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SMRT fined maximum S$2 million dollars for December disruptions

Posted by temasektimes on July 16, 2012

Train operator SMRT has been fined a maximum S$2 million dollars for the two major disruptions in December last year by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) which made Singapore an international laughing stock.

More than 200,000 commuters were affected during the disruptions.

A Commission of Inquiry convened recently found SMRT in breach of the Operating Performance Standards for the North-South and East-West lines.

It has failed, among other things, to exercise due diligence and vigilance expected of a public transport operator, and to maintain its network in good and efficient working condition.

LTA said it will donate the money to the public transport fund to help needy families.

Meanwhile, ex-SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa, who was widely blamed for fiasco is now enjoying a new lease of life as CEO of Auric Pacific group.


45 Responses to “SMRT fined maximum S$2 million dollars for December disruptions”

  1. Mike Zeng said

    Only fair to claw back the $$million bonus given to Ms Saw last year to help pay the 2 million fine. If she already used the money to purchase her Lamborghini and 2 other luxury cars, then…….

    • oldguard said

      delifrance, food junction, sunshine, top-one, gourmet, malones, buttercup, wines from france and italy.

    • deloren said

      Totally agreeded!!! Saw screwed up and packed up and go while shareholders are left to pick up the bill… this is so not right…….

  2. spotlessleopard said

    I ave stopped buying any Auric Pacific Products since She joined them…

  3. Free Trolley said

    the money goes to whose pocket?

  4. MAKANDO 1973 said

    Perhaps, by distributing the proceeds of the $2 million fine to those 200,000 over affected commuters may be a better option? Where do all the fines end up? Just wondering?

  5. pohtiongho said

    Well done. Now all the inefficient operators will know they canot get away with it, regardless of whatever friends they may have at high places.

  6. Sinki said

    Oh No. SMRT fares going to increase soon! In the end, the public will suffer more. Tks a lot LTA and PAP!!!

  7. kaypoh said

    Jigsaw shd put Saw thru one of his famous decisions 🙂

  8. SuSu said

    They should fine that ex-CEO as well. She took a big salary of $2m without any risk.

  9. Singaporean said

    left pocket out right pocket in

  10. pngkueh_forever said

    Sad, wrong way of punishing SMRT. In fact, all bonuses and certain percentage of salaries from senior people should be clawed back instead. The amount will definitely be more than $2m. It is fairer this way.. This is the true meaning of “being responsible and accountable” otherwise it is all wayang and idle talk.

  11. boboi83 said

    What?? 2 Million fine? what a joke!!!!!!!!! What is 2Mil to them?? Somehow rather I sense a fare increase soon:(

  12. Annoymous said

    Left hand fine right hand take back.

  13. Daniel said

    Makes no sense to fine SMRT, the board who appointed the former CEO and former CEO should be the ones fined.

  14. fpap said

    this is a farce, passing money from one pocket into another pocket, and use this as an excuse to raise fare

    all a con job, pap is employing, out to cheat common folks,

    what is the point of a fine,

    smrt belong to pap and pap collect the fine

  15. Tango said

    fine maximum $2mil for who????
    Is it for those commuters who were trap in the train during the break down?
    Can someone tell me what is SMRT yearly profit?
    What is $2Mil to them!
    Why not do it this way, SMRT not allow to increase transportation fare for a maximum of 10 years.

  16. kt said

    JP Morgan asked their ex-CIO to return up to $36M compensation that she enjoyed for last few years.. I guess it is reasonable to take back some money from Saw and donated to Charity..

  17. Tan Yan Ren said

    I think the SMRT Board MUST BE SACKED!!!I DEMAND the sacking…Also, the ex CEO must be forced to pay back the BONUS awarded to her whilst in office…just like the LEHMAN brothers case where many CEO who screwed up badly were made to return some bonuses…..what say you Minister of Transport?

  18. Foxy said

    Saw dust just only aim for the million dollars salary!

  19. lala said

    Oh no…… are they going to increase our fare to pay for the fine.

  20. Fed Up Singaporean said

    What is the point of this fine when they can increase the fare any time without our consent and we have no choice but to accept it? Since PAP like to monopolize every public service and make it into a profit making machine, all this are done just to show PAP are working.

    But a intelligent person can tell straight away it’s all for show. The $2 million come out of SMRT then go into PAP pocket which HAPPENS TO BE THE MASTERS OF SMRT..

    What a joke..

  21. Can SMRT use the gahmen subsidy to pay this fine? will rec $200mil, need use only 1%, lah!

  22. Saw said

    Ha ha ha, got out just in time…..

  23. oldguard said

    ex-ceo get away so easily, she should face the firing squad with a big fine for causing all this mess.

  24. Auric said

    Sunshine, Delifrance, Topone, pure creamery butter just to name a few…

  25. sadoldman said

    Sunshine Breads & Deli-France , own by Auric Pacific

    I don’t buy these things since Saw join Auric

  26. denzuko1 said

    2 Million only?

  27. x said

    In unrelated news, SMRT increased their fares by 10%, citing a $2 million increase in their operational costs this year as the reason.

  28. said

    Yes, what are the products to boycott?

  29. Lim said

    Wonder why SMRT share price still $1.70. It should be lower with so many millions spent plus fine.

  30. Naivety said

    They should fine Saw Phaik Hwa (Ex-CEO of SMRT) instead for direliction of duty & gross negligence!

  31. local commuters said

    How does the max fine benefit local commuters?

  32. Victor said

    Transport Minister admitted that LTA shares part of the blame. Now, SMRT had been fined, although the amount is peanuts compared to the $120mils profit, WHO IS GOING TO FINE LTA?

  33. Steve said

    OMG, LTA fins SMART S$ 2 mil, did LTA suffered during the time of disruption…. can the people fine SMRT S$2.00

  34. Big AL said

    better not buy Auric Pacific shares……probability of some cock-up has increased with the new ceo…

  35. Mrs Smith said

    there you go… list of brands to be avoided.

  36. bb said

    First we must boycott so she can not make a living in sg afer all she is a Malaysian.

    2nd Lui TY salary must be cut as he admitted his ministry and LTA he oversees are at fault too. PM please his quatum of salary to be cut so as to satify the commuters and you are seen taken action

  37. Kelvin Lawrence said

    Last week I board a train and again it goes again. Wrong destination announcement. This morning it happen again-wrong destination announcement. I seldom make train trip and it seems that this is so prevalent till passengers get so immune. Pls SMRT put a stop to this irresponsible service to the public!!!

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