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Public housing should be reserved for Singapore citizens and not PRs

Posted by temasektimes on July 15, 2012

I felt that HDB is meant to provide a roof over the heads of Singaporeans, if PRs really want to profit out of the property system, please go and buy private property.

If a PR is living in a private property, why deny another person from owning the HDB by increasing the demand of it and directly jacking up the price of it? To the PR, it is an investment, to a Singaporean it is a shelter that will give protection to him/her and his/her loves one. So why should people who have no intention of staying be allowed to own a HDB? If the rental is actually cheaper than the price you are paying for the installment, why not the PR stay in the HDB or not buy it at all?

The same thing goes for CPF, it is meant as a strategy to help Singaporeans save up for education, retirement and their medical expenses. Not some ‘investment funds’ for PRs to withdraw as and when they like it.

Theses 2 things have long been abused by the PRs and they are now complaining because the government wishes to rectify it. Its is like a child complaining when you stop giving the child candies and he/she felt that they are entitled to it because you have been giving it for the past few years.

Second class citizen as PR? Seriously, which country treat their PRs like first class citizen? If you do not want your son to serve NS, you can easily pay 10k and send him somewhere else before he hit consciption age.

If PRs really wish to enjoy the full perks of a Singaporeans, please renoun their citizenship to being a Singaporean rather than a remaining a PR and be able to ‘bail’ when trouble arises.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


48 Responses to “Public housing should be reserved for Singapore citizens and not PRs”

  1. cc chia said

    Agree completely. PRs are still “Immigrants” since they retain the citizenship of the country they came from.

    It is only in Singapore that PRs are treated as “Residents” and lumped together with Singapore Citizens in statistical calculations on population distribution and employment etc, issued by the PAP government. Perhaps the real reason for the PAP doing this, is to hide the embarassing fact that :-

    (PRs + Work Permit holders + Employment Pass holders) > Singapore citizens, who are now outnumbered in their own country!!

    It is only if they include (PRs + New citizens + original Singapre citizens) = “Residents”, that the immigrants and non-resident workers here make up the official figure of 30% of the foreigners in SIngapore. Just take a walk in our busy streets or sidewalks, and ride in our over-crowded trains and buses and you would come to the same conclusion.

  2. Lim said

    I envy my foreign friend who’s PR has not been renewed and now can withdraw all his CPF monies and still go back home with his bounty Can we? Citizens got to leave home and renounce citizenship before ever dreaming of touching what is rightfully theirs. Why does the govt allow this to go on? why why why!!!

  3. kbkb said

    Gahment wants more people to come spore, make it so attractive for them to stay in spore. Reason is very simple, more cpf contribute, more funds for tamasik, more reason to print more s$. Unlike australia, etc who has a lot of resources that they could export. Spore has nothing but people. So, we have no choice.

  4. sunhub said

    PR = Parasite Resident.

    They will feed on the host company. Should the host country collapses, abandon and jump ship.

    Never trust them.. Parasite

  5. matthew said

    let us see whether the Straits Times would print this and whether both the PAP’s and WP’s MPs would support this idea.

    Then we can really know if they are really for Singapore or for the PRs, and then we can vote them out accordingly.

    We are not against any FTs working or staying in Singapore, but we only want to make sure that our HDB’s housing is for our citizens and especially to those that go through National Service.

  6. David said

    It is indeed sad that while our PAP govt has no qualm of allowing foreigners to milk the system to the fullest and yet squabble over a hundred dollars increment to poor people under public assistance.

  7. CWS said

    Agree. Guess who really benefits from all these policies …

  8. jack said

    This is worth considering, public housing should be for citizens, this is a common practice in other countries, you try to buy a public housing in Malaysia, thanks, jack Ng

  9. mahbok tan said

    Question is why PR can withfraw all their CPF and we COS cannot withdraw it out….!!! Who make this law and regulation…????
    Our GOVT of the DAY does not encourage us COS to be dependent ot them(GOVT) but it seems that the GVOT are dependent to us(COS) for our CPF….what an irony….!!! KNNBCCB to the PAP – GOVT….!!!

