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PRC bogus engineer supervising building of 1,000 BTO flats

Posted by temasektimes on July 16, 2012

It is a well-known fact that some PRC nationals submit forged education certificates and qualifications to enable them to land a job in Singapore, but what is shocking is that there may be bogus engineers without any training in Civil Engineering supervising the building of flats in Singapore!

According to a tip-off we received from an anonymous source, there are two PRC bogus engineers who are currently working as certified ‘engineers’ in Singapore, one of whom is a ‘David Li’.

“David Li is a fake C&S Resident Engineer, without any relevant training in Civil / Structural Engineering. And the irony is, he (a fake) is supervising 14 blocks of HDB BTO flats (>1000 units). It seems that the system is not rigid enough.”

Our source added that David Li is a Singapore PR and has applied for Singapore citizenship.

Working as a Resident Engineer without the necessary qualifications and training contravenes the Building Control Act (Cap 29) Building Control Regulations – Fourth Schedule.

The above email has been forwarded to the following attached with the necessary supporting documents:

Building & Construction Authority
IES / ACES C&S Resident Engineers & Resident Technical Officers Joint Accreditation Committee
Professional Engineers Board, Singapore
Housing & Development Board
Immigration & Checkpoint Authority
Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau

44 Responses to “PRC bogus engineer supervising building of 1,000 BTO flats”

  1. aloysius12 said

    The problem is solved with “quotatation of lapses” within our languid systems.

  2. GhostMan said

    Wah what will happen if any of the BTO flats collapsed! This is a serious point to look into

    • Ken Lee said

      er assistance Singaporean engineer will hop the parang chop!

    • Ron said

      Steady man. Do not create alarm. Many professionals are involved in a BTO…. the Architect, the designers, the professional engineers, another team of engineers to check the design, the clerk of works, etc. Also the Main Contractors and their own Quality Team.

      Even if this guy is a bogus engneer, he is not a One-Man Team. Hope they check this person out.

  3. SgGuy said

    Not surprised. In their country it is norm. Only problem is people in sg is too trusting/gullible, esp our gov….

    • tud Q said

      govt are too gullible too naive, they whole board of them are seriously brain damaged. they pretend they cannot see the problems. chinese buildings are infamously shoddy . they themselves can’t even trust their contractors there. a building involved many lives, we can’t afford to take a single for trusting them. how many building in singapore are builded by chinese contractor? this is so worrying

  4. Mikey said

    Wah.. wan to kill more Singaporeans..

    Bus kill one by one.. too slow..

    Building one time drop.. can kill many more in one shot..

  5. spotlessleopard said

    When that happens the current bunch of Politcians will be gone… is time they get booted out in GE2016

  6. Bai Hu said

    From now on, no body dare to buy new houses.

  7. mahbok tan said

    I am very very ANGRY with this kind of news…. it just show that there are people who would do anything to get what they wants and we also know that SGpore use to be very strict with this kind of situation but lately it seems that not the citizen who have let their guard down but the GOVT themselves are !!!
    What are the ICA doing…???? Sleeping …. ???? Ministers….too busy budgetting their million dollar salary….!!! This have been going on for several years , to my opinion , and SGporean are facing the failure in the near future….ayo yo yo…guess need to start packing la like dat….!!! Our GOVT are careless and GREEDY for their ownself only but not to their CItizen….!!!
    Die die oso must plan to run away ma like this , if the flat come down while we are sleeping hor….oso die ….KNNBCCB to the ministers…!

    • Iai said

      The rot has set in: the person or people on the hot seats are now most likely infiltrated by new citizens and PRs who are less stringent on issues of safety and Singapore’s well-being.

  8. patin said

    I did made a report to ICA
    DONG WEN BIN 在上海時..中学都沒考完, 2001年時是一名化工厂工人.工厂倒閉後.,幫其父親做顧问名下的工厂送货..2005年我回上海時他在上海家樂福Supper Market里蔬菜部当杂工….可是像他這樣的程度..竟能進新加坡成為永久居民..而在新加坡成為一名中医師 ?????現在還在本地…
    一个中学都沒考上, 在超级市場supper market当普通雜工的人..能進入本地, 又能考上中医師(一个完全不憧中医的…對了..她的姑姑-就是她爸的妹妹是上海第一人民医院婦产科主任..是不是有做了什麼手..什麼脚..???)又加上X標燕巢的老板幫助…現在又是本地永久居民.???

    when he is in Shanghai .. Middle School did not finished ..In the 2001 was a chemical plant workers , after the closure of the factory ..He help a factory , that was under his father’s consultancy do all delivery jobs..

