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Chan Chun Sing: Singaporeans must remain ‘OPEN’ to people from ‘different’ backgrounds

Posted by temasektimes on July 16, 2012

‘Integration’ and ‘open’ are the two new PAP’s buzzwords as a third minister after Dr Ng Eng Hen and S Iswaran broached the topic again to Singaporeans over the weekends.

With social tensions between native Singaporeans and foreigners rising to an all-time high, PAP leaders have been exhorting Singaporeans to accept the newcomers (by hook or by crook) to keep the volatile situation under control.

Speaking during a community event yesterday, Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing said Singapore will be able to integrate new immigrants in the coming years, if it approaches integration with the same spirit it has approached racial harmony.

“That will require two hands to clap, it will require fellow Singaporeans to remain open to people from different backgrounds,” he added.

Singapore has become a ‘rojak’ country of late as the government OPENS its doors WIDE to accept foreigners from all over the world.

Though integration has now become impossible with too many immigrants being accepted within too short a period of time, Singaporeans are constantly exhorted to remain open and ‘integrate’ (or rather assimilate) with them.



31 Responses to “Chan Chun Sing: Singaporeans must remain ‘OPEN’ to people from ‘different’ backgrounds”

  1. Mike Zeng said

    Right or wrong, must always follow the leader…..
    Crack your brains to think up reasons to justify the Leader’s decisions.
    It’s always akin to the Emperor has no clothes but still wearing the finest linen.

  2. Dr.Arsch said

    Different backgrounds?? Yeah now we have Hindi, Tagalog, Myanmarese (is that how its called?), Vietnamese, Bangla and whatever else. Tell me, why the fuck did I spend 12 years in school learning to sing songs in Malay and Tamil when those languages seem to have gone extinct today? Even the Mandarin I grew up hearing is way different from the one I hear today! What the fuck kinda country have we built for ourselves? We totally lost our identity in the process of feeding parasites from all the fuckholes of Asia! And you expect us to remain open!?

    That’s the problem with our government, One idiot comes up with the plans, and he has 10 overpaid idiots to back it up, and another 10 to feed us bullshit.

    • IronMan said

      Jeez, man. Calm down. For a Dr., u r quite abrasive (ha..ha..). Why dun we work things out by writing a petition or something. We can’t keep venting our frustrations this way. We get nothing done. Much appreciate it if someone knowledgeable online can lead. We get things done legally and non-violently. GE2016 is still far away. We do what we can for the time being. Agreed?

  3. jis said

    The plan of ‘Integration’ and ‘open’ will be on till they have enough vote on the next election. FT intake will stop a year before election just to please Singaporean!! Till then are still counting vote……enough, not enough?


    Please revoke all “Laws against Molestation” in order for Singaporeans to “integrate fully” with foreigners. This is the only way we can teach our leaders who make such obscene calls everyday by using the vulgar word “integrate” to satisfy their whims and fancies!

  5. Singapuraboi said

    PAP SHUT THE F%^* UP ALREADY! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. U broke ur promise to the people. U said u would restrict new immigrants this year and yet u are not doing so. This plea is just to justify ur insincerity to the people. Now with social media people won’t forget ur indiscretions and transgressions easily.

  6. Frustrated Sinki said

    Another idiiot Minister talking up their constant wayang about the massive influx of fts propagated by the PAP. Worse still, this shorty keechiu who is slated to continue the Lee dynasty! Bloody hell, when will it all end. Hey, this shorty came in by backdoor, courtesy of his granduncle LKY Tanjong Pagar GRC team that was “uncontested” in very mysterious circumstances. Shiit man. We will remember all this in GE 2016, please let NEVER forget how they sold out our country, our jobs, our heritage to FTs!

  7. Ah Chan said

    PAP must remain open to members from different oppositions too, just saying.

