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WP veteran Poh Lee Guan expelled from Workers Party over by-election fiasco

Posted by temasektimes on July 19, 2012

Workers Party veteran leader Poh Lee Guan, a party stalwart and loyalist for more than ten years, was expelled from the party with effect from 10 July.

In a short comment posted on its Facebook, the Workers Party said the expulsion was carried out on the grounds set out under Article 22 of the WP Constitution.

Under this article, the Executive Council can expel a member from membership if it is satisfied that the conduct of this member is contrary to the principles or aims or objects of the Party or prejudicial to the welfare of the Party.

Dr Poh courted controversy when he collected a political donation certificate during the Hougang by-election without the party’s approval which brought WP into disrepute.

He contested in the 2001, 2006 and 2011 General Election where his team garnered 42 percent of the votes last year in Nee Soon GRC.

The Workers Party appeared to be self-imploding from within with the departure of Dr Poh. Besides him, former Hougang MP Yaw Shin Leong was expelled by WP in February and three other members of the WP East Coast Team in 2011 have also left.

Despite their fiery speeches during the rallies, the performance of WP MPs in parliament have been most disappointing so far, prompting many disgruntled netizens to dub it as the PAP’s ‘B team’ since even the PAP backbenchers are more vocal than the ‘opposition’ in fighting for the interests of Singaporeans.



55 Responses to “WP veteran Poh Lee Guan expelled from Workers Party over by-election fiasco”

  1. Henry said

    Oh no …

  2. Jack said

    why did the Election Office announce the people who collected the forms for the first time? why?

  3. kaypoh said

    wtf! killing themselves & pappies must be laughing all the way to the bank.

  4. stevenado said

    WP made a right decision! This guy is living in his own world.He has forgotten that he is one man show type.Last time heard his speech at Yishun stadium.He keep talking even signals were given to him to stop. He talked and talked till Mr. Low raised from his seat to remind him to stop. As far as we voters are concerned,this guy is not fit for team work. He is a liabilty.Hope that he retires and let other youngers people to constribute.

    • rohani said

      his performance so far is unsatisfactory. he cant talk well even if he is a doctor. so what.

    • anonymous said

      10 years already still don’t know, no wonder kena lah……
      Must toe the line, listen to the master, cannot do as you wish, hard lesson for him lah….. ask you to stop, you stop, ask you to talk, you talk…. don’t act smart mah… you too smart, sure kena what….. anyway thanks for the lesson for existing people or future people lah..

      But from his view, after 10 years, how he feels? Did he feel 哑巴吃黄连 —(–)? Did he feel because he does want to be 矮子放屁 —(–) 0r does not want to be 矮子观光 —(–) and hence he kena? If he kena, because he does not want to be 矮子放屁 —(–) 0r 矮子观光 —(–), then his master will very likely be 矮子穿高跟鞋—(–), then good luck to the supporters.

      Or did he agree that he is 阿斗式的人物 —(–) or 空棺材出葬 —(–) , and hence he deserve to kena? Did he feel his 10 years contribution like 按鸡头啄米? Did he feel his 10 years contributions not been recognized or appreciated? Did he feel after 10 years no 功勞, also have 苦勞? Did he feel like 周瑜讨荆州 —(–) ?

      Is he really 老爷下轿 —(–) or is he really 冷水发面 —(–) ? Did he been used as a spare or did he from a start is 阿二吹笙—(–)? If yes, how many 阿二吹笙?

      Never know, never know……. unless he let us know……

      Below is the second part of the 歇后语 used above, you match yourself lah..

      目(木)中无人; 没能耐 ; 有苦说不出 ; 低声下气; 随声附和 ; 没多大长进;不(步)行;白费心机; 费力不讨好; 滥竽充数; 高也有限

  5. Realist said

    Seems like WP is an adroit expeller of errant members.
    Now it becomes crystal clear why WP is so silent in the parliament meetings.
    Internally they have so much in-fighting where got time to look into country’s matters ?

