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Foreign manager exerts pressure on pregnant Singaporean to resign from job

Posted by temasektimes on July 16, 2012

My wife, who is recently been confirmed of her pregnancy was been “Forced” to terminated by her “FT” GM. The whole issue is such that, my wife was admitted to 02 dayz in hospital and upon discharge 1 week resting on bed.(as advice by doctor). Her “FT” GM employer indirect hint to my wife to “resign” herself, saying she is under-perform, while she is a confirmed staff.

During her 1 week my wife shall rest, instead she go back to work, to clear the workers salary and to assit the accountant. Despite this, she was been under constant “hint & Pressure” to resign, although my wife still report for work.

We went to seek the MOM officer for assistance, but was told that no “termination letter”, MOM is not able to look into it further. So came that final day, my wife was been force to surrender all her duty, her office keyz and the employer did not even issue her the termination letter.

I call it Discrmination of Preganat woman in workplace. After that the company MD step in to compensate my wife, and ask her to sign a letter of agreement. Worst, offer her to work as part-timer. (What a joke). As singaporean, I feel we are screw by the System. Now , my wife is out of job, and during that hand over, the “FT” GM even force hurt my wife, we called the police, but there is no action, just verbal warning only.

May I ask the PM-Mr. Lee, how to have family planning? Due to extreme stress my wife is hospitalised now. (Baby is in danger). Period.


* The above was first posted as a comment on Facebook.


80 Responses to “Foreign manager exerts pressure on pregnant Singaporean to resign from job”

  1. Bai Hu said

    With all the stupid policies in place which are hurting Singaporeans, I hope God will punished our PM Lee & let him suffer a well-deserved retribution.

  2. me said

    “May I ask the PM-Mr. Lee, blah blah blah”

    Lee Hsien Loong: “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what it can do for me.”

  3. SPR said

    It is sad to see how unethical these companies are. Don’t just write to TT. Do write to the your wife company HR and MD about what happened and cc to their HQ HR (oversea) and board of directors (just check their website) and also write to the company’s country’s shareholder’s lawyer and also cc to Singapore’s minister as well as PM department. Dont write a threatening letter but reveal what had happened. Most of the time, their HQ people are not aware of this and the local GM are abusing their authority. Must make HQ aware.

    Someone should set up a website keeping tab of companies that are punishing the Singaporean when they are pregnant or serving NS becasue they are TBS and only following the law and doing service to the nation. Don’t feel bad but feel proud being pregnant and doing NS.

  4. NoBrain said

    Force you to resign the company can employ cheaper foreign worker. why not?
    You don’t want to give birth never mind, we can import more immigrant, case close.

  5. Jardel said

    dun vote pap period. fuck them to hell, period. Integrate? Fuck FTs, period. Simple as that. WHy can’t singaporeans understand is just so plain funny. SO HARD MEH!!!!.

  6. Jardel said

    TBH, who is to blame? Ourselves!!!! If you don’t want to bite the bullet, just shut up or migrate if you have the cash but be prepared to be treated as 3nd class citizen over there.

    We Singaporeans are so fucked because of Singaporeans. LOL so funny.

    Singaporeans? Fuck up pple 😀

    • mahbok tan said

      Agree …seems that we do not able to stand or at our wit ends when the GOVT cannot do a DAMN thing about and at the same time SHOUTING that SGporean are not procreating fast enough….!!!

      Lets name this company and boycott them….!!!

    • Love All! said

      Just wondering…if those FTs PAP imported were from “high-class” countries like UK, US, Finland, Russia, Sweden or any other rich European nations, would local Singaporeans be so hostile and SNOBBISH?! Don’t forget we have lots of ugly Singaporeans around too…you can find them on the roads…on public transports…food court…markets…shopping centers. Among these ugly Singaporeans, some jump queues, some talk loudly in public places, others eat like pigs, some pick their nose openly…some quarreled openly on bus and MRT… not to mention some high-profile civil-servants and professionals who are convicted by the laws for being corrupted…for being a peeping tom…for being a molester…for having sex with underage girls…for vandalisms…for petty theft…for SHALL I GO ON? Among these people, we have Lawyers, Doctors, former police, University students…SHALL I GO ON?!