  8. spotlessleopard said

    I have had enough of PAP and their antics…no matter what they do or say I will vote the Opposition the next GE…and all my family members will do so too…

  9. Dan said

    NDP them song, INTEGRATE with legs wide OPEN

  10. P Koh said

    The government created this social problem by opening the doors wide for these foreigners to come in without much thought of the consequences. Now they come out and ask the true blue
    Singaporeans to be “open” and accept “integration” instead of giving reasons for what they have
    done and also how they are going to mitigate or solve the huge social problems which can turn
    nasty if not carefully and correctly handled. What do you think Mr. Chan Chun Sing Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth & Sports.?

  11. Crap... said

    kick PAP out!!!

  12. Annoymous said

    These will be our new salves(new citizen) who will vote for us and increase our GDPs.

  13. Mikey said

    Be more open?

    I think we already open more than the comfort women of WW2 liao.

    Kena raped until asshole can drive a Ferrari through liao..

    Still wan to open how much more?

    1 time a day?

    2 times a day?

    Or 3 times a day?

    Kee Chew Chan also can come and integrate with my fist la..

  14. ANTI FT said

    Y always us not them?? Y is the Government doing this to we Singaporeans?? I really do hope the next GE will really wake them up.

  15. CWS said

    Can’t wait for next GE

  16. Naivety said

    Easy for him to say so as his job & ricebowl is not a bit affected at all by the over influx of FTs to Singapore’s shore!!!
    What a lackey and he just simply echoed what LHL says!~

  17. Daft Peasants said

    ya correct……. sinkies must remian open….the legs…. and let ‘them’ screw us hard……

  18. Victor said

    What else you want Singaporeans to do besides not cooking curry when the foreigners are home, to bear with the noise these foreigners created by their drumming when they are home, letting them take over our jobs not because they are talent, but because they are cheaper, facing immense pressure at work and receiving artificially deflated wages knowing well that there are 1001 foreigners waiting for your job, getting squeezed everyday on public transport becase there are 1/3 foreigners also using them, paying through our nose for public housing, medical care, having to pay for our children’s university studies overseas because the places in our local universities are reserved for foreigners and these foreigners are even paid to study here?


  19. icefire said

    i more than willing to integrate with the new citizen if our PAPaya minister lead by example thru intergrating their record high salary with those india , prc , phinoy minister

  20. weak justice said

    we will make this clown cry in the next GE!!!

  21. see said

    “open”? open your legs la. 99% of the minister are idiiot.

  22. SG Talent said

    Is there any minister with a conscience?!!!!

  23. Uniquely Singapore said

    This kee chiu running dog is a national traitor.

  24. seah said

    if i clap hard the sooner i lose my jod

  25. solaris8899 said

    Aren’t we open enough?

    getting more upset with papa.

  26. Me said


  27. said

    I dont know how come you are qualify to be minister. You take 2 hands to crap. Answer is simply easy NO stupid. You take 1 mouth to clap. Just like PAP talk so much about integration and open talk talk talk.. I dont see any action, Do us a favour show you are open and integrate for next 3 years and when fourth year come we can judge you. When i say 3 years it means non compromise we want to see result for all Minister to set example e.g. show lovingly show gracious show patient show care and bring with open heart eg stay with them bring them around whatever to show concrete abt this in mrt, whatever. Else dont say 2 hands clap, you know i can twist my single big toe and make a loud clap sound. Can you do that? Please dont talk too much… if you want to say prove to us all must set good example and dont leelay and do for 1 day only please do for next 3 years.

  28. Leo said

    We are worse than pros. Open ourselves without dignity. At least the pros work with dignity.

  29. Anthony Tang said

    I have said this over and over again

    MIW, don’t waste your time repeating the same old story again and again. When you come to my house you observe my rules, otherwise don’t come

  30. Steve said

    Dear Mr Chan, you are a nice guy and from your look you are also kind, but you are in the wrong party, please wake up and do something meaningful for the people of Singapore, you are in PAP, you don’t have to abide to their nonsense policy and fight for us.

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