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The ugly Singaporeans I have encountered over the years

Posted by temasektimes on July 17, 2012

I’m a Singaporean Chinese…frankly…I came across more inconsiderate ugly Singaporeans over the years.

Incident 1: Two years ago, my neighbour claims that the refrigerator we place at the corridor awaiting disposal a blockage of her “Feng Shui” and demanded immediate action! But a week later, she herself dumped her unwanted super big plasma TV outside the rubbish chute, causing inconvenience to the rest of the household living on the same floor!

Incident 2: Many Chinese still inherit the custom of burning paper money for their ancestors. Whenever “Qing Ming” arrives, you will see people lighting up red candles and burn piles and piles of paper money. Usually, you’ll be able to find patches of burned marks on the grounds even as near as two steps away from the metal bins provided for such purpose. My neighbour even did all the burning at the common corridor, causing the ashes to fly into my unit (not to mention the chocking smoke)!

Incident 3: A piece of notice was found inside the lift demanding one of the household whose kids recently took up piano to shut the windows and doors while he/she is practicing so as not to disturb the peace of the neighbourhood. Obviously the person who came up with this notice also purposely blast his/her pop music whenever the piano practice started. And all these commotion usually starts in the afternoon 4pm right up to 7pm. These noise usually woke my 2 year old baby girl from her nap.

Incident 4: Many Singaporean still have the ugly habits of queue cutting especially when it comes to waiting for a cab along a road. I personally came across it many time. Since there isn’t any Taxi stand along roads, these people simply assume that one who flag first should get the cab. Some even took tactics of hiding behind a tree ahead of you and spring into action when a distant taxi is approaching! How unthoughtful and selfish!

Incident 5: Almost everyday we will come across inconsiderate neighbour slamming their doors late at night. Some talked and laugh so loudly while they walk along the corridor towards their unit. We on the other end of the corridor can hear every words and laughter.

These are a few of many incidents I came across ever since I move into a HDB neighbourhood in 2002. Can I expect these inconsiderate incidents to stop for good? Not likely…for i’ll definitely offend many. I’m sure many who complained here came across similar incidents?

Looks like we have a lot of ugly Singaporean who obviously didn’t know the importance of self-reflection and toleration! Remember that whenever you point a finger at someone, you have three pointing at yourself!

*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


114 Responses to “The ugly Singaporeans I have encountered over the years”

  1. Chinese said

    Bingo! That is the Singapore Spirit!

  2. Anthony Tang said

    Build your house on an island and build your own home. No one will irritate you.
    All, that you have complained is frivolous and can be accommodated
    I live in a condo, and I have a immediate neighbour who plays Bhudist mantra at his balcony 24/7 and a mad dog barking all the time. What can we do?

    • SINYoobi said

      I live in a condo too. My neighbour’s kids in their late teens skip and bounce basketball for hours in their apartment above mine. The noise is unbearable. Such neighbours are simply inconsiderate and others have to bear with their nonsense.

      • Tintin said

        Did you go up and talk nicely to your neighbour? I happened to me also. Initially I didn’t know it was the sound of skippings. It baffles me for weeks until one day I realised what it was. I went up. Saw the teenage girl was skipping (the main door was open). I talk to her mom and she was apologetic. And from there on, it stopped. Sometime people might not know what they do annoys people next or below them.

      • friendly neighbour said

        ya, totally agree with tintin that some times people are not aware of the noise they have caused to others. So, it’s okay to go up and talk to them amicably. Good considerate people, once aware, would stop immediately. Trust me. The incorrigible ones need to be dealt with by the authorities, I’m afraid that’s the only way to go legally…..So, it’s something we all can do something about besides suffering in silence, which is not necessary. Perhaps perpetrator wants most of their “victims” to suffer in silence while they keep on making nuisance noise. So, the call is yours……

    • oldguard said

      Oh why do you complaint, this should be encourage, either you are stuck up or you are not social.
      go buy a bungalow or go stay with one of papigs minister house as nieghbour.

