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ISD extends its ‘reach’ to Singapore schools

Posted by temasektimes on July 17, 2012

Even as Malaysia abolished its draconian ‘Internal Security Act’ which allows for indefinite detention without trial, Singapore’s Internal Security Department or ISD is extending its ‘reach’ to Singapore schools.

A mobile exhibition was held at Dunman High School yesterday morning to “give young Singaporeans a better insight into the past and present challenges, threats faced by the nation, and the role played by security officers in dealing with them.”

The exhibition was launched by Minister of State for Home and Foreign Affairs Masagos Zulkifli and showcases historical content and artefacts from the Internal Security Department’s Heritage Centre.

There are plans to bring the exhibition to ALL national schools in the next two years.

Despite rising opposition from Singaporeans, the government and the state media have been using terrorism as ‘threat’ to justify the continued existence of the ISA whose critics said was abused to detain political opponents of the government in the past.

The longest detained political prisoner in the world is not Nelson Mandela or Aung San Suu Kyi, but a Singaporean Chia Thye Poh who was detained for 32 years without trial under the ISA.



12 Responses to “ISD extends its ‘reach’ to Singapore schools”

  1. Annoymous said

    Brain-wash needs to start from young.

  2. siao said

    only in SG, ppl like to use the word inculcate.

  3. Fed Up Singaporean said


  4. So Singapore should be place FIRST IN THE FIRST WORLD for the longest detention record in the world. Our Singapore children should be taught to be well verse with Singapore”s True Past History and should not be taught with twisted facts and half truth. History should commence from GOD SAVE THE QUEEN TO MAJULA SINGAPURA.

    • Edmund said

      Singapore wants everything to be tops – a prisoner serving 32 years certainly puts Singapore at the VERY top.Imagine holding a person for that long and refusing to set him free is very cruel indeed.When the political situation changed overtime,assessed him and see whether he still poses a threat to the nation.Juz because he refuses to renounce his belief that doesnt that he is still a political risk.

  5. Pitiful Singaporean ! said

    Beware! PAP is tightening its grip on the people with this obsolete law. In the name of Terrorism, this ISA had been used to dealt with more political opponents than the so-called terrorist! Remember that to be a successful politicians, one has to be thick faced and possesses black heart. That is…to be objective oriented and have less regards for the means. Oppositions of Singapore…please be careful and watch your steps!

  6. P Koh said

    I hope the use of ISA is no longer needed as we have progressed thus far to know what threats there are in our midst. Honestly speaking to waste someone’s life for 32 years is indeed very cruel indeed just because that person holds a different ideology from the one who is in power.

  7. Anon said

    Fumiaki Hoshino. Am I wrong or is 37 years longer than 32?

  8. Chloe said

    Well, I’m from Dunman High and….

    no comments.

  9. Singapuraboi said

    This ISD thing is so stupid. They r worried about national security n they let in foreigners so freely. They let in so many foreign Muslims whose women are covered from head to toe and yet they don’t check their bags when they go thru the turn stiles at mrt stations. Instead they check the Singaporeans’ small back packs. I think PAP is just protecting their money and not really concern about our well being. Our govt seems ver belligerent. All their policies seem to only penalise the citizens like the bag checks etc…

  10. tk0 said

    like they say..if u wanna teach the next generation…u gotta start with them when they are young…..the younger the better…

  11. Bai Hu said

    ISA is like a weapon. If u misuse it, it will turn into a killing machine. If use it wisely, it can help deal with hardcore cases. In SG, it is not only used to deal with terrorists, but majority of the time it is used to deal with political opponents!!! This is what misuse is all about.

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