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Law Society member: M Ravi is currently ‘unfit’ to practice law

Posted by temasektimes on July 18, 2012

Prominent Human Rights lawyer M Ravi is deemed ‘currently unfit’ to practice law due to his mental condition, said a member from the Law Society Wong Siew Hong in High Court on Monday.

The concern was raised to the judge during a sitting on the Hougang by-election case where Mr Ravi was acting counsel when Mr Wong presented a letter from Dr Calvin Fones, Mr Ravi’s psychiatrist to the judge Justice Philip Pillai.

The letter stated that that Mr Ravi was “having a manic relapse of his bipolar disorder” and is “currently unfit to practise law”.

Mr Wong, who heads a sub-committee on member care in the Law Society says he was contacted on Sunday by Dr Fones, who said Mr Ravi was having a relapse.

Speaking to queries from the media, Mr Ravi was furious with Dr Fones for divulging his medical condition to a third party without his consent.

He called the letter ‘ridiculous’ and threatened to lodge a complaint about Dr Fones to the Singapore Medical Association.


27 Responses to “Law Society member: M Ravi is currently ‘unfit’ to practice law”

  1. Yew Soon said

    “Please note that it was KJ that first leaked M Ravi’s psychiatrist letter to TOC and the press. Now the press more than happy to run the details that M Ravi had allegedly gone mad. If KJ did not leak, not many would know. After he leak it, he removed it from his Twitter. More details here…

  2. Anthony tang said

    As expected any suits against Pinkie will be restricted

    • DIY said

      Under the Evidence Act there are four ways you can be charged for wrong doing. They are (a) Intentional, (b) Unintentional, (c) Loss of Memory during the Incident, (d) Madness

      Lawyers argue in court to defend his client using only the (a), (b) and (c) strategies.

      With due respect to LSS, Mr Ravi must be of sound mind when he appear before a magistrate. It is uncommon for a lawyer to be seen in a condition of categories between (c) and (d). The medical intervention was about right. Otherwise it is bad taste for courts to conduct hearing.

  3. Crap... said

    Pui.. dirty tricks time by MIWs’ minions.. how shameless!! LHL, go fly kite..

  4. Realist said

    One should not be so biased to put the blame on the pinkies when glaring facts are presented to represent a true situation.
    M.Ravi maybe truly mentally sick and it is to the client interest such information should be known if not such client will be a victim of circumstances.

    • denzuko1 said

      You are mentally sick yourself.

    • Jaded said

      so going by the same reasoning, psychiatrists should inform the employers, colleagues, family members, friends, and acquaintances of anyone with mental illness as ”it is to their interest such information should be known if not such they will be a victim of circumstances?”

      Don’t be stupid. If you want to inform, do it the right way and go through the proper channels.

  5. kitto said

    Here we go again, PAP machinery at work to discredit all opponents. Do I love them move or do I hate them more?

  6. Eric Wong said

    How can this be happening in Singapore? It is so shameful.

    There is little doubt that the whole world is watching this fiasco as the events unfolds.

    Shameful. Absolutely shameful.

    And so close to the next General Elections due in 2016 or so!

    The people of Singapore will not forget this injustice.

  7. CB said

    Absolutely disgusting! How low can PAP get to try to stop Ravi? It involves the constitution and the people have the right to know if our PM does or does not have unfettered discretion in calling for a by election.

    Mr Wong from LSS (Lao sai society?)- I think you’re the one with bipolar!

    • Seraphim said

      Mr Ravi does have bipolar disorder, but I do not see why he cannot present in court if he conduct himself well. People can suffer mental problems like depression or even schizophrenia, but as long as the condition is well controlled, I do not see why they cannnot continue their normal way of life.

  8. denzuko1 said

    Lawsoc now says that Mr Wong was on his own accord going there to “observe” the proceedings.

    In case LawSoc does not yet know, the whole world knows that Mr Wong is there to stop the proceeding claiming that he represents LawSoc this guy has totally no respect for court at all. I am very sure that M Ravi is not the only lawwyer with history of psychotic issue, has LawSoc acted in a similar fashion to any of its member in the past? Why is M Ravi single out in this case?

    I think Mr Wong should be removed from LawSoc for impersonation or the president should resign for having such screw up. bottom line is “What a load of bullshit” and considering they are into law, they can’t even understand the meaning of air tight alibi, statements from LawSoc is so filled with holes!

    It will be interesting to know if they will revoke M Ravi’s cert for practice next just to stop the proceedings.

  9. Hahaha said

    WSH is a dog … and he doesn’t even belong to the PAP!

  10. Ken Lee said

    bro pap will do anything to win!

  11. Is Wong Siew Hong a PAP member? or a pro-PAP lawyer? said

    Is Wong Siew Hong a PAP member? or a pro-PAP lawyer?
    Law should be justic, and not politic!

  12. 陳一峯 said

    actually everyone suffers a certain amount of mental illness. face it, we are all vulnerable to this type of accuse. in recent years, many PRC using this tactics.

  13. Ni Hong said

    On the first place , it is nice to expose people sickness in Public.???

    • DIY said

      This is just a pre-trial before a magistrate. The public hearing has not been convened yet. Unlike the judiciary in Egypt 2012 where the ex-president Hosni Mubarak who was in a semi-comatose condition, brought into court in hospital bed equipped with drips to sustain him and finally to answer charges against him. The question is. Is it fair?

      I drew a parallel incident to illustrate a point.

      During the Dark Ages, a horse had galloped, overthrew the rider and eventually killed him. There was a cry of murder. The animal was sent to court. Stood in the Witness Box and the Prosecutor announced the charges against the horse. Is the system a useful one to coax an animal to be beholden to a cause? Or is it a slip of the mind?

      The question is : Who is at fault? Is it the system, or is it the method?

  14. rohani said

    TT did not report the full fact. The judge has thrown out the Law Society’s decision to discontinue Ravi to be the lawyer of the two ongoing cases and deemed Ravi as “fit” for the cases.

  15. Aminurasyid said

    It seems that this are the same method when lee kuan yew try to discredit our former president Mr. C.V Devan Nair saying that Mr.Devan is sick and alcoholic. One of the Dr check and certify that Mr.Devan is unfit to be a President and have to stand down.

    • Playfair said

      Woody Goh also did this to President Ong Teng Chong. Exposed his whole illness in the Shity Times just because he pressured them on the reserves.
      These men in white are not really white, bloody hypocrites.

      • IronMan said

        And why no one exposed LKY & LHL sickness? Are they still fit to run the govt of SG? Dun they have to stand down too?

  16. stevenado said

    Hope that mr Ravi sue both the wongs…Bringing shame not only to Lawless Society but also Singapore.Luckily our judge is not mentally sick! Somewhere, somehow, someone must be very sick.We will not forget such stupid incident!
    Both the wongs will be punished by unseen hands!!! Hope both wongs will be having sleepless night!

    • Anthony Tang said

      The W(R)ONGS will be punished for being so cruel

      • DIY said

        Be careful and don’t be like a dyslectic person. He would be confused when mentioning between the words ‘wong’ and ‘wrong’. Imagine what a dyslectic would have said when he call LSS.

        He would say “I had ‘wing’ the ‘wong’ number”. The correct saying should be “I had ring the wrong number”.

        It is a question of bipolar disorientation. Just like M Ravi.

      • Anthony Tang said

        The (R) is in brackets. The pun is on the word Wong. I believe you are not qualified or competent enough to comment, You must be a Pri school dropout. Your command of Englich is much below par. Do try to be a doctor and give nedical reports , you cannot even qualify to be a attendant throwing the waste in the hospital rubbish dump. FU DIY

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