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S Iswaran urges Singaporeans to ‘integrate’

Posted by temasektimes on July 15, 2012

‘Integration’ has become a new buzzword for PAP leaders nowadays as Singaporeans are exhorted repeatedly by them to ‘integrate’.

Speaking to the state media on the sidelines of a racial harmony event in his constituency today, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, S Iswaran urged Singaporeans to learn to integrate and be part of a larger society.

He stressed the need for ongoing dialogue, not just across ethnic or cultural groups, but with different religious groups as well.

“One of Singapore’s basic tenets has been that we view multi-culturalism as a basic organising principle,” Mr Iswaran said.

He added that Singapore has to ensure that multiculturalism remains a ‘vibrant’ part of Singapore “where (when) people from very different cultural and religious backgrounds come here, they feel free to practise, pursue their faith, pursue their religion, but being a part of a larger Singapore society and integrate in that manner.”

Due to the government’s ultra-liberal and pro-foreigner immigration policies, Singapore has become ‘multi-national’ of late with foreigners from all over the world flocking here to live, work and study, changing the island state’s demographics beyond recognition.


47 Responses to “S Iswaran urges Singaporeans to ‘integrate’”

  1. Alex said

    His mother shall integrate with the “new” citizens

  2. yes or no? said

    when their jobs are not at risk, “integrate with them please!” when their jobs are at risk, “please go back ur country!” true enough?

  3. Integrate my L.J.

  4. Gregory said

    Integrate? Not when your beloved foreigners, including foreigners holding Singapore citizenship, are colluding with their own real countrymen to kick out the real Singaporeans and replace them all with foreigners!

  5. Free Trolley said

    leaders should take the lead. Integrate with them and tell us the story.

    • Blue Nights said

      I agree. Maybe the rest of the citizenry should encourage these FTs to have picnics and gatherings around the areas where these policy makers live. Let’s see, Bukit Timah area, Tangling Rd area, Sentosa Cove area…it will give Singaporean residents in the HDB estates a break from having to share park space with FTs. Fair is fair.

  6. Pantatko said

    Foreigners should all integrate inside my ass

  7. Arun said

    “Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, S Iswaran urged Singaporeans to learn to integrate and be part of a larger society.”- First off…WHAT THE HELL! We are a nation built from a diverse group of people. It has taken a few generations to get where we are now. Bigotry is still evident but it has faded over the years. We have learnt to play, work and live together and it was no easy task. The 1964 Race Riots is a prime example of how far we have grown as a society and a nation. As our pledge starts, ” We The Citizens of Singapore, Pledge Ourselves as One United People! This is the society that our Great Grandparents started and we are continuing to maintain. I don’t know if Mr. Iswaran got the memo..But we Singaporeans have integrated a long time ago.

    • A Singaporean by birth said

      Well said, Arun. We have integrated long time ago…..towards building a nation, remember? We have not fully arrived at that yet to be further “mixed” with all these foreigners, not a few but THOUSANDS, and unselective ones!!! Create so much social problems and now sweep under carpet by using the word “integrate”…..

  8. Wolfglare said

    Go fuck yourself and stop asking as to integrate with FT…..if you government love FT so much you all go fuck each other but keep us true Singaporean out of it

  9. Ken Lee said

    multi-culturalism???!!!! thought our roti bralata ex president said we got no culture!!!!!

    • Ken Lee said

      our PAP leader are getting more and more forgetful this days! we do not need so many muti million joker in the Parliament!
      who know our muti million mp after resign will go sell hay mee ,roti prata and mee siam my hum! o and xo chay tow kway!

    • gr0koewi said

      Singapore never had a culture in the first place. That’s why we took a little of this and that and cobbled them together to make our culture.
      Yes, it does sound like a Frankenstein creation.

      • solomon said

        @ Gr0koewi
        After checking out a couple of your comments,it appears to me that you are not very optimistic of our culture and our heritage.
        I totally disagree with you on the cobbled culture part. We are unique,in our own way. Nothing like you described.

  10. Zheng Huiting PuaCB said

    Sure, I will gladly integrate with FTs when PAP agrees to integrate with WP in Parliament.

  11. Government should learn to integrate with her own citizens first said

    Strict rule, Punishment and Punishment (PAP) to his own citizens have made the country number 1 in many performances (records). Government should learn to integrate with her own citizens (born in Singapore citizens) first.

