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MediShield premiums to be raised to provide ‘wider’ coverage

Posted by temasektimes on July 19, 2012

With Singaporeans living longer and medical bills becoming high,  the Ministry of Health (MOH) is proposing to enhance MediShield, its catastrophic illness insurance scheme, to provide greater coverage from the first quarter of 2013.

Under the new scheme, MediShield coverage will be extended to include congenital and neo-natal conditions.

This will be an auto-cover exercise, which means all future Singapore Citizens’ and Permanent Residents’ babies will be covered throughout their lifetime from birth unless their parents choose to opt out from the scheme.

However with the wider coverage, MediShield premiums will have to be increased. For the vast majority of policyholders, they will have to fork out between S$5 – S$10 monthly over the next two years.

Unlike other First World countries, Singapore does not have a comprehensive social safety net to provide for the healthcare of its elderly citizens who are expected to be ‘self-sufficient’ and care for themselves in order not to become a financial burden to the state.


18 Responses to “MediShield premiums to be raised to provide ‘wider’ coverage”

  1. kaypoh said

    Yeah pay the MIW millions, and still we have to take care of everything ourselves, next thing you know we have to F*** ourselves too

  2. Sashaqueenie said

    If higher premiums truly means wider coverage, I don’t mind. But I know that, despite paying for this coverage and that coverage, in the end, when we end up in the hospital seeking treatment for sudden of chronic illnesses, we still have to pay. So what’s the point?
    More people, means that medical costs will go up too.
    That’s one of the many detrimental effects of population explosion we are facing now.

    • kaypoh said

      It’s not about the pop explosion, it’s about making us all pay for very unlikely things….next thing we pay for insurance in case a big asteroid destroys Sillypore. It’s the same old game like higher COEs, HDBs, etc

  3. kaypoh said

    Bend down & open your legs wider, wider coverage my foot! Swiss standard living, by being your own butler.

  4. kaypoh said

    Next we will increase your COE, HDB, & our salary, to serve you better…. shaft you better, I mean.

  5. For a better SG, must vote out the PAP !!! said

    Why everything things must includes these PRs as though they are citizens of SG ?? Damn it they should be on private insurance !!!

  6. enough said

    another means of robbing the poor to pay for the rich
    we will be bone dry before we are in the coffin
    all courtesy of the pap regime

  7. JeoJeo said


    MEANS if the bill size is lower, we can’t even make a claim
    Old scheme: Deductible was $1500
    New Scheme: Deductible is $2000

    means if the bill is $3600
    we pay $2000 first
    & subsequent $1600 we co-pay $10% (i.e. $160)
    total we pay more from our pocket (we co-share more bill and pay more premium)

    Thanks to MIW, and those who voted them in

  8. stevenado said

    $5 to $10 per person…that add up to ???? wow…no joke. Like what Sashaqueenie said “What’s the point” if we still end up paying so much for our medical bill? Maybe $0.50 to $1.00 is more justifyable.

    • ANGRY Bird said

      why should the people pay? govt is responsible to cover the difference. damn useless govt. can use $5 billion of taxpayers money for IMF loan and can’t even cover the increase for its citizens?

  9. mahbok tan said

    Citizen Of Singapore are doooooommmmm for life …..peasant are meant to give milk to the aristocrats…KNNBCCB !!!!
    Vote for a change…!!! Any tom dick and hairy is still better than PAP coz they have the mandate to take care of SGporean but in return they make us look like shits…..NBCB…..!!!

  10. Jack said

    I thot the former Minister Khwa claimed that he had done a good job and under his great masterplan, we all only need to pay $8 for an ops in Hospital. then why Medishield premium must increase now??

  11. Victor said

    I wonder what’s next to increase? They had increased the HDB, Medical, Public Transport and everything else including their own salary. The only thing that’s not increased is our salary and we face constant threats of being replaced by cheaper foreigners.

    Now it’s insurance, next will be the GST. The lists goes on………

    God help us, ordinary Singaporeans.

  12. kaypoh said

    I have no congenital defects, unlike some retard who is being paid millions to think up all this shit… who is the last MIW whose offspring had congenital defects? I refuse to pay a premium for their mental retardation…. retards like TPL, like some idiot who asks you “so what do u think” since it is painful for him to think.

  13. kaypoh said

    Total bloody con-(genital)-job. You only get to claim if u get defective kids, maybe born with 2 assholes & no brain? meanwhile u are charged more $$$ …..better take the extra $5 or $10 go buy TOTO lah, equal chance of getting paid. And if I am singel & no kids, still have to pay??? KNNBCCB

  14. Hector said

    This is the PAP scamming Singaporeans AGAIN. Medishield is only marginally useful because it was setup up primarily for show.

  15. chee soon juan said

    good system! The best in the world!

  16. kaypoh said

    Mediscrew….. pay us more to screw u 🙂

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