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Disillusioned Aljunied resident: I will NEVER vote for WP ever again

Posted by temasektimes on July 20, 2012

When Mr Low Thia Kiang said during the election rally last year that the Workers Party will be a co-driver to slap the government, we Aljunied residents take his words for it and vote for WP, but now it seems like it is the co-driver who is sleeping and in need of a tight slap.

Why do Aljunied residents switch their support when their ward has been well taken care of by Mr George Yeo and his team all these years?

We support WP not because we believe it will do a better job than the PAP in running Aljunied, but because we want a voice in parliament to speak out against the government policies.

Yet WP’s performance so far has been most disappointing. Its MPs dare not open their mouths and question the ministers on important issues like the inflow of foreigners, rising cost of living, housing etc and only talk cock on completely irrelevant stuff like overseas voting, PSLE textbooks…

Why should I vote for the WP to ask such stupid questions in Parliament when the PAP MPs are fighting more for our interests?

Come the next GE, I and my family of five swear we will never vote for WP ever again. If this is the standard its MPs can offer, then we might as well vote for the PAP to get better benefits for our estate.

We want real opposition in parliament, not spineless ones who only know how to talk big during the rallies, but go missing in action for the next four years.


*The writer resides in Blk 632 Bedok Reservoir Road. We omit her full particulars out of concern for her personal safety.


121 Responses to “Disillusioned Aljunied resident: I will NEVER vote for WP ever again”

  1. Jack said

    “Omit her full particulars out of concern for her personal safety” what TT is implying? I wonder what is Temasek Times intention? Since when you publish the full particulars of the writer?

    • Compatriot said

      I think if TT is really honest and being transparent to its subscribers then post the full complete address of the subject and not with half baked truth

      TT is creating an air of discontentment which is foolhardy

      I very much like to think that TT is just throwing a pebble into the pond of water

      • wayang said

        I’m also a resident of Aljunied constituency. I can say that there is NO deterioration whatsover of the maintenance level in my vicinity. It is same if not better now under WP than PAP. At least, I am more involved and happy now participating in their activities like durian trip and shopping spree which is almost unheard of during PAP days.

      • B. C. said

        TT is right not to publish full particulars unless the author insists upon so, so as to avoid unnecessary harassment/ public stalking of authors. That said, it would be good if TT could operate like other user directed forums with individual forum login(s) so as to ensure better user identification as well afford a margin of defense against impersonation/ total anonymity.

  2. hihihi said

    What she’d said is very true. Fully agree.

  3. Jaded said

    PAP MPs are fighting more for our interests? Are you blind or what? Fighting for our interests for for their beloved FTs?

    If the pappies dun create issues like the inflow of foreigners, rising cost of living, housing etc, there wouldn’t be a need for WP in the first place!

    • Fox said

      YOu mean we need WP to sit there quietly and do nothing?
      Or we need WP to talk BIG during election only?
      There’s always alternative besides the quite WP and the PAP.

    • Corporal00512 said

      Dont be such an ungrateful brat. If not for the PAP, you’ll probably be a Malaysian with Najib Razak as your prime minister. PAP fought very hard for independence in 1965 despite being threatened by the Malaysian to cut the water supplies and deprived of a hinterland to sell goods. Please study the history of Singapore from 1959 onwards and you’ll know what I mean. Look at their records of service. Singapore has accumulated so much reserves through years of prudent savings that it probably has one of the largest reserves in the world after China, Japan and possibly 3 or 4 other countries. Don’t be so easily influence by the thinkings of others. Do some research first before shooting off your mouth.

      • Naivety said

        Are you very sure that all the reserves are fully intact & not lost significantly through GIC & Temasek reckless investment speculation already? Any 3rd party integrity checks & audits being done & carried out to authenticate?

        Can you vouch, guarantee & ratify on this??

        Mod’s note:

        Your questions will never be answered because the useless, shameless and spinless ‘Wayang Party’ will never dare to raise them in parliament to hold the govt accountable. It’s more concerned with overseas voting, PSLE textbooks and other trivial stuff. A real opposition party would have asked these questions a long time ago. Vote for REAL opposition parties to make a REAL difference, not fake wayang ones who plagiarize the articles of anonymous netizens to be their parliamentary speeches.

