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Subhas Anandan criticizes Law Society over M Ravi fiasco

Posted by temasektimes on July 19, 2012

Top criminal lawyer Subhas Anandan has criticized the Law Society of Singapore’s management of the M Ravi fiasco which shocked the entire nation.

A representative from the Law Society Wong Siew Hong submitted a letter from Mr Ravi’s psychiatrist Dr Calvin Fones in High Court accusing him of being ‘unfit’ to practise law, a stunning move which was dismissed by the judge Justice Pillai.

In a strongly-worded letter to the Law Society signed by the Association of Criminal Lawyers of Singapore (ACLS) President Subhas Anandan, ACLS criticized the Law Society,  saying that it viewed “with some trepidation” the actions of Mr Wong.

“The incident left a very bitter taste in the mouths and has potentially brought the Bar into disrepute…Justice Pillai acquitted himself well by ignoring (the society) representative who had absolutely no locus in this matter,” it added.

The ACLS raised several concerns, including why a Law Society representative was sent to an open court to deliver the letter and whether the society had written in to the Supreme Court “in a private manner befitting of the decorum necessary in such matters”.

The Law Society acknowledged the letter and replied that it will be responding to ACLS directly.


42 Responses to “Subhas Anandan criticizes Law Society over M Ravi fiasco”

  1. Jack said

    Good job

  2. P Koh said

    Why in the first instance did Wong Siew Hong submit a confidential document on Ravi’s psychiastrist report to the High Court? How did he manage to lay hand on such a document and isn’t this a breach of trust to disclose a person’s medical condition without the person’s consent.? Who is behind this debacle.?

    • mahbok tan said

      Thats a good question and I doubt further ACTION will be granted…!!!

      Coz even our AGC already have no balls to play now….???

      Are our Judiciary and justice system going to the DOGS after all these exposure….????

      The best is Alex Au case…..stamfuck woffles get off scot free……KNNBCCB…!!!

    • denzuko1 said

      He asked Dr Fones to prepare the letter for him on morning of 16th Jul 2012. This was a result of Dr Fones calling him on 15th Jul 2012 telling him that Ravi has relapse on his condition, and that was after Ravi acted strangely at the temple. Dr Fones however never verified the incident himself as he has no further meeting with Ravi after counsultation on 14th Jul 2012 which lasted 10 minutes.

    • Terence Chong said

      > Who is behind this debacle.?

      Come on… can’t you guess? Ultimately, all evil doings lead to one place, the Pro Alien Party.

    • oldguard said

      Mr Ravi, sue the Law society for defamation, somebody from the Papigs is behind it.

    • Corporal00512 said

      Who is Wong Siew Hong?

  3. Ron said

    I hope there is an inquiry into this matter. The Judiciary and the Bar cannot be brought into disrepute. If what the Law Society has done has been wrong, then those responsible should take responsibility. Subhas would not have issued the letter if there is no case. It is unprecedented that this is happening.

    • mahbok tan said

      Agree coz we still have a few gentleman left in Sgpore to fight for ordinary man like us here….!!!

      Thank you

  4. Wong S H should be expelled immediately said

    Wong Siew Hong should be expelled from law society immediately, because of non professionalism.

    • Hokkien Sian said

      and for acting when he has no authority, and, bring disrepute to the law Society, and for show the world that the even an idiot like him can sit on LS committees.

  5. stevenado said

    Thanks to Subhas.His remarks justify layman’s worries!!!

  6. Compatriot said

    Undoubtedly the saga of Hougang BE bought trying to relive personal iinterests for personal gains before the Constitution State and Country

  7. spotlessleopard said

    I am no legal eagle…however this reminds me of King Charles who expressed he was very upset with the Archbishop of Canterbury…(a one time buddy of his until He was appointed in 48 hours from Priest to the highest Religious position in EngLand at that time) and his ever loyal and trusted Knights upon hearing it immediately set out to hunt down the Archbishop….The Archibishop (Thomas Beckett was ruthlessly and cruelly killed in the Canterbury Cathedral……

    What rule of Law?…AT that time it was the “King’s Law”..even then teh King eventually did Penance by walking barfooted to teh Cathedral and was “flogged” by Monks…

    Thomas Beckett was eventually canonised as a Saint..

  8. WP = idiots said

    First they pissed off Pro-Opposition Lawyer. Than Government Judge ignore him. Now Pro-PAP lawyer also slam them. Law Society tio Pwn!!!!!

  9. ANGRY Bird said

    Law Society & Wong Siew Hong, don’t behave and act like hooligans. Your grandfathers court is it? No one is above the law and that includes you hypocrites.