    • Wayang said

      Not true, Realist. WP is a true blue opposition, always for the interest of the people. They appear docile because they know when and what to attack. You can’t appear to be vehemently opposing everything. With a great debater like Sylvia, there is no worries they can’t deliver. Just that there are right things at right times. BTW, what is the in-fighting? People like Yaw, an apparent wrong choice or could even be a mole planted right at the beginning should be expelled before they create more trouble. Meanwhile, that Dr. Poh is also of sleazy character, unimpressive and blabbering nonsense. It is kind of WP to keep him for so long.

      Mod’s note:

      Dr Poh has been with WP for more than 10 years and contested in three GEs. Do you mean LTK has been making a wrong judgement all along?

      • wayang said

        @Mod: People change over time, and since Poh could not be a team player, LTK
        had no choice but to exclude him. WP needs loyal, dedicated people and obviously, this is not an easy task for LTK.

  6. Overseas Singaporean said

    hey stupid Temasektimes,

    What political agenda do you have? Let Workers’ Party grow lah. What B team here, A team there?

    You need WP to fight PAP wah. You think you can do better than WP? Learn to take the fucking podium and speak like Chen Show Mao, first lah.

    Haven’t you had already a good time being a slave serving NS?

    Wake up your fucking idea.

    Overseas Singaporean.

    • True Blue Singaporean said

      Well said Overseas Sporean, an overseas-based sporean voicing more sense than an inshore-based TT Forum. Kudos !!!

    • ONE SIDED MOD said

      It’s very obvious(from the mod reply) you know this website is under which side of the party.
      Everybody let’s stop coming to this website and let it rot and close down.

  7. Utter Rubbish said

    What’s wrong with Temasek Times? Isn’t it good that WP clear out problematic people from their party? Doesn’t this weeding out process make it a more credible and better qualified opposition to challenge the PAP in the future? So the question is – is TT serving the interest of Singaporeans when u regularly publish anti WP articles? What is your agenda?

    Mod’s note:

    If there is an agenda, it will be to expose the fake useless, spineless and shameless ‘Wayang Party’ which has been deceiving unsuspecting Singaporeans all along by pretending to ‘oppose’ only during the rallies, but then completely switched off after they collect their FAT MP allowances. Their pathetic performance all these months is more than sufficient proof.

    • Smith said

      “pathetic performance” is a very subjective issue. I for one, opine that their performance is satisfactory. Nevertheless, feel free to voice out on their performance if you think that it is pathetic by pointing out where they can improve. If you just claim that their performance is pathetic without substantiating it, it will lead to others to think that you do have a hidden agenda. Just a note.


      • Smith said

        and again, you noted the “FAT” MP allowance. I think that being in the opposition, WP’s MP allowance wouldn’t be that much as they will have to fork out money from these “FAT” MP allowance to service their constituents without any government funds, unlike the PAP.

        But again, you specifically have an issue with the MP allowance, which you described as fat. Now I am starting to think that it is justified, because it would lead to people like you to criticise MPs who you think do not perform up to the standards which match their “FAT” allowance. This is a good thing as the MPs would be pressured to perform even better, or risk losing their seats.

        I just wish that PAP MPs are given the same pressure by you, Mr. Moderator.

      • must help...... said

        service constituents cost all fork out by MP meh? like that don’t suffer alone loh, Encourage them to publish audited account to citizen, so public, organizations, suppliers, customers, etc can donate and support them if they want for the good of the citizen.

    • ONE SIDED MOD said

      Don’t bother coming to TT, from this mod reply, obviously you know he is under which side.

    • Crap... said

      To Mod: Frankly, I’m rather confused by the nature of your website. Plenty of anti establishment articles while bashing WP at every single opportunity. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

      My guess is that you are probably representing another opposition party which has been overshadowed by WP over the years. Personally, I think it’s very small minded to approach politics in such a manner. The political reality in Singapore is quite clear. Those who are hardcore anti-govt will vote opposition regardless of any circumstances. Those who are pro-PAP will do the same to support the MIWs. The decisive votes come from those in the middle. These are the people who vote PAP because they are not comfortable to vote opposition. Why? It is precisely due to the perceived lack of credibility. The biased mainstream media, fear mongering by PAP, discriminary policies against opposition wards, gerrymandering etc etc all contribute to this fear to vote opposition.