    • Love All ! said

      Can you read the whole article closely again? The author is merely stating facts…things he/she noticed and came across within his/her neighborhood. It doesn’t appears to be a complaining letter and neither is he/she provoking any of his/her neighbor. From how I understand the articles…the author merely states facts…facts that I have similar encounters too! And in my humble opinion, there are indeed quite a few ugly Singaporeans around…its not difficult to notice if you read the Chinese Wan Bao, Sin Ming and The New Paper.

  3. PRC said

    Totally agree.

    • oldguard said

      I have been to your homeland, idiot, worse than a mad house. if you find it unpleasant to stay in Singapore, go back home. You are not welcome

      • Local Pest! said

        @ Oldguard: You are a Typical Lousy & Stupid Singaporean! You can’t change anything! Perhaps that’s why you are hiding behind your screen typing idiotic reply! You local Singaporeans are simply lazy and not up to standards, thats why your government has to open up the doors to FT who are obviously more superior then you locals. FT generally takes long working hours, insults and all kinds of shits better then you local pest. FT worked harder for they know that’s the only way to a better life! Unlike you locals…only dare to vent your anger and hatred behind your screens. Why do you think China raise-up into an economic giant in just over 3 decades? IT’S BECAUSE WE CAN TAKE SHITs OK!? Your government welcomed us…that’s enough…we don’t need you to welcome us, we are here to stay anyway! And what can you do about it? NOTHING! hah hah!

  4. Free Trolley said

    Incident 2: you must be a Christian.

  5. marytan said

    I do agree practising the piano with the same stupid song over and over again with all kinds of mistakes is the worst noise anyone could encounter. Playing music from CD and radio is ok. but have you heard you stupid neighbour’s kids keep playing the same stupid song like 100 times and still get it all wrong all over the place? Worst still, after they got it wrong, they start playing from the very start! Wah lau. This is torture. These are the most selfish people in the world. i think most pianos should come with earphones so that the neighbours don’t get to hear the rubbish.

    • oldguard said

      hello, steady lah, just started, how to play it right. your idea to use earphone, good idea, why don’t you sell your idea. maybe you will be sitting with the papigs millionair ministers.

    • hates karaoke at home said

      karaoke should NOT have been invented for homes also. Got one neighbour sings the SAME song over and over again and does it with all her windows and MAIN door opened wide! What’s worst, she CANT even sing!! and FORCED the WHOLE world to hear her toady voice!! So agonising hearing a BROKEN record non-stop!!

      Yes, this indeed does show there are STILL MANY inconsiderate people amongst us. Perhaps everyone should learn “not to do unto others what we do not want others do unto us”.

      And for those hard-core, unreasonable, persistently INCONSIDERATE kinds – “Heaven is watching you, keep doing what you are doing”. You will have your own karma…..believe it or not….one way or the other….

  6. Like I Care said

    i think you can consider migrating since you are suffering so much grievances…

  7. x said

    Incident 1: My neighbors inconvenienced me.

    Incident 2: My neighbors inconvenienced me.

    Incident 3: My neighbors inconvenienced me.

    Incident 4: Other commuters inconvenienced me.

    Incident 5: My neighbors inconvenienced me.

    Remember that whenever you point a finger at someone, you have three pointing at yourself!

    • oldguard said

      to bad, she was not born with golden spoon, so have to learn to endure what Singaporean love to do.

    • Love All ! said

      I think you must have failed all your Comprehension back in school! Please read the article closely and carefully…if you still doesn’t understand the author please bury yourself…stop posting your “kay Kiang” reply!

  8. dareme69 said

    The 2 incident that you mentioned give away your identity immediately, you are not a Singaporen Chinese nor a Singaporean for you did not understand the tradition and culture of Chinese in Singaporean .. They only burnt paper money during the seventh month of the lunar calendar. During Qing Ming, they do it at their ancestors grave yard.