      • Compatriot said

        I want to say to this imbecilic idiot who says Singapore has accumulated so much reserves.Did this imbecile knows that Tony Tan from the PAP before he was elected as EP has lost nearly S$59 billion dollars of our taxpayers monies in 2008 during his time as Deputy Chairman,GiC has lost approximately US$42 billion

        Tony Tan spent billions of Singapore taxpayers’ monies he invested and lost in Citigroup and UBS His actions was very reckless when these banks has had many more problems still ahead

        I just wonder this,the taxpayers monies that he had lost does this comes also from the CPF.Now the CPF ceiling has rose to a hundred thousand dollars

        This news was naturally censored by the Singapore Media as reported by the Wall Street Journal that GIC suffered a loss around 59 billion Singapore dollars (US$41.6 billion) in 2008

        It was also reported that Singapore Soverign Wealth Fund established in 1981 There were expressed doubts about the GIC fund managers capabality including Tony Tan that they never make impression that they are smarter than anyone else with gigantic amount of money,but had made a very bad judgement in these cases

        Yet in Singapore the PAP made lots of impression with lots of bad judgements that they are and have the best with scholarly paper certificated candidates,who,had lost our taxpayers monies of S$59 billion dollars and Singapore Media censored this news what “Sheer HYPOCRISY”

        Now Tony Tan is Singapore’s president

        I want to ask this imbecilic idiot,if he would query the “The loss of S$59 billion of our taxpayers monies will it be restored and how? and also”Do you think he could be the EP if this news had been published before the Nomination Day for President’s Election”

        Malaysia can never cut off the water supply into Singapore,if it does,It will be taken as tantamount to be a slap on the face of the QUEEN OF ENGLAND

    • R.S.N said

      Assuming you know nothing about economics, the recovery from the financial crisis become faster than expected means that infanstructure in the country cannot keep up with the economy henceforth the high costs. A block of flats might take maybe 2 years to build, and henceforth the supply cannot immediately meet the demand, making it very elastic. These costs cannot be described as rising now, considering that they are getting lower day by day, especially with the recent property price drop. Back to infanstructure, new MRT cars are being built and ordered and will arrive soon to alleviate high ridership. With these maybe few years of wait, would you rather have a poorer economy? With jobs being lost? At least now when a SIngaporean loses a job, another is being created for him- in the economic downturn where everyone is cutting costs, these jobs will not be replaced! Think before you talk.

      • Naivety said

        The current jobs lost suffered by native Singaporeans is mainly due to the Massively Over Influx of more than 2 Millions of FTs since Yr 2005 into our tiny island by your favourite Pro-Alien Party resulting in over congestion, population crowding & other social ills and infrastructure constraint issues!

        Given the current global financial crisis as well as Euro Debt crisis which we are experiencing currently in Singapore & your favourite Pro-Alien Party further compounds, aggravates & exacerbates the sufferings of us, native Singaporeans by purposely over import in more than 2 Millions of cheap FTs to compete & snatch the rice bowls of Singaporeans leaving many out of work & displaced of jobs by these cheap FTs!

        To analyse from a simple economics view point & principle, the job market in Singapore currently has a glut of labour supply but very few jobs available especially abundance of cheap FTs whom are massively imported in to vie with native Singaporeans for jobs creating a situation of “too many people chasing over too few jobs created” & this will inturn cause wages level to be further compressed & much lower!!!

    • Anonymous said

      U complain too much.

    • Anonymous said

      You expect too much as well.

  4. aloysius12 said

    Fact of the matter “concern for her personal safety” amounts to two things-you still do not the PAP security system (2) you are a fraud,possibly a supporter of PAP and voted for them.

  5. Sheer nonsence.

  6. SingaporeSon88 said

    Halo Ms Lim,

    Kindly refer to this link for the questions that they have asked while in parliament.

    pls note that while it seems like they have not been \’working\’ according to the MSM, fact is, they are asking the right questions in parliament, just that it\’s not published.

    • Naivety said

      I guess as much, it is not that the WP doesn’t work, ask constructive & creative questions but all their hard work had been censored, suppressed, curtailed, quelled & stifled by the Press & MSM by not giving any proper & due coverage to their efforts!!!