      And YES…we have employer who doesn’t pay their maids salaries and abuses them…we have Employers who molested their maids…we have child abusers…we have con-man…we have RACIST…in fact anything you can name it, we have it!!!

      Seems like Singaporeans are generally not very self-conscious, very snobbish and possess over-big ego! Tsk tsk tsk! You pride yourself over what? What so proud about Singapore? 1st class nation? WAKE UP!!! YOU ARE FAR FROM IT!!!

      • Dr.Arsch said

        “WAKE UP!!! YOU ARE FAR FROM IT!!!” – The last line tells it all! Either you were born in the PRC or your mother tongue has gotta be fuckin’ Hindi or Tagalog. Either way you are not one of us and don’t come and tell us what we should be doing in our country! This forum is for us Singaporeans, not foreign trash. Kindly fuck off and go about your own biz.

      • Jenny said

        Yeah, i supposed in ur dumb mind, ALL singaporeans is con man/woman and molesters bla bla bla. This is our country, of cos we have the right to be snobbish!

      • anyhow said

        All those so called local wrongdoings u listed are happening to every country on this planet, not just singapore. dun change the subject. this is abt a pregnant woman forced to quit just cos she’s pregnant.

      • Jenny said

        And wat u said is not even the case here, so u blame the pregnant lady when she is the one losing her job?

      • SkinFT said

        And what are you doing to do about it then? Quit being a singaporean loh since you are so high. YOU FUCKING MOTHERFUCKER. BURN IN HELL

      • Golden said

        Love all!: The things you said happens everywhere. No where else is spared. Not even the almighty Americans. Not happens, I don’t think this Earth is good enough for you. The poor couple is just trying to execute their Rights. Does that really bother you much? If this happens to your mother while she’s carrying you, I bet you will think otherwise. Be kind in your words. And if you would like to quote example in future, please do spare your time lesser time by naming things that doesn’t apply to all other nations. And Love all!: If you had read till this line, go get a live.

      • A said

        Bading! FO! Bring your kabayan along!

      • Dr.Arsch said

        That arsewipe is not a Sinkie. Stop feeding the foreign trolls brothers.

      • Steve Lee said

        @Dr.Arsch. Well spotted. @Love All. What are you doing here in Singapore then if you don’t like the place or the people? Singaporeans aren’t perfect but there is so much good in Singapore. That pregnant woman really deserved to be treated much better than she was.

  7. Dr.Arsch said

    Hmmm…its getting out of hand. Like a friend of mine from Denmark was telling me a few hours ago. They had the same problem with immigrants, played nice, the aliens took advantage of the niceness of the Danes, yet they continued being nice, finally realized it was going nowhere. Now the Danes are hitting back, using all means available. We Sinkies have been playing the faggot for far too long. When are we going to grow a pair of balls? Every other country seems to have citizens who are standing up to the invading bastards. Just we seem to be bunch of whiny bastards who cant seem to do anything else other than complain on the Net. Dafuq’s wrong with this picture, u tell me?

    • Julie Ong said

      Thanks, Dr Arsch.
      Yes, we should act. I suggest we petition the MP, DPM, PM or whoever concerned with our complaint.
      Eg. We the undersigned respectfully request that there be a halt to FTs into Singapore unless absolutely necessary. The large numbers of said FTs has caused us great discomfort and brought about tension between them and us, the locals. Please help us. Thank you.

      Name. N.R.I.C.

      Chin Chin Beng. 0165422A (EXAMPLE ONLY)

      Perhaps, Mr Mahbok Tan and friends can do the rounds collecting signatures. Ideally, we should have at least tens of thousands of signatures in order to send a powerful message to the politician/s. Also you may reword as you see fit.
      We can then present it to our MP or even PM.

