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VIDEO: Woman called in Channel 8 programme – ‘PM Lee, please save me, somebody trying to rape me’

Posted by temasektimes on July 16, 2012

Viewers of this morning’s Channel 8 talk-show ‘Hello, Good Morning!’ was showed when a lady called in to the programme and shouted in Mandarin:

“Prime Minister Lee, please save me, somebody is trying to rape me!”


43 Responses to “VIDEO: Woman called in Channel 8 programme – ‘PM Lee, please save me, somebody trying to rape me’”

  1. denzuko1 said

    “…and thank you” ?

    Is this the reaction to an SOS call?

    • Pin Lim said

      from the way she talk is not SOS at all… lol

    • Furball said

      Well, come on, this is gotta be a joke or else some psychotic patient. there are so many other EASIER ways to get help instead of calling this show isnt it? And if you are really terrified would you even wait for them to make your call broadcasted and even say “good morning”? Use your brain to think yea.

  2. Viola said

    LOL I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry .

  3. Free Trolley said

    No link no link.
    Who is trying to rape you?

  4. Daft Peasants said

    ha ha ha…………..

    Oei, you tink pm lee is spider man ah……..

  5. Z said

    epic prank?

  6. Annoymous said

    It definately lame and not funny at all. People are becoming stupid.

  7. LOL said

    What do you expect Pansy Lee to do? Cover your cheebye for you? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  8. kbkb said

    Sigh*** PM now must take care people kena rape. No wonder. our police man now only catch snake and change IC address.

  9. spotlessleopard said

    I see somebody looking like PM Lee going into Portable Public Toilet …and within a blink of an eye the Portable Toilet Door Opened and za zam…like a flash of lightning a figure shot into the sky….hmmm. … is it a plane, is it a bird or is it our super duper PM to the rescue of a potential rape vicitim…

  10. pussywagon said

    the hostess ‘ stunned face and eyebrows–PRICELESS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

  11. Barnabas said

    sibei funny!!! was having monday blues but this cure half of it

  12. Mr X said

    Why is she calling someone who has been screwing Singaporeans for many many years…to help her?? when Singaporean life was stress and high cost of living due to PAP bad poilicy, dun be surprised somebody comment and shouted LHL like in TV or other places.

  13. Fence Sitter said

    got time to dial 8 digit phone number… no time to dial 999… get a life….

  14. RC said

    Must be a stupid PRC pig. Hope they managed to trace the call and jail her for good.

  15. Singaporean said

    Hehe, she’s sending a sublimal message right there. That’s what i call performing art!

  16. 龍的传人 said


    • said

      Dont anyhow scold. Always please reflect on yourself first even when ppl call us dog. Be loving, be gracious, be forgiving, be passionate, be openheart just like now they like to use open, be integration. OH YEAH!!

  17. AWARE said

    PM Lee, our beloved leeder, please render assistance to the rape victim and arrest the rapist.

    It takes great courage to cry for help on national tv.

    Rape is a horrible crime. Please do not laugh or treat it as a joke!

  18. JOHN ONG said


  19. ric said

    what has the world become? Publicly making fun of PM?

  20. Disgusted said

    Make a police report and trace the nuisance caller. Disgusting.

  21. Iceman said

    speechless … wakakakaka kkpl

  22. Wolfglare said

    We Singaporean everyday kana fuck backside by PM Lee beloved FT that why that woman instead of calling police ask PM Lee to help only he can stop the in flow of FT

  23. Terence Chong said

    Hahahaha…. Epic!!!

    Obviously she was being metaphoric in that PAP is fucking Singaporeans without our consent!

  24. kaypoh said

    He sent one of his “Secret Avengers” Peter Lim & a COI to help…

    The COI will submit a report on the best solution in 3 months,

    and Peter will decide if she qualifies for an IT contract. 🙂

  25. what a nutcase said

    nutcase. must be forget take medicine from woodbridge.

  26. pay said

    would be even more epic if it were a man calling me lol

  27. GETaLIFE said

    For those pple who keep complaining abt FT & PAP, pls look at yourself in the mirror.
    As a ‘functional’ human being, one shld know how to fight for yourself in getting a job, cos you are simply not a ****ing stupid pet owned by the government that needs to be fed. Instead of spending so much time complaining, why not spend the on something that might be useful to your pathetic life!

  28. said

    Y the person dont call other no. Oh i rem becos someone say must reflect on yourself. BTW who say tat.. Wait what do you expect me to answer.. Oh oh i know we must reflect on ourselves..

  29. What Do You Think? said

    lol What has become of our Singapore society? A woman calling a live TV show to report that she is being raped and requested help from PM Lee? Gracious society? I think we still need to wait for at least half a century.
    Btw, I think the woman is most likely being forced to do it. She was doing it methodically as if reading from some script.

  30. Edmund said

    This lady must be a nut.Imagine calling in to a talk show and asking the PM to help her in a rape case .Can the SPF traced the caller and bring her to task for making a fool of herself. Or sent her to IMH for checkup.We are a cultured nation and dont entertain such stupid callers unlike other countries where the newscater even stripped in front of the camera.

  31. Naivety said

    Well done & good analogy!

  32. GodBlessSG said

    here’s the video link:

  33. LkySi said

    PM Lee may have been raping her when she called the program for help

  34. SG Talent said

    What do you?!

  35. Adrian said

    It is sign of Singaporeans beginning to lose their minds….and tolerance.

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