      Just like the current unemployment rate in Singapore which is widely reported to be at a low of 2.1% only (instead of 12%) by the Press & MSM when in actual fact, I am seeing hundreds of thousands of native Singaporeans unemployed & jobless?!

      It seems that the Press & MSM is only reporting facts & news selectively & only those news & facts that they want us, Singaporeans to believe in only!!!

      Mod’s note:

      All the speeches made by WP MPs in the recent parliamentary sitting can be found on its Facebook – issues on usage of land by those living in landed properties, PSLE textbooks, overseas voters and other irrelevant stuffs.

  7. MAKANDO 1973 said

    Dear Beatrice, did you write this article in your own capacity or is this another one of those engineered by the good mod? In any case, what do you expect? A miracle to happen overnight? For the record, Rome wasn’t built in one day either. Why not give the WP some encouragement instead of criticizing? If you want to wait for a miracle, perhaps you should join Pester KH? Do you seriously think that your meagre five votes from your family will affect the overwhelming support of WP in Aljunied? 😛

  8. Cher said

    Totally agree, you can’t be collecting your monthly allowance and have no issues at all with the state of current affairs. After all those bull talk, it’s disappointing. Not even on par with that Macpherson Girl or the Potong Pasir Guy. Blue or white? I am color blind.

  9. Singapuraboi said

    Ha ha same s#%^ different party. We have to question why these people go into politics if they fear for their well being. Sea like why many want to do is line their pocket. They have slogged to get into this seat and now they just want to enjoy the fruits that the position brings.

  10. enough said

    fully agree, she is right
    wake up, wp

  11. Realist said

    If u want real change vote reform party or sdp , workers party believes in the pap system that only requires minor tweaking. They would co share power with the PAP there was a Hung parliament

  12. Ren said

    You from pap is it?

  13. sunhub said

    To be an opposition in Spore, you need to have the size of the elephant balls.

    If you do not have the size, shut your mouth.

  14. Stupid SG bitch said

    Fight for your interest indeed, you kena sacked, retrenched, want to sell your CB at Geylang also no chance with all the FT there, the only place to go is your nearby reservoir….

  15. part time MP said

    the problem is that; the pay for all part time MP is too high, they get too cushy, every month got money come in can liao

  16. icefire said

    do u think the numbers of opps seat is enough to stop the papaya ??
    the few of them were fighting against a pack of foxs … we need more hunters if not those 老狐狸 will continue to use our taxpayer money to fatten their wallet.

  17. Bian Lian said

    Between the devil and the deep blue sea, I’ll rather choose the devil I am used to than the deep blue sea where sharks are waiting to bite my butt off or heaven forbid, a school of lazy dolphins chanting “Wayang Party, Wayang Party”.

    They are a joke. Talk big, no action. Big guns firing like a water pistol.

    No fire in the belly like JBJ was. Bunch of pappies in blue.

  18. anything is better than PAP said

    lol. I’m sure many share the writer’s sentiments. WP MPs have not been doing much opposing in parliament,neither am I expecting them too. I voted for them primarily to counter the papayas mandate and remind these high and mighty jokers that they will fall easily like Genius Yeo and the others if they disregard our pleas.As long as WP is maintaining the wards to the normal standards and looking after the needs of its residents, I’m not going to give this party grief. If you want more radical change, look to Hazel Poa and her team. They have so far shown that they can think and respond quick on their feet to many of papayas quick-fix proposals. I’d vote for them if I had the opp.

  19. Lim said

    What is not visible is WP works on ground to build support and grow in strength. With only 6 against 80 PAP MPs the strategy is not to tackle the bull by the horns as the sheer numbers of PAP like piranhna will tear the WP MPs apart. WP is still in infancy and only when it gains more seats in Parliament will it be productive to confront the incumbents. To do what Beatrice-Francis Lim suggest is to seek to commit suicide and take on Goliath when David is still in Primary School. Not a prudent strategy. May be next election 2016 when WP make up one third of MPs then can they tackle PAP MPs more effectively. The best weay is to quietly and effectively work the ground unrelentlessly to secure voter loyalty and not wayang in futility when you are 6 against a horde of whites whose main mission is not to reason but ot put down every suggestion valid or not by the opposition.