      Hence, to be an effective opposition, the key issue is to show sensible restraint while championing the rights of average Singaporeans. You need to pick the right fights and conduct yourself with dignity. To oppose for the sake of opposing or make outlandish comments will do more harm than good. The tide will only be turned when the voters in the middle have enough faith and conviction to decisively cast their votes for a credible opposition. So in this regard I think WP is heading the right direction and there is hope for a better tomorrow for all Singaporeans.

      I sincerely hope that, no matter who you are representing, you can cast your personal/political differences aside and do your part NOT to derail the progress since GE2011. Thanks!

    • Native Citizen said

      I think Singaporeans will be able to discern what is wayang and what is not. If a government who have all the resources that they can command cannot change things over years, we have to be realistic about what is going on here. Surely evil will not use evil to cast out itself, it will only loose ground and divide itself.

  8. He ought to be sacked.

  9. Ron said

    I disagree with TT that the WP is a pathetic no-show after elections. Low TK is cleaning up his party. If certain members heads are too big for the hats they are wearing they can bring down the WP. It is still a small party and Low has achieved what no other Opp party done over the past several decades.

    I think WP is having a clever strategy. Say little now and monitor the public discontent. Strengthen the party internally and attract more capable members, more eloquent speakers. They are not a honey pot yet whereby many are willing to risk their careers or business or livelihood to join the Opposition.

    • I am MP not ....... said

      what happens if the secretary general himself ego o head is getting too big? who will clean it up? of course the rest of the member can say “i am the member of the parliament, not CLEANER leh”….

  10. Jenny said

    So mod, who do u suggest can do better than PAP and WP?

    • ONE SIDED MOD said

      He DARE NOT do anything except to bark in here, don’t forget he’s the mod here.
      If the mod is reading this, total shame on you.

  11. wank4peace said

    Poh is a fking moron. He deserved to be sacked. Smart can already no need to act smart. Probably also the case of 以老买老。

  12. Walls have Ears!! said

    Please state what is your position clearly ???

    Mod’s note:
    If there is an agenda, it will be to expose the fake useless, spineless and shameless ‘Wayang Party’ which has been deceiving unsuspecting Singaporeans all along by pretending to ‘oppose’ only during the rallies, but then completely switched off after they collect their FAT MP allowances. Their pathetic performance all these months is more than sufficient proof.

  13. Infiltrator said

    Temasek Times has been infiltrated and is now owned heart and soul by the PAP

  14. Realist said

    Till the WP (Washout Party) able to suck in more talented members and curtail their internal issues will they then stand any chance of being a creditable party……

  15. SoWhat said

    Seriously does wp have any credible performance worth mentioning? Or just that singaporeans want to oppose cus they hate pap so much they just support whatever opposition party comes along?

    I dont support pap either but seriously wp is mostly just talk no beef. Nothing to back up the claims they made during the elections.

    Mod’s note:

    That’s why it is called the ‘Wayang Party’. Talk big during the rallies to hoodwink voters, but after the GE, shut up and quietly collect their FAT MP allowances.

  16. Frankie Tan Kim Cheng said

    This so called main opposition party is imploding because they have serious flaws in vetting people for membership. They must investigate thoroughly the background of their more senior members. Sending them to Dr. Fones for evaluation would also be a good suggestion.

  17. 1st world parliament said

    Trying to act smart to save his party just in case… or insubordination?

  18. kanina said

    TT is being unbiased on this report…..this is what sensible singaporean wants….why only side with opposition, even when they make mistakes?

  19. MAKANDO 1973 said

    Dear Mod, why do you time and time again criticize the WP? You obviously have an axe to grind with them? Don’t know your true identity but can only guess that you probably were one upon a time a WP henchman who eventually fell out with them? As it is, there is not much unity among the opposition parties and WP happens to be the more successful of the lot. Making an impact during parliament sittings requires good strategy and not just “shooting their mouth off” indiscriminately and leave any opening for making a mockery of themselves(WP). In which case, you are of no help at all. Why don’t you be more constructive and come out with solid solutions and good suggestions?