    • Tony Tang said

      I’ve seen people burning offerings throughout the year, not just during the lunar 7th month. It’s choking, but it’s custom & tradition, not much I can complain about. But I have a neighbor who does it right at the corridor too, throughout the year, causing ash to fly into my home. Once, the lid fell off, & it was disastrous.
      Being a Singaporean Chinese doesn’t make you automatically understand traditional Chinese customs. I don’t get the whole folk religion thing.

    • oldguard said

      must be alien……….

    • Pitiful Singaporean ! said

      Your egoistic reply here give away your mental ability too! You can’t comprehend simple English is it? Why don’t you read closely and carefully what the author is trying to say before replying like a stupid idiot?! There are many who burn their offerings on the grass…even concrete floors beside the metal bins provided for by the RC, thus leaving behind spoiled grass and ugly black patch.

  9. Piratetoon said

    Remember that whenever you point a finger at someone, you have three pointing at yourself!

    haha – you should reflect on yourself. You talking about yourself.

  10. Ha Ha said

    Nothing pleases me more in seeing a bunch of self-centered Singaporeans screwing up each other lives. The in-fighting and bitterness towards each other ensure that they will never be cohesive enough to resist the PAP government.

    Singaporeans are destined to be enslaved by the PAP eternally. We shall never see anything resembling the Arab Spring in Singapore.

    • Love All ! said

      Well said indeed! That’s why I think these pitiful Singaporeans (those who replied with Vulgarities and those who replied without even understanding the original article) are the main reason why PAP need to import more FT…if such lousy Singaporeans were allowed to run Singapore, the country will be condemned!

  11. Jaded said

    so what are you trying to say? foreigners are more courteous?

  12. hahaha said

    hahahaha. I have seen more FTs doing these than Singapore. and do take note, u think all the bins can fit all the ashes meh? i seriously doubt u’re a true blue singaporean, but a converted singaporean. go back to your land of misery u thrash!

  13. sweetbean said

    What you just described is life! Welcome to it and surrender to the fact that it is never going to be fair:)

    • Steve Lee said

      @Sweetbean. True. We must learn how to give and take.

    • Blue Nights said

      Actually, all the disturbances described can be found in many variations anywhere in the world. The difference here is that we live in extremely close proximity to each other. So for example, sound gets magnified. There is a hum that permeates the island that most of us have adapted to. That is one of the reasons, I think, that we sleep so well when we get to a remote part of the world. We then tend to also bump into each other more. Car park spaces are small, roads are very narrow, ceilings are lower etc etc.

      As human density increases, it gets harder to be civil. The intrusions on personal space cannot be mitigated very much seeing that Everywhere we turn, we are getting into each other’s way. What to do?

  14. icefire said

    if u dont like pple to talk while walking along the corridor pls moved out of HDB
    if u dont respect chinese to burn offering maybe u can moved to our neighbouring country … u may need to uds christian have those singing grp that cos noise pollution…
    listen to music or playing piano in the afternoon is disturbing ??? u can advise them play at midnite …

  15. Curious said

    The point of the post being?

    • Pitiful Singaporean ! said

      Another dumb Singaporean! You can’t read is it? Or you have problem comprehending simple English used by the author?

      • Curious said

        I’m sorry but obviously u r the dumb and pitiful one.

        I can read. But u can’t read what I typed. Whats the point of the post? Implying “What’s the deeper meaning in the post? What’s the point of this Singaporean Bashing?”

        I don’t blame u if u r stupid, but please keep it to yourself, thrash, foreign or local i don’t really care.

      • G said

        You are obviously a foreigner/self-hating S’porean who does not grasp the concept of sarcasm.

        I agree with Curious that you are stupid. Plain and simple – stupid.

  16. siao said

    HDB downgrader complaining? lol

    • Pitiful Singaporean ! said

      If you are saying what you’ve typed word for word through your mouth, I can visualize your mouth as a Chicken Backside! Yet another dumb ass!

  17. ChickenKing said

    So how you want it ah? Nuke this motherfucking island and kill everyone lah?

    • Pitiful Singaporean ! said

      Yet another dumb ass! If you are saying what you’ve typed word for word through your mouth, I can visualize your mouth as a Chicken Backside!