  10. SashaQueenie said

    I completely agree. PRs loyalty has yet to be tested. They could easily pack up and leave tomorrow. So why should they be allowed to enjoy such relatively low price public housing. If you are a foreigner and you have no means to earn a living, then why the hell are you here? Singapore is not cheap, you know. Even the PM acknowledges that it is “no fun” being poor in Singapore. So if you are poor, then please fuck off. If you have the talent, then why the hell are you poor? See you later, alligator! Keep the flats for Singaporeans. True Blue Singaporeans. No PRs. This Govt’s priorities are skewed and illogical. Vote them out!

  11. SG Talent said

    Garment people pls wake up!

  12. Ah Heng said

    Is debating and arguing on the internet conducive to peace of mind?

    • Seraphim said

      Fighting and arguing was never peaceful in the first place. But not putting up a reasonable resistance against the impending changes is like sheeps for the slaughter. (This is not applicable to people who are internet trolls or not interested in expressing their point of view.)

      If people do not voice their displease with the situations, it is sending the the leaders a message that they are ‘fine’ or alright with the decisions the leaders made. Without action, there will be no changes. I am not interested in verbal brawls or the likes. So please convince me with sound reasonings.

      You might want to be a buddha, but I wish to be a warrior. I respect your decision, but please respect mine as well.

      • Rafiet said

        Check out my posting mate..

      • Seraphim said

        I did check out the link. To sum it up, it says that debate is a destructive behavior and dialog is listening to the point of views between 2 parties that leads to a better outcome.

        Yes, dialog looks better when you look at it on paper. It will work really well when both side wishes to work together and reach a compromise. In reality, if one side wishes to argue or chooses not to listen, debate will be the choice of communication. It is like the opposition asking for more welfare for Singaporeans and it was shotdown Mr Vikram Nair. In another words, dialog seems like a less favorable answer right now.

        If there are other meanings in the article you have written, please enlighten me on it.

        The comment I have written is closer towards a debate than a dialog and I do agree with it to a certain extend that it is destructive. Do check out where the comment first started as well.

  13. sweetbean said

    I would even recommend citizens with at least 5-10 years of stay here including of course any time before citizenship was accorded that they resided here either as PRs or as work/employment pass holders. This means cannot just come here – 1 year then citizen then straight get all privileges. Some commitment/roots must be shown.

  14. solaris8899 said

    well said.

    hdb mission should be creating affordable house for local ppl…and not creating affordable house for PRs as well?

    why let PRs own hdb, should it be just for local?

    • Seraphim said

      Well, PRs can own HDB for family building. But to buy and rent out the HDB for profits, while living in a private property is just plain wrong. HDB is meant for Singaporeans and PRs (who wishes to settle in Singapore), not some private investment project to fatten one’s pocket. If the PR is really keen in properties investment, then invest it in a private property, not the homes of Singaporeans.

      It is regarding PRs who are unhappy with the stricter subletting of HDB flats. So if they really had the intention to settle in Singapore and enjoy the benefits (and handicaps) of being a Singaporean, why complain over it?

  15. Tan Yan Ren said

    Dear Singaporeans,
    I would like it on record that i spoke to 2 Ministers before and one more just before the last elections.I told them , namely Raymond lim,Ng Eng Hin at the Istana and Ng eng hin again at Toa payoh just before the last elections.I told them that Singaporeans ARE NOT taken cared of and treated as SECOND CLASS>If they are sincere , they would have at least told the TOP people regards to the feedback.Will the pM like to confirm? My intention in writing this is hoping they are embarassed if they did not EVEN BOTHERED to feed back to the PM of the unhappiness. I am old and ready to DIE and I SPEAK UP and STAND UP for Singaporeans, because I was born here and my children TOO!!!!LONG live Singaporean RIGHTS!!!!!