      Will our government respond? That we’ll have to wait and see.

      P.S. I have inserted the N.R.I.C. to authenticate the action taken, i.e. by
      real people.

      • IronMan said

        Agreed. I’ve signed a petition before thru Facebook. Too bad it does not succeed. Insufficient signatures. Hope this one breaks thru. Most SGs still has fear to openly address the FTs issue to the govt. For me, I’ve have nothing to lose anymore. Losing my beloved country is the last straw. But if we succeed, we, SG, have everything to gain.

        My favourite quote : When the going gets tough, only the toughest keeps going. For I am IronMan.

      • Vic said

        I came across a certain post suggesting that, by reason of its scale and its implication, the influx of immigrants could be a contravention to our citizens’ rights under our Constitution.
        I wish someones knowledgeable could enlighten us.

      • Dr.Arsch said

        I agree with your idea on this one. Actually TR has been highlighting many issues time and again and we have given our complaints. It will be great if TR could come up with a team that takes these issues up with the faggots in power, Start shooting letters every time one of our locals gets trampled upon by the govt or the aliens we brought in. Right now most of our guys are fighting their battles alone. That should certainly change. Most of us here I’m sure would provide any assistance if required, inclusive of signatures.

        Till now TR has been doing a good job at being an alternative news source for those of us who don’t subscribe to the bullshit the Pappies feed us with their SPH. I think its time for us to take things one step further and start becoming a unified voice. Not sure how successful it would be, but for sure, our brothers who need help would not be fighting their battles alone. What do you guys think?

        Mod’s note:

        The next step is to use this as a platform to start a second media company to challenge SPH’s monopoly.

  8. mahbok tan said

    I am sorry to hear of such cases and the thing that had happened to your wife . But what can we do …??? Even by highlighting this to the MOM and the Police does not help , I am very SURE even the PM will not intervened as its not his level to go into.
    Why not you name the company that she is working or some hint for us to take note of , its better that the citizern of Sgpore themselves do the action in peaceful means by boycotting or stop applying job there…!!!

  9. Lim said

    Dear Alex,

    Hope your baby n wife both r ok

    We can’t do anything now because 61% of the public voted for Mr Lee and believe in his so called Singapore 1st speech

    If you really has a case to fight for, seek lawyer advice and ask your MP for help. Maybe there will a last minute hope or chance for a fair treatment

  10. Virgorian said

    The asshole FT manager must be a fucking dirty Indian!fuck off from my country !!

  11. FT GM said

    This is just one side of the story. To have a fair judgement, we should also hear out the GM explanation.
    Maybe the wife had attitude problem and created a mess due to her pregnancy ?

  12. Xiao said

    PAPigs exists to protect these foreign scums…didn’t you keep getting the same message over and over agian that we are supposed to integrate with them, not they with us???

    But we locals have ourselves to blame, because we voted in a government to victimize us, so, there’s really nothing for us to complaint about, when we are the one who deserved it for our own naiveness to think that PAPigs will take care of us.

  13. SPR said

    Do provide constructive feedback and comment that are helpful rather than foul language and good English. It is important to show that TBS are well educated and can handle such issues without being overly emotional about it. All over the world and foreigners are reading this and such antics will only amuse them. Approach it it with the never say die and creative Singaporean approach that I have encountered in my course of work. Use these forums in a productive manners and see how TBS (True Blue Singaporeans) can help one another. Set up forums on improving the situation and find solutions as you had before. Keep working at it and provide feedback solutions on overcoming these with a level head. Eventually this will catch on and some MPs or ministers will take note and will then not tow the party line.

    Taking the more aggressive route, it maybe a good idea to join the PAP and change it from within. You know ” Sleeping with the enemy”. Provide good feedback during member meeting, make them hear you. The more opposing members join PAP, the better and it will drown out their own member’s voice during internal meetings.

    • Love All! said

      What you said is rather idealistic…you don’t seem to know anything about politics, organizational hierarchy and bureaucracy don’t you?! You will be put under close scrutiny for many years before you can change anything significant!

