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AGC: Law of contempt needed to protect ‘public confidence’ in administration of justice in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on July 18, 2012

For the second time in less than a month, the Attorney-General Chambers (AGC) felt compelled to issue a public statement to clear up lingering skepticism in the public about its decisions.

Two weeks ago, the AGC issued a media statement to explain the charges leveled against plastic surgeon Woffles Wu for abetting somebody to take the rap for him for two speeding offences.

The fiasco sparked a massive outcry among Singaporeans, among whom is blogger Alex Au who wrote two articles insinuating that Woffles Wu was ‘favorably’ treated under the law, prompting AGC to send a letter to him threatening to charge him for contempt of court unless he retracts his article and apologizes which he eventually did so.

Now, AGC is explaining its decision to use the law of contempt to send Alex Au the warning.

According to AGC, “it is contempt to say that the court was biased if there is no objective rational basis to do so, as Mr Au did”. adding that “the law of contempt exists to protect public confidence in the administration of justice.”

“Accusations of bias diminish it in the eyes of the citizens, lower it and ultimately damage the nation. Such accusations can occur frequently, with the judges not being able to respond. That is why confidence in the administration of justice needs to be protected from such allegations,” it said.

Despite Alex Au’s apology, many netizens remain unconvinced and felt he had no choice but to do so as it is impossible to challenge the ‘system’ in Singapore.


14 Responses to “AGC: Law of contempt needed to protect ‘public confidence’ in administration of justice in Singapore”

  1. LOL said

    Yeah right, I feel very confident about your law when you threaten people into silence.

    • Fox said

      Well, I don’t know.
      Did you hear the legendary Justice Bao go around with Law of contempt to protect “public confidence” of his way of handling cases?
      We could miss out something here. I honestly don’t know. I only remember he dun even let go of offending royal family members.

  2. kangaroo said

    “AGC: Law of contempt needed to protect ‘public confidence’ in administration of justice in Singapore”

    That’s odd. I feel nothing but contempt towards the administration of justice in Singapore.

  3. Ken Lee said

    Yeah right, I feel very confident about your double standed law.

  4. Marc said

    Btw has AGC actually explained to our satisfactory about the differences between to two cases in doubts??? That will be a better way to protect public confidence!!!

  5. sadoldman said

    There are 2 justice system / law /penal code in Singapore, one for the Rich, one for the NOT Rich.

    PAP Regime has installed these, thru absolute power. fro monly 60.1%. of the people.

    Lucky every one got one life, someday AG will face Buddha/Jesus/Ah Lah/Indian Gods, hope he got a good reason for not being send to hell.

  6. kaypoh said

    I am publicly confident u all open mouth sure kena saman wan….

    Thou shalt not take the name of Sir Stamford Waffles in vain…. any such shall be punished with eternal damnation & not just $1k fine ok?

  7. oldguard said

    AGC full of crap, papigs dog.

  8. Yayrhah said

    I am voting No Confidence in the current AGC!

  9. mahbok tan said

    AGC please do not treat us SGPorean like u …..and ur DOGs….!!!
    If ordinary citizen must explain to police who drive the car , so to the so called Sir Stamfuck woffles….!!!
    its pretty simple and clear that the car is owned by him so why he do not have to report to the police ?

  10. notright said

    The AGC’s actions to silence dissent are what is undermining confidence in the Singapore courts. Why are they running scared?

  11. Naivety said

    Kangaroo court & crap justice system!

  12. Walls have Ears!! said

    Please advice,
    Track Records will show all past cases right??

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