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Why should Singaporeans ‘kow-tow’ to the foreigners?

Posted by temasektimes on July 17, 2012

I don’t see the logic behind why Singaporeans must “kow-tow” and why we as Singaporeans must accept this and accept that.

They come here, they should “AUTOMATICALLY” know that this is Singapore not whatever country they come from. Do we have to even teach them basic mannerisms too?

You go to any country, you respect its laws, its citizens and YOU NEVER BITE THE HAND THE FEEDS YOU or gave you the opportunity to come to Singapore in the first place. Whose money helped you come over in the first place? The tax payer’s money. Who are the tax payers? Singaporeans.

Who are those who have helped Singapore grew into the beautiful island nation that it is ? Singaporeans and every person that was born on this land that has sweat,bled,rolled in the mud, man, woman and child that has made sacrifices to our land.

Why must Singaporeans be the ones to keep compromising and keep giving up everything? Why? We pay our taxes, we sing our national anthems, we serve NS and last but not least we have to put up with the nonsence from all the reports that the “new citizens” have done to us or the foreign misfits that don’t respect the sake of human lives or the preservation of innocent lives? Or even respect the fact that Singaporeans are also human beings too? Where? Where have i seen any good being done for the Singaporean people by the foreigners and the new citizens?

Every time its this or that a foreigner or a new citizen or some rich bloak who comes in and does some shit and a Singaporean has to pay for that mistake or the recklessness of some foreigner. Tell me if that isn’t so.

How is integration a two-way street in the first place? Don’t give Singaporeans the “two hands to clap” pep talk at all. They don’t even wanna give us a hand to clap in the first place let alone respect the fact that Singaporeans are also human beings and we are people too just like them. Its as if as through they treat Singapore like a BORG circus and do whatever they like and they want and they don’t seem to have any kind of regard or concern for the lives, safety, respect and dignity for Singaporeans. I haven’t or barely see any or even felt any kind of sincerity from them at all.

If any of them did, BRAVO for those then. Unfortunately, the majority of them are those trouble makers and they seem to give Singaporeans a harder time. How is this “competition” healthy for us Singaporeans? Its not a two way street for Singaporeans. Its more like a one way street for Singaporeans, we have to suck it up and deal with it?

What the hell then may i ask are the representatives who represented us doing? There was no form of democratic process in asking the citzens of Singapore if this kind of integration was suitable for us as well. What you see in Western countries and in Singapore are two different things, you simply cannot mix them together. We are not those countries and we are not that big.

And you ask this of us Singaporeans to be more open and hope this makes us Singaporeans feel better? Think about it, does it even make any ethical sense to us Singaporeans, AT ALL?!

Is this the utopian society you strive to achieve? What about the consultation of the people before any of these decisions are made? Are Singaporeans not deem important to be consulted and to gather consensus if such a decision would not have dire consequences to our people, our way of life, our future generations as well?

What about the PRESERVATION of the national identity of Singaporeans as well? Our freedoms and liberties as citizens? Is that no longer important too?

That Singaporean path and dream that many of us Singaporeans have saw back in good old days is lost and gone.

2016 my dear Singaporeans! 2016! We don’t change then, we will not get a chance for change.

PS: For any Eagle-eyed viewers who find this offensive to you or you happen to be pro-govt or a foreigner, if you think what i say is way too harsh or you just hate it, you are not on the ground or on the front lines of what Singaporeans are facing. The difference is i may just be talking about it, at least i am willing to spend time talking about it by CREATING AWARENESS. Being part of the solution. These decisions of immigration can have dire effect on the lives of Singaporeans. Think outside the box for one second. Is this really what our society has been reduced to? Are you really ready to hand over everything that our forefathers, and founders of our country have worked hard and died for on a silver platter to people who don’t even respect its local inhabitants and citizens or even our laws? I am not saying ALL of them, but unfortnately LIKE I SAid, THe majority of “them” aren’t treating Singaporeans with respect or dignity at all. LOOK around YOU. WAKE UP Before Singapore is no longer Singapore!

I love my country, but i don’t want to lose my home, my country and its citizens. Because i love them all and they are all part of the big picture. I don’t want to give up my home to someone else who does not appreciate it.

It is because of Singaporeans, that Singapore is what it is today. Not ONE MAN, not a FEW but the hardworking hands of the Singaporean citizens.


*The above was first posted as a comment on Facebook


38 Responses to “Why should Singaporeans ‘kow-tow’ to the foreigners?”

  1. Iai said

    We need hard facts from Ministry of MOM, Department of Statistics and ICA:

    1. Was there any survey done on FT on their views on integration and how their perception of Singapore?
    2. Any clarification on “citizen” statistics – its breakdown on new and native Singaporeans?
    3. The profiles of a) PR and b) new citizens. Their educational levels, nationalities, jobs held prior to being PR/new citizens and current jobs and gender (important as we want more females to contribute to our declining population. Older child- bearingless females are a liability for example).
    4. Any background checks on the qualifications and job experience of PR applications?

