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Netizens: ‘Quiet’ WP is just PAP in blue shirts

Posted by temasektimes on July 17, 2012

In spite of many important national issues dogging the headlines recently, the ‘opposition’ Workers Party continues to remain as quiet as a church mouse.

Even the parliamentary sittings last week were dominated by PAP backbenchers who were many times more vocal than WP MPs who offered no opposition or alternatives to the existing policies.

One irate netizen ‘jayjay07’ posted on Hardwarezone forum:

“Is WP making use of public discontent with PAP to help them gain grounds??”

He described the Workers Party as simply the ‘PAP in blue shirts’ as there are few differences between the two.

Some other comments from forumers:

“Yes they won partly because people are discontent with pap, but this is not the only reason why they won.. because the other oppositions never win..” – newjoy

“They haven’t managed to find anyone else’s work to copy yet that’s why so quiet.” – wMulew

“WP is a ‘Wayang Party’ which does nothing but ‘wayang’ in parliament. Its MPs are an absolute DISGRACE!” – stainless

The presence of 6 WP MPs in parliament has often be highlighted by PAP leaders to masquerade Singapore as a ‘democracy’ to the outside world.

In Russia, there are a dozen small ‘opposition’ parties aligned to President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party whose MPs do not check on the government other than to offer a veneer of legitimacy to the ruling party. Even Communist China has eight approved ‘opposition’ parties in the National People’s Congress to offer ‘alternative’ ideas and policies.

An ‘opposition’ party which does not oppose is the single biggest threat to the progress of democracy as it hinders the growth a genuine opposition by offering voters a Hobson’s choice.

It is not the QUANTITY of opposition MPs which matter but the QUALITY. One Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam was enough to make the entire PAP sit up and listen to him in parliament in the 1980s, but now few will even notice the ‘increase’ in the number of WP MPs due to their conspicuous SILENCE.



64 Responses to “Netizens: ‘Quiet’ WP is just PAP in blue shirts”

  1. Jack said

    What a bias “article” . Highly suspected this was written by the PAP Internet Bridgade headed by minister Ng Eng Heng.

    Without opposition party in the parliament, we are by now losing most of our jobs to FTs.

    • Compatriot said

      I think Singaporean who are parliamentarian voters are not mature enough
      They yelps like pariahs with their wastage energy without ever realiazing that there is a crying need for more OPPOSITION MP’s in parliament

      Currently there is a high court precedings against the PAP government filed by Opposition Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam in objecting Singapore’s LOAN of US$ 4 billion to IMF without the permission by the Elected President which the EP’s office has confirmed that his permission has not be sought for our republic’s loan to the IMF.Telling news also that parliamentary approval was not sought

      The PAP has broken protocol because this requires the President to concur with parliament.Both in fact must approve

      The president played dumb and mum and the government is going to pass this over to MAS because the President’s letter reply to K Jeyaretnam said so

      Cheer-up for more Opposition MP’s in parliament

      Mod’s reply:

      This important issue should be raised by WP MPs in parliament. Why is KJ doing the job for them when he is not paid their MP allowance to do so. Shame on the WP MPs – the WORST ‘opposition’ MPs in the history of Singapore!

      • Compatriot said

        I think to be fair,I cannot expect to see a champion overnight I believe Singapore indeed have the right calibre of professionals with passion just as we all those who have contributed with our comments for fair game

      • DIY said

        I support Mod’s reasoning.

        KJ and CSJ have also tried to gain political advantage by mentioning only $$$ when their parties were not voted into parliament. I plead to the wannabe parliamentarians to fight hard for another two decades to win the hearts and minds of SG.

    • Bias Termasek Times said

      Not a bias BUT a SERIOUS bias article. I guess all the replies and the mod replies are actually the mod himself. This website should rename as PAP Times.

  2. LkySi said

    One’s MP is not judged by what he says in Parliament but in how he helps his constituents. WP believes in that policy, unlike PAP whose MPs have a timetable to what is to speak in Parliament and what not.

    • DIY said

      Singaporeans are in the dark as how to run a Town Council. On average SG$1m is allocated for each constituency. Now Opposition wards (ATC) have to manage about SG$5m per year worth of maintenance money to upkeep their estates.

      On the other hand the ruling party is managing the total maintenance cost for the Smart Island at a staggering SG$180b per year. I discovered the information when Discovery Channel 2011 mentioned about it.

      Percentage wise when comparing ATC against the Smart Island, Opposition wards is only managing less than 1% (5m/180b*100 = 0.28%) of Singapore. So they have to remain silent and learn the rudimentary of running a country.

      Netizens are the confused lots and only know how to shout vulgarities and Innuendoes. They don’t have the temperament and compassion to think properly.

      Yes during a GE, WP can sell their party’s ideals of 1st World Parliament and ‘shangri la estates’ in Bhutan. But at the end of the day parliamentary works must goes on.