  12. kaching said

    why must we integrate and not they the foreigner or new citizens, to learn to become one of us, why?

  13. you ask for it said

    You (govnerment) ask for it! It is the government that bring in the FT, without careful thinking on country as a whole.

  14. Iceman said

    integrate what … ??? basket this is our home land, our home soil, our blood, sweat & tears … we are all the originals born & bred from here – wtf integrate you’re talking about ???

    • gr0koewi said

      There are no originals in Singapore. The original people were from Minangkabau. They have been extinct on this island for a long time.
      We are all effectively ’transplanted’ here.

      • solomon said

        @ Gr0koewi If you want to comment,at least have some substance or abit at least.
        Minangkabau?!LOL! Go find out about the two Malay fishing Villages. There are direct descendants still here so if you are a Foreign Trash,do not come and try to enlighten us on our heritage and history. 1980 is the ‘cut off’ year for me personally. If you came after,you are a different breed that we ‘adore’ very much.
        Foreign Trash that feel patriotic while holding a Pink ic,you got it all wrong. You integrate with us,not the other way round. Kapeesh????

      • gr0koewi said

        I was born and raised here.
        The whole Minangkabau thing was told to me, and the entire class by our secondary four English teacher, who is a local.

  15. azman hamzah said

    S Iswaran.
    I ask you. Has any of these foreigners that you want us to integrate with asked you if you speak Chinese? Then they frown at you when you say you don’t. At the same time you lose a sale because of that. That happens up to 8 times a day for me.
    When you applied for your job, did anybody ask you, “Can speak Chinese or not?”
    Or simply skip a job advert becaquse it indicated Chinese speaking preferred.
    Have you? I do not think so.
    Are you saying that I must speak Chinese to
    integrate when Malay is the National language of Singapore. You know that, right? Then, tell me what is the official working language of Singapore.

  16. I have just posted comments asking Minister Ng Eng Hen to be wary of what he is to say and know what he is talking about. Now this Minister is singing almost the same tune as Minister Ng. Before their time as Ministers our countrymen intergated very very well amongst our folks, we help each other in festivals and during celebrations and we will exchange gifts with all people We were all nice people and polite, well mannered and corteous to all locals and foreigner alike. This is the Government who have caused all the problems and dissentment amongst our locals and foreigners and supposed to be FTs including all our imported citizens and PRs. Think carefully who caused all these problems before trying to talk too much.

  17. azman hamzah said

    I fear for my children. Living in their native homeland where their and forefathers toiled. Only for my children to be marginalised. These parasites simply reap what we have sown.
    What kind of talents do you need to take beer orders at coffee shops? What talent do you need to hawk cheap and inferior products from China? Go ahead, feed the monkeys even as your child starves at home, as the Malay saying goes.

    This I promise you…..I WILL sell my house, withdraw my CPF and apply for citizenship elsewhere. I’d rather be a 2nd class citizen in a foreign land rather than my own


  18. spotlessleopard said

    SO Iswaran…..what do you think? We continue to “agree” not to cook curry when Chinaman and his family are at home?….WE continue to put up with drumming and noise from my new filipino neighbours?…So Iswaran what do you think?

  19. SG Talent said

    Erm…this he born in SG?…

  20. said

    Im sick and tired always say integrate integrate so passe yawn zzzz. Why not all PAP ppl set a good example and show us your integration, bring FT and lovingly stay with them in your home, care for them, show them and share with them and be peace and loving with joy and for goodness sake dun just talk show us, and btw don suka suka just integrate 1 day and i expect all pap to show integration action for at least 3 years. We will do spot check.

  21. mahbok tan said

    Wah lau eh…seems that nowadays arh all the ministers and parliamentarians from PAP want us COS to intergrate with the FT’s and alien’s from outerspace , after all the consequences faced by COS and feeling the heat…..KNNBCCB…yo all of you !!!
    Our anger comes from your error and judgement in following orders from your SIFU that SGporean are not hungry anymore thus we do not need to move forward and work hard…..KNNBCCB…!!! Lets just wait and see after the SIFU can no longer talk and sleep not happily ( coz he won’t wake up if u mention his name later ) all the shits will surface and cuse choas in the little red dot…..!!!
    PHUCK YOU Iswaran…..and to all your colleagues…..KNNBCCB.