    Mod’s note:

    That’s a lame excuse. When the PAP was in opposition in 1957, it held only 3 seats and then opposition leader LKY was brave enough to take the Chief Minister Lim Yew Hock to task. What’s the difference between having 6 dummies in parliament in place of the useless WP MPs if all they did is to fart and raise non-essential issues which few Singaporeans care for like overseas voting?

  20. Madeline said

    You can always support PAP, no problem to the majority of Aljunied residents. Thank you for posting this through TR.

  21. Janice said

    Say what you like but the truth of the matter is that the Worker’s Party is doing a wonderul job in Aljunied GRC and will probably win with a bigger margin in the next GE.

  22. NSW said

    LKY already said Aljunied voters will repent, he is spot on and right again

  23. be patience said

    There must be a reason why WP supporters in HG have been supporting WP in HG for past 21 yrs since 1991.
    WP only take over Aljunied for just more than a year since May 2011, give them some more time to serve you better.
    If not just look at bigger picture, 1st world parliament needs more non-PAP MPs, be it from WP or not.

  24. kaypoh said

    Neither party is fighting for you. I guess it’s time we the people stood up for ourselves, instead of hoping for our elected reps to do it for us.

  25. WTF said

    Disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing?

  26. kikikaka said

    After the election, why is the cctv in lifts and lobbies in some blocks removed immediately? now, urine smell returns and the walls start to have loan shark scribblings of the default borrower etc.

  27. hehe said

    sgporeans are sooo cute. one word – short-sightedness. hehe

  28. sangent said

    Yes, I totally agreed with Beautrice. During election rally WP would promise voters to be their voice in parliament. But so far the elected wp mps are not performing to voters expectation. They have not brought up important issues as mentioned by Beautrice. We are not asking them to oppose for the sake of opposing. What we are asking is to bring our issues affecting us. My family of 8 also voted for opposition in GE2011.

    • Jack said

      I totally disagree with the writer, so if we all vote for PAP, PAP will not spend our money buying free BUSes for public listed company? stop influx of FTs? when there is a call for a vote in the parliament, all MPs are indepdent individual and cast their vote with their own mind? Yes?

  29. SkinFT said

    if you vote pap you are fucked. if you vote wp you at least have a hope that pap dun dare to anyhow say things. look at the political situation now, do you think the pap will wayang and act as seem they are fighting for our rights if not for wp? wake up lah you idiot. btw, can you list down the good things that pap have done for us and been fighting for us?

    if you are referring to the tightening of the immigrants, then you are fucking stupid and wrong. IT SHOULD NOT BE THAT WAY IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    Either you are lying or you are just plain stupid. True pap haters will not change heart as we are already FUCKING PISSED WITH THEM.

    If you wanna vote pap then good luck to your kids. They will get fucked too and will blame YOU FOR THEIR PATHETIC FATE later in life where they have to get fucked by pinoys, indians and all those fucking aliens. GOOD LUCK.

    • A Singaporean said

      Hey you, why f*ck here and f*ck there? Your parents never taught you proper manners?

      And what are you trying to say with your “Skin FT” name? You like violence? You think killing people who are different is good and morally right?

      I’m saddened every time I see someone like you post nonsense online. It makes me sick to the stomach to have lowlife like you as fellow countryman.

  30. Fark That Sissy AssLoong said

    One dissent against the WP is highlighted by TT while 100 praises for the WP are ignored.

    Your bias and hatred for the WP knows no boundaries.

    Hello, don’t behave so immature, can or not ??

  31. James Bomb said

    doesn’t know doesn’t mean it never happen.

  32. gehbeh said

    Questions like such have been asked and answered by the whites in various ways, including avoiding such questions. Why do you want to ask questions about the same topic (for eg. Inflow of Foreigners) when you know that the same people will answer with the same, useless words? By doing this, it’s wasting the Parliament’s time by asking same questions which warrants the same answers from the same people.

    Applying it to everyday life, if my friend faces problems in his project but he doesn’t want to hear my voice nor does he want me to teach him, what can i do? Force my way through and make sure i teach him well? not possible when he doesn’t even allow me to talk to him in the first place. You see what i’m trying to mean here?

