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Pastor jailed two weeks for tempering with fuel gauge meter

Posted by temasektimes on July 19, 2012

A pastor has been sentenced to two weeks’ imprisonment for tempering with his car’s fuel gauge meter.

Pastor Yang from a church along Balestier Road faced two charges of providing false information to the customs officer.

He was arrested this year January at the Woodlands checkpoint when preparing to enter Malaysia. Pastor Yang was caught lying to the customs officers that his car fuel tank was three-quarters full when it is only a quarter full.

Pastor Yang refused to plead guilty and is currently out on a S$15,000 bail.



34 Responses to “Pastor jailed two weeks for tempering with fuel gauge meter”

  1. Curious said

    May I know what’s/where’s your source? Thank you.

    • Govt Out of touch said

      Yeah … please quote source for credibility or are you cooking up tales to defame a certain religion?

    • Curious said

      • B. C. said

        Might as well post full report for completeness sake.
        See what happens, guess the pastor’s only escape is if he can prove that he also was fooled.
        Or is he a wolf in sheep’s clothing trying to fool the officers?
        Time will tell,
        Let’s wait and see…

        Friday, Jul 20, 2012
        A church pastor tampered with his car’s fuel indicator, and lied to an immigration officer about it.
        For giving false information under the Customs Act, Steven Yang Suan Piau, 47, was sentenced to two weeks’ jail.
        Yang tried to drive to Malaysia with about a quarter tank of fuel in his car.
        His car indicator, however, showed that he had a three-quarter tank of petrol.
        There is a three-quarter tank rule for vehicles leaving Singapore.
        At around midnight on Jan 3 at the Woodlands Checkpoint, an immigration officer questioned Yang about the indicator, and Yang said twice that the indicator was correct and that the fuel gauge had not been tampered with.
        Another charge of failing to comply with the three-quarter tank rule was also considered.
        The pastor at Eternal Life Baptist Church in Kim Keat Road is appealing against the sentence and is out on $15,000 bail until the appeal hearing.

  2. hihihi said

    what happen to that plastic guy who was accused of speeding twice?

    • Mike Zeng said

      Got way clean after paying fine of $10….( to Waffles, $1,000 is just $10 to him, being a multimillionaire specialist).Money is relative.
      As they say……justice is blind!

  3. WTF said

    Dafug!!! Sentenced but plead not guilty??

  4. Frankie Tan Kim Cheng said

    Good. He can do some religious work while in Changi Resort and convert all the Ah Longs to turn over a new leaf and join his church.

    Jail is the best place to put his evangelical skills to work.

  5. GuNiang said

    Economy is bad lah! A lot of his customer join his competitor, CHC liao. So his business bad must go JB fill up petrol. Come on lah, u people very heartless leh. Pity him lah.

  6. Seraphim said

  7. Rabbit said

    so how can he be out on bail when he’s sentenced already? Sauce leh?

    • B. C. said

      Sentenced but he is appealing. If he wants to run, then let him run lor, govt will pocket the S$15K. More charges can also be pressed for jumping bail when he is found; no point him doing that i guess given that his place of work is in Singapore and he is probably Singaporean.

      As a man of religious incline, it would be greatly in his interest to clear his name if indeed he was not guilty of crime.

  8. lol said

    Sentenced already still out on bail? Confused…

  9. FreeMakan said

    I love Pastor Pui !

  10. P Koh said

    Obviously many people also tried to the same thing. The difference is that being a Pastor seems to make it look worst than normal?

  11. enough said

    a pastor cheating
    his church need funding but his god is not answering his prayers
    god act in strange ways, he will never understand god
    pap is also acting god, and we will never understand them

  12. chris said

    the offence for tampering fuel guage is just a light fine. Jail time is for providing false info to a government official. During the check, there will be two customs official who will ask whether you have tamper with your fuel meter. If you do , just admit it, dont lie cos you get jailtime.

  13. 60+ Singaporean said

    Remember speeding then get someone to take to rap. Nothing happen pay fine. Somebody found out, pay $1000. Can lie to everybody but not to customs officer. Jail man. But rich fucker will not tamper with their patrol gauge. So they are fucking safe.

  14. stevenado said

    Shouldn’t have done that.Just go CHC, ask Ah Kong.He has gallon gallon gallon of fuel…

  15. SkinFT said

    May God cleanse your sin…..for tempering with a fuel gauge? THat’s just pathetic. lolz

  16. Chee Kok Wing said

    That is conduct unbecoming to a man of God. Shame on him!

  17. MAKANDO 1973 said

    If Yang is a poor pastor, I truly sympathize with him. If he’s one of those rich pesters, he definitely deserves the punishment in full.

  18. faqsldhij said

    So did he actually temper with it? As in make the fuel gauge report 3/4 when its only 1/4? Or did he just lie to them?

  19. asshole said

    What shit reporting is this? Sentenced but plead not guilty and out on bail?

  20. Ken Lee said

    may god approve for what you did.

  21. MAKANDO 1973 said

    If Yang is a poor pastor, I truly sympathize with him. If he’s one of those rich pesters, he definitely deserves the punishment in full.

    • enough said

      dont be stupid, if he is rich like city harvest, do you think he want to fiddle his meter and go all the way
      to the crime infested city to fill up gas

  22. Cklee said

    What would happen to the bail money $15000 ? Who will take the money ? Use for what ? Just wanna know. Same with the Smrt $2million ? Where does the money go to ?

    • biccherry said

      I think bail money will go into govt revenue (just like income tax GST and even land sales collections), but in the case of the SMRT S$2M fine, that will go into fund to help needy SGporeans with transport costs- how and where each ‘fine’ goes, pls consult your MP or some other learned ‘professional’.

  23. Dan said

    one can be found guilty and sentenced but can still appeal. So there is no discrepancy with the person being sentenced and then out on bail.

  24. David teo said

    If JB petrol is cheaper, then why is the gov stopping Singaproeans from using it???

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