserve it.

  13. russell said

    Temasek Times…. there’s nothing better to report is it? Personal relationship have got nothing to do with any political alliance. Temasek Time, get a life. Report something more news worthy please….

  14. urbankni9t said

    this one is confirm lesbo lah…bf is just cover up, like tom cruise marry katie to fool the world he not homo.

  15. SG Talent said

    Jus another story of foreign talent dumping stupid SPGs after sexing them dry

  16. Wolfglare said

    She already 36 so old no wonder her bf don’t want her anymore…I pity her next bf her front and back all kana screw big big already don’t know still got ppl want

  17. Ah Loot said

    Used woman, will a chinese bloke want her.

  18. kbkb said

    Hi sharon, never mind, If ur boy boy French Talent dun 1 follow u come home, we here have a lot other FT for u to choose.

    • mahbok tan said

      Ha ha ha …ya ya rite same like papaya….PRC got , Bangla have , Pinoy many , burmese you can’t miss and indians doesn;t sounds scary…..!!!

  19. Realization said

    Her potential next boyfriend has to be businessman or rather a pawn shop owner. Pawn shop owner will only be eligible to marry her. Sharon had undergone very heavy usage in France.
    Pawn owner apparently accept used precious items.

  20. Voice from the Genuine Singaporean said

    nothing new..

  21. JamesCK said

    Shame of you. Cant even nail a French fry.

  22. PT said

    Hmmmm…the last Sharon Au appears in a public event was the Pink Dot, and she was there to support the LGBTs. Maybe she broke off because she is now a lesbian????? One can never discount such freaky things from happening!

  23. joe said

    She is not use to their sex life there.

  24. Pai Sei said

    Think love is blind. Hope so high for a guy from foreign land. SGP men not good enough meh? Very sad indeed.

  25. verge said

    She found somebody with a bigger dick. There are lots of northern Africans in France.

  26. fpap said

    dumped by the frenchman after he has tried it

  27. RC said

    Most Singaporean girls or in fact anywhere in the world goes for ang mohs thinking they can show the world that they have better boyfriends/husbands than others. 99.9% of them ends up being played and dumped as planned. 99.9% of such ang mohs change gf when new model comes out, like iPhone/iPad.

  28. VVIP said

    pap run dog ..

  29. Realist said

    Broke up at 36 ?
    She can kiss having biological children goodbye.
    Broke up due to him not coming to Spore is nonsense.
    More likely would be that she wanted to get marry and have children but he declined.

  30. P Koh said

    I am sure she knows what she is doing. When one door closes another opens. Life must go on and there are always plenty of opportunities in our lives. Also this may well be the right move and a blessing in disguise.

  31. LkySi said

    Sharon Au is a gold digger and opportunist. The wheel has come full circle.

  32. Trying to pollute the land with foreign sperm? You could have make sure he is truly & willing to stay in Singapore. But now he don’t. It shows that he is not interested to stay here. Is Chinese Singaporean that bad compared to angmoh?

  33. Mikey said

    How come never integrate?

  34. marytan said

    i think it is obvious from the start the French guy is more like a toy boy more than 10 years her junior. It’s pretty obvious when a guy refuse to visit you and you always have to fly over to meet him. Nobody’s surprised. just a one-sided convenient relationship.

  35. FU said

    Why have such negative opinion on person’s private life ? Are you such a low down shallow bitchy animal ? It is none of your FUCKiING BUSINESS !

  36. Naivety said

    Good riddance, she is a gold digger & pappigs ass licker!

  37. Edmund said

    Maybe she has eaten enough of ” french fries” until sian liao

  38. Walls have Ears!! said

    Can some1 please explain celebrity????

  39. planet earth is round said

    You reap what you sow, nobody pity you, in fact you deserve it.

    • gr0koewi said

      Every person has the right to choose their partner. Similarly, every person has the right to decide how long to commit to any one relationship.

  40. Dun rejoice said

    Why rejoice over one’s breakup ? Dont forget one day you may be faced with worst !

  41. Virgorian said

    Another stupid bitch sleep with a foreigner

  42. Zhi said

    Some of you retards are pathetic and act like a “know-it-all” as if you have a clue on what happened between them. For all we know it could have been a mutual breakup which I have personally experienced, and I was fine with it. I bet none of you have been in a relationship. The internet is a tool for people to post sh*t anonymously without any repercussions. You all should grow up and stop spewing nonsense and negative hate just because she support PAP.

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