  33. Observer said

    TT has an agenda, to smear WP. How does it help the opposition cause?

  34. Ronald said

    Hello, they are all the same… during election time, a lot of hot air and promises, after election, collect big fat monthly salary, you think they still remember us? wait long long understand.

  35. mahbok tan said

    News in TT shouldn’t be taken seriously….its just another platform for us to look and see the other side of the coin. End of the day we need to analyse the news by looking at other sites. Do not be too trusting on all news posted in the web.

    We have to come to our own conclusion with all the news that come in daily by cross reading with other websites.

    Back to beatrice issue , wat u expect from WP , they been there only a year plus plus …..u expect them to do miracles!!!!
    Ask wat u can do oso to help ?…. Yes they are elected to voice for the people but do you think in 1 year they are not allowed to err??? Wat about those who have 47years of experience but keep on making decision that bring disharmony to its citizen….not happiness and Swiss standard of living????

  36. Andy said

    Have you check out Chen Shao Mao’s speeches?

    Not sure if you have fallen into our garment-controlled media’s trap when they only show selective biased footages or angles.

  37. ONE SIDED MOD said

    As usual, another post attacking the WP. Very soon you will see all the multi nicks attacking plus the USELESS KEYBOARD WARRIOR MOD.

  38. oldguard said

    I don’t think you vote for WP, bitch.

  39. waterfall said

    jus only a yr plus after ge, you expected results…what about hosuing, transport, ft, our gahmen still haven’t settle it leh!!! want instant result, go gelyang lah.

  40. Invictus said

    Agree. Nothing concrete from WP. Even other Opp parties are offering more tangible and creative solution for Singapoeans to mull. Maybe First World Parliment is where Opp parties sit down, keep quiet and collect salaries.

    Mod’s note:

    Unfortunately, many Singaporeans are still deceived by the useless, shameless and spineless ‘Wayang Party’ that credibility = how silent you are.

  41. Speak Up Please said

    Beatrice is absolutely right. The Workers Party MPs have dismally failed to fulfil their promise to be a strong opposition voice in Parliament. They have adopted a shockingly docile and timid attitude in Parliament – keeping quiet on important issues and raising minor issues. Most of the time they are reading from prepared scripts and they are unable to engage in true off-the-cuff debating with the PAP Ministers and MPs. Why are the Workers Party MPs afraid of engaging in debates with the PAP Ministers and MPs? If they are afraid of engaging in such debates, then they should stop trumpeting their avowed aim of establishing a First World Parliament. They should learn from the Opposition MPs in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and be bold to engage in debates with the PAP MPs. If the Workers Party MPs are going to carry on in their docile and timid attitude, then it will be better if they give way to the SDP candidates. They have until 2016 to prove that they are worthy to be given opposition seats in Parliament.

    Mod’s note:

    It’s pretty obvious that WP is the PAP’s ‘B’ team to satisfy the growing need among Singaporeans to have more ‘opposition’ in parliament. Even Russia and China have ‘opposition’ parties which are funded by the government to lend a veneer of legitimacy to their sham democracy. An opposition party which does not oppose is the single biggest threat to democracy as it lulls unsuspecting voters into a sense of complacency by offering them a Hobson’s choice – voters think they are voting for an ‘opposition’ party when they are in fact just voting for the PAP’s proxy. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please help spread the message!

    • Smith said

      I am pretty sure that WP receives NO FUNDS from the PAP government.

      And to oppose for the sake of opposing is not Low Thia Khiang nor WP’s policy, and that has been known since he’s MP in the 1990s. The voters knew that from the very beginning.

  42. Willie Tan said

    The problem with Singapore is not that we have a good and strong government, its that the opposition are weak. Temasek Times being pro-SDP is not uniting with opposition parties to strengthen the stand of Singaporean; instead you are also discrediting other opposition parties. We voice of true Singaporean will never be heard if opposition parties continues to slam each other instead of uniting as a common voice.