      • G said

        Someone incapable of more than copying and pasting an asinine comment should not attempt to insult others.

  18. lima said

    I concur with the above comments – though I think it is not fair to attribute any bad behavior/manner to any nationality/race. The problem is a lot of local Singaporeans do show the ugly side in terms of daily manner and behavior (though that should not tell anything good or bad about Singaporean per sei), but some other Singaporeans point their fingers to FT (foreign talents or whatsoever) to blame. I think a more reasonable approach should be to think how to improve the manner here (not via blaming immigrants unfairly) such as drawing lines in MRT stations and encourage people not to take the reserve seats in the trains, etc.

    • Love All ! said

      I agree with the Author, and you too…I think its not hard to see even from some of the reply posted…all the ego…all the vulgarities…most laughable of all is their total ignorance of what the author is trying to say and yet replied with total idiotic replies and vulgarities.

    • friendly neighbour said

      totally agree with Lima. Let’s not mix inconsiderate behaviour issue with other sets of current foreigners’ social issues they have brought on to us here. So, if the writer has complaints about these incidents, stay at it as it is and nothing to do with whether we are singaporeans or not. It’s good to raise them up and let’s hope everyone learn to be considerate and respect each other MUTUALLY.

    • Steve Lee said

      @Lima. Good reply. It’s just daily life in Singapore. We’ve all come across incidents like the ones he/she has described and we give and take.

      • 要有自知之明 ! said

        Obviously, if you read the articles closely and carefully from line 1 to the last line…you’ll notice that the author did tolerated. And he/she had been tolerating ever since he/she moved there. He/she is merely trying to show that there are a lot of selfish and inconsiderate Singaporeans around. Perhaps he/she should not use inflaming words such as “ugly Singaporean” but what he/she mentioned is very true indeed for I came across such people myself! Give and take is tolerating isn’t it?! But what Singaporean needed more is to have the self-awareness! 做人要自动, 要多为他人着想!多想想自己的一举一动会不会对其他人造成不便?!

      • Edmund said

        agreed,the writer has not encountered these activities backhome where they do not have to live in highrise blocks.Every small matter also complain.Get use to it and everything will be alright.When in Rome do as the Romans do.

  19. Victor said

    ROFL … well said … ready your last sentence…..

    Didnt u see your own 3 fingers pointing back at you? ROFL

  20. Steve said

    You are one of the unlucky Singaporean who encounter so many ugly Singaporean, are you ugly too….

    Incident 1: you place your fridge at the corridor and it will block the passage way, your ugly neigbour put their TV at the rubbish chute.

    Incident 2: We chinese had to maintain our culture, and it our culture that we afraid that if we burn at bin it will mix up and our ancestor might have dipute of the claim. The underworld management are still looking for a better way. Just wait ….

    Incident 3: One neighbour playing piano and the other neighbour having party. Forunately is not from 4am – 7am

    Incident 4: give it a break there is no queue on the road side …

    Incident 5: because your neighbour is protesting againt another ugly neighbour, perhaps you.

    We had HDB flat and only HDB flat, no more kampung … hence break it and live on dude ….

  21. Lim said

    Please go back n stay at your previous condo or private estate.

  22. Iai said

    1-5 also applicable to FTs and more eg. spitting indiscriminating, riding bicycles illegally along foot paths and against flow of traffic, illegal subletting with their loud occupants (pinoys in particular), congregate in public areas and shopping centres, etc.

  23. Jenny said

    This is just load of crap, esp incident 4 lol. Incident one is a joke, plasma tv is slim and its not wrong to put at the rubbish chute, so u prefer them putting outside your corridor?
    Incident 2 happens everywhere Chinese lives, since u hate it so much, why don’t u kill all buddhists? Must be a believer of ‘god’ and have no tolerance for other religions.
    For incident 3 u can complain or call the police, no guts?
    Incident 5 is exaggerated i believed, one end of the corridor can hear one talking at the other end? They must be shouting, not talking.

    Wanna put down Singaporeans pls use better examples. U don’t like it, move to condos or landed property…or even better migrate. We don’t need Singaporeans like u.

