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Peeved new citizen: PAP govt should pause and reflect on its policies

Posted by temasektimes on July 18, 2012

The Singapore government’s economic policies are causing much unhappiness not only among native Singaporeans, but new citizens who were ‘converted’ earlier.

An obviously peeved new citizen by the name of Kenneth Ling wrote a well-thought letter to the Straits Times Forum today expressing his concerns at the direction the country is heading.

Kenneth wrote that Singapore was a well-managed country with a vision and direction when he first arrived in 1992, but he noticed a remarkable shift in the opposite direction after becoming a Singapore citizen in 2008.

“…if this trend continues, many of the desirable talent Singapore worked so hard to attract and cultivate – citizens as well as foreigners – will think of leaving. After all, when the level of frustration, high cost of living, crime, corruption and unhappiness reach the levels seen in New York, Sydney or other global cities, one might as well go to these places to live.”

He expressed his doubts in Singapore being a special place to raise a family and have a good career in the future because of the government’s choice and policies.

“To me, the Government has chosen the path of monetary and materialistic emphasis, plus enhancing its global image, over its citizens’ quality of life. The surge in population, which strains infrastructure; rising costs as people compete for jobs, goods and services; and the emphasis on casinos and wealthy foreigners to drive growth, all impress on young people the need to increase their material wealth, and they are then trapped in a rat race to achieve this.”

Kenneth ended his letter with strong words for the government:

“A social imbalance emerges, with accompanying behavioural consequences that are hard to reverse now. When you add poor planning, and one-dimensional solutions focused mainly on financial outcomes, things may worsen in the coming years. It is too shallow and unstable a platform for long-term viability.”


47 Responses to “Peeved new citizen: PAP govt should pause and reflect on its policies”

  1. iloveft said

    Good luck to those new citizens. You have been punk`d!!!

  2. Mike Wolf said

    it will one day when Singapore is named as “SINGAPORE PRIVATE LIMITED”…

  3. Mike Zeng said

    Well said Mr Kenneth Ling! I agree 100%!

  4. P Koh said

    Thanks Kenneth for driving the nail home but I am sure that the government is not blind to all these happenings and instead of
    addressing the problems, Ministers are coming out to ask native Singaporeans to “accept” and “integrate” which is a near impossibility given the large drift that has already happened with the mountain of unhappiness that we see and read everyday.

  5. Lim said

    No point writing or giving feedback – Corporate greed from the very top is too entrenched. The cause of high cost of living is high rental from a few oligopolies. To survive, businesses are forced to cut workers’ pay and what better way than to employ cheap foreigners? Govt opens the floodgates giving the convenient excuse that without them we are dead non-competitive and Sporeans are too choosy, don’t want to work hard etc etc. Of course here they then rake in millions from foreign workers’ levies which of course increase business costs further in addition to the exorbitant rentals. Why are we being charged such high rentals? – simple reason they want to reward millions in pay and bonuses to the very top heavy management and also the shareholders. Who are the major shareholders? No need to answer this question. So overcrowding, strain on infrastructure, crime, broken families, etc are the end result. More people equals more GST collected, more reasons to increase ERP supposedly to ease road congestion, COE will hit the roof, housing, medical costs will go up – and every ministry will add to the govt coffers at the peasants’ expense. Simple analysis. So how to break this vicious cycle? You have the answers how to break free . No need to ask people `What do you think?”

    • G said


    • Ron said

      Bravo. We read of sales of luxury cars and you can see more and more high-powered cars on congested Spore roads. Most likely they belong to business owners who are pleading for cheaper labor and more tax incentives. And they make so much that they must flaunt their wealth via not one but several luxury cars.

      So, Singaporeans can moan about the FT policies. The decision to hire them are made by Singaporean busines leaders and owners. This situation is not going to be reversed in the near term.

    • Vic said

      Agree with you completely!