    • There must be strict procedure to educate all the FTs of local culture and mannerism and proper criteria to evaluate their integrity quotient. While it may be wrong to say that they neither pay taxes nor they contribute to economy. But the ones who actually contribute and integrate to local values and culture will only be acceptable.

      • Vic said

        Talking about paying tax and contributing to the economy, here are some relevant statistic from MOF.
        Only 27% of foreigners working here earn high enough income above the taxation threshold for liability to pay income tax. This percentage is 22% if the FDWs are counted in.
        So, as many as 78% of foreigners or some 1.5 – 1.6 million of them working here are not paying income tax because they are earning below $30k a year. Hence, they are on jobs that do not need talent. They are economic migrants who could not survive in their own countries and they are now here competing with Singaporeans for limited jobs because they cost much less.

  2. shiroiluke said

    Reminds me of the CURRY incident happen some times back, and the Bugis junction Car-crash incident as well.
    Don’t see the government did anything for the poor Singaporean but only stretching their helping hands towards RICH PR.

  3. jis said

    2016 my dear Singaporeans! 2016! – Just worry they will pump more new citizen to ensure they have enough vote!

  4. SkinFT said

    I think you are among the 40%. Impressive article. Too bad 60% still voted PAP. Blame who? Again, 60%. Not PAP or foreigners. Singapore IS No Longer SINGAPORE. We are pretty much fucked up.

    TELL ME ANOTHER COUNTRY WHO HAS MORE FOREIGNER THAN US. And you will start to know that.

    Integration can be seen as ethnic cleansing and I would use that term to describe what PAP is doing now. They are killing away all hopes of our younger generation. All they see now iS MONEY and PROFIT.

    So bless those rich fuckers who had become NEW CITIZENS from their pathetic PR status. Good Luck. You all are very much the same fuck as us too. You will live to regret. Hopefully you still can move back to your country of birth and get fucked there.

  5. I don’t know which guy asks you to kow-tau to foreigners. If the foreigners commit any crime just report them to the police and your government may ask these bad elements to leave the counrty forever. Even their PR can be removed. Many of these people are here because they are exposed to international working environment. The employers need them here and that is the reason many of them receive USD 130000 per year, with a flat and a car included.

    • Mikey said


      To name a few.. All the ah tiong prostitues, cleaners, bus drivers.. ?

    • SG Talent said

      U a FT too?!

    • kelvin said

      poh tiong ho do you really need to drag in people’s mother and sisters?
      did he do that to you in the first place? by mentioning ah tiong prostitutes? ah tiong mean china….

    • Vic said

      Readers here would appreciate your view much better if you could support your statement with fact and figures. Your statement: “The employers need them here and that is the reason many of them receive USD 130000 per year, with a flat and a car included.” is a blind statement because it is not verifiable. Only you know whether it is true or lie.

      Anyway, do you realise that only 1 out of 5 foreigners (or 22% to be exact) working here are earning above $30k a year to be liable for income tax? This statement is verifiable with our Ministry of Finance.

      So, let me ask you. Exactly how many foreigners are paid USD 130,000 (btw, why USD not S$???) with a flat and a car included? And, who are these employers in such dire need of these FT? Name them, please.

      • Please do your own research for the facts and figures. You can start with the engineering sector, and not with prostitutes and sweepers. It is very surprising that Singapore issues WP to these people. Regarding those who are paid UDS 130, 000 and above per year I forgot to tell you, even their petrol bills are on company accounts. If you think you are qualified to take over any of their position, please write to LSL, and I am sure he will assist you.

  6. spotlessleopard said

    Every singaporean must teach the Polticial Leaders of today a lesson…vote them out in GE2016…adn tell everyone of them you meet that you will vote opposition if they do not stop importing these half baked, half qualiffied foreigners who steal jobs from our Bros. sisters. and Parents..freinds adnneighbours.

  7. Ken Lee said

    they need more votes! they know we have already give up on them! so they have to buy more people from oversea!
    anyone can ask the vote dept to let only citizen that are here for more the 8 year then got the voting right?
    only do this then pap is not buying vote!

    • Ken Lee said

      Any food, drinks or vouchers at the by-election rallies?

      I am just wondering out aloud… Did either the WP or PAP rally involve any supply of free food, drinks, vouchers or other gifts?

      Political parties should be aware that treating is an offence under the Parliamentary Elections Act.