    • Pitiful Singaporean ! said

      Hey you toad! Don’t try to be sophisticated lar…obviously you don’t have the mental capacity to tackle this issue! Look at your reply! tsk tsk tsk ! Boh Sui Zun !!! Obviously you don’t even understand what the author is trying to say!

    • wank4peace said

      Taoism not Buddhism -_-“

    • lima said

      Jenny’s reply makes me feel disgusted, especially the last one: “we don’t need Singaporeans like u….”. I am not sure what Jenny meant by the “we” in her language – does it mean all the 3 million Singapore citizens (obviously not), or Singapore govt? or PAP? I mean, if you can only represent yourself, then don’t use words like “we”.

      Also whenever people say sth like “go to private condo or leave the country if you don’t like this about HDB”, they are talking without thinking. What is wrong with pointing out the problems in HDB blocks? Why one has to leave HDB if he points out any potential issues in HDBs? There is no logic to ask anyone who complains to leave – to say it politely – it is just sheer size of stupidity.

      • Jenny said

        Wats the point? The point is the author are trying to generalize all Singaporeans. Potential issues? Putting rubbish by the rubbish chute is an issue?

      • think before you speak or write said

        agree with Lima again, why tell people to leave HDB even if the complaints are legitimate. It’s not only NO logic but sheer unreasonableness and act of intimidation. Is it right to punch someone who come up and tell you to stop making noise nuisance? Is it right for you (the nuisance neighbour) to tell your neighbour (whom you have caused inconvenience) to move?? By provoking with such remarks, the person has a right to punch you back. Nobody can take this uncalled remarks lying down. So, people stop it!!

  24. David Leong said

    Stop standing on high ground , what is so wrong about burning incense paper, just because you don’t do it others doing it is wrong? wake up your f_ing idea.

    If you are such a model neighbour, you should not even have place your unwanted stuff outside. It seem to me that the only person allow to complain is you, all others must comply to your expectation.

    Move to the istana lah. Asshole

  25. sibei tulan said

    Fuck you lah .
    I confirmed u not singaporean. f@#k FT .that’s you! If not go live in a drain!
    U think all these complaint u made starter during 2002! these are local culture. stop complaining. everywhere u got there are bound to have problems. Wake the fuck up!

    • I SIBEH TULAN TOO! said


      • oldguard said

        ‘i sibeh tulan too’ must have born from a later generation, during my generation it is tolerable. ‘sibeh tulan’ must be my generation.
        anyway, singaporean should learn to be tolerate, whoever is writing is an alien from foreign land. so f the writer.

    • Pitiful Singaporean ! said

      When you typed the “F___k you vulgar words, did u realize that the “you” can be replaced with the letter U which means Fk back yourself?

  26. sibei tulan said

    so are u pointing 3 finger at yourselves????

  27. pohth said

    Lived in Public Housing is like that want lah don’t be ulgy yourself by complaining. Ai yah, if your can’t win the games, just join-in. THat what Government tell you to intergrated Teo BO?

  28. Chee Kok Wing said

    You should leave cosmopolitan Singapore and try settling down in rural Africa.

    • I SIBEH TULAN TOO! said


      • Chee Kok Wing said

        With your stupidity, even if you were to live in rural Africa you will still be able to find fault with your African neighbours. For me, I can accept a little inconvenience every now and then. You are one intolerant a***hole who’s not cut out to live in any large city be it Singapore or anywhere else. Head for Africa now, they need foreign talent there too!

  29. somethingwrongsomewhere said

    Incidentn #4. How do you know that these queue cutting people are Singaporeans? and not foreign imports?

  30. me lor said

    You will always get the good, the bad, and the ugly la.

  31. Love All! said

    Seems like Singaporeans who replied here are generally not very self-conscious, very snobbish and possess over-big ego! Tsk tsk tsk! Such a disgrace to your fellow Singaporeans. You pride yourself over what? What so proud about Singapore? 1st class nation? WAKE UP!!! YOU ARE FAR FROM IT!!! Only you can criticize others is it? … and when others criticize back you throw in all the stupid vulgarities which does no help at all…in fact it only reflect more badly of you people’s up-bringing! Stupid Idiots! Go on…reply…scold me too! I don’t give a hoot anyway…you can’t harm me!