  14. Alvin said

    This is what happens when foreigners are aware of the liberal laws or the lack of such laws in Singapore. Let’s see what will the Government appointed Women’s Charter lady – in – charge has to say about this.

    The Government say they want more Singaporean births? We have a perfect example of how the FTs are threatening the lives of future Singaporeans.

  15. Bruce WEE said

    Alex, did you vote wisely last GE in May-2011?

  16. pay said

    Very unfortunate, but hang in there…must ride it out for baby’s sake

  17. FT FT-COMPANY said

    MOM must set up rules that FT and FT company must follow the local law.
    Alex do seek a layer advise and take action accordingly.

  18. Zheng Huiting PuaCB said

    This complaint letter is rubbish until the name of the company is stated. Wanna make your stand known, then have the guts to back it up all the way. If the claim is indeed true, Govt and netizens should rally against the company. Otherwise, stop making noise and trying to gain sympathy.

    • mahbok tan said

      Yes and Agree with you . Coz we do not hear the 2 sides of the story…..!!!

      Lets bring it out to the open and see how we SGporean react…!!!

      • Anthony Tang said

        Release the name of the compny and the FT GM, we will rally behind you, even though the MP does not.

  19. Cancer said

    Send your case to MOM. If they don’t act, write to the press/media. If the press does not publish your letter, request to have a private session with our DPM… hopefully he will not ask you ‘What do you think’.

  20. stevenado said

    Make sure sent the above story to the PM’s department,Ng’s department and Chan’s department…They talked so easily because they were highly paid and very comfotable in their lifes.Not being affected by these influx of FTs, they can say what they want.Singaporean are bleeding daily…..yet they still talked about “intergration and open”..Come 2016 singaporean must vote wisely!!!!

  21. sioiosdsgsdg said

    One sided story and where is the source? Anyone can write a “convincing” letter on the internet.

  22. joker said

    hope the mom and baby ok.

    TT – pls get more details on the FT GM la – then can inform the masses mah.
    (in order for readers to acknowledge the true story in TT)

  23. spotlessleopard said

    Ask DPM Teo: :So What do you think”?

  24. Clara said

    I think if you publish the name of the manager + company, the company will be pressured to take some action. Especially sentiment is so bad now against FT. Not FT are bad but we must make sure that those f*cking bastards FT who discriminate against Singaporeans are sent back to their own country. If their country is so good, why come to Singapore? We welcome all FT but if you respect us as a host, then we will make sure you f*ck off.

    Can I go to my friend’s house and criticized how bad his mother cleaned the house? Is it appropriate? Make sure this mother f*cker name get published. Better still, publish his/her photo. If not, IMO, the news is not trust worthy at all. Must substantiate your claims.

  25. ttttfdff said

    Stop all these anti foreigner shit. im a Singaporean n I just find it ironic. We are all 3rd 2nd gen of immigrants. Except for some of the malay pop whose descendants are natives, if tt is wad u define as Singaporean. Besides, its foreigners tt boost our expertise as we have shortage of talent. Without them, indeed. We can still survive. Definitely. But the economy wont be as good. Jobs will be lost. More then the jobs we lose to foreigners…becoz the presence if foreign companies create new jobs for us

    • Vic said

      Please, do not begrudge Singaporeans for voicing grievances against foreigners. Many are valid complaints; yet others are expression of nationalist sentiment. If S’poreans suffer in silence, not going to defend their own rights, who is going to do it for them?

