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MOH to provide palliative care to more patients at home

Posted by temasektimes on July 15, 2012

The Ministry of Health (MOH) will be increasing its efforts to provide palliative care for terminally ill patients at home.

Palliative care is a specialty which aims to control symptoms and relieve suffering of dying patients.

Speaking at the Singapore Palliative Care Conference on Saturday, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong revealed that MOH will be expanding palliative home care services and improving caregiver training.

“The majority of patients would also prefer to be cared for at home, near to their loved ones, and be accorded as much independence as possible, even towards the last phase of their lives,” Mr Gan said.

At the present moment, most terminally ill patients are cared for in hospitals and hospices and there is a misconception among Singaporeans that they cannot be adequately be cared for at home.

However, Mr Gan said that “even when the disease is advanced, it is still possible to look after patients very well at home if the necessary expertise and services are made available.”

A three-year pilot project for integrated home palliative care was set up last year with Dover Park Hospice and Tan Tock Seng Hospital. The project costs S$3 million and is funded by the Tote Board Community Healthcare Fund.


3 Responses to “MOH to provide palliative care to more patients at home”

  1. cc chia said

    Hey, well done MOH.
    We can now leave our oldies at home, and do not need to send them to homes in Batam and JB as originally suggested by the Cow.

  2. Blue Nights said

    Will the government also be subsidizing in home nursing care for those wishing to spend their dying days at home? This means paying for home care helpers specially trained for the job. And if a family member is expected to do this, can they get some reimbursement for the opportunity cost of having to give up another job maybe?

    The people providing palliative are are the non-profits who depend on donations to be able to provide house calls by physicians and nurses (used to be free with Hospice Care but do not know if this has changed).

    Will government also subsidize the cost for pain management and other meds?

    In Singapore you can be terminated from your job without cause. In most developed countries, an individual with a family member who is ill and needing longer term care is entitled to several months of family leave WITH pay.

    Can maids hired for such purposes be exempted from levy to the MOM?

    Otherwise the dying might be sent home to potential neglect unless there is a social network to ensure the possibility of a dignified death.

  3. kbkb said

    It means what? Ask you to die at home. Don’t die in hospital because not enough bed for you.

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