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British ‘FT’ jailed for kicking police officer after being detained for molest

Posted by temasektimes on July 16, 2012

Recruitment consultant Luke Raymond Chapman was jailed four weeks on Monday for kicking a police officer who tried to arrest him for a case of outrage of modesty.

The 31 year old British ‘FT’ was detained by 21 year old police corporal (Cpl) Amirul Haikal Khairudin along Raffles Avenue on 17 September last year.

He was reportedly acting in an aggressive manner and kicked Cpl Amirul’s leg suddenly when he was trying to bring him towards the police car.

Chapman also kicked the police car.

The prosecution said that Chapman had disregard for the law as he “blatantly hit the police” after his arrest. Chapman could have been jailed up to seven years, fined and caned.


28 Responses to “British ‘FT’ jailed for kicking police officer after being detained for molest”

  1. Superior Nobody! said

    So….perhaps he’ll be dealt with leniently as he is a more superior “Ang Moh”!!! ???

  2. Ken Lee said

    too bad even boys in blue kana kick, just jail for four week only! what happen if is a singaporean kick a police man and his car and molest someone?

  3. Attacking Policeman is very serious offence. And only 4 weeks jail ?

  4. C.H. Tan said

    Only four weeks jail for assualting a police officer? and what about the molesting case???

  5. lee david said

    what does it mean ‘JAIL FOR FOUR WEEKS’ , these F.T. should be KICKED out of Singapore, if WE, SINGAPOREANS does this, we are DEAD-MEAT!!!! WTF

  6. Victor said

    I’m very sure if a sinkie did that, he would get the max sentence.

  7. TaxiUncle said

    Typical behaviour of angmor FTs is that when they are drunk or had too much to drink, they can turn very ugly!!! I had some bad experiences when I pick them up in my taxi after dark. On many occassions, some will holler at me, falsely accuse me for taking longer routes and can suddenly become very aggressive and will scold all kinds of vulgarities.
    That is why many taxiuncles will always try to “siam” angmors and prefer to pick up locals or asians from places like Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, Tanjong Pagar, St James etc.
    I will normally queue at MBS or RWS on busy friday nights to avoid these drunks but nowadays, there are a lot of clubs and drinking holes in MBS too, so sway2 always will still kanna drunk angmors!
    What to do? Sad life of us night shift taxidrivers. Drunk angmors, crazy PRC slashers and taxi hijackers and speeding ferraris…face all kinds of inherent dangers just to try to earn a living!
    Tks to PAP who bring in so many FTs that now cannot get any desk job. even clerical jobs so no choice except drive taxis and risk life and limb every week!!!!

  8. abacus said

    Can someone explain the math?

    1 month out of a possible 7-year sentence.

  9. Ron said

    Why was caning not imposed? Kicking a Police officer is assault. Kicking the patrol car is vandalism. We recall that the American teenager was given six strokes for kicking and vandalizing cars.

  10. kbkb said

    Maybe the FT think the police trying to outrage his modesty?

  11. Hdbyer said

    Then for molest?

  12. ttt said

    What happens to the molest charge?

  13. spotlessleopard said

    Time for the citizens to send out a strong messages to the PAP that GE2016 will see a swing of support for the Opposition Parties.

  14. MAKANDO 1973 said

    No Caning, No Fine? Only 4 weeks jail? What about the charge for outrage of modesty charge? Will this be set as a precedent “special privilege” applicable specifically only to future potential foreign offenders? In all fairness, will the court mete out the same sentence on Singaporean offenders for a similar gravity of offense? Of course, I’m not condoning nor do I encourage such offenses but there the judicial system in Singapore must be seen as being impartial.

  15. solaris8899 said

    what happen to our strict law?

    double standards?

  16. Me said

    I wish Singapore has more courage

  17. Wolfglare said

    Singaporean kick taxi driver jail six week…..Ang Mo kick policeman why only jail four week….Ang Mo big huh Singapore government at it best again protecting their beloved FT

  18. risa said

    Why no caning? is it reserved only for Singaporean offenders and not FTs and foreigners??

  19. tempted. said

    Ang moh kick policeman get 4 wks jail.
    If local Singaporean kick policeman how many wks jail? Can someone tell me please. I m tempted.
    Can have free lunch too right.

  20. A Sad Singaporean said

    What a shame, just because he is British citizen that the Singapore Courts kowtow to him and let him off lightly? My! what has Singapore come to? So sad.

  21. P Koh said

    A stiffer penalty would show the AngMohs that they are just guests in our beloved Singapore and that the law of this country must be obeyed if they want to be part of our society. Unfortunately many think that they are superior beings and even looked down on locals who also very sadly play their part to encourage this by “angkating” them.

  22. Fark That Sissy AssLoong said

    “Chapman could have been jailed up to seven years, fined and caned”.

    …. and he got only 4 week’s jail ????

    What more proof do you need that the PAPpies love and favour their pet FTs ??

  23. Crap... said

    2 sets of law in Singapore.. one for Foreigners.. one for Locals.. Thanks to the MIWs and the 60.1% who support them blindly.

  24. Hdbyer said

    Nowadays better don’t question so much, later kena have to apologise to AGC.

  25. Steve Lee said

    Lucky for him he’s not a Singaporean.

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