  43. FanaticD said

    it may not be true as what happens in the parliament are all filtered by the main stream media and we only see what they want us to see and giving us a distorted truth that things are not happening. check out the parliament website and search for their topics and arguments. many things are raised but always went unanswered as we only have a handful of non PAP. give the opposition a bigger stake and see what happens. this person who complains maybe a pap propaganda engine

  44. 69 said

    There are many issues to bring out …. example The Woffles plastic thingy. The Ravi lawyer cases. The CHC issues. The mass orgy corruption. The 17 years old prostitute has escape charges.
    WP !!!! What are you doing? Wakeup Party???

    Mod’s note:

    Sorry, WP did not get approval from the PAP HQ to raise these sensitive issues, hence they can only talk rubbish like PSLE textbooks!

  45. Iron said

    Issues like this have been brought to PAP , they always ask you if you have a good solution
    so before u protest you need to have a fail proof plan to ask them to do what is required … yet is if they do listen

  46. Geo said

    Then you form your own opposition party and put in your voice eh?

  47. Naivety said

    Wow, PAP Troll to fan the flames here!
    TT, did u purposely field & fabricate this article as a delusion from “Thin Air”??

    We, Aljunied Residents would like to tell you that there is a saying that goes like this, “Half A Load Of Bread Is Better Than None”, Understand Ka???

    Given the present state of the mismanagement of the Singapore economy with the Massive Over-Influx Of So-Called Pappies Beloved FTs here in our tiny island & other Dysfunctional Policies & Strategies created by the government of the day, we, Aljunied Residents would continue & persist to vote in more Opposition MPs still despite what you said & claimed as ‘Nothing Is Permanent Except Change” & change in the ruling government it will be come GE 2016!

  48. kong kong said

    One question about ft if I have not mistaken WP Mr. CHEN is also a ft will his son serve NS

  49. tyu said

    WP is right in not raising the mistakes made by PAP otherwise they will learn and claim full credit after correcting them. Let the PAP rot and die a natural death is the best way to wake up the 60%

  50. CornY said

    Are you blind? Do u know what we are facing?
    Are the papies taking well care of you or their

  51. what the ...... said

    It doesn’t sound like you are a WP supporter!! Sound more like a loose dog running around. WP is just a minority in parleement and what yoi expect?? At least can vote against bad policy by the ruling.

  52. WP Low better apologised and make good otherwise,all votes for him are really a waste.

  53. Gaba said

    LOL sounds like a PAP plant.

  54. Tan Yan Ren said

    LOw thia kiang,
    the writer has a point…WP is like a GRAVEYARD after the elections…i expect MUCH MORE from the Workers’ party…!!!!!!you mean you guys HAVE NO IDEA TOO??????????!!!!!!!

    • The "Silent" Majority said

      Ms Beatrice Francis Lim, May I know why you stopped voting for PAP? Are the reasons still valid?

      And by the way, The WP made many speeches in parliament since the last election. After the initial broadcasting, CNA has dramatically reduced those broadcasts. In fact at the last session, 3 WP MPs made very important speeches but they were neither broadcasted nor reported by the main media.

  55. joe said

    If not for your vote in Aljunied GRC, today we wouldn’t be hearing PAP fighting for the right of the citizen. Just wait and repost your thought again next year.

  56. Thomas said

    PAP say they will listen to us after GE. Where?! Where?! WP only few people they can manage well aljunied is a fact to show this writer that coming GE they have the power to manage more areas. The writer motive is questionable, if she complains so much of government policy why she wants to vote PAP next GE? Don’t be naive to think that once opposition party step into parliament means they can made immediate changes to policy. TR motive?

  57. MAKANDO 1973 said

    Dear Beatrice, did you write this article in your own capacity or is this another one of those engineered by the good mod? In any case, what do you expect? A miracle to happen overnight? For the record, Rome wasn’t built in one day either. Why not give the WP some encouragement instead of criticizing? If you want to wait for a miracle, perhaps you should join Pester KH? Do you seriously think that your meagre five votes from your family will affect the overwhelming support of WP in Aljunied? 😛

    • mahbok tan said

      Agree with u. Seems my comment will not appear as our mod does agree to disagree with me.
      Our beatrice here think rome was created in a day or so …!!!!
      Did she started her working life straight up n become a manager…?

    • Your mother mother said

      Well said!