      58. —(1) A person shall be guilty of treating if he corruptly, by himself or by any other person, either before, during or after an election, directly or indirectly gives or provides, or pays wholly or in part the expense of giving, any meat, drink, refreshment, cigarette, entertainment or other provision or thing or any money or ticket or other means or device to enable the procuring of any such meat, drink, refreshment, cigarette, entertainment or other provision or thing, to or for any person —

      (a) for the purpose of corruptly influencing that person or any other person to vote or refrain from voting;

      (b) for the purpose of inducing that person to attend or remain at any election meeting;

      (c) on account of any such person or any other person having voted or refrained from voting or being about to vote or refrain from voting at the election; or

      (d) on account of any such person having attended an election meeting.

      (2) A person shall also be guilty of treating if he corruptly accepts or takes any such meat, drink, refreshment, cigarette, entertainment or other provision or thing or any such money or ticket or who adopts any other means or device to enable the procuring of such meat, drink, refreshment, cigarette, entertainment or other provision or thing

      It is clear that treating for the purpose inducing persons to attend a rally or to remain at the rally is an offence. So, has anyone attended these rallies? Do you have knowledge of infringement of this law?

  8. Please join as Singapore citizen before you comment said

    Please join as Singapore citizen before you comment

    Please respect andf follow the rules and regulations if you are in other country

    It is not Singaporeans have to “kow tow” to foreigners or vice versa, it is the respect of culture, value system,…. that new residents or citizens must follow.

    Different countries have different rules and regulations, so please respect each country rules and regulations. Foreigners should respect the rules, or else please go back to their own countries. There is no “perfection” in this world. Many foreigners want to enjoy benefits, but they do want to be Singapore citizens. If they do not want to be citizens, why should they comment or suggest so much things only for their benefits?

  9. Vic said

    Common psychology 1: Anything that we get easily without some strive is deemed cheap and worthless.
    According to our Home Affairs Ministry, two out of every three PR applicants are successful. Even construction workers, cleaners, masseurs and prostitutes are granted Singapore PR, which is the stepping stone to citizenship. Getting a PR and citizenship in Singapore is incredibly easy without major restrictions. Singapore PR and citizenship are a dime a dozen.

    Common psychology 2: Anything given out in abundance loses its value.
    The inflow of immigrants built up sharply from GCT’s time to LHL taking over office. In the last 10 years, Singapore Govt granted roughly 50,000 new PRs and 20,000 new citizenship every year, Long term stay entry permits given out to foreigners amounted to some 2 million; to the extent foreigners constitute 36% of our population today. Of the remaining 64% who are citizens, a significant proportion are new immigrants born overseas. By this situation, foreigners intuitively devalue our citizenships, PRs and work-passes to what material benefits these could bring them. They feel no appreciation to the host country and its people. We have reduced our country into a common property, a public park where foreigners feel absolutely at home, and little ceremonial regards to their hosts’ sensitivities. .

  10. Pitiful Singaporean ! said

    Mr Tan…Since you mentioned that you love your country, may I know how much tax did you pay? 😉

  11. quitter said

    Before GE2011 most thought that the change will come.
    I will still vote for the change in 2016 but at the same time, I will apply to be a quitter as I am not very sure that will the change still come in 2016? If it does not come again in 2016, how? Wait for 2021? By then I will be too old to be a quitter.

    • justamolester said

      the given reason by this govt is singapore is small, no natural resources, so we have to constantly accept foreign talents to no extent. singapore is not going to turn big and not suddenly have natural resources spring out right? if 2016 remain the same, then i see the future picture is very grim, they have to dangling incentive to foreigner to come to singapore , so the old is always gonna replaced by the new, the new is gonna replaced by the newer and so on…, the good day they promised and promised will never come. this’s been hovering in my head for so long, unless you are a low-life-ass-kisser, willing to greet them with pretentious smiling , inevitably u need to work like a dog without taking a back door. our children have no future in sight. if we can’t change the trend, welcome on board, new singaporean

  12. gr0koewi said

    Jericho, try telling that to a Jewish immigrant. They WILL go ballistic. They will bring in the Anti-Defamation League. It will be the end of all of us.

  13. Alan Lau said

    i was a PR here for 33 years … joined the army, finished the reservist but i decided to keep it blue … the reason is simple … as a Malaysian myself, my country never liked Chinese … so we can get out means out we go … btt … keeping it blue is that your govt is being an asshole 100% of the time … they would rather not compromise their pocket for the citizens which made me think thrice about taking it red … until the time comes, i rather stick to blue …

  14. Rk said

    As of 2011, 35% of everyone in Singapore are foreigners. With this percentage rapidly rising, by 2016, the percentage may be as high as 50%. And if these people were to be awarded Singapore citizenship, voting in the General Elections is useless. We all know who will win with this 50% ‘bonus’

    • mahbok tan said

      You are right Rk ,
      PAP have learned from Malaysia , whereby they bring in loads and tons of live meat from phillipines and Indonesia into sabah and sarawak and this 2 states are thie fixed deposits for every GE…!!!

