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Ng Eng Hen to Singaporeans: Remain ‘open’ to ‘integration’ with new citizens

Posted by temasektimes on July 16, 2012

With too many foreigners being accepted into Singapore within too short a period of time which makes integration almost impossible to begin with, the government appears to be panicking with almost daily exhortations to Singaporeans to ‘integrate’ (or assimilate?) with the new ‘pets’ they have mass-imported into Singapore.

Foreigners now made up 40 percent of Singapore’s population with the demographics changed beyond recognition that even the newcomers themselves are astounded as well.

One PRC teacher blogged recently that she does not know whether she is in Singapore or China at times with the large numbers of mainland Chinese speaking in their various accents on the streets.

Speaking during a community event yesterday, Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen urged Singaporeans and new citizens to integrate with the rest of the community.

He expressed confidence that the process will be faster if Singaporeans remain OPEN and new citizens take the initiative.

“Integration is a two-way street. It takes two hands to clap. And so we have to be open, for those of us who have been here longer. And I think for new citizens, they also have to step forward. So if one side remains open, the other side takes the initiative, both sides meet together, I think that will make it much faster,” said Dr Ng.

Dr Ng’s call for Singaporeans to ‘integrate’ with the immigrants came less than one week after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s earlier exhortation for Singaporeans to ‘reach out’ to them on a personal level and at work.


32 Responses to “Ng Eng Hen to Singaporeans: Remain ‘open’ to ‘integration’ with new citizens”

  1. lim swee swee said

    every minister telling us to integrate, something fishy going on

  2. Mike Zeng said

    This is what you get when you appoint a PAP lackey to the powerful post of Minister for Defence. He was only a medical specialist of gynecology specializing in cancerous female breasts for decades. How does he relate boobs to national Defence and governing the State? We need ministers who are professionals or qualified in the field of economics, Govt, law, etc, relevant to ministering ministries. Certainly not a gynae surgeon….a square peg in a round hole?

    But he may yet be the next PM after LHL.
    At least he’s tall, brawny, tanned and macho-looking unlike the pale-faced shorties like WKS, KBW, MBT etc.

    Image is more important in the world political stage than what you think.
    I always knew Mitt Romney would be the Rep candidate for the US Prez at coming US Prez in Nov. Most of the rest are no match for him in imagery.
    I do predict that MR will beat Obama in Nov for the Presidency.

    • Ron said

      This kind of character assissination is unacceptable. There is not such degree as Prime Ministership. Ministers and politicians can come from all professions.

      I have listened to Eng Hen some years ago described to a gathering of engineers how they they ensure quality and safey in operating theatres. He knows his stuff and has been in government long enough to be part of the top political leadership.

  3. Jack said

    I do not understand the Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen Message “urged Singaporeans and new citizens to integrate with the rest of the community.” Who are the rest of the Community? I thot Singaporeans is THE COMMUNITY, no?

    • i say what i think only... said

      no, singaporean and new citizen (all considered locals) must integrate with rest of community (foreigners). ever saw them calling foreigners to integrate with us? nope… they are too big dick to move, we must show initiative

      • Jack said

        Ok, since it is an instruction from our minister Ng Eng Heng, and 60% have supported this government, we shall listen to what he said and integrate with the “community” that it was once we called ours.

  4. The Mighty Pen said

    Perhaps the ministers who frequently trumpet integration should sell off their landed properties and live amongst the people, so that they can have a first-hand experience about foreigners and their weird culture. This is the only way to stop them from using the word ‘integrate’ in their prepared speeches. It seems to many, these leaders are trying hard to insert the word ‘integrate’ in their speeches, according to their whims and fancies.

    What is certain to take place in Singapore in the short-term is local Singaporeans calling for boycott of products and services of establishments employing too many foreigners. I believe dining establishments throughout Singapore will be affected by this action. The leaders of this country have to accept the full blame by such an action from Singaporeans.


  5. Ron said

    Integration can take years and may extend to the next generation. Adults who grew up and got educated in another country does not get absorbed easily into another country. They have habits, behaviour, cultural history that are different.

    However, if everyone behaves in a constructive and reasonable manner then it will be easier and the process will have less friction. The government can use community centres to promote integration by hosting or sponsoring social events and outings.