    • Naivety said

      Her five votes are equivalent to the 33,000 faithful followers from CHC…LOL

  58. ThisIsFooBar said

    I don’t understand why some people are so easily swayed by the media. At the end of the day, it’s about the balance. WP has only 6 members in parliament and you expect them to change the world for your overnight. GET FUCKING EDUCATED YOU CHIMPANZEE!

    Any mature democracy in the world has an equal proportion of members in parliament. So for those think just because WP cannot make your char kuey teow, your bak chor mee a little nicer, please THINK THE FUCK BIGGER. Don’t just fucking see the wellbeing of democracy from your pathetic little tight corner, you fucking frog in the well.

  59. FreeMakan said


  60. Vic said

    Please.. WP doesn’t even need to utter a single word in Parliament and here you already have so many policy changes (some say still wayang, but its a step..)happening after the last general election and recent by-election after many people crossed over to the opposition by way of votes. This just shows you how important their presence is in making a statement, and you can never take for granted your vote and its importance. Yes I do wish that they would be more vocal in pressing issues, but I also acknowledge that there are so few of them (for now anyway), so its now even more vital to continue to support them and not to waver.

  61. Sure or not said

    Why majority in HG still support WP for past 21 years since 1991?
    You only support WP in Aljunied for just more than a year since May 2011 and starts to complain…

  62. This should be the message said

    The only right thing to do is to vote for any non pap as many as possible, be it WP or any other opp party.
    What do you think?

    Mod’s note:

    What if the ‘opposition’ party turns out to be the PAP’s ‘B’ team in disguise?

    • mahbok tan said

      Wat if TT is a PAP website in disguise….??? who knows rite…!!!

      Some times we just have to take everything in life with a pinch of salt.

      I do not care if its team A or B or C from PAP so long as we can analyse the candidate from their past records and decide. Since our vote is secret who cares….!!!

      AGREE mod….?

    • Smith said

      I say that WP is unlikely PAP’s ‘B’ team in disguise. The reasons are as follows:

      1. They ran for elections using their own funds, conducted their campaigns on their own, gained their own supporters, and even had their own internal fights like any political parties.Their political success (the Hougang and Aljunied seat, if those are even considered a success) is in no way creditable to the PAP but their own. Note that the PAP fielded a strong, young and energetic candidate in the form of Desmond Choo against the WP in Hougang, which shows that PAP is in no way making WP’s life easy.

      Mod’s note:

      That’s why many Singaporeans are deceived. During the elections, they are ‘separate’ parties contesting against each other to give a semblance of ‘competition’, but regardless of who win, they will work ‘hand in hand’ together as one single ‘united’ party.

    • This is for you, mod said

      Do not count the chicken before they are hatched.
      What if S’pore is going to sink with massive influx of foreigners? Would you believe me?
      They are “innocence” unless proven “guilty”.

    • what say you, mod said

      Given the current unique political situation in S’pore, “unofficial” pap ‘B’ team is still better than “official” pap ‘A’ team.
      As long as there is ISA and defamation suit and there is no freedom of speech, peaceful assembly, independent press/media, it will be an uphill task to have an “official” non pap ‘A’ team, not forgetting that pap and its team not only dominating politically in S’pore.
      What do you think, mod?

    • Compatriot said

      What if your aunty had balls and could become your uncle

  63. Petunia Lee said

    PSLE textbooks are important to me. Very important.

  64. stevenado said

    Common lah Beatrice, you sound too serious to believe. Read as singaporeson88 refers.Now you know why live telecast for partliment sitting was cancelled?Either you are not aware of what is happening in our singapore political scene, which is not posssible or you chose to whack WP for another reason(pap’s supporter).Don’t waste other people time by writing such crap!!!!We are not so naive to believe.Actually we knows what we saw.!!!

  65. Audrey said

    Dear voter who is disillusioned. If it was PAP, you will not have the freedom to criticize them on this site. You would be ‘invited’ for questioning under the ISA law and probably get locked up without a trial until the 2016 election is over. Whether it is PAP or WP, the presence of an alternative party who has the courage to stand up against the incumbent, it already gives Singaporean a choice albeit how restricted the choices may be.