    • Unbelievable!!! said

      Yes. Thank you Mr, Tan for speaking out loud. But I doubt the MIW will really listen to you not to mention about even considering your concerns not only for your generation but also for the next generation and beyond.

      If not because of the last election in which they lost one GRC (Lost 2 Ministers) and the by-election in Hougang, they would not have soften a bit here and there. Whether this is a bit too late or too little and simply just wayanging is yet to be seen.

  16. Jake B said

    The problem with all the the foreigners (work passes and PRs included), is that our government has been giving the wrong impression that they are the “talents”, and that S’pore would not survive without them. This essentially inflate their ego and making them think that they are indispensable. And foreigners being an opportunistic beings that they are .. are only here to make money and nothing else. If they can screw a Singaporean over for a job … they will do it without thinking twice.
    – When i speak to my FT colleagues about their cohorts coming here with fake qualifications and undersired behavior … their basic answer is that it’s not their job to be policing all these issues even when its happening infront of their face and they said that they are not obligated to take any actions … these are all Singapore’s problem manage.
    – As the author of this article said … they come here with an entitled mindset because of the stupidity of our government to put them up high on a pedestal. Many FTs have mention to me that jobs in S’pore are open to anyone, and Singaporeans doesn’t have any right to claim priority to it. If S’poreans doesn’t know how to compete … that’s too bad for us. An these sentiments generally comes from the PRs.
    – Foreigners are getting more brazen in their attitude, and they have manage to carve silos for their own kind in our industries. More and more complaints are coming up of foreigners hiring foreingers … and this can only happen when majority of the them are PRs (this is due to the ridiculous MOM policy that allows this to happen).
    – Not only is our PR-ship is redundant, it is the main loop-hole of why foreigners can manipulate the systems in Singapore … from housing, schooling, medical, jobs, inflations … and many many more. You just need to follow the thread and it will lead to our outdated PR policies.
    – Any countries when you take up a Permanent Residency, it is basically a pre-cursor for a person to convert their citizenship. The period of their permanent residency is when they settle down and assimilate themselves to the countries decorum, cultures and tranditions. But foreigners who takes up Singapore PR only have one think in mind … how much $$$ can they benefit from it. Singapore is investing a lot of money and resources on PRs with minimal expected payback (this is so freaking ridiculous considering the needies, aged and poor in our society which can benefit a lot if we channel these funds and resources to help them).

    PRs are FOREIGNERS … there’s no two ways about it. They do not want to integrate, and neither do they feel obligated to protect Singapore’s economy from the negative influence of their own kind. If they want to maintain their foreigner mindset and attitude, we should treat them as foreigners and not issue out PRs like candies.
    Bottomline … Singapore Permanent Residency policies is a sham and outdated …. and foreigners are taking this opportunity to suck Singapore dry and laugh at our faces at how stupid our government can be. Why is our government too dense to understand all these!!!!!

    • Rafiet said

      Cos they hope.. Out of ten baits, one or two will bite and who u think they will vote for??
      And if pay is pegged to gdp..will i care how i increase it?

  17. Naivety said

    Agreed absolutely!
    Do not understand what kind of stupid policy is this & why non-citizen could purchase our subsidized HDB flat in the 1st place?

  18. Cinton said

    I feel Dat those PR which own a private shld ask to sell away their hdb
    Is it true dat Singapore is the only country Dat allow PR to buy hdb which mean for citizen?

  19. Tan Big Tan said

    Actually there are a few first world countries that do treat their PR like 1st class citizens – but they have the advantage of vast natural resources, land, mineral wealth etc.. and can afford to be generous. Singapore, while it likes to think of itself as a 1st world nation, is not a 1st world nation. Its a city state run by elites who are conspiring with wealthy individuals to screw its own ordinary citizens. The Singapore Govt will always be more interested in the interests of rich foreigners than the welfare of its own ordinary citizens.

    • Seraphim said

      Mind naming me a few? Because I know PRs in Australia have the same thing as a citizen, but no voting rights at the moment. (In this case still a 2nd class citizen) Not to mention it is very hard to get PRs overseas compared to Singapore.

