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Caller to ‘Good Morning Singapore’ apologized for ‘improper’ speech

Posted by temasektimes on July 17, 2012

The female caller to Channel 8 morning talk-show ‘Good Morning Singapore!’ has apologized for using ‘improper’ speech.

She had earlier called in and said:

“Prime Minister Lee, please save me, somebody is trying to rape me!”

Her words shocked many viewers, prompting the Channel 8 host to cut the conversation abruptly.

In a thread posted a few hours ago on the Facebook of ‘Good Morning Singapore’, it was revealed that the lady Madam Huang has apologized:

The team also expressed their apologies for the fiasco. However, there was no explanation given of Madam Huang’s behavior.

Watch the video here.



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Dr Teo Ho Pin clarifies: Assistance given to homeless family

Posted by temasektimes on July 17, 2012

Sebastian Chia, a volunteer at PAP MP for Bukit Panjang Dr Teo Ho Pin’s Meet-the-People session has written to The Temasek Times to clarify that he had given assistance to a homeless family which was highlighted in an article published a week ago. (read more here)

The article, which was submitted by a student, claimed that the father of the homeless family tried to approach Dr Teo for help to no avail.

The article polarized public opinion with some casting doubts on its authenticity, but following checks by grassroots leaders in Bukit Panjang, the case was found to be real.

We attached the reply by Mr Chia in full below:

Dear Temasek Times Editor,

I am one of the volunteers at Dr Teo’s Meet-the-People Session.

Dr Teo had met the father of the homeless family during his MPS on 16-7-2012.

We hope you are able to publish the following clarification on your blog and Facebook page.

1. The father had not seen Dr Teo previously. Both of them have not met prior to the meeting on 16-7-2012.

2. The father had sold his HDB flat three (3) years ago and applied for a rental flat that HDB had rejected.

3. The family’s registered address is not in Bukit Panjang Constituency but they rented a room at Blk 431 Fajar Road instead.

4. The family is facing financial difficulties.

5. The family is currently staying in a flat with New Hope Community Services’ assistance.

6. Dr Teo had approached South West Community Development Council and Fei Yue FSC’s assistance to help the family.

I would appreciate if you could post the above clarification accordingly.

I can be contacted at if you require further clarification.

Best regards


Sebastian Chia

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Netizens: ‘Quiet’ WP is just PAP in blue shirts

Posted by temasektimes on July 17, 2012

In spite of many important national issues dogging the headlines recently, the ‘opposition’ Workers Party continues to remain as quiet as a church mouse.

Even the parliamentary sittings last week were dominated by PAP backbenchers who were many times more vocal than WP MPs who offered no opposition or alternatives to the existing policies.

One irate netizen ‘jayjay07’ posted on Hardwarezone forum:

“Is WP making use of public discontent with PAP to help them gain grounds??”

He described the Workers Party as simply the ‘PAP in blue shirts’ as there are few differences between the two.

Some other comments from forumers:

“Yes they won partly because people are discontent with pap, but this is not the only reason why they won.. because the other oppositions never win..” – newjoy

“They haven’t managed to find anyone else’s work to copy yet that’s why so quiet.” – wMulew

“WP is a ‘Wayang Party’ which does nothing but ‘wayang’ in parliament. Its MPs are an absolute DISGRACE!” – stainless

The presence of 6 WP MPs in parliament has often be highlighted by PAP leaders to masquerade Singapore as a ‘democracy’ to the outside world.

In Russia, there are a dozen small ‘opposition’ parties aligned to President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party whose MPs do not check on the government other than to offer a veneer of legitimacy to the ruling party. Even Communist China has eight approved ‘opposition’ parties in the National People’s Congress to offer ‘alternative’ ideas and policies.

An ‘opposition’ party which does not oppose is the single biggest threat to the progress of democracy as it hinders the growth a genuine opposition by offering voters a Hobson’s choice.

