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Doctor Ho Thong Chew jailed seven and half months for selling cough syrup wholesale

Posted by temasektimes on July 20, 2012

Disgraced General Practitioner Ho Thong Chew from Focus Medical Group has been sentenced to seven and half months’ jail and fined S$60,000 for selling codeine-laced cough syrup wholesale to three patients, far less than the S$266,800 he made.

The 41 year old father of two was sentenced on Friday, about a month after he pleaded guilty in June to the 35 charges. His clinic has been shut down by the Health Ministry.

According to court documents, Ho sold more than 800 canisters of the cough syrup to three of his patients which was in turn sold to codeine abusers.

Ho’s offences came to light after the Health Sciences Authority was alerted about the large volume of codeine-based cough syrup bought by the clinic in Ang Mo Kio between January and May 2011.

District Judge Christopher Goh said Ho was consumed by greed and was not as naive and innocent as he put himself to be during mitigation.



9 Responses to “Doctor Ho Thong Chew jailed seven and half months for selling cough syrup wholesale”

  1. Ron said

    I feel sorry for him. His license to practise as a doctor is gone. He is not likely to be employed by any hospital or big firm. At age 41, what can he do? In Spore you become a pariah once you are convicted of a crime.

    Perhaps he can start a business but cannot practice.

    • YOLO said

      taxi driver 😀

    • Naivety said

      Since his GP license is disqualified for life, he can always set up a lucrative escort agency just like Tang & called it Ho’s Angels since he is so rich already…no problem for him at all, right?

  2. Ren said

    He can b pariah doc. 流氓医生

  3. Julie Ong said

    Dr Ho has been sentenced for his serious wrongdoing.
    I truly feel sorry for him. He is a smart man to be able to become a physician.
    According to the sentencing judge he was ‘consumed by greed’, the consequences of which we all can now see.
    Lesson for us: if we can’t have it, so be it! Also, always spend within your means.

    Really this case is ‘kesian’ (pitiful/sad).

  4. Free Trolley said

    “District Judge Christopher Goh said Ho was consumed by greed and was not as naive and innocent as he put himself to be during mitigation.”

    He was harassed by those buying isnt he?

  5. If he repents,let us accept him again.So much have been spent for him,let not his talents be laid waste!

  6. Kaching said

    He can always go to china, take citizenship, come back to become FT doctor. He will more welcome like that. If he commit crime again, he will be just fine only.

  7. A said

    He can now deal codeine full time and profit $70G a month from addicts. Doctor… Poooi!

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