  20. PR OR CITIZENS you should only own ONE Or the other. NOT both!!! said

    I think all private property owners must sell their hdb flats when they own a private property. Not just PRs but Singaporan too. You see, NOW if you start to live in a private property(including Singaporean) you are not allowed to buy a HDB flat new or resale. But if you start living in a HDB flat, you can buy a private property later on. So why the double standard? I would propose the govt give notice to HDB owner who also private properties MUST SELL either their HDB or all of their private property. Basically HDB owners cannot own private property at the same time, and vice versa all private property owners must not own any HDB. NOW you can own both if you plan your timing of purchase. This is ridiculous! Ad unfair!

    • Seraphim said

      Indeed… One of the issue right now is that HDB is still in the open market and treated like a private property. By making it affordable drastically, it will indirectly pop the property bubble. Many people will make losses as a result. (especially people who buy HDB as investment and property agents) At the moment the government is very reluctantant to take the risk and there will be alot of resistance against it.

      However, by doing that, it will make housing rent cheaper for Singaporeans and PRs and also serve as what it was originally intended, to, become homes for people to spend their life in.

  21. Hope for a better tmrw said

    Singaporeans should have the flexibility to hold dual citizenship. Since Singaporeans are now widely travel, and more are educated aboard, and sadly with the current situation, perhaps one should start planning for ourselves & not solely rely on the policies as home ground advantages was never been on the ruling party agenda unlike other developed countries. Although one may argue that Singapore is not a country of the west but no country in the west open its door to FT like us either? just my 2 cents

  22. Rafiet said

    I did get flaks for leaving singapore to be a PR in Australia.but sorry to say i am just thinking for myself and my family’s future.

    1) Have a 4-room flat rented out to foreign students who are “paid” to study in singapore.
    ( For the detractors , i am native singaporean, this is the ‘only way’ i can see and feel my cpf)

    2) Doing the same job and getting on par salary
    as i would in Singapore but because of rental income and generous benefits to Citizens and PR alike in Australia, able to accumulate genuine ‘wealth’ for my retirement.You do pay thru ur nose to the taxman but its still works out well.

    3) No undue pressure on my kids to excel in schools. Its how much they will want to achieve.If u wanna take it easy u can be a butcher and still have a comfy life.I intend to guide them in their career choices as time goes along..Varieties of careers available.Dips and degree are not pre requitise.Skilled based if they are not academically inclined.

    4) Ability to help out my parents who are asset ‘rich’ but cash ‘poor.’ They could be 350k richer but will then have to live with their children.

    In saying all that , i do miss singapore of old but i know its highly unlikely i will wanna live and work there again.Juz have to make do with bi-monthly visits to meet families and friends….and the food.

    For those who could leave, do leave.
    For those who cant, think out of the box to get ahead and survive.
    Either way i salute u.

  23. spotlessleopard said

    Singaporeans get the Government they deserve….if they want real change vote the Opposition in GE2016….any opposition.

  24. Parity said

    I thought last 1 or 2 Parliament sitting that time the Trade minister said something like businesses must understand that Singapore is not a cheap place o do business when ask about high rentals or the like.

    I like this, the PRs and FTs should know that Singapore is not a cheap place to do job in. Also Singaporeans are told not to develop a clutch mentality. So these people also cannot expect to be supported by taxpayer and our future generations taking in crazy debt for them to do their unscrupulous investments in Singapore.

  25. Tan Yan Ren said

    IT is COMMON sense and yet the Policy makers do not have!!!ANY fool can tell you that unless you are part of the Family or rather immediate family before you can inherit the fortune in a family unless a will is made.I know of many Professionals earning millions over the years here and yet still holding on to their PR… that the restrictions and obligations affecting Singaporeans…they are not affected and some told me that they will retire and go home when they retire….I told them that they are smart and WE ARE STUPID,DAFT!!!!!.WHY shouldnt I tell them they are smart….that is the truth…i knew we were stupid!!!!…at least not us but the Ministers and policy makers who engineered these policies long ago…with the help of the press ……OBVIOUSLY!!!