It is not the QUANTITY of opposition MPs which matter but the QUALITY. One Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam was enough to make the entire PAP sit up and listen to him in parliament in the 1980s, but now few will even notice the ‘increase’ in the number of WP MPs due to their conspicuous SILENCE.


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Why should Singaporeans ‘kow-tow’ to the foreigners?

Posted by temasektimes on July 17, 2012

I don’t see the logic behind why Singaporeans must “kow-tow” and why we as Singaporeans must accept this and accept that.

They come here, they should “AUTOMATICALLY” know that this is Singapore not whatever country they come from. Do we have to even teach them basic mannerisms too?

You go to any country, you respect its laws, its citizens and YOU NEVER BITE THE HAND THE FEEDS YOU or gave you the opportunity to come to Singapore in the first place. Whose money helped you come over in the first place? The tax payer’s money. Who are the tax payers? Singaporeans.

Who are those who have helped Singapore grew into the beautiful island nation that it is ? Singaporeans and every person that was born on this land that has sweat,bled,rolled in the mud, man, woman and child that has made sacrifices to our land.

Why must Singaporeans be the ones to keep compromising and keep giving up everything? Why? We pay our taxes, we sing our national anthems, we serve NS and last but not least we have to put up with the nonsence from all the reports that the “new citizens” have done to us or the foreign misfits that don’t respect the sake of human lives or the preservation of innocent lives? Or even respect the fact that Singaporeans are also human beings too? Where? Where have i seen any good being done for the Singaporean people by the foreigners and the new citizens?

Every time its this or that a foreigner or a new citizen or some rich bloak who comes in and does some shit and a Singaporean has to pay for that mistake or the recklessness of some foreigner. Tell me if that isn’t so.

How is integration a two-way street in the first place? Don’t give Singaporeans the “two hands to clap” pep talk at all. They don’t even wanna give us a hand to clap in the first place let alone respect the fact that Singaporeans are also human beings and we are people too just like them. Its as if as through they treat Singapore like a BORG circus and do whatever they like and they want and they don’t seem to have any kind of regard or concern for the lives, safety, respect and dignity for Singaporeans. I haven’t or barely see any or even felt any kind of sincerity from them at all.

If any of them did, BRAVO for those then. Unfortunately, the majority of them are those trouble makers and they seem to give Singaporeans a harder time. How is this “competition” healthy for us Singaporeans? Its not a two way street for Singaporeans. Its more like a one way street for Singaporeans, we have to suck it up and deal with it?

What the hell then may i ask are the representatives who represented us doing? There was no form of democratic process in asking the citzens of Singapore if this kind of integration was suitable for us as well. What you see in Western countries and in Singapore are two different things, you simply cannot mix them together. We are not those countries and we are not that big.

And you ask this of us Singaporeans to be more open and hope this makes us Singaporeans feel better? Think about it, does it even make any ethical sense to us Singaporeans, AT ALL?!

Is this the utopian society you strive to achieve? What about the consultation of the people before any of these decisions are made? Are Singaporeans not deem important to be consulted and to gather consensus if such a decision would not have dire consequences to our people, our way of life, our future generations as well?

What about the PRESERVATION of the national identity of Singaporeans as well? Our freedoms and liberties as citizens? Is that no longer important too?

That Singaporean path and dream that many of us Singaporeans have saw back in good old days is lost and gone.

2016 my dear Singaporeans! 2016! We don’t change then, we will not get a chance for change.

PS: For any Eagle-eyed viewers who find this offensive to you or you happen to be pro-govt or a foreigner, if you think what i say is way too harsh or you just hate it, you are not on the ground or on the front lines of what Singaporeans are facing. The difference is i may just be talking about it, at least i am willing to spend time talking about it by CREATING AWARENESS. Being part of the solution. These decisions of immigration can have dire effect on the lives of Singaporeans. Think outside the box for one second. Is this really what our society has been reduced to? Are you really ready to hand over everything that our forefathers, and founders of our country have worked hard and died for on a silver platter to people who don’t even respect its local inhabitants and citizens or even our laws? I am not saying ALL of them, but unfortnately LIKE I SAid, THe majority of “them” aren’t treating Singaporeans with respect or dignity at all. LOOK around YOU. WAKE UP Before Singapore is no longer Singapore!