    • Vic said

      @Love All!
      From your post, I thinkyou are very probably a foreigner in Singapore. And, a very hostile one too. If you are, don’t let you hate for Singapore burns you up. Leave and go back to your homeland.
      If you are a Singaporean don’t let that irrational self-hate burns you up. Go get a psychiatrist to treat you.

      • Ho Ho Ho ! said

        My advise for you is…read the whole articles closely and carefully…if you want to comment, do it objectively and constructively. Otherwise buzz off! There is no way for you to confirm if “Love All!” is a local Singaporean or a Foreigner…simply assuming that only makes you look very stupid! Perhaps you should watch your own ego! Too much Ego is bad for your health…and EQ too!

      • Ho Ho Ho ! said

        Read the 1st line…

  32. Go Fly Kite said

    Typical complain king/queen… be blessed that your neighbour isnt a FT!

  33. I SIBEH TULAN TOO! said

    Funny you people don’t even read properly what the Author is trying to say and start your ridicules rebuttal…looks like you people got no IQ and EQ too! So sad! No wonder your government need to import more FT because with you people around Singapore got no hope! Don’t agree? Then do something about it…take to the streets…make yourself heard! Replying to my post with vulgarities and hatred only let more people see what kind of “high-class” Singaporeans you are! PEACE!

  34. ramann said

    . . . nothing new ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  35. SashaQueenie said

    I am Chinese myself and I have traveled around the world.
    There are “ugly” Singaporeans, and there are “ugly” Chinese, and there are “ugly” Malaysians and “ugly” ASEAN members. My point is, there is some sort of “ugliness” in every society and ethnic groups. But generally speaking, Singaporeans are pretty okay. Not the most polite, but definitely, not the ugliest. When it comes to “ugly” personalities, no one can beat the nouveau riche from mainland China and India. So stop trying the malign us Singaporeans. We are so many better than decades ago.

    • Ho Ho Ho ! said

      I agree…I have lived there for a few years too…even the locals hated those nouveau riche due to their arrogance and sheer disrespect for law and orders. But isn’t it the same for Americans and Japanese too?! Many forgot to look at the population size…1.5billion…how many zeros will there be? And should 1% of the 1.5 billion being the bad apples, that’s hell lot of bad guys to deal with you know?!

      For I, upon reading what the Author tries to say, concur with him/her that there is indeed a lot of inconsiderate and self-centered people around.

    • friendly neighbour said

      TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU, SASHA. Well said….! People, please stay cool and be objective. Stay on the right track……be reasonable with your views…..

    • Steve Lee said

      @SashaQueenie. I totally agree. Well said.

    • 要有自知之明 ! said

      Obviously, if you read the articles closely and carefully from line 1 to the last line…you’ll notice that the author did tolerated. And he/she had been tolerating ever since he/she moved there. He/she is merely trying to show that there are a lot of selfish and inconsiderate Singaporeans around. Perhaps he/she should not use inflaming words such as “ugly Singaporean” but what he/she mentioned is very true indeed for I came across such people myself! Give and take is tolerating isn’t it?! But what Singaporean needed more is to have the self-awareness! 做人要自动, 要多为他人着想!多想想自己的一举一动会不会对其他人造成不便?!

    • Where is our EQ !? said

      @ SashaQueenie. If you read the articles closely and carefully from line 1 to the last line…you’ll notice that the author had been tolerating all the shit ever since he/she moved there. He/she is merely trying to show that there are a lot of selfish and inconsiderate Singaporeans around. Perhaps he/she should not have used inflaming words such as “ugly Singaporean” but what he/she mentioned is very true indeed for I came across such people myself! What Singaporean needed more is to have the self-awareness,not always pointing fingers at others! 做人要自动, 要多为他人着想!多想想自己的一举一动会不会对其他人造成不便?!