  26. AL said

    PRs should allowed a chance to give up their current citizenship(s) before being granted an opportunity at Singapore citizenship!!! PERIOD!!
    And please stop generating all these speculations and attention-diverting thoughts & views!!
    Who you trying to pull a fast one on here?!?!?!?

  27. Rafiet said

    The rot actually started when they start being idealistic back in the 90s
    When the swiss standard of living are being promise..we juz cant see it coming and
    I suspect as much they didnt realised the effects will get to this extend.

  28. ril3k said

    well.. what abt citizens who own HDB and stay in pte properties? are we saying that is ok? at the end of the day, needy citizens are also denyed those HDB.. should remove that too to really free up HDB for owner occupation

    • Seraphim said

      I do believe there are Singaporeans that do that, but they served their time in the army and cannot exactly leave Singapore should trouble arises. When Singaporean leaves when the trouble arises, he is unpatriotic and generally frown upon. (Refer Rafiet on why he get ‘flaks’ for leaving Singapore) When a PR/TR leaves when trouble arises, it is only ‘natural’.

      Under the law, a Singaporean/PR can buy a HDB then upgrade to a private property and he/she to keep HDB. The Singaporean/PR cannot buy a HDB if they own a private property, or they have to sell off their private property within 6 months. Yes, it is a loophole in the policy…

  29. Fed Up Singaporean said

    Even if PR are banned from buying HDBs, PAP will still sell flats to Singaporeans at a higggh price. Reason being the old ‘Material-Cost-have-risen’.

    Blame the government who ultimately control the price. etc They can always set standards, HDB can only sell for max this this price.

    • Seraphim said

      The property is currently in the open market and can be sold to anyone who is eligible to own one. If the government remove it from the open market, the price will remain stagnant or decrease because of the 99 years lease. It is a risk should the government have to take if they really wishes make housing more affordable to a person with ‘1000 dollars’ monthly income. The current situation allow HDB to have all the reasons to justify the increase in the price of their housing because of the demand of both citizens and PRs.

      And by the way, this was written because of another article. You will notice that the replies tally with what the PRs complained about.

      I do not see it coming down anytime soon because nothing has been done about it thus far.

  30. Sad patroit. said

    What talking the Big boss gods. They stay high above, even use telescope cannot see and understand the shit happening below them. Buddha as a young prince realized this. He was protected until one day he disguised himself and came down from his ivory tower to understand his poor brethen in the shit below.. The rest is history. Greatness in humans was shown. Please come down and alleviate your brother singaporeans’ misery. Do not make them foriegners in their own house. It is a very difficult situation. This is my land. Where can a poor guy like me run to. Maybe, IMH???

  31. Lollapalooza In SG said

    Totally agree with writer. There shld be a significant difference in entitlements between PR and Citizens. You need to sacrifice more for the country before you can enjoy the benefits this country can give you. This is only fair to Citizens who sacrifice for the country.

  32. winnie said

    what about PR married to Singaporean?

  33. Yayrhah said

    PR married to Singaporean should be categorized as partial-citizens and not foreign trash.

    The rest of the mercenary PRs are essentially foreign trash who are here for profiteering and economic reasons.
    There are obviously no point in providing them an environment where they can profit at the expense of local citizens.

    The law should be changed not to allowed 2 PRs to purchase a HDB flat.

    Just check around, how many malaysian PRs have purchase a HDB flat, happily rent it out and staying at a big landed house across the causeway!!

  34. lee david said

    In Malaysia n much countries, PR’s are not to buy any units meant for the COUNTRY CITIZENS.Why is Singapore DIFFERENCE?

  35. Pai Sei said

    WITHOUT PRs, PnP can’t survive mah (not enough money in CPF n tax for ministers’ pay)….Is that simple lor. PRs they also like it (pay slightly more) where they don have to serve NS…..haha

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