I love my country, but i don’t want to lose my home, my country and its citizens. Because i love them all and they are all part of the big picture. I don’t want to give up my home to someone else who does not appreciate it.

It is because of Singaporeans, that Singapore is what it is today. Not ONE MAN, not a FEW but the hardworking hands of the Singaporean citizens.


*The above was first posted as a comment on Facebook

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ISD extends its ‘reach’ to Singapore schools

Posted by temasektimes on July 17, 2012

Even as Malaysia abolished its draconian ‘Internal Security Act’ which allows for indefinite detention without trial, Singapore’s Internal Security Department or ISD is extending its ‘reach’ to Singapore schools.

A mobile exhibition was held at Dunman High School yesterday morning to “give young Singaporeans a better insight into the past and present challenges, threats faced by the nation, and the role played by security officers in dealing with them.”

The exhibition was launched by Minister of State for Home and Foreign Affairs Masagos Zulkifli and showcases historical content and artefacts from the Internal Security Department’s Heritage Centre.

There are plans to bring the exhibition to ALL national schools in the next two years.

Despite rising opposition from Singaporeans, the government and the state media have been using terrorism as ‘threat’ to justify the continued existence of the ISA whose critics said was abused to detain political opponents of the government in the past.

The longest detained political prisoner in the world is not Nelson Mandela or Aung San Suu Kyi, but a Singaporean Chia Thye Poh who was detained for 32 years without trial under the ISA.


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The ugly Singaporeans I have encountered over the years

Posted by temasektimes on July 17, 2012

I’m a Singaporean Chinese…frankly…I came across more inconsiderate ugly Singaporeans over the years.

Incident 1: Two years ago, my neighbour claims that the refrigerator we place at the corridor awaiting disposal a blockage of her “Feng Shui” and demanded immediate action! But a week later, she herself dumped her unwanted super big plasma TV outside the rubbish chute, causing inconvenience to the rest of the household living on the same floor!

Incident 2: Many Chinese still inherit the custom of burning paper money for their ancestors. Whenever “Qing Ming” arrives, you will see people lighting up red candles and burn piles and piles of paper money. Usually, you’ll be able to find patches of burned marks on the grounds even as near as two steps away from the metal bins provided for such purpose. My neighbour even did all the burning at the common corridor, causing the ashes to fly into my unit (not to mention the chocking smoke)!

Incident 3: A piece of notice was found inside the lift demanding one of the household whose kids recently took up piano to shut the windows and doors while he/she is practicing so as not to disturb the peace of the neighbourhood. Obviously the person who came up with this notice also purposely blast his/her pop music whenever the piano practice started. And all these commotion usually starts in the afternoon 4pm right up to 7pm. These noise usually woke my 2 year old baby girl from her nap.

Incident 4: Many Singaporean still have the ugly habits of queue cutting especially when it comes to waiting for a cab along a road. I personally came across it many time. Since there isn’t any Taxi stand along roads, these people simply assume that one who flag first should get the cab. Some even took tactics of hiding behind a tree ahead of you and spring into action when a distant taxi is approaching! How unthoughtful and selfish!

Incident 5: Almost everyday we will come across inconsiderate neighbour slamming their doors late at night. Some talked and laugh so loudly while they walk along the corridor towards their unit. We on the other end of the corridor can hear every words and laughter.

These are a few of many incidents I came across ever since I move into a HDB neighbourhood in 2002. Can I expect these inconsiderate incidents to stop for good? Not likely…for i’ll definitely offend many. I’m sure many who complained here came across similar incidents?

Looks like we have a lot of ugly Singaporean who obviously didn’t know the importance of self-reflection and toleration! Remember that whenever you point a finger at someone, you have three pointing at yourself!

*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.

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