    When I return to Shanghai in 2005 he was work at Shanghai Carrefour Supper Market vegetables department laborer ….

    But the person like him to such an extent .. can into Singapore .. become a Chinese medical practitioner????? is still local …

    Never admitted to a secondary school, a local supermarket ordinary laborer .., but can admitted to the Chinese medical practitioners (a completely unsettled Chinese medicine … right .. her aunt – is her dad’s sister was the director of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Shanghai First people’s Hospital .. doing some things..???) helping by a X Brand Birdnest ..and now become a permanent residents.??

  9. fpc said

    I am not surprised. mom has been slacking on its natural mission. that’s why we have been at the stage of what we have been.

    • Ken Lee said

      so sorry to say MOM and ICA are sleeping on their job or under table ! who pity Singaporean! gov got human head tax happy already, who bother to care what Singaporean have become?

  10. Henry said

    Not surprised fake engineer was hired. The PAP and its stooges in the Civil Service are so incompetent and desperate that any PRC national can put a fake paper qualifications in front of them and they will blindly accept it. As long as it is from PRC and it is cheap they will approve it. This is the result of the PAP’s pro-alien policies.

  11. Good Grief! said

    I am more interested to know where those BTO flats are!

  12. Ken Lee said

    The above email has been forwarded to the following attached with the necessary supporting documents:
    Building & Construction Authority
    IES / ACES C&S Resident Engineers & Resident Technical Officers Joint Accreditation Committee
    Professional Engineers Board, Singapore
    Housing & Development Board
    Immigration & Checkpoint Authority
    Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau
    response o did you send? i didn’t receive it!

  13. observe said

    Is it true that Capital Mall (and Temasek) had an mutual agreement for market access? i.e. China allows Capital Mall access to prime retail areas while pap allows china contruction companies to learn building hdb flats?? so all these agreements will allow capital mall and temasek to make more money (to replace losses) while singaporen hdb buyers become the geuine pig?

  14. 龍的传人 said


  15. SG said

    Most of the company Chairman/CEO/MD is more concern on working experiences rather than the person race group. Unfortunately, it is the Human Resource department and Department Heads who plays racist card. In short, before foreign influx took over office job, over 90% of Singaporeans Chinese preferred same race for employment.

    I know it is a bitter-sweet truth but you’ve got to swallow how we may have wronged non-Chinese community for the job opportunity. We, Singaporeans Chinese are also be blamed for easily influenced by Malaysians Chinese to be less focus on Singapore multi-racial peace and harmony treaty in both our private and working life.

    Lee Kuan Yew — Singapore government may have played race card but government administration did not go overboard. Most of the non-Chinese managed to land in the government jobs as to compare with private sector. Salary may not be necessary mattered, but certainly not ridiculously low. Did we ever find out why most non-Chinese may have voted PAP since decades ago? I believe that they are returning the favor to government generosity and kindness for the employment.

    Foreigners may have studied about Singapore employment discrimination practices and so foreigner has inherited for their own interest too. Now, almost every sector is dominated by different group and/or nationality.

    Like it or not, Singapore government is seriously not so interested with job discrimination in the workforce rather money in the making is their top agenda.

    Anyway, Singaporeans is slowly being replaced “giving way” office job to them –foreigner. The chance for PAP to be retained is foreseeable.

  16. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Myanmar and indian nationals work mainly in the construction and civil engineering sectors as engineers. Many of them cant even write nor converse in proper englsh. They come here with fake qualifications from their respective countries. This is rampant amongst the myanmar nationals who recruit and then hire their fellow countryman using fake papers. MOM is sleeping… wait till buildings, bridges, seveage, roads lifts, escalators develop failure or collapse due to unqualified design and supervision. MOM please wake up before it is too late.

    • tud Q said

      problem is ,poisonous FT are infiltrating into our govt dept. they only trust outsiders just for retaining their power , not for the sake of the country

  17. bb said

    No wonder sg engineers can not find job. No wonder SMRT train always breakdown. Do there have qualified engineer

  18. WyWy Eio said

    The issue of foreign “talents” with fake qualifications has been going on for about twenty years already. There is certainly an urgent need to revamp the authorities responsible for approving applicants with such qualifications. Its time the CPIB/CAD step in to investigate those ministries responsible. Don’t just wait for a complaint to be lodged before taking action. The hanky-panky business in these ministries, in particular, the ICA has been going on for far too long.

