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Lim Swee Say: I rather be voted out for doing the right things which are unpopular

Posted by temasektimes on July 18, 2012

PAP leaders are always doing the ‘right’ things for Singapore for the ‘long-term’ even if they are hugely unpopular with Singaporeans – that’s the public perception that the government and the state media have been painfully cultivating for a long time to force its hated policies down the throats of unsuspecting Singaporeans.

Minister in Prime Minister’s Office and Labor Chief Lim Swee Say propagated the myth again on Monday at the closing ceremony of the Asian Young Leaders Convention at River Valley High School where he reminded the audience that “putting the country’s interest first is more important than winning votes by pursuing populist policies.”

Mr Lim added that “leaders must have the courage and be far-sighted enough to introduce tough measures necessary to sustain a country’s progress.”

“I (would) rather be voted out for trying to do the right things which may be unpopular, than to be voted in by people for doing the wrong things,” he said.

The PAP government has introduced many ‘right’ but unpopular policies in recent years such as opening the floodgates to immigrants and Singaporeans have no choice but to accept them as they are ‘beneficial’ for the ‘long term’.


65 Responses to “Lim Swee Say: I rather be voted out for doing the right things which are unpopular”

  1. Me said


  2. kaypoh said

    Bend down & take it in the ass…. it’s for your own good!!!

  3. Ken Lee said

  4. WatDoUThink said

    since he said so, lets just vote him out in GE2016! enuff of his crap!

  5. Lim said

    Dear Lim SS

    May I request you to take Public transport to work from today onwards? Please experience the feel of taking public transport during the peak hours

    May I request You to reduce your fat salary to just 1k per mth? Plead experience the torture and hardness of maintaining a sustainable life balance with an income of 1k

    May I request you to send your children ad grand children and great grand children to local JCs and NTU and NUS? Please let them learn from the Foreign talent students and bond with those FT students

  6. Compatriot said

    I say Lim Swee Say tell me which were the things that you and your PAP bullies did right

    Stopped at two (2) with ligation and $10K this has led to opened the flood gates for dozen of thousands squatter immigrants and deprived local citizens of their livelyhood

    I think If this fallacy is not circumspect our local citizens will not be shedding out tears no more

  7. mikey said

    Zorro wants to be voted out so he can see his cpf statement everyday & count his pension $$millions.

  8. Jaded said

    This statement is funny on so many levels…

    right things for who? your beloved FTs?

  9. Seb said

    May his wish come true.

  10. Jack said

    errr… what are the right things you are doing, sir?

  11. Fark That Sissy AssLoong said

    This self serving Chee Bye face talking Cock again.

    Let’s listen to him for once and vote him out (as he suggests) in the next GE 2016.

  12. care to explain said

    What right things have you done so far?
    Trying to save face if he is voted out in the next GE?

    • rohani said


    • mel said

      Doing the right things to keep his position in the govt and earn his film star wages. Maybe, he has already made enough to retire comfortably and wish to be voted out….lazy bastard!

  13. Lim said

    Please get voted out then. We can do with less echoes and gaffes

  14. Naivety said

    He has already profited enough as Minister all these years & will be stepping down in Yr 2016 therefore, can talk more cocks & sing songs here la!!!

  15. sad said

    Can’t understand this policy, look at Swiss, even EU members have to beg to get in. They enjoy open spaces, good public services, high per capital income.

    Forget GDP man, if you look at counties like India and China per Capital Income still not good despite of all the GDP, only benefit the rich. All devloped countries know this, that’s why its so hard even to get a work visa.

    What happenned to our Swiss standard of living?

  16. Invictus said

    Let’s give him what he wants and vote him out !! Doesnt bring value to workers nor Singapore. Deadweight as a politician !

  17. iloveft said

    Fuck you lah cheebye lim. You are just a sorry cock sucker. Good luck. We will vote you out n change pension scheme such that you will have to pick bottles from rubbish bins for a living when you retire. Cock sucker is cock sucker.

  18. eek said

    the irony is that it is exactly these so-called ‘right things’ that people are so peeved about – their ‘we know best’ attitude and not listening to the people.

  19. LOL said

    Can help to enlighten me, what is right and what is wrong?

    Have not vote, but already know they are wrong? Good insight LOL

  20. rohani said


  21. Adrian Pang said

    It’s about time we voted you OUT for doing all the WRONG unpopular things all along!!!

