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MediaCorp producer lodges police report against M Ravi for ‘threatening’ her a week ago

Posted by temasektimes on July 20, 2012

Prominent Human Rights lawyer M Ravi who won much public sympathy when a Law Society member divulged his medical condition in High Court in a desperate attempt to disqualify him from practicing law found himself in trouble again.

According to the state media, a Tamil current affairs producer at MediaCorp has filed a police report Mr Ravi for verbally abusing her during an interview with him.

Ms Vicneswary d/o Subramaniam alleged that this happened on 13 July. She claimed that while interviewing Mr Ravi at his office, he became extremely agitated and aggressive and shouted at her, using vulgarities.

For some strange reasons, Ms Vicneswary only lodged a police report ONE WEEK later after the fiasco in High Court.

MediaCorp is the only broadcasting station in Singapore and is wholly owned by Temasek Holdings, a Singapore sovereign wealth fund headed by Ho Ching, the wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

The Singapore media is ranked 150th in the world in terms of press freedom by U.S NGO Freedom House this year.


29 Responses to “MediaCorp producer lodges police report against M Ravi for ‘threatening’ her a week ago”

  1. LimPeh said

    hi ravi. feel sad for u. take care. dun end up being a fugitive, bankrupt, or detain in isd. Good luck.

  2. load of crap said

    wawawawa looks like PAP is deploying all missiles it has to target Ravi. How disgusting. PAP is just as bad as politicians in 3rd world countries. So autocratic. Bunch of despots.

  3. JamesCK said

    That’s strange just like Dr. Who, Mr. Lee.
    Bet you didnt know what’s happen’g yeh? : P

  4. When I think of people verbally abused another,I thought of Kong Hee and his wife Sun Ho,and how many literally abuse them,with hateful smears and evil words.This kind of incidents Ravi encountered,I still think he is a great guy.

  5. Snake and rat come from same hole said

    What a nice timing? What do you think?
    Big tree attracts wind, not many such a tree left in S’pore. Can pastor con hee pray for his poor guy?

  6. mahbok tan said

    Keep your cool bro Ravi….your journey is just a begining for a better SGpore… from us fellow SGporean….!!!

  7. tccs said

    Vicneswary d/o Subramaniam got witness or evident or not? Or else it is just he say/she say cannot hold in court.

  8. Dirty Politics said

    What is new in Singapore?? Once you step into the toes of the ruling party, they will go all out to get you. This is dirty politics. The more the ruling party do it, the more foes they will get as Singaporeans are getting tired n sick of the politics here. Hope 2