      Let me answer some of your points:

      1) Quote: “we are all 3rd 2nd gen of immigrants, except for some of the malay (population)….”.
      Since our country’s independence, we are a sovereign state. Our citizens become owners of this land. We are entitled to preserve our culture, protect our political, social stability and our standard of living. En-masse immigration is a threat to all these and our nationalism, until we are able to assimilate the aliens. Today, we are no longer an undeveloped colony that immigrants may come and go at their will. We own Singapore and we must all guard and protect our citizen-interests. This is especially we are a developed first world economy now; the bright city that attracts economic migrants from surrounding region. Yet, we differ from other countries in the overly lax immigration policy we practise. According to our Home Affairs Ministry, two out of every three PR applicants are successful. Even construction workers, cleaners, masseurs and prostitutes are granted Singapore PR, which is the stepping stone to citizenship. Getting a PR and citizenship in Singapore is incredibly easy without major restrictions. In stark contrast, one has to live in Australia three out of a period of five years before they are eligible to become PRs; subject to appraisal of the applicant’s skill and talent being needed in the country. Next, Philippines requires a minimum of 7 years residency before one is eligible to apply for PR there, again subject to appraisal. Australia population is also largely descendants of immigrants. Philippines in the old days too were also freely open to migrants of earlier generation from China and elsewhere, not unlike our pre-independence colonial Singapore. So, why are you echoing many immigrants’ often heard false argument that S’poreans “are all 3rd 2nd gen of immigrants”, hence they are not entitled to come and settle here as they wish? Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, particularly and all other countries are not free entry to immigrants in spite of history; so why should Singapore. It all boils down to sovereignty and right not to share. We own Singapore; it is our land and our reserve our sovereign right not to share.

      2) Quote: “.. .. ..foreigners boost our expertise as we have shortage of talent.. …”
      Really? By Ministry of Finance’s admission, only 27% of foreigners working here earn high enough income above the taxation threshold for liability to pay income tax. This percentage is 22% if the FDWs are counted in. So, we know 78% of foreigners working here are not paying income tax. They earn below $30k a year. IHence, theirs are jobs that do not need talent to perform. It follows that some 1.5 – 1.6 million out of 2 million foreigners here are dependent on our economy to dish out jobs to them. We can safely conclude that at least 4 out of 5 of them that we get are mere economic migrants who could not survive in their own countries and they are now here competing with Singaporeans for limited jobs because they cost much less.

      3) Quote: “Without them (foreigners), . .. .. the economy wont be as good. Jobs will be lost. More then the jobs we lose to foreigners…becoz the presence of foreign companies create new jobs for us.”
      Obviously, you are not aware:
      (a) Foreigners are favoured in any recruitment exercise for various reasons, mainly a matter of cost of employment. firstly, Singapore male is already disadvantaged by having to spend 4 weeks away from work annually due to reservist obligations. Next, employers are liable to contribute employer’s portion of the CPF for a Singaporean, whereas employing foreigners (non-PRs) does not require this. Thirdly, there is no way Singaporeans can compete with foreigners in terms of salary because foreigners do not have a family here and they can easily support them back home with their meager pay earned in Singapore. Lastly, without their family here, foreigners can work long hours and weekends.
      b) So, it is not surprising that Singpaoreans constitute 80%, or the huge majority of the unemployed people in our job market.
      c) Next, about those jobs you said created by a growing economy or jobs created by foreign companies, 2 out of 3 of these go to non-residents (foreigners). Only 1 goes to residents namely, the PRs and true citizens. The latter get well below 1/3 of these new jobs created. It is a raw deal. What is the point of this economy growth and new foreigh investment? We are now infested with semi-skilled foreigners on S-passes who are competing with locals for jobs and depressing their wages in the process. On top of it, these S-passes foreigners could sponsor their spouses, children, parents and parents-in-law to come in for long term pass or PR; directly adding to the squeeze on our limited space and resources.
      4) Quote: “Without them (foreigners), indeed. We can still survive. Definitely.”
      Yes, this is one statement I would agree. Japan is also facing the same dual problems of shrinking population and aging population. Its economy has slowed considerably from the last decade. They call it “the lost decade”. But, Japan survives. Whether their people are happier and better off than us with their greatly slowed down economy but without the stress and strain of foreigners’ influx, we don’t know.

      Indeed, immigration has its pros and cons. The benefits of immigration soley to sustain the population and economy are out-weighed by the many political and social problems mass immigration brings us.

    • DaWolf said

      Why don’t you just shut the hell up?