      You mentioned the ugly nouveau riche of China & India…but do you have any idea how big is the population of both countries? Take China…approximately 1.5billion…you have any idea how many zeros follow behind the 1.5? If 0.05% of the 1.5billion population are bad eggs, imagine the kind of hell their police need to go through in order to clean them up?! These nouveau riche are just minority which their locals hated too! You can’t possibly say that all Chinese are ugly just like we can’t say all Singaporeans are ugly right?

  36. Ugly but not so ugly Singaporean said

    Incident 1: So you mean you can put the fridge on the corridor and cause inconvenience to others, while people can’t throw their Plasma TV outside the rubbish chute? If this is so, aren’t you one of the inconsiderate and ugly one? You can just kindly ask that person to shift to one side that will not obstruct the chute. Did you do so?

    Incident 2: I agree with you that maybe people are inconsiderate burning paper money on the floor instead of the bin provided just few steps away. But what’s wrong with burning paper money in the corridor? Are they burning the paper money on the floor? Or are they burning in their bin? You are living in a HDB, these are common things people do during some special days. If you can’t stand the ash and smoke, you can just close your window or door for a moment. Open them once they are done with the burning. You can also kindly tell your neighbour about the problem you faced. I’m sure they will listen, else they are truly ugly, isn’t it? Come on, be more tolerant. It’s like asking your neighbour don’t cook curry because you can’t stand the smell. lol

    Incident 3: Erm, I assume you know who is that household that stick the notice is since you also claim that same household blast the music that cause your 2 years old baby girl from the nap. Question: Since you know who that household neighbour is, why don’t you tell them not to do so as it causes your baby girl inconvenience? I’m sure if you tell them nicely, if not they are what you claim an ugly Singaporean. Let’s say if you don’t know that household, how do you know they are Singaporean since 40% of population in Singapore now are foreigners?

    Incident 4: Come on! Cutting queue without a taxi stand along roadside is selfish and unthoughtful? How do you call that cutting queue since there is no queue to begin with. Unless you tell me they snatch the taxi right in front of you when you had finally called a taxi. DO you also on the roadside waiting for taxi allow someone to have the taxi since you see them ahead waiting for one before you? Otherwise, I think who has more luck, who will get the taxi. For the tactics you mentioned about hiding behind tree, maybe I think the Sun is too scorching, that’s why hiding. Haha. You never know that person may be there earlier than you. Even if it isn’t, you can always move up before the tree, so that even that person spring up in action, you still can be in front. Overall, you don’t want to wait, you call to book one.

    Incident 5: Nothing to comment about since it is late at night, I do agree that they are inconsiderate but ugly? I don’t really think so.

    You said, “Looks like we have a lot of ugly Singaporean who obviously didn’t know the importance of self-reflection and toleration! Remember that whenever you point a finger at someone, you have three pointing at yourself!” Well, in this articles, it seems to me that you don’t know self-reflection and toleration as well. So this sentence shoots right back at you. lol

    What I can say is, I do agree that there are some ugly singaporeans around, but what is your point here? Are you trying to generalize or stereotyping that Singaporean are ugly by over a few incidence which you had met over the general population of Singaporean?

  37. Iai said

    could the TT a foreigner in disguised?

  38. sharon said

    incident 1 : call the town council to clear the rubbish.

  39. lol said

    Singaporean Chinese? Or Chinese Singaporean? Where you come from? Living in hdb since 2002. You only ten years old har?

  40. luke said

    cant help but to reckon your 3 fingers are hugely against yourself goodself. No need to complain or vent any frustrations, for that matter, simply keep quiet. Whatever we have is restricted and according to our means. move a 100k sqft land, build a house right in the middle, trees and walls surrounding, sure very quiet. dont like here, just leave. dun like new place you go, leave again, until your means find you a place you belong. i reckon you have no means to change your environment. why dont you blame your father for not providing or simply blame your own inadequacies.

    otherwise, learn from sashaqueenie, i think most of us agree with her.