    • Iai said

      totally agree! i have this uneasy feeling and suspicion when I look around at the less than savoury foreigners being granted PR status. CPIB CAD please do a sweep of ICA and MOM on inconsistencies of questionable quality of PRs from 2007-2010 which saw the highest growth of PRs. WHistle blowers do come forward!


  20. joe said

    Look, it appears to me that the mom is concentrating to repartriate the WP unskilled workers than the FT whom they hold the S pass and EP.

  21. Wolfglare said

    The government is going to cover up these incident….don’t know how many FT with fake qualification are working here….the government only want to bring in as many FT to replace us Singaporean so that they can still remain in power and continue to screw us making themselves rich in the process….what do u think

  22. concerned singaporean said

    Good luck to those units of HDB buyers. Haha…

  23. x said

    Nonetheless Mr David Li has all the right experience in construction, one of his projects in Shanghai has received extensive coverage in the news media around the world:

  24. Naivety said

    What’s so surprising about these PRC engineers with bogus certifications & qualifications?

    We have lots of these FTs from India with fake certifications & qualifications currently in Singapore’s shore too & did anybody give a damn about it & check this out…you tell me?

  25. Dr.Arsch said

    Dafuq am I reading!?!? This is a serious issue lol!! If those bloody buildings collapse, alot and I repeat, ALOT of people will die!!!!! It’s not laughing matter! How on earth issit possible that our deserving poly graduates with diplomas and our university degree holders are having trouble finding jobs while some motherf*cker from the PRC without proper credentials is able to hold a job that pays him 5 grand a month?? And that too, in an industry where safety standards and quality are of paramount importance!?! Where is our country coming to!?!?!?

    I tell u guys, its just not these alien b@stards from the shitholes of Asia destroying our beautiful country, fault lies squarely with the very overpaid dumbassses we put in power. We have reached a point where we are starting to give less of a shit to the lives of our own brothers and sisters.

  26. fair or not said

    How do you feel as a local civil engineering grad when these FTs’ civil engineering degree suddenly recognised by BCA in 2008?
    How much you pay for your local civil engineering degree course fees and how much they pay for theirs in their home country?
    Not to mention local grads with NZ, Aust or UK civil engineering degree.
    Too bad then I did not know that their civil engineering degree will be recognised here, if not I will definitely go to their home country to do my civil engineering degree course – save cost and still recognised by BCA.

  27. Dr XYZ said

    The harm has already been done.
    Let’s all just wait for the next Hotel New World collapse.
    Hip hip hurray. Sinkapore long long never have big news already. Let us have some buildings collapse to create the necessary talking point leh. Too boring nowadays.

    • Dun be disappointed said

      Most building structures are safer now due to higher safety factors and tighter control.
      So no building will collapse after Hotel New World, this will not happen again even it has been supervised by a PRC resident engineer with a fake recognized civil engineering degree.
      May be we should ask BCA to change its rule – all future projects supervising resident site staff should be a local, PR not included as anything happen to the building structure, they can always fly back to their home country, unfortunately PR is still a foreigner.

  28. Quod custodiet said

    time to bring back the Hammurabi building code:

    Hammurabi’s code, ~3800 years ago, removed the agency problem as a condition for transaction: “If a builder builds a house and the house collapses and causes the death of the owner – the builder shall be put to death. If it causes the death of the son of the owner , a son of that builder shall be put to death.”

  29. Mr X said

    We are investigating the matter.

    Message by Building and Construction Authority (Singapore)

  30. Jagar orang said

    Just wonder the wednesday collapsed of the scaffolding on the Bugis MRT site resulted in 2 dead got to do with these ‘bogus’ engineer. Where r the safety measures supervision checks while workers are erecting the scaffold structure. I think the engineers from the LTa or the maincon must be makan ula somewhere. Garmen must act men before more of such tragedy will happen.

  31. Pai Sei said

    To be safe, stay in those flats built in 70s-90s. Those r built truely sgp….haha.
    Now BTOs r in danger, also the condo as well…..haha. Who’s know those private construction companies hires their structural engineers from. Those ah tiong had no safety mindset, just like those died in Bugis MRT construction.
    ….my block was built in early 90s, very solid, anyone interested buying?….haha

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