  26. Dun Just hine & chai take action !! said

    So Alex, what did you do regard this matter ?? The trouble with S’poreans is that – TOO DAMN TIMID !!! Dun dare to fight for your rights !!! What is the used of writing here to complaint ??? If I were you I will go to my wife office & confront the “FT” GM & the CEO or MD. I will call whatever reporter I can contact whether MSM or others who are willing to report this case.

    I will ask a friend or 2 to be my witness & photographer to take vid & pics of the verbal confrontation. I will make sure the company name also appear in the news. In a nutshell I will blow up the matter & make sure the FT has to answer for his action. This should deterred other FT fro trying their bullying tactic on other S’poreans. If we can’t even protect ourselves or our loved one then what is the used of living in this world !!!

  27. Neutral Party said

    Pardon me but come on, don’t make yourself look silly and start to bring all small issues to the PM office.

    If the PM has to look into issues like yours, I bet soon the house makers will also go to him on the domestic complaints. He will probably need 240 hours a day to tackle these nonsensical topics.

    In the first place, if your wife feels indignant of how she was treated in the office, escalate the matter to higher authority through the proper chain of command.

    If that doesn’t work and both of you already see that coming, shouldn’t your wife protect herself by dropping an email to the relevant department so that you have a copy of your conversation in “black and white”? With that copy, perhaps things would be much easier to resolve when your wife visited MOM.

    Otherwise, do you expect the readers or even the MOM to believe your wife when she has signed the letter from the management and accepted the compensation.

    And as a husband, shouldn’t you be providing sound advice to your wife in the first place? If you are not capable of doing so, why not seek help from the professional instead of what you are doing now?

    I mean there are a more than one way to tackle this issue but definitely not what you are doing now.

    I’m sorry if my words are not pleasing to your ears but that’s how things work these days in Singapore.

    A 100% local Chinese Singaporean.

    • Vic said

      I think the damaging part is the wife accepted the compensation offer and signing off some paper the GM handed to her. There was no letter of termination too, by the way.

  28. Annoymous said

    “May I ask the PM-Mr. Lee,………”

    Don’t bother asking him, your email or letter will “disappeared somwhere” before it reaches him.

  29. Singaporean said

    Singaporeans deserve it because we talk alot but no actions. Singaporeans also laughed/dont care at other’s misfortune. Only when it happens to themselves they complain.

    Overall, Singaporeans can only blame themselves for what had happened.

    • pinoys love to suck cock said

      Very true, singaporens dun care abt each other, as long it doesnt affect them,anything else doesnt matter,when its their turn..they realise too late that theres no obe to speak up for them anymore….and singaporeans love to stab each other, i duno y

    • Steve Lee said

      @Singaporean and @Pinoys Love to Suck Cock. Fair observation guys. This is a bad habit we have to break if we are to develop a strong and fair Singapore. It won’t be easy to break the habits of a lifetime though.

  30. Vic said

    Alex. Why don’t you bring your case to MOM again after your wife was forcibly removed? You can also get advice from your local MP, and from As this is also a case of discrimination against women, I think the Women Association (???) will be eager to help you out. Of course, you can seek legal advice to sue the company too. But, I am aware engaging lawyer costs some money.

  31. rose said said

    this company ceo must really take serious action with the FT MANAGER .Just bcoz he/she is a manager can treat sporean as the way he/she like.why not alex email to the ceo or head of the department to let them know exactly what had happened to the wife.

  32. Optimist said

    Dear Singaporeans, it is very simple, papies force property prices to rise by keeping interest rates low, slow down new property development and increasing the flow of Foreign Trash. Everything papies do is for their own benefit, we Singaporeans are screwwed. In GE 2016 vote out papies.

  33. Naivety said

    Down with the Pro-Alien Party in GE 2016!

  34. muimui said

    FT employers are not the only one who are discriminating against pregnant working women. Our own Singaporeans employers also do it too….

  35. Ken Lee said

    too bad looks like the end of PAP rules! dynasty going change!