  41. Ker Leng Kia said

    These incidences are not ugly, in fact they are PRETTY common which I like to classify as typical Singapore Culture. The writer have not seen or experience the real UGLY Singaporeans in his neighbourhood! She is so lucky!

  42. Speechless said

    incident 3: if your baby cries.. it also add on to the noise pollution… perhaps the piano n the party are all against you..

  43. ellery chua said

    You encountered all theses and did what ? That alone indicated you are not 100% Singaporean who will complain to the relevant authorities – TT is not a relevant authority. Are you an FT in disguise ? I pick up a piece of news today, if you live in a high lux high value private condo, the walls are more sound proof and people generally are more well mannered. In a government housing estate – well the walls are much less dense, sound travels easily in or out of the unit so noise pollution is a given – get used to it. People also then to be less considerate and run on an OS that is me first wuck the rest.

  44. liveD,I said

    enjoy yer brief worldly existence while ye still can
    cant ye even accept normal everyday happenings
    let go
    it’s but a state of mind
    fi nal yonder ye will know yer earthly life a bliss it is
    yet are ye ready?

  45. Ben said

    Agreed with the article 🙂 . Lol but why I saw another person here keep changing name and like a idiot to reply to ppl. Use your name la……U just act like another type of ugly Singaporean .complain ,talk , shit , and hide….

    • Thinker said

      Totally agree. I noticed that too. There were a few nicks that end with ! that carry the same tone and message to support the author of this article. It’s really quite obvious that this itself is an ugly and in fact coward behaviour.

  46. Sg said

    this is called culture.. that is why the new citizens and FT have to go through this……if they cannot go through it.. that mens they are not able to integrate to our culture.. and if we have to tolerate their culture.. we are also not happy right!! but then again give and take la.. and we have multi culture..!! and lives happily ever after..correct?

  47. i say what i think only... said

    i am not saying singaporeans are perfect. being a local myself, i’ve seen my fair share of crap fellow singaporeans. however…

    at least they are crapping in their own place!!!!! u shit in your house, the ones who complain are people who stay with u, your family. why should outsiders (FT) who come near your door and sit at doorstep and scold u for shitting at home? u get lost if u don’t like the smell period

  48. iis21 said

    Well, I supposed we do not need to condemn the author or anybody who wishes to comment on the article. It is interesting to know that the author had faced many incidents of displeasure and unhappiness. Many people, not just Singaporeans, face unhappy incidents every day. The fact is, humans are never satisfied or contended and we are becoming more individualistic. We care more about ourselves, putting our interests above others’.

    Most of the followers of this thread are unhappy over individual opinions, negative remarks and the choice of words like ‘ugly’ or some vulgarities sprouted. Let’s put aside all these preferences for words for now and reflect upon the article: how to make sure we are not producing negative sentiments in others such as our immediate neighbours and try to be better role models.

    It’s so tough being on our best all the time. I’m turning 30, lives in a HDB beside a family of very grouchy and rude neighbours. I can only guess why they are grouchy and mean by reflecting on my own family- perhaps they hate the sight of my dog, perhaps they are unable to forgive us for the matrimonial bliss which unfortunately generated noise from the gate-crashing as part of our Chinese tradition. 😦

    What can we do, as true blue Singaporean who seek peace, quiet and just a happy day? Reflect more on oneself and focus on positive things/influence. I have two other good and happy families as neighbours.

  49. Anon said

    Blogger so suay ah, so many lousy neighbours

  50. Thinker said

    I stay in a hdb too. Interestingly, I’ve never had all the problems you mentioned. Isn’t this weird?
    The fact that you didn’t personally speak to your neighbours but write about their ugly behaviour here also tells something about your own personality. You sure your baby’s cries isn’t irritating to your neighbours? c’mon, live and let live. If you have such a high standard for living in hdb, indeed, you should consider doing something for yourself. Talk to your neighbours or move but I have to forewarn you that no matter where you go, inconsiderate people abound and what will you do then?

  51. Alex Tong said

    people who stay in HDB should not have the right to complain.

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