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Breaking News: Scaffolding collapses at Downtown Line construction site with 2 workers killed

Posted by temasektimes on July 18, 2012

A temporary scaffolding used for the construction of the new Downtown Line (DTL) Bugis Station subway link roof slab collapsed this morning at 8am causing two workers to be killed.

[Source: CNA]

Eight other workers were injured and were sent to the nearby Raffles Hospital before rescuers arrived.

According to the Land Transport Authority, the Downtown Line Bugis station structure is “substantially complete and structurally sound” and poses no risk to surrounding developments and the public.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has ordered all construction work to stop, while the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has revoked the construction permit for the site while investigations are underway.


24 Responses to “Breaking News: Scaffolding collapses at Downtown Line construction site with 2 workers killed”

  1. SkinFT said

    Ouch. Another COI? Waste our monies again? Come on pap you can do better!!! You fucker are earning millions!!!

  2. GodBlessSG said

    “Growth at all cost” (quote from a famous old man) vs quality growth.
    Something gotta give.
    So the old man has spoken and chosen. Here’s the price to pay.

  3. spotlessleopard said

    investigate and you may come up with “Engineers” from third world countries and east european countries ….India, Philippines, Eastern Europe…all at 1/2 price and meanwhile our singaporean engineers are selling insurane, steel pots and pans, taxi drivers…because our Bosses are give free reign to employ these foreign “Talents”

  4. bogus said

    Investigation reveals that design of the scaffolding was performed by Civil/Structural Engineer David Li, one of those amazing foreign talents imported by the PAP government:

    • kaypoh said

      Any relation to our famous family?

      How come the stupid Saw not oso missing? wud have saved us a lot of trouble…

  5. Me said

    After the coi, they will conclude , ” we should have done more …. Let us move on

  6. Ken Lee said

    we got the best FT on the job!

  7. kaypoh said

    Not yet open oredi fall Down…. good work Downfall Line….

  8. sfng said

    oooo a new haunting…
    sbs gonna have a field day

  9. Ren said

    It will be ‘we will conduct a meeting and examine what we can learn from this accident.’…

  10. dreamwalked said

    update: 2 dead.

  11. The whole country is burning said

    sorry.. you think they will let you know the result of the investigation?? nope.. they will just sit and wait for the wind to blow over.. if not.. they will make COE sky high so the Silliporeans attention is diverted.. 😉 as usual

  12. Ron said

    Reading the news, it would seem to me that the falsework (the temporary structures) that was set up to hold the formwork for pouring concrete collapsed. The number of workers indicate that there was concrete pouring in progress and so they got buried. Formwork and falsework are different. Both have to be engineered to ensure it can take the weight (wet concrete is even heavier than dry concrete) and stresses.

    Obviously something has gone drastically wrong and the experts will have to examine the details. It is not the fault of SMRT. The Main contractor is issued with a Construction Permit and this permit is now revoked. Looks like a very serious accident.

  13. mahbok tan said

    Main sub-con : allo no problem Sir …..will bring in more FOREIGN TARENT to the worksite…..all will be well and taken care of.

    Miss-de-ster Lim : Good , gooder and goodest if you can bring i 1 eloprane from P-al-C…..shieh shieh….!!!

  14. Iceman said

    the engineers & workers FTs ???

  15. bb said

    Lui TY,

    All the time LTA is a problem and never part of the solution. As a minister you should seriously seek the advice of other ministries (not those from MOT and LTA) seriously. Of all the gov engineers the best engineers come from PWD and HDB because it was inherited from the British colonial adminstration where engneering design was handed from the british engineers. These engineers design and supervised all the projects under their organisations-check with KBW.

    LTA is not a product from the British. It is hybrid from PWD(roads), MRTC etc merge together. When MRTC was first formed it did not have the foresight to have a long term plan. Engineers employed in MRTC were treated like temp staff. The design of the MRT in the 70s was done by overseas engineers with little or no participation from local engineers. MRTC own engineers do not know how to design. With the concept of “Design and Build” which is designed by contractor and build by contractor you can imagined what is going to happened. That is why KBW distanced himself when he takes over MND on the DBSS whcih is even worse -Design,Build and Sell. As a result LTA engineers are completely without any good knowledge on design and constructionof MRT projects. If from the beginning LTA has embarked their own design, Singapore would have been in forefront in underground train construction and this expertise would have been exported to overseas..

    To make matter worse the gov engineers are all gone due to outsourcing the engineering work to pte sectors and Sg are left with a bunch of adminstrators and scholar admistrators. Most of these engineers are working overseas such as China, US and Australia.

    Some of the engineers studying overseas and graduated opt not to return as there are not much opportunities back home.
    It appears Sg is on the spiralling downwards

  16. Webbie said

    Every construction project need to be completed fast to meet growth and demand caused by the surge in population. 24/7 construction is common. How to stop and do proper checks and rectification when you are rushing to meet the schedule?

  17. Naivety said

    Who is/are the MPs incharge of this area…please make your existence felt?!

    • K P said

      It’s the orders of things. I am only expecting generic responses from all agencies. It’s a template world with moulded responses and reply.

      It’s time to be extra mindful about job safety. It’s never ever over kill to be safe.

      Questions raised: was it human error?

      Considering the safety factor of such work, the risks or should be minimum. I am curious to know if the scaffoldings are flawed or aged. I like to seat in the enquiry board to ask questions.

      Hope the victim’s family are well taken care of.

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