    While exhorting Singaporeans to welcome and help integrate foreigners, the debates over employment, housing costs and other hot button issues need to be addressed. The community centres are supposed to be townhalls and as such it will be beneficial to promote more townhall events.

    • RN Lim said

      Let the PM lead by example first. PAP cant integrate with the oppositions for a constructive Singapore and they want us to integrate with foreigners when we are losing space and livelihood to them.Start with the PA.

      • IronMan said

        – PAP cant integrate with the oppositions for a constructive Singapore –
        How very TRUE….!!!

  6. Bai Hu said

    Only in Singapore!!! that the natives are being asked to integrate with foreigners. For the rest of the world, the foreigners are to work hard to integrate into their host countries. I love Singapore, but our government now nothing but a BIG JOKE!

  7. optiomist said

    We just wonder why is there a relationship between foreign talents and economic growth?

  8. Love All! said

    Just wondering…if those FTs PAP imported were from “high-class” countries like UK, US, Finland, Russia, Sweden or any other rich European nations, would local Singaporeans be so hostile and SNOBBISH?! Don’t forget we have lots of ugly Singaporeans around too…you can find them on the roads…on public transports…food court…markets…shopping centers. Among these ugly Singaporeans, some jump queues, some talk loudly in public places, others eat like pigs, some pick their nose openly…some quarreled openly on bus and MRT… not to mention some high-profile civil-servants and professionals who are convicted by the laws for being corrupted…for being a peeping tom…for being a molester…for having sex with underage girls…for vandalisms…for petty theft…for SHALL I GO ON? Among these people, we have Lawyers, Doctors, former police, University students…SHALL I GO ON?!

    And YES…we have employer who doesn’t pay their maids salaries and abuses them…we have Employers who molested their maids…we have child abusers…we have con-man…we have RACIST…in fact anything you can name it, we have it!!!

    Seems like Singaporeans are generally not very self-conscious, very snobbish and possess over-big ego! Tsk tsk tsk! You pride yourself over what? What so proud about Singapore? 1st class nation? WAKE UP!!! YOU ARE FAR FROM IT!!!

    • Ken Lee said

      that’s why we need to integrate with high class country like china, Bangalore, India,Philippine…..!! they got culture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • IronMan said

        Ha..ha… That is a good one. In your face, Love All!

      • Where is our EQ !? said

        @Ken Lee U R A Typical Lousy Singaporean! Wonder where is your IQ and EQ?! If you are so unhappy with your government’s policy, take it to the streets like what the Koreans and Japanese and Vietnamese and people of many other nations did…TAKE IT TO THE STREETS! Bring down your government! (I doubt so…Lousy Singaporeans got no balls! Only dare to hide behind computer screen and type words of fury!) Leaving words of hatred and sarcasm and all the stupid reply makes no sense and make no difference AT ALL!

      • IronMan said

        @Where Is Our EQ !? – U mean like Dr Chee of SDP? What is the outcome? Does it work? How does the PAP govt react? Did PAP govt wonder why citizens strike and step forward to make a justified agreement with the ones who strike, like being practiced by our union (NTUC).

        What do u think?

        “Take it to the streets like many other nations”. Is Singapore LIKE many other nations? Able to strike, practice mass demostrations on the streets?
        I know France and Indonesia legalized non-violent mass demos on the streets, not too sure abt the rest of the nations. It is their human rights.

        “Lousy Singaporeans got no balls!” Does this include you too? If u r NOT a SG, please crawl back to your SHIT hole! Wherever that is!

        “Wonder where is your IQ and EQ?” Obviously even a minority of below average SGs definitely have more IQ and EQ than YOU! Due to your current pathetic being, if u don’t comprehend all of this, no need to reply.

        WE, true blue SGs, do understand that!

  9. Alvin said

    “Ng Eng Hen to Singaporeans: Remain ‘open’ to ‘integration’ with new citizens” because we can’t clear up this mess without the help of Singaporeans.

  10. Mikey said

    Integrate can… with my fist!!

