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PHOTO: SBS Transit sign translated by ‘FT’?

Posted by temasektimes on July 15, 2012

A netizen was amused by the ‘broken English’ being used on a SBS Transit bus and wondered if it was translated by a ‘FT’:

[Source: Hardwarezone forum]


50 Responses to “PHOTO: SBS Transit sign translated by ‘FT’?”

  1. Bai Hu said

    Mother of God! Din the management did some preliminary spell-check first, before putting up the sign? What a joke & disgrace this one is.

    • Govt Out of touch said

      The level of English used in public signs reflects the standards of the language used by the general public. If the standard is low, it reinforces the bad grammar and is detrimental to Spore in the long run as English is the working global language. No one else outside Spore who speaks English can understand this.

  2. kaching said

    this also you post, are u dumb or stupid….?

    • FTsareworsethanshit said

      i can see you’re pretty dumb and stupid!!!

    • lim said

      It is neither dumb nor stupid because it shows the deteriorating standards in every aspect of life since the govt open the flood gates to dubious talents. Hence the end result is this kind of English. Remember the notice of `young cunt’ $2.60 by Fairprice supermarket when referring to young coconut juice or some 4th language ?Tagalog in Plaza Singapura renovation replacing Tamil. So it is a serious problem when an English-speaking country goes down the drain to produce this kind of notices because of letting in all kinds of people.

  3. CWS said

    This language is meant for FT.

  4. Ah Heng said

    My encounter with a PRC Construction Worker:

    • Bizkid said

      Stop posting this everywhere.

    • wayang said

      How many more times are you going to post this link? I don’t find anything special about this post.

    • fox said

      Wow, you must be very lucky. SO far i got 3 close contacts with PRC.
      1. Movie time in Tiong, where the biatch talk so loud during movie, and when reminded by one of SG lady, she turn violent and want to start a fight.
      2. Cut my queue at the drink stall.
      3. Stand oh so closely to me during food queue near Tanjong beach untill I mistook him as a parasite.

      Statistically speaking based on my encounter, they’re 100% uncivilized locust.

    • Mikey said


  5. Terence Chong said

    What a disgrace for a company like SBS Transit to post signs with such broken english!!!!!

  6. stanalone said

    I feel so ashame reading this signs from a Singapore GLC company. The management should be shot.

  7. Jack Lee said


  8. Liubei said

    I loss of words…..directly translate from chinese….

  9. Even we have to integrate our English language with them now .

  10. kbkb said

    Should be: Please automatic a bit, let other people take the lift first if you no need.
    Like that surely singaporean and better than the broken angmor

  11. SBS ("SHA BI" SERVICES) said

    A typical direct translation from Mandarin to English via the internet by some PRC FT? Signs like these in direct translation can be commonly seen anywhere in mainland China. As if Singlish is not already bad enough, we’ve to accept Chinglish as well? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at such sub standards? I give up hope lah!!

  12. Invictus said

    Got talent ?

  13. sweetbean said

    Sounds like someone used the translate button

  14. Gel ST said

    Bus… got lift meh? da fuq?

  15. dy2lyv said

    World class transport company with third world signage. Clear indictment of the adverse effects of our Govt’s FT policy.

  16. Seb said

    Don’t be surprised if this was actually written up by our million dollar ministers…ha ha ha! :O

  17. LocalAlwaysRight said

    This won’t be the first time i heard Singapore’s English is better than the rest of the world’s. Get a mirror.

  18. Ken Lee said

    try harder ! singlish not like that one!

  19. boboi83 said


  20. SG Talent said

    Wat a bunch of idiots!

  21. Marissa Ngai said

    Give peanuts, you get monkeys.

  22. SG said

    I no unleten you toking. bug hap lip?

  23. spotlessleopard said

    So DPM “What do you think”? and this Company will benefit up to #1,000,000,000 of taxpayers money?

  24. AA said

    This country is regressing instead of progressing!
    What the hell?
    You called this talent?

  25. A Singaporean by birth said

    waliao!!! worst than singlish!!!! Better dont let MM Lee Kuan Yew see this, man!! He’ll be so disappointed our working language become like #$%^ these days….thanks to immigration policies la….

  26. mahbok tan said

    Allow LKY is this the kind of FT’s that u prefer…..think u oso cannot die happy lor….!!! Start thinking…..ooopss U cannot think oreadi hor i forget lah…..!!!
    SGpore GLC are control by the LEE family so this is what they deserved……!!!KNNBCCB!!!!

  27. joe said

    I think it is better to apportion some of the S$1.1 billion to improve the PR Department of the SBS Transit – send them to improve their PR English. Please note that there are a lot of the 13 million tourists using public buses. It does not reflect well on us.

  28. Abubakar said

    Let the FT integrate mah… One day a message translation may cause life! I give up oledi leh….

  29. h said

    My bet is that it’s a Singaporean who wrote this. The “first” at the end of the second sentence is a dead giveaway. Ah Tiong’s english and Singaporeans’ english are both fucked up — but in different ways.

  30. Public Eyes said

    Jeez! Trust me, Singaporeans or FTs, the English standard isn’t there. So stop shooting even ourselves in the foot. Don’t blame the bad English on FTs. It could be our very own ‘brothers’.

  31. Fed Up Singaporean said

    My money is on a pinoy..

  32. joker said

    want to learn singlish – integrate to sg culture 1st…

  33. SPR said

    Do give constructive comment so that the ministers can take note, foul language and such criticism is really not helping and only let the world see how the True Blue Singaporeans (TBS) behave.

    This is what happens when government takes in too many foreign nationals to work in Singapore. The minsters do not see what the less than qualified foreigners are doing to the whole community of TBS and these incidents only cause more resentment towards the foreigners.

    The government should really take note about such issue seriously. Many a time, as a foreigner myself, I have encountered many good and creative hardworking TBS but their job are being taken by less than such talented foreigner due to lower pay. It is sad that the government has taken such route towards building the nation at the expense of the locals. I am sure there are better ways the government can help protect the locals from being push out. All it takes are political will from a few ministers to highlight the issue to the PM department instead of towing the political line for self gain.

    Again such things require a concerted effort from the TBS to provide good and constructive feedback without the use of foul languages in every media forum and comments. Eventually someone one will take note.

  34. LkySi said

    Pidgin English, Pinoy style

  35. Anthony Tang said

    you pay peanuts, you get PRC monkeys

  36. Dr.Arsch said

    Dafuq is this?? This is not English, it’s not even Singlish! Sounds like some fuckin’ Pinoy came up with that shit!

  37. OMGKthxbye said

    i just went to google translator, type in exactly the phrase “please be graciously give way to passengers with needs to use the lift first.” and this came up “請欣然讓位給有需要的乘客使用電梯。” which totally makes senses in chinese. guess really the work of PRC.

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