      That whats worrying US …..PAP know their game plan and quickly make strategy change but we the Citizen of SGpore just follow lor(law)….lan lan we have to tan ku ku to see that the change might not come…..but what ever it is the FIGHT must go on……even if its 50% to the COS for the opposition is a victory hard earned by the true CITIZEN OF SINGAPORE.
      Huat … Huat … Ah…..!!!!

    • Overseas Singaporean said

      I agree… Despite promising “Singaporeans First” in the last GE, it’s blatantly obvious that those were just empty words. PAP’s strategy is to accelerate the number of new citizens to bolster their votes in 2016. I admire Jericho’s love for our nation but we have to do something more than just voting in 2016. We need to stand up for our rights.

  15. Julie Ong said

    Mr Jericho Tan, thanks for your contribution.
    Mr Lee Kuan Yew has done well for Singapore. Together with his team of ministers and his other members of parliament and the hardworking/loyal citizens
    Singapore grew and prospered. There were mistakes also, namely,
    1. Stop at two children policy. Kind of inconsistent when you consider he has three children himself. Sorry for those women who were ‘persuaded’ into sterilisation and also for their husbands. Now we are short of people. And the claim that there is a dearth of talented Singaporeans. Blame the people again for not producing enough children.
    2. Graduate women marrying graduate men to improve our gene pool. Eugenics? Sounds like he had too much time to the extent that he can indulge/meddle in the personal lives of Singaporeans. Contrast that to the quality of people we are bringing in now. This whole state of affairs is really in the realm of ‘high farce’. We have certainly taken the wrong turn and lost our way.
    3. The astronomical salaries for ministers and the president. Are they worth it?
    Certainly not. More so when they blundered in their foreign worker/immigration policy leading to fear and loathing by the citizens. Not to mention the downgrading of their standard of living and even their job security. Also look at the adverse impact on the daily lives of the people. What about their inability in managing the nation’s finances? Blinding incompetence overall but still having the gall to want massive salaries.

    Jericho, you have argued well.

    We move on to now and the future. What hope have we if the present leaders persist in their open door immigration/foreign workers’ policy? Singaporeans must always come first, then others.

    Yes, we need foreign talent. The ones who are highly skilled or have specialised knowledge. These bona fide talents are what we really need as they will also raise the standard of our local born through skill and knowledge transfer. Aside from that we also need high quality investments from abroad. Our ultimate goal: a truly global city. Well known and respected internationally. A huge call indeed.

    We can argue forever and still go nowhere. It needs the will on the part of the government to recalibrate this issue. Hopefully, this will be done as quickly as possible otherwise the situation will deteriorate and the problem becomes too difficult to fix or even impossible.

    There is still the window of opportunity for the government to make good. If, however, they choose not to work in the best interests of the citizens then I will say defiantly: “We’ll kick you out come General Election 2016”.

    It is hard to do worse than what we are doing now.

  16. Singaporean said

    DO YOU KNOW THAT as of 2011, 49% of working population is FT/FW.. ??!!

    Soon true Singaporeans are minority… and majority will be FT/FW.. and PAP is trying to get them to be citizen purely wanting their votes.

    Singapore is doom..
    I can’t sing ‘Count on me Singapore’ anymore. Perhaps I should sing ‘Kick me out Singapore’

  17. George said

    In Rome do as the romans do . Shouldn’t the new citizens & the FT make the headway to blend with us ? They must learn & understand the multi cultural society of Singapore. I was sad to know about the Indian cooking smell that was such an issue with the PRC residents. Thank god our fellow chinese and fellow malays was against the PRC’ s negative behaviour of the cooking smell. It’s time PR’s owing HDB flats pay double conservancy. At times I feel short changed with the FT in Singapore. I respect the law & hopefully the law catches up with these FT. With so many complaints from our Singaporean , why don’t the elected MP’s meet the residents to have a better understanding on the ground. Instead of the elected MP’s coming around election time to shake hands with residents.

  18. pegonmynose said

    it is the truth that the govt consist of SAF generals who con us into doing NS for FT who never do a day of NS.

    This is corruption as they make use of us local males to get themselves promoted into SAF generals while we local males get thrown out to compete with FT with 2 years of NS and 20 more years of reservist tie arorund our neck like a stone.

    NS and the sg govt is killing Sg.

  19. Naivety said

    Yep, fully agreed with you…Jericho Tan

    Crap Pro-Immigration Policy introduced by MIWs to buy votes for their own self interest & down with them in GE 2016 or soonest!

  20. SC said

    Specifically for Singapore, ALL PRs must be converted to citizens after certain number of years. Otherwise they should not be allowed to stay.

  21. oute said

    aiyoh, it is not because we want it, it is your government (your Big Brother), that wants you to treated as 2nd Class.

    Do you know why – cause they want to be in power to be forever.

    What do you think.

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