  11. SPR said

    Dear Minister,

    I beg to differ with your opinion. Integration is a one way street because it is usually the minority that has to integrate with the majority. For the majority, it is acceptance when the minority wants to integrate. Just like a family, when a man marries a girl, the man’s family will accept the girl as they are or may not (thus the marriage maybe scuttled) and the girl will try to integrate into the family and vice-versa. It would certainly be ludicrous for the family to integrate into the girl’s behavior and culture. However, over time, it maybe possible for the family to have integrated some of the culture of the girl into the family but this is usually the exception rather than the norm.

    As you have rightly said, it takes two hand to clap (that is high five or shake hands), but then again, it depends. If the other hand is sweaty, dirty, just blow his nose, the other party may not want to clap his hand, or high five or shake hands.

    This is because there are cultural differences and also different belief and it takes time. This sudden surge of foreigners can be too hard for locals to take in. Being a foreigner myself, I am fortunate because of similar cultural beliefs as I am just from across the causeway and speaks local lingo and dialects.

    In Malaysia, the government have taken steps to remove or reduces foreigner enclave because it not only cause local resentment, it is also dose not reflect local culture and the local way of life.

    In Singapore, it was not very long ago (about 10 years), when I first started working in Singapore, it was very Singaporean way of life, but now there are so many enclave that as though the country has an invisible boundaries or demarcation with mini country or cities within an already small country: Little India, China, Manila, Bangkok, Myanmar, Jakarta and the whole landscape of Singapore is already gone. My friends from other countries were aghast at the sight of such crowded non-local place and was basically asking me where is the real Singapore and where do the locals congregate?

    Dear Minister, Where is the uniquely Singapore? What is Singapore? A diverse cosmopolitan? A diverse culture? No longer is Singapore a Singapore. What is the vision?

    Therefore, maybe it is a good idea for more Singaporean to join the PAP.
    To change and influence the government, it maybe best to have more opposing people to join the PAP and openly challenge their idea from within. The closer you are able to to get to the core group, the better chance of influencing change that may benefit the locals and not bot tow party line.

  12. Why reversing our progress? said

    Why reversing our progress?

    When we are in Rome, we follow Rome.
    When PAP in governemnt, PAP want people to follow them.
    When we are in a new country, we have to follow the rule of the country.
    When the road is one way, we drive one way.

    This is common knowledge, this is common way, why PAP now is talking something that is opposite way?

  13. denzuko1 said

    The Garment still not getting it. The problem is Garment Foreign Policies leads to overcrowding with insufficient infrastructure to support. The influx of foreigners also brings in negativities of their culture which threatens th very fabric of local lifestyles. The PAP’s obssession to low cost industry also leads to stagnation of the salary of its citizen for many years. I can’t believe it that even until now, they still think that local wages should continue to be kept low by importing cheap labour!

    • Julie Ong said

      Thanks Denzuko1, it is called a ‘race to the bottom’ or you may think of it as driving in reverse gear. Very sad.
      I thought that any government would look to improving the standard of living for it’s citizens but apparently this mob doesn’t. The opposite, actually.
      Certainly it is a huge challenge to keep growing/improving, but the way things are done at the present we Singaporeans (many of us) will go backwards.
      I sincerely hope that the government will realise that the issue of FTs is only going to get bigger and I dread the day things turn nasty. I respectfully ask that the government rework this foreign labour intake issue. Also please do not feel that you’ve lost face if you back down. It does not mean that you are weak but rather you are wise!
      No doubt there will be difficulties and obstacles along the way, but let’s be realistic:
      Life Wasn’t Mean’t To Be Easy. And for good measure please don’t make it harder! For us the citizens of Singapore.

  14. spotlessleopard said

    Chicken, remain open to the fact that you and your bunch will be voted out in GE2016.

  15. Siapa Rajah (Who Is The King?) said

    Hello Chichen, bringing in “FT” or the “FT” aged parents??? Singaporeans is not aged enough to have more foreign seniors??? Do you aware of our long long appointment date to consult a specialist in our Govt Hospitals??? Do you know that we have to wait for hours to consult a Polyclinic doctor??? I am sure you know better!!! Wait up!!! Don’t give me that SHIT!!!

  16. Naivety said

    Ask your wife & daughter to integrate physically, horizontally & vertically with your beloved FTs first then!

  17. Me said


  18. said


  19. Pai Sei said

    If u r a PnP member having good pay, of coz u will say this n that according to guidelines. If they r under-tread, they will sing diff story…..haha

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