  10. Victor said

    Responding to ACLS or Mr. Subhas Anandan is not sufficient after the deep dent Mr. Wong Siew Hong from Law Society had caused in many Singaporeans’ confidence in the Law and Medical fratenity here. A thorough transparant investigation and the individual’s accountablity must be publicly made know to regain public confidence in both the Law and Medical society.

  11. lawyer said

    This is simply a Communist way of handling this Ravi issue. Wonder if this idiot Wong Siew Hong was a PRC FT, who finds it difficult to transform himself to law and order here !

    • Hokkien Sian said

      yeah, that was what they did during Stalin’s time. Arrest your opponents, put them in a mental hospital, accuse them of being sick, and if they are not, inject them with hallucinogenic drugs….

  12. What do you think? said

    must be a subservient PAP lackey too keen to please his master.

  13. Frankie Tan Kim Cheng said

    Mission Impossible directive to one Wong the Gong, aka Agent 004.

    “If you are screwed, you’re on your own. This organization will disavow your actions and you’ll be on your own.! This message will self destruct in 5 seconds!”

  14. Lim said

    Law Minister came out to make statement regarding Woffles Wu case. How come nothing on this outrageous act of Wong Siew Hong?

  15. Realist said

    Good move by M.Ravi.
    If he loses the case, he knows what to do blame.

  16. siao said

    smoke grenade lah. you know that when the govt knows it has a weak case, they will resort to other methods. anything new here?

    • Edmund said

      Once the govt has a target in sight, that target will be subjected to their strictest scrutiny.His every move would be monitored and when he slips,case will be hightlighted and they will try to bring him down asap.Juz watch more will be on Mr Ravi in the coming days.

      • Was Kong Hee a target in sight,who achieved so much for Singaporean and raised our Status in our world,gaining so much applause from outside our shores?While others who doesn’t know Hee claimed that he is too smart,making too much,better than ministers,better than most here who struggles,and those who know him literally vouch for his integrity.Now,which is which really?

  17. Wait long long for inquiry result or WILL NOT BE ANY INQUIRY AT ALL

  18. spotlessleopard said

    As in “ON FLEW OVER THE CUCKO NEST”? …..Ravi is a hero of the downtrodden …

  19. Merlion said

    What is the case about? I mean Ravi is handling what case? It is vey unusual for law society to act this way. What is the intention and motive of the law society? Why are they doing this? What are the trying to distract?
    I am sure there were thousand and thousand of court hearing in Singapore. why this case is so special that the law society has to interfere?

  20. Ron said

    Ravi can now file police report for unauthorized disclosure of private medical records. He can also file a complaint with the Medical Council, with the Courts, etc. He can even sue for compensation. His personal medical condition is now public knowledge.

  21. Terence Chong said

    Watch out…. this story is not over!! Looks like the powers that be still have some actions pending… they may attempt to take M. Ravi out still… bloody bastards!

    “Law Society President Wong Meng Meng said the society had first been informed of Mr Ravi’s bipolar disorder about four years ago. Acting on the advice of Mr Ravi’s physician, Dr Calvin Fones, the society decided to approve Mr Ravi’s application for a practising certificate for 2009 to this year under various conditions.

    The society’s practice committee is now reviewing the matter in the light of Dr Fones’ letter, which declared that Mr Ravi suffered a relapse, and will submit its recommendations to the council.” — CNA

  22. Govt Out of touch said

    I have seen many a good man turn evil when their vested interests were threathened.

  23. Bagus said

    Good job Subhas Anandan.

  24. pussywagon said

    Ah Wong- pwned

  25. No hope no future said

    At least someone from the same profession speak up, what about those law professional in pap camp?

  26. 60+ Singaporean said

    Kudos man brudder, you got balls man. I salute u.

  27. i say what i think only... said

    THE NEXT thing will be to check on ravi tax returns, did he drop a tissue on his way to toilet, did he give $2 to a beggar who could potentially be a terrorist (funding terrorist, kanna ISA), get some relatives come out say he cheat their $ etc. last scenario is disappear into thin air

  28. Realist said

    M.Ravi is like a ticking time bomb.
    You never know when he’s going to explode.
    A mental disorder is an illness which can easily be ignored but consequences for such action can be fatal.
    His license to practice needs to be terminated with immediate effect to safeguard his clients.

  29. well done said

    Glad that someone from the same profession speak up for the victim unlike those legal professional in pap camp.

  30. Corporal00512 said

    Is Ravi really out of his mind or pretending to be so? The plot thickens. All the protagonists are waiting to see what happens. It’s a triangle. At the top is the Government. Will they step in? The left corner of the triangle is Subhas Anandan representing ACL [Association of Criminal Lawyers] I can see his mind working overtime, probably thinking of his next move. Then there is the Law Society. Have they made a blunder? If so, how are they going to recover from it? I am looking forward to the next episode.

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