  6. He feels he got played out ?

  7. Jack said

    Looks like new citizens may also not vote for pap

  8. Ron said

    Wow, what a powerful letter and hitting the hot issues. I am here on long term visit to Australia and found the following:

    – Newspapers that are superior to the Straits Times in terms of journalistic excellence.
    – Cost of living that is lower than Spore. Rentals are cheaper, supermarkets have plenty of Asian goods, Discount stores aplenty.
    – Great outdoor scenery within day trips. Of course, the cars are cheaper. Gasoline comparable or cheaper than Spore.
    – 3-months entry visas. Enough to enjoy Australia and come back frequently… and not having to pay their higher taxes
    – Crime rate is up but if you avoid the drinking places in the evenings, it is low crime.
    – Great for the long term visitor.

    Spore faces competition from Australia.

    • Smith said

      That’s why PRC nationals / Hong Kongers start by stopping in Singapore, with their final aim = Australia.

      • a man said

        As much as I love Australia, it isn’t perfect if you are not white, especially when it comes to well-paying, respectable jobs.

  9. Naivety said

    Very good analysis & true indeed!
    Down with this selfish, self-serving & corrupt government the soonest the better!

  10. Mikey said

    No shit Sherlock!

  11. Elton John said

    Don’t bother telling/suggesting to them what to do AS LONG they are in power.

  12. Blue Blooded said

    The bottom line profit mentality in almost everything in government linked businesses is the main cause of high cost of living in Singapore. Take for exampleThe Garden By The Bay, is it meant for us citizen to enjoy or for the operators to make money? No point to say we can enjoy the park for free as long as you don’t go into the dome and the sky bridge, then why build them ? The food operator charge very exorbitant price beyond the reach of average family for food like chicken rice and other hawkers fare.
    Wake up my dear government ministers and civil servants,bring in more people with high IQ and EQ than FT or highly educated local with no EQ. We are your people, help us make quality living with manageable cost.

    • stevenado said

      Garden By the Bay and those foods were meant for foreign visitors.Locals just visit Bt Timah Hill while still free of charge.Price of food are very high be because rental is sky high.Go there , just see look see look still ok.This is how our singapore goverment commercialisation works!

      • Smith said

        Garden By the Bay is pretty hot for the standards of the foreigner. Unless they’re from Saudi Arabia, they’ll avoid it.

    • kaypoh said

      Like the underaged pros…. looksee is free, but to enter u Pay & Pay hehehe…

  13. Pantatko said

    New citizen not happy than go back to ur farking country shit..,

    • a man said

      New citizen here obviously cares for his new county, retard.

      New citizen or old citizen, we are all citizens of Singapore and we are no longer dissimilar in the common experience of hardships.

  14. Sinkaporean said

    Stop whining.. Just do the right things.. 2016!

  15. bb said

    I suppose you are previously a Malaysian. At least you are a good sg citizen and understand clearly what Sg is facing.

    So you know who to vote as new citizen.

  16. solaris8899 said

    well said!

  17. enough said

    fully agree, i have already left this country, see dark clouds in the horizon,

    i pack my bags with my family few years back, PAP is in the same category as UMNO of malaysia

    with many warlords and Indian chiefs fighting to have a bigger share of the pie for themselves

    Principles, transparency, level playing fields, honesty, integrity are a thing of the past

    Current PAP leaders are self glorifying, self centred, and aloof,

    none of them stands out to lead this nation into the next era, it is the case of the blind leading the blind

    and that is why I see dark clouds in the horizon

    The old hog is too intimidating and any bright sparks that differ his opinions is merciliessly put down

    he lives in a world of his dream, an outdated dream of the last century

    • Julie Ong said

      Thanks, Enough. The old hog is past his use by date. He was a capable leader, but his ruthlessness towards his political opponents is despicable.
      Therefore his legacy is tarnished inspite of his many achievements for Singapore.
      I hope that you will come back to Singapore. You don’t have to be in politics. If you gang up with us the dissidents and vote against the PAP in General Election 2016 we may yet still make a difference:
      We will have a new government!!