  36. No Ns Required to be an MP. said

    Is the situation enough for you and your family to vote the opposition in or you want more sufferings for generations coming. So before its too late let 2016 decide our fate. Changes is a must for a company to move on and so does the country and the people.

  37. 龍的传人 said


  38. Not another brick in the wall said

    whatever shit policies which they introduce, the karma wont be on them. It will be on their future generations. Eat fishball get choked. flash toilet bowl get drowned. Turn off light get electrocuted. Rammed by lorry which driving. Suffocated which sleeping.

  39. bb said

    Pl name the company and see what net citizens can do to destroy this FT GM

  40. Golden said

    TS, after the Ministry had awarded compensation, please publish the name of the company.

  41. wayan said

    The only way in my opinion Alex is to bring the matter to court on discrimination charges.I’ll bet there are lawyers that will take ur case.We need to put this matter in light and make relevant Gov dept to take Singaporean more seriously.I believe u are not alone on such matters and there are others suffering quitely.Be strong and take this step and hopefully be a good example to others.

  42. sunhub said


    Unless you are able to provide the company name, I would have said you are writing nothing.

    It is that simple.

  43. Me said

    My question is did you vote for PAP if yes then u deserve nothing. After all u agree to their policies. if no it is a struggle

  44. ~~~ said

    Why the big reaction only if it’s FT manager? There are same cases happened with Singaporean bosses, why can’t you do the same …

  45. solaris8899 said

    there are many of this kind of Foreign Trash in ur homeland holding on to our jobs which supposed to be ours.
    who allows this type of ppl into our home, taking our rich bowl away from us?
    why they are still walking on our streets bully our local ppl?

  46. macquekers said

    your english sucks dude…

  47. anna said

    should see it case by case….
    every story has two side…..
    if the pregnant woman abused the policy…then management took action is nothing wrong..

  48. hire FT instead said

    company can hire an FT to replace your wife, since there are many in the market
    the company does not need to think about how to arrange some work arrangement with your wife, since it’s so troublesome

    easier to hire FT to replace, potentially cheaper too

  49. Yayrhah said

    Why isn’t the name of this Foreign manager and Company’s Name published?

    There should be an immediate punishment of this foreign trash!

  50. kaka said

    All I can see is disgrunted Singaporeans posting online against FTs and PAPs saying integration with FTs blah blah blah. Where is the opposition’s voice on the FT issue?

  51. 2nd.hamsterlord said

    Dear Alex,

    Wish you and wife could overcome this obstacle soon. There are alway such companies executing such vicious act.

    However the root of the problm can be still traced back to the policymaker / Government who does not ensure adequate measurement to protection Pregnant lady in work. This is just one of the problem.

    Another problem is that the government is not putting in effort to promote Singaporean to settle down. Look at the most basic thing, HDB is getting out of reach. We are made like a slave just for a 99yrs old lease house. Worst of all, we have such a small land but you are allowing FT to buy properties and allowing them to make profit from US!!

    Dear Singaporean, can you feel the pain?

  52. pegonmynose said

    this is the female version of being sacked for having too many reservist burden.

    NS and FT are killing Sg.

  53. ellery chua said

    Sigh this reads like troll bait. First of all if you know your rights do not do anything that will screw yourself – no letter of termination no hand over of key and wuck all. Take compensation but sign only what is to you benefit – if they offer mean they have a problem never solve their problem unless it is totally to you advantage. Feel free to turn down offer to compensate that are not attractive. They offer because MOM will ultimately come into to picture. If you act silly then get screw for free and now come and expect other people to help you out from the shit pool is a crock of shit. It like the same silly notion that voting for a certain party will mean you future is protected, in most borrow shows ghost and other unfriendly entities are often in white so it seems that reel life mirror real life.

  54. Pai Sei said

    If what Alex said is true, then PnP one day, quite sure, will be overthrown if garment is not moderating the issue, even LKY raised from ashes also won’t help….hahaha

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