  22. Cancer said

    If you have been doing the wrong things, how could we have voted you in?? If you are voted out doing the right things, then it must be the things you think is right for you only but done wrongly without the approval of the citizens!

  23. mahbok tan said

    This miss-de-ster have been hamtam terok in yahoo aleadi lei…give him ass(face) la….!!!

    See….! the more LKY ask for BIG MONEY BIG MONEY for our minister , the outcome is pathetic…..all ONLY talkcock….!!!
    Its the CITIZEN OF SGPORE that are at stake right now not GDP ….KNNBCCB…still don’t understand ….!!! Since day 1 of GE2011….!!!! we have been suffering and the last 10years…..!!! No point getting higher GDP year after year when your people are getting more ANGRY , ANGRIER and ANGRIEST…..!!!

  24. Gaba said

    Hah yes he is Darth Vader, strangling common Singaporeans and the unions. Total loser.

  25. Whatever. said

    Fine, you will be voted out next GE.

  26. Amaze said

    His wish will be granted.

  27. We Singaporeans said

    Wanted us to vote U out ! You sure ?? mmmmmm… wish granted !

  28. wolfglare said

    Lim Swee Say come 2016 you will have your wish come true….and than you can stay home enjoy looking at your CPF…since u feel so rich when u look at your CPF right

  29. 龍的传人 said


  30. Tan Yan Ren said

    Lim Swee Say,
    Dont talk cock!!Dont make sweeping statements without jusifying which policies you believe are the right ones and definitely in the interest of the people and yet the people are unhappy .So far you are talking through your ……ss without thinking that is why there are so many screw ups lately….not because they were , when implemented, Wrong ,BUT YOU OR THE POLICY makers are NOT GOOD and NIMBLE enough to MODIFY, CHANGE<,or IMPROVED with the changing circumstances…at least not fast enough…that is poor judgement and leadership……and ALL because the Govt ..IS NOT LISTENING TO THE GROUND or at least the RIGHT information is NOT filtered to the TOP, like to the PM. The way you you say those comments tells me that you DONT KNOW why ALL these problems are ARISING…which leads me to BELIEVE very strongly YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH to be a MINISTER…

  31. animal farm said

    Cut the talk and just quit! I

  32. bb said

    If you want to do unpopular deed, I suggest you desert Pappy party(no one dare to) and join the opposition and fight against pappy then you have done the right thing.

  33. weak justice said

    why don’t this clown just quit!!! make life easier for all of us!!! idiot must be enjoying his big fat salary too much…come next GE we will see you cry yet again, bloody fool!!!

  34. Lim Swee said

    Now I no longer admire my cpf $.
    Instead now everyday I bathe I admire how long XXXX I have.

  35. The Mighty Pen said

    The minister is fully aware that his East Coast seat is in danger in the next General Election, hence his advance action which starts from now. The tagline and election strategies will change nearer the election date. In fact they become more aggressive by asserting wrong statements nearer election dates.

  36. P Koh said

    Making sweeping statements like this just shows that he does not put his ears to the ground and feel the trembles that
    the mistakes of government are causing. Policies not well thought through are causing native Singaporeans to be disillusioned
    and yet he still claims these are policies are correct in the longer term when it is already wrong in the short term. An apology
    and an undertaking to take appropriate measures to address the situation would be what is expected to bring some sanity back to the decaying social disharmony for the common good of the Country.

  37. kaka said

    It is an open challenge – vote me out if you can!! But he still got 4 years to implement the “right” policies before you can do anything to him…sad but we have to wait…

    • Jack said

      Minister, take a SMC in GE2016, I will contest you, pls don’t hide in a GRC.

      • Julie Ong said

        Thank you, Jack.
        Yes, make him and his ilk hit the road, Jack. And to return no more, no
        more, no more ……
        These charlatans keep insulting the intelligence of the citizens. In General Election 2016 we’ll show them that we can vote them in and also kick them out!
        The Government is there to lead and serve us and not to Lord Over Us!

      • Jack said

        Julie Ong,
        This is the 2nd time we “met”, pls add to my

      • Julie Ong said

        Jack, thanks for your invitation to join you on Facebook.
        I am actually a very shy person and prefer to stay out of the spotlight unless I really must.
        Glad that you have openly challenged Mr Lim Swee Say. We need more gutsy people like you.
        Coming back to the problems concerning the silent majority of Singaporeans: we must continue to put the heat and pressure on the government in order to achieve the change/s necessary. As it is all they do is support and echo one another’s statements/lectures. We need change. If they don’t come sooner then GE2016 must be the citizens’ last stand against an oppressive and incompetent government.