    Mod’s note:

    You still don’t get it – you think you have a choice, but in reality you have NONE because you are choosing between the PAP’s ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams. It’s like choosing between the Lions and Lions U-23. What’s the difference? WP is not an ‘alternative’ or ‘opposition’ party. It is a subsidiary of the PAP!

    • you still dun get it, mod said

      Do we have much choices in S’pore politically? Whatever it is, we should choose the “lesser devil”.
      If you want difference, migration may help.

  66. Sam said

    Anyway, at least WP still got seats… while SDP and RP never got any.

  67. K said

    Dear residents of Aljunied whom voted for WP, u hav been a beacon of hope since the last election. Though some may feel that u hav voted in vain, it’ll take time to change. 6 seats out of 80..proportionally Aljunied area shd garnered more seats…but din happen. So yes, with tat kinda warped calculation, it would take ages for opposition to hav a voice. Till tat day comes, thx for being a beacon of hope for us the 40%.

  68. A G Young said

    TR, one needs not be afraid to have his/her true identity revealed if it is an GENUINE case. It is good to have this FEEDBACK for Mr Low THIA KIANG to take note…, that his Constituency is day DREAMING. This serves as a WAKE UP CALL to his Party!

    Mod’s note:

    Some WP supporters are violent and will intimidate those who dare to criticize their beloved party.

    • report them to police, mod said

      If you think they are violent, report them to the police. The police will be glad to arrest them.
      Do you think it may be due to the pent-up frustrations over many years that resulted them to be “violent”?

  69. tcss said

    Do you think if you have a good co-driver, one is enough? If you have lousy one, hundreds also useless?

    Do you think many problems like inflow of foreigners, rising cost of living, housing etc that many are not happy with, have just suddenly appeared in 2011 and 2012?

    Do you think these problems take 5 to 10 years to formed, and the parliament in year 2001 to 2011, if there was a good co-driver (without partisan interest) and sincerely highlight and convince the house the potential problems, we the citizen will have a easier time now?

    Do you think in 2001 to 2011, the parliament has no good co-driver? If there is no then, can we expect a good one now?

  70. samasama said

    Kudos must be given to Mr LTK for the transformation of a swappy WP to a “first world” WP “. Many years ago,Mr JBJ was fighting for the poor workers rights, Blair plain.Now it seems that the Mother of all tension arising from the influx of FT,doesn’t affect the Workers supporting WP?
    Hey but then again, pap’s supporters jackass lin and ah hock will not be affected too.

  71. bob said

    Proof of questions asked in parliment!

    Mod’s note:

    Yes, proof of all the trivial and irrelevant questions being asked. How about the major important issues affecting Singaporeans? Not a single question being raised out of fear of offending the PAP. Does WP need permission from the PAP HQ to hold the PAP accountable? Shame on the ‘Wayang Party’!

  72. Steve said

    For God Sake, an bad apple and an bad orange is equally bad, hence what choice do we have for the future of our next generation, damn all this politician, who are selfish and only concern of their own interest, I hope there are hero for singapore eventually,

  73. Cher said

    Looks like we need the driver to slap the co-driver who has fallen asleep.

    Mod’s note:

    The co-driver is in cahoots with the driver. The PAP and WP are one big happy ‘family’.

    • connie said

      they have not fallen asleep but indulging in foreplay, i.e. stimulating each other.
      you will know when the driver and co-driver reach climax together…..
      the vehicle would have fallen into a ravine or into a canal.

      • DIY said

        Have you notice that after the Yaw’s saga the WP is in doldrums. They have reached an anti climax after nine months of GE campaigning. The saga was very much like dramas in Bollywood movies. There are happy and sad moments.

        However I would like to share in jest taken from RD. Like the uncle who slaps his co-driver for not concentrating on the road is taken for consideration.

        The script goes this way.
        Driver : “Uncle, uncle, I have good news and bad news for you”
        Uncle : (Sigh) “OK, tell me the bad news first”
        Driver : “Your car is going down the slope towards the cliff”
        Uncle : “Oh No. Then tell me the good news”
        Driver : “It was driving at 200 km/hr”

        I think you know who the Uncle is. The Driver is the Workers Party. That’s what happen when a Sec Gen apply false analogy. It can backfired.

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