    • mel said

      Well said!

  18. Unfit medical practitional said

    Where is that kid who said F U! F U! And F U!? We need young men like him in Singapore

  19. Wicked Brian said

    He is a foreign talent.
    So his words must be golden…😘

  20. SG Talent said

    Welcum to join us in shit!

  21. justamolester said

    now then u know

  22. A Singaporean Abroad said

    Pause and reflect??? Whoever came up with that title is giving too much credit to the govt!

  23. bambam said

    Please be somewhat professional and provide the source:

  24. Singaporean said

    PAP is too rigid to change now!

    A lot of approach seems to be more softer than LKY times…..

    LKY dares to “shoot” or “sue” you openly while all the new “money-minded scholar” world highest pay cabinet using “back-door” to “stir” up such as asking LAW SOCIETY to shut the mouth of Lawyer Ravi, using STRAITS TIMES to “assassinate” Worker Party, or during President Election, etc, etc,etc …….They are so rich that they can using “taxpayers” money execute this kind of work…..

    Whether for good or for worst, we must teach PAP a lesson to vote them out so that they do not take thing for granted to use taxpayers like his own money to “give” to IMF US4 billions without permission from the people! And keep on earning “cold-blooded” money by making many of us jobless and even homeless due to PAP pro-foreigner policy while still can say “it is too risky to increase the wage of low income group”…can you imagine these word from the world highest pay minister taking your money but saying this kind of word, does he have conscience? do he has family? parent? children to take care? Does he even has a heart! Yes, perfer a “black heart”!

  25. Descended said

    well said

  26. Exaggerated said

    Policies made which does not benefit its people are just ink on paper.

  27. The Gardener said

    Given hope on the running govt long time ago.

  28. Seb said

    A taxi driver told me this the other day. He said that the biggest mistake that the PAP is making is to give out so many citizenships. He mentioned that he personally knows quite alot of them who have become new citizens and he told me that they have become very anti-PAP. I am beinging to see this.

  29. Lim said

    Another example of the govt’s `path of monetary and materialistic emphasis’ is we are top bird laundering point for illegal birds from Solomon, human trafficking point, prostitution chicken point spilling over residential areas like Jalan Suka – as long as money is to be made one eye is closed. HSBC make millions profit – now we know how they did it. Shady money from drug barons Mexico financing drug trade, breaking Iran sanctions, Syrian, links with supporting terrorism etc. “Pervasively polluted” culture. There is simply no ethics involved. I sense a similarity. ,

  30. i say what i think only... said

    came here for 16yrs and missed the golden era of being a citizen in the 90s and he actually downgraded to the low-life citizen in 2008. bad timing i say, though from his letter i can tell he is a talent la, beat alot of ft english (or pinoyish) flat flat. welcome and stay braced, let’s claim the country back, be it old or new citizen. pink ic is all that matters. band of brothers

  31. B_Tiger said

    Thanks to Kenneth Ling for putting the point across clearly for all to hear. I assume that policy makers will sit up and take this feedback more seriously since it comes from a new citizen and impacts their political strategy of bolstering their GE performance with grateful new citizens.

    Lets hope this strategy will blow up in their faces big time come 2016. Enough with the under performers, the incompetent, the GRC free riders, and the aloof politicians. If they can’t do the job then let someone else do it instead of trying to cling on to power.

  32. Merlion said

    PAP has the power and stay on top for a long time. For them to listen to the peasants is impossible. But please remember, peasants can stand together as one in the next election.

  33. Not so new citizen said

    My ex colleague, a not so new citizen, previously an Indian national who came to S’pore to work in 1994. He told me that he and his wife had voted against pap in last elections. Why? Becos he is not a new citizen, he and his wife are suffering just like us, local born and bred S’poreans.

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