  22. Bobian said

    PAP should tries to integrate with WP

  23. Unfit medical practitional said

    Why don’t isewaran let his children marry a Chinese, Indian, pinoy , Vietnamese , American or European ? If he is not willing why the FUCK SHOULD WE INTEGRATE?!

  24. Fed Up Singaporean said

    I’ll integrate with their women?

  25. Singapuraboi said


  26. risa said

    Again Iswaran singing about Integration when he burden all Singaporeans with his party’s failed immigration policies to allow foreigners to settle in swamps via a lax and backdoor kind of system they have. Sorry Iswaran we don’t but and don’t try to confuse Singaporeans about multi-racialism and religious standings as we are already a peaceful multi racial/religious people over the years even before the mass import arrival of Foreigners here at you making. Dont paint the foreigners issue with this topic and turn all Singaporeans as xenophobic. Ask Foreigners to integrate or make effort to mingle Or Get Out.
    BTW you definitely are the “Most Ballooning-Biggest PAP MP/MINISTER” in Party with you neckline/ad waist expanded to larger size over the “Good Years” of Reaps for you. Maybe bend down to see the suffering Singaporeans from your tower and heavy weight.

  27. Paul said

    I live in your ward for the 3rd term and i had yet to see your face in real life, how about you try to integrate with the residents 1st?

  28. Victor said

    INTEGRATE??? So that more can come and threaten our livelihood, rob our children of their rights to university education, use our hard earmed money to subsidise their flats, their medical, public transport? And in return, we cant cook curry when some of them are at home and we have to bear with their unruley behaviour and the inconsiderate noise pollution in our usually quiet and peaceful home?


  29. SPR said

    Do give constructive and proper feedback and comment. I know it is a very emotional issue but as Singaporean, one must show them that you are mature and are a 1st world citizen. Foul language and such statement wont help and these ministers (they already think that they are few level higher than their citizen) will turn their mind off. Must show and let them know that the citizens know better.

    Firstly, do let the minister know that “Integrate” is only for the minority to integrate with the majority and not the other way round. The majority may or may not “ACCEPT” the minority, due to many factors:

    1) impact on the majority in terms of job, transportation and housing
    2) would the huge cultural difference and social acceptance create animosity with the majority.
    3) is the integration helping the country towards improving the economy in both short and long term – how?

    Just a thought as I do know how you feel cos this is how I felt in my own country.

  30. thomas the train said

    Ask him to put on his turban and integrate with his Sikh community. Talk cock.

  31. Cancer said

    On our National Day, the organiser should compose a song on ‘integration & harmony’ since this is the ‘In thing’ now for the government.

  32. can differentiate integration anot said

    Next time the maths syllabus will only have integration, no more differentiation. Even better, grading system may be changed so that students good in differentiation will be penalized, while those score high marks in integration got bonus marks. Moulder of the future of our nation, pls take note.

  33. Naivety said

    Hey Iswaran!

    To integrate vertically or horizontally?
    Why not you lead by example by asking your wife & daughter to do so first & show us please!

  34. bb said

    From the comments appearing in this websitw, it appears that the gov is inciting violence looking at the expletives being used.

    • mahbok tan said

      Guess wat du U tink….????

      Its in our daily life that everyone is talking about…..and this is FACTS.

      Wat else can we du….??? Human anger can be control but to a limit of his mental ability ….. just hope that they do not cross my line and patience …period.

  35. Tan Yan Ren said

    when in rome, do as the romans do ..or at least try to socialise with romans….If you want to be an Australian PR, if you cannot speak English, you are OUT!!!They, the Australians or many !st world countries dont ask their citizens to speak indian,chinese or other language and integrate..ARE YOU GUYS NUTS!!!!!I LOVE FOREIGNERS…MYbest friends are FOREIGNERS…tell me something, can you ask your Ministers how many fforeigners gets invited to their homes,parties,help them, call them?…I tell you ….RARE!!!!!!!!!!!!they will wash their hands after a Handshake……i would ask the Ministers how many PRC or Philipino or european friends they have….ask Thamby….!!!!DONT PUT THE CART INFRONT OF THEHORSE!!!!!!

  36. A Sad Singaporean said

    Sorry ah Mr Iswaran, I dont wish to “party” with the hore house thanks! If you do, that’s you’re choice but do count me out.

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