      Moral of the story ‘Don’t Promise and make more Promises” during a GE.

  3. Jaded said

    TT kissing some pappie ass again?

  4. Realist said

    WP has always lack substance.
    It is a wayang party but PAP likes them.
    Because birds of a feather flock together.

  5. singkey said

    agree with you that its useless.

  6. dun talk cock said

    LTK is not stupid being a Nantah grad himself. What is 6 against 81? It’s like “using an egg to hit the stone” unless you want LTK to end up like JBJ being disqualified as a MP?

  7. WPPAP said

    Last time only 1 diam diam can excuse.Maybe “language barrier”. Now there’s 8,”racial harmony” some more,So no reason cannot understand other languages,but STILL cannot speak up for the peasant?knn like that confirmed,Workers party PAP,Workers party PAP!

  8. kong kong said

    WP should have initiate a plan to solve this over crowding of foreigners in Singapore if it is a good plan PAP should use it and make known to Singaporean

    • Why why WP not vocal enuff? said

      Agreed, WP supposed to critique and check on PAP’s failed policies and “force” them to change their ways!

      • +60 said

        you think papigs will accept WP suggestion, you all must be from the papigs camp,fuck you

  9. SashaQueenie said

    I am also quite surprise at the resounding silence! What the hell is going on? What’s the point of voting for the WP if they will not raise issues and questions?

    Mod’s note:

    Voting for them to collect $15,000 monthly in return for putting up a grand ‘wayang kulit’ in Parliament. Even the PAP backbenchers are doing more than them.

  10. SkinFT said

    no matter how long the silence is going to be, if you vote pap you are fucked. period. Isn’t that simple enough.

  11. WP = idiots said

    Post 2006 Election: WP was accused of being Wayang Party. The original TRE which was called Wayang Party was originally setup as much to go against WP as it is against PAP

    2012: Voters forgot about WP’s reputation and vote them in anyway. Now they should their true colors again. And pple want them to take over????

  12. crazyman said

    pls lah,WP not like some crazy peoples, this against that also against, need fact n figure!
    if not how to do MP.Those crazy peoples got become MP?!
    No, right!

    • Sashaqueenie said

      Crazy? We don’t need them to be crazy. We just need them to open their CB mouths and ask intelligent, thought provoking questions to force the PAP to put foots in their own mouths. We are not asking for the WP to be on some harakiri mission. Being sensible doesn’t mean being MUTE!

  13. Observer said

    Think hard without WP victory in GE2011 , would the PM apologies and soften ground , give then time to build up to 1/3 seats in parliament then they have the power to make changes.

    • Sashaqueenie said

      Think hard. What has the PM’s apologies amount to? The foreigners are still coming in like swamps of locusts and our fellow Singaporeans are still losing jobs. Seriously, name one substantial thing the WP has done to help us Singaporeans. I shall continue to vote for the Alternative Parties but the WP need to be more vocal.

      Mod’s reply:

      The only substantial thing WP did was to vote ‘aye’ in unison with the PAP MPs to support its Budget to ‘help’ Singaporeans. If you vote for an ‘opposition’ party to vote for the PAP, then you might as well vote for the real thing.

    • corruptpapies said

      PM Apologise fear of the citizen vote. WP is just like a puppet. Should vote SDP and RP

      • WPPAP said

        Fully agreed,SDP or RP is the party to vote to recliamed lost opposition ground.SDP for sinkees rights.RP for relevant questioning on behalf of sinkees.Well, as for Workers party,must ask PAPi first hor!

        Mod’s note:

        A vote for WP = A vote for PAP. Please spread the message around. Stop being deceived by the Wayang Party!

  14. Gaba said

    Huh what silence? Check the transcripts from Parliament. WP has been making noise. ST of course has been just reporting what PAP has said rather than give space to WP.

    TT on its anti-WP rampage again.

    • Sashaqueenie said

      No, no. We have seen the transcripts are it sounds like the dead of the night with the silence.

    • joe said

      Yes, please check the transcript, they are not quiet at all. Please check the attendance of the MP presence last week in the parliment, it is shocking the number of PAP MP are missing

      • WPPAP said

        Haha!the liao jiao flew out for birdnest whereby the Xin jiao was make to cover, cover.same company, cover,cover it’s okay one.

  15. Annoymous said

    Singaporeans style as usual, only dare to bark in forums but dare not step out to make a change.

  16. sangent said

    I do agreed that the WP elected mps are not voicing as much as the pap mps in parliament. Since being voted into parliament, the Aljunied & Hougang voters expect them to voice against the govt failed policies. Till now we have not heard or seen them performing this task.

    Mod’s note:

    Precisely. Since the PAP backbenchers are performing better than the ‘opposition’ MPs, might as well vote for the PAP! Why vote for its ‘B’ team?

