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Caller to ‘Good Morning Singapore’ apologized for ‘improper’ speech

Posted by temasektimes on July 17, 2012

The female caller to Channel 8 morning talk-show ‘Good Morning Singapore!’ has apologized for using ‘improper’ speech.

She had earlier called in and said:

“Prime Minister Lee, please save me, somebody is trying to rape me!”

Her words shocked many viewers, prompting the Channel 8 host to cut the conversation abruptly.

In a thread posted a few hours ago on the Facebook of ‘Good Morning Singapore’, it was revealed that the lady Madam Huang has apologized:

The team also expressed their apologies for the fiasco. However, there was no explanation given of Madam Huang’s behavior.

Watch the video here.



14 Responses to “Caller to ‘Good Morning Singapore’ apologized for ‘improper’ speech”

  1. kaypoh said

    The would-be rapist decided to watch ‘Good Morning Singapore’ instead, having decided that PM Lee is more attractive than Mdm Huang?

  2. LinLauPeh said

    Come on lah! We need these people to spice our boring life leh… Everyday stuck in mrt, bus, traffic jam not sian meh!

  3. SG Talent said

    Did she really get piaked?!

  4. Annoymous said

    Any way to prove the staff are so helpful to call back? I can type whatever I want too.

  5. MaiCowPeh said

    I think she fantasize kena rape and hoping PM lee to wear superman costume come rescue her.

  6. Ah Heng said

    The Buddha’s advice on how to manage emotions: Regard them as guests in a hotel:

  7. Abubakar said

    Sometimes, ppl make mistakes ma…

  8. lol said

    She got kenna raped or not???? Or PM Lee really go rescue her cb??

  9. justamolester said

    very lame explanation, just get rid of this kind of uniquely singapore habits as soon as possible , i will thank sky thank earth

  10. spotlessleopard said

    hahahahahaha every minute a clown is born…

  11. Naivety said


  12. IUnderstand said

    What the caller said is not meant to be understood literally but figuratively. Singapore as a country is now being “raped”!!

  13. Snoopy Says said

    She’s right. Sg is being raped everyday ever since gahmen force open our gate wide wide. There’s no need to say sorry, please!

  14. Sg Citizen said

    Mdm Huang is a hero. She brought joy and laughter to many peoples’ lives in that short moment.

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