  20. This is party discipline at work. WP cannot have non-team players like Dr Poh. I wonder why Dr Poh did that though. Or is it because there was somebody behind his actions?

  21. Vic said

    “.. … … the performance of WP MPs in parliament have been most disappointing so far, prompting many disgruntled netizens to dub it as the PAP’s ‘B team… …. .”

    What really gave me a shuudder was Pritam Singh’s words previously that when PAP loses simple majority, WP could form coalition govt with PAP. Subseqently, there was official clarification from WP; but, the proverbial horse has already bolted.

    Mod’s note:

    WP would rather form a coalition govt with PAP than the other opposition parties. Isn’t it pretty obvious by now that WP is the PAP’s ‘backup’ in case it fails to win a simple majority in future elections? A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please spread the message to wake up others from their slumber!

  22. Native citizen said

    Singaporeans will be able to discern what is wayang and what is not. If a government who have all the resources that they can command cannot change things over years, we have to be realistic about what is going on here. Surely evil will not use evil to cast out itself, it will only loose ground and divide itself.

  23. Terence Chong said

    WP’s done the right thing in cleaning house. There’s room for stupid lone cowboys in battling the PAP.

    • anonymous said

      have they finish cleaning or not? it is one year from the last election already lah…. show the voter actual work lah …. if they have so much free time to do cleaning, then maybe they should upfront do screening first mah, then use their extra time for resident, raise fund to help the poor, work out proposal to improve life to citizen mah…. instead spend their extra time on partisan matters… some member are paid by tax money leh… not never pay them hoh….. but the said until very nice in rally leh… really next time i see them, inside my heart i will…….

    • DIY said

      What’s so difficult to understand about this house cleaning. Remember that in 1988 the Barisan Socialist party members had merged with WP. So now LTK is on a witch hunt to get rid of members with opposite ideology. Simple as that.

  24. Joker King said

    Temasek Times reads more like a typical online forumer who started his own blog rather than a professional writer. Compared to TOC, TR and Publichouse. Wonder why it calls itself No. 1.

    Mod’s note:

    That’s because our readership is more than the combined readership of those lesser blogs you mentioned. Check out yourself.

  25. To mod said

    Whatever it is, a vote for WP is still better than a vote for pap.
    This is the right thing to do, what do you think?
    Honest mistake? If not let’s move on.

  26. Annuit said

    Moderator…..You KNNBLCB

  27. B_Tiger said

    My observation of TT is that it is OK to read their news as long as it does not cover opposition politics. Personally I believe scroobal they are a bunch of PAP supporters who set up this site as an attempt to gather, control and influence the online views of the public. If they were to brand themselves as “young PAP online” nobody would come. So they cleverly bait readers with ordinary juicy anti-estab news but their real mission is to give the PAP that crucial support when there is a head-on contest. It so plain that you’d be blind not to see this.

    But I still think they pretty much have a free hand on other aspects of their news. They have to – to gain a following. So I still am a fan but only just.

    To those guys doing their jobs in TT I say good work and I know your hands are tied. Half a genuine site is better than none. And that half rocks.


  28. Realist said

    Wonder who will be expelled from WP in the next couple of months time ?
    WP aka Expellable consultant…..
    Ha, ha, ha, ha……………

  29. wp got balls said

    At least 1st world party has basic accountability.
    What about 3rd world party with 1st world pay?

  30. Naivety said

    This is a strategy by WP to liberate Poh Lee Guan & to give him freedom to lead & form a New Opposition Party since he is a natural born leader who likes to lead so much rather than to take instructions from his superior!

    And unfortunately, Pappy Party will have another New Opposition Party to contend & compete with, understand ka?

    • DIY said

      There is no such thing as ‘….he is a natural born leader….’. Leaders are created.

      Do some reading on the book “The Essentials of Leadership” and you will be surprised to find out whether your ego will make you a good leader.

      Happy reading.

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