      • Jack said

        Julie Ong, in case he hides in a GRC, I will need a team, thus, need you to be the team member 🙂

      • Naivety said

        Aiyah, no need to be so troublesome lah, ask Zorro Zero Lim SS to stand in Aljunied GRC instead, we, residents there would like to welcome him with our opening arms & “legs” as well!

      • Jack said

        If pap send him there, you know he is no longer the favorite one. Good suggestion, though

  38. Hypocrite said

    “I (would) rather be voted out for trying to do the right things which may be unpopular, than to be voted in by people for doing the wrong things”… Indeed, these are worthy words from any politicians … 真伟大!

    But as the Labor MP, when the bottom 10% of society has had its income FLAT for the last 10 years and you essentially didn’t even realise it (until you were caught with your pants down by Lim Chong Yah and then hurriedly recommended to give a +$50 pay rise to all low income workers) much less did anything about it — then, what “right” have you done ? Only in the last few months did you talk non-stop about the pay for cleaners, for security guards, for low income earners, discrmination against Singaporeans in recruitment ads, … where were you all these years ? What have you been doing, LABOR CHIEF ??

    I would rather that you say : “I would rather do what’s right for the workers and for Singaporeans AND EVEN RISK BEING BOOTED OUT BY THE PAP LEADERSHIP” — then, you will earn my respect.

    You’ve run the show for years, you’ve been one of the “inner circles” in setting labor, immigration, land, housing policies for years and in every single case, you basically went with what the PAP leadership has decided and your job is to “sell” the policies to the workers. Thats easy, isn’t it ?

    Look at Lim Boon Heng — for the good job in toeing the line, he’s given a cushy directorship job at Temasek. I’m sure you’ll have something cushy prepared for you too either when you retire or when you’re booted out, whichever comes first.

    Viewed in that perspective, “I (would) rather be voted out for trying to do the right things which may be unpopular, than to be voted in by people for doing the wrong things” sounds rather hollow, doesn’t it ? You KNOW that if you toe the line, its much easier for you politically and for your own future. You KNOW if you don’t toe the line, the wrath of the PAP leadership will descend upon you, and you can say goodbye to your future, your retirement, your reputation, your everything.

    So you want to claim the moral high ground ? Do what’s right .. and I mean, what’s REALLY right, for the workers and for Singaporeans. When you have that mindset, that your only compass will be what’s right for workers and for Singaporeans and you don’t mind resigning or be booted out of the PAP leadership or risk everything … then I believe you’ll make the right decisions for the country and earn the people’s respect. And if you can’t bring yourself to do that, then its still moral high ground to me, if as a matter of principle, you resign immediately and ask the Prime Minister (sorry, it should be ask NTUC … or is it the Prime Minister .. confused lah) to appoint someone else as the Labor Chief because you acknowledge that you have not, and cannot, represent the interests of the workers.

    Otherwise, you’re essentially the person annointed to sell PAP’s policies to the workers and like Lim Boon Heng, you know damn well that as long as you toe the line, you’ll have a cushy life ahead well after your retirement. And the last thing you should do, is claim any moral high ground!!

  39. A Singaporean Abroad said

    The “right thing” can only be unpopular to others if it brings an unfair advantage to the doer himself.

  40. enough said

    who is he trying to con

    if that is the case, then he should not accept the millions every year he took from our sweat

    return the money to the country and work to safeguard the nation

    talk is cheap

  41. waterfall said

    What does it mean? you rather get voted “IN” & do the “WRONG” thing which are “POPULAR”?

  42. Please Run In AMK GRC said

    Please run in Ang Mo Kio GRC in 2016

    We will grant you your wish. You and the rest of your team.

  43. Ironic said

    It depends on whether the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ things are right and wrong according to whose standards. The bottomline is not does it benefit me but how much does it benefit me. If I benefit more, it’s right and fair. If I benefit less, it’s right if I’m contented, but if I’m not contented, then it’s wrong and unfair. So really, the question is how to make everybody get the maximum benefits they all deserve, without compromising on others’ benefits. It is impossible to achieve this because we are an imperfect society.

  44. i dare you said

    Dear Mr Lim Swee Say,

    I challenge you: Go to an SMC and run one-on-one against Chen Show Mao.

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