  17. Liwejie said

    Just feel that TR is not impartial and objective. WP has done their part in checking the government.a good effective opposition not only act rationally and objectively with facts and figures. Without WP in the last GE 2011, do u think the government realised the unhappiness of Singaporeans with the liberal influx of foreigners; the high cost of HDB and the responsibility of the ministers to act transparent and listen to the voices. Let us be objective that they have check the government even though only a handful of them. With the WP questioning the government has encouraged the PAP backbenchers to speak their mind rather than tolling the party lines.
    What is TR trying to achieve. As a creditable social media, TR has to be objective.

  18. Tolong. said

    If only we had live parliament proceedings than everyone would know who does a lot of talking inside . Also we would know how the media does the parliament reports.

  19. Singaporean said

    TT… I know the WP people… They say when they have SOMETHING TO SAY.. they don’t just say something.
    Keeping quiet is scary too.. they are planning an attack!

    I support WP all the way.

  20. fpc said

    rubbish ! the ultimate purpose of the opposition is not to oppose every single policy of the PAP but for the betterment of Singaporeans/Singapore.

    Even Chee CJ nor Chiam See Thong criticise every single pap policies.

    The public support for WP (incidental the photo is being used by this website) is not blind support.

  21. Ron said

    I too moan about the silence of WP. But WP is probably enjoying all this. Let others hantam the PAP while WP goes about its work quietly and conserve energy. No talk, no risk of getting attacked or a lawsuit. Then at GE, they will rise up and give the PAP more hantam.

    Clever stratgegy.

    Mod’s reply:

    Then what’s the point of having WP MPs in parliament when others are doing the job for them?

    • WPPAP said

      “Others hatam while you consever energy”,
      Ethically,it is wrong when ordinary peasant is “”Hataming”” Papi for the flawd FT policy that is causing a long local queue at Bedok Reseviour ,while the opposition WP mps conserve their energy for 2016?!!unless of course “great mind thinks alike” workers party pap!

  22. phongy said

    perhap, what is important is to talk the RIGHT things… issues that are boiling ….

  23. Naivety said

    WP MPs got intimidated & threatened into golden silence by Pappies MPs la…

  24. Realist said

    As long as WP don’t talk nonsense, nothing will happen to them. Don’t give me the crap about 6 against 81 majority which is total crap. Heard the story about David vs Goliath ?

    Problem with WP is that they tend to agree with most of what PAP is doing. They have absolutely no idea on other alternatives which maybe practical solution around the problem. Basically, their think-tank is empty.

    To say that PAP was humbled due to WP presence in last election would be no different from putting Ah Kow, Ah Pu, & Ah Ter in the parliament as long these 3 stooges do not say anything and keep silence just like what WP is doing now.

  25. JjJ said

    Workers’ party, your talk about being the people’s voice during the last re-election for Mr Png was very impressive. But now, what happened?

    YOu talked & talked & talked so aggressively against the PAP during the re-election, why became silent during the last few parliarments?

    You have the privilege of representing the people’s interest in parliarment, why didn’t you make full use of it? Doubts are starting to arise with regard to your relationship with the PAP now. Has your party reached a consensus with the ruling party in anyway?

    Mod’s note:

    WP will only open its mouth during the rallies after obtaining permission from the PAP HQ after which it will go into hibernation mode and sleep in parliament…zz….zzzz….

  26. Realist said

    Please don’t mention Mr Png. He is a second fiddler and it’s no surprise when there there is no contribution from him.
    The pro-WP voters from HG have been hoodwinked by his impassioned speech during the rally.
    All said and done, he’s busy counting his blessing$$$ and will just lie low till 2016.

    Realistically speaking, there was no opposition party in the HG by-election. All were just voting either PAP and pesudo-PAP. Ha ha ha ha………..

  27. Annoymous said

    Singaporeans style as usual, only best at KEYBOARD WARRIORS(including the mod).
    Useless shit.

  28. Annoymous said

    Any bad post about the PAP, NOT EVEN ONE supporter dare to post and support their party but now all suddenly appear and bashing the WP. It only show what singaporeans mentality they have.

  29. Mr John said

    Even the mod is also bashing the WP, it only shows what kind of mod this website has.

  30. Bai Hu said

    Maybe WP is subscribing to the notion that “Silence is golden”? 🙂

  31. DIY said

    Why the WP is silent in parliament? Without doubt and any malice, we have already achieved 1st World Parliament. Observe the discipline, dignity and decorum of parliamentary sessions. Unlike other countries we have witnessed on TV; fighting and screaming was the order of the day.

    Question was hinted that WP members were quiet as a ‘church mouse’. Netizens’ expectation is still in high feverish stage of GE2011.

    I remember the children limerick which goes this way :
    “ Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat where have you been? I have been to London to look at the Queen. Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat what did you see there? I saw a mouse under the chair.”

    Being a Pussy Cat is always a cat. When Pussy Cat was invited at the Queen’s audience he did not notice the grandeur of the palace settings but zoom only on the mouse.

    Likewise our parliamentary sessions must be respected; and equivalent to a palace setting. It is the highest institution of the country. There are certain rules and regulations to be observed.

    What we naturally expect is that Opposition MP to debate feverishly on issues that was raised during GE. Our expectation is for the WP (Pussy Cats) to belabour the government (mouse) and pounce on them immediately.

    Be patience, at the end of the day parliamentary work must goes on. That is democracy.

    • Jack said

      Here is a posting on FB to refute this TT posting:

      I checked the full parliament report for 12th Parliament (Parliament for 2011 – 2016) in Singapore Parliament Report which I encourage everyone to look at.

      Just select “Advanced Search”.
      Select Date Range: “Within Last Year”
      Use “By MP”
      Select any MP you like.
      For example I select “Chen Show Mao”

      For current Parliament, I counted WP’s 8MPs asked 700+ questions since e 12th Parliament sat.
      That’s more than 500+ questions our 82 PAP MPs had asked.

      U can look at every debate, every supplementary question, written question & even voting pattern to see if what the distractors claim about WP MPs are true or not.

      U can see the debate quality of each WP MP which no MSM will ever write or show.
      Those who claim WP MPs are just PAP in blue are really asking for it.
      To those of ya who wanna open ur mouth, pls do some research before u do.

      • DIY said

        Jack can scrutinize all the statistics to his satisfaction and without doubt will be asking a question “What happens to them”.
        The answer is very simple.

        There are numerous committees and sub-committees in parliament. The job of MPs from the ruling party is to digest and churn up their findings during their brainstorming sessions. Recommendations as to their result will be debated again to get a consensus. Trivial questions like mosquitoes breeding places, drain choked and potholes in roads, etc, etc.. are being channeled to the various GPCs (Government Parliamentary Committee) to be rectified.

        Since 1959, the government have taken great pains to ensure a smoothness of parliamentary backlog of issues. They have been fine-tuned to the needs of society. All this happenings have been recorded in Hansard.

        That reminds me of a Kimberly diamond mining in Africa. The company extract out tonnes of rock and dirt from deep beneath the earth. Break them up, sieve the pebbles and handpicked the gems for further polishing.

        Similarly, volumes of supplementary questions, written or oral questions and debates are being scrutinized. Bigger issues will be polished further as government policies.

        For an Opposition parties to mimic the various parliamentary committees; they would need tremendous amount of research materials, otherwise just keep quiet and earn your MP allowance.

      • Compatriot said

        machine and machinary are man made and can be broken anytime but not the will and spirit

    • DIY said


      That’s what happened to the late WP MP JBJ when he lamented during a parliamentary debates. His will and spirit was there but lacking in ‘machine and machinery’.

      He claimed that the ruling party has the advantage of the civil servants to carry out the research works. So his only resort was to verbosity and innuendoes and talking off-the-cuff tactics.

      I can understand the new WP A-team strategy. Talk less and let netizens be angry and furious about any issues. Come GE2016 more promises and shangri-las. In the meantime behave yourselves.

      WP can now claim to be Pussy Cats.

      Mod’s note:

      WP’s A team = PAP’s B team

      • DIY said

        Oh is that so? Then WP can start contributing to be an effective party, but don’t short-changed the strategy into a ‘shadow government’. The last time I heard was from RP and KJ was mentored by his late father JBJ.

        Mind you that this ‘shadow’ business is liken to ‘Wayang Kulit’ (shadow play) in Indonesia. Plenty of story telling, husky voices and battle cries with full of ecstatic music, but at the end of show you are glimmering in the dark.

        Questions would be asked whether effective political party can play their part. What holds the future for Singapore to be in this global business.

  32. Sam said

    RP is equally quiet.. why TR nv stir them?

  33. A G Young said

    You talk with SENSE, people will RESPECT you. But…. if you talk for the sake of making your presence felt then…. you will make a NUISANCE of YOURSELF!!

    • DIY said

      I commented with sense and sensibility. My previous outlook brought about some success. One online reader by the name Jack ever replied, ” Hey, where did you get this definition from?” I submit views on chatline in a D.I.Y. fashion. I treat my observation like a crossword puzzle. When you have a computer at your disposal, search engine made it even easier. Then you put on a logical explanation. I forbade using four letter words and other vulgar derivatives.

      In fact I was inspired by GE2011, when someone posted a jingle on You Tube with the Returning Officer Yam Ah Mee singing. This is really D.I.Y. at its best. But I am not good on computer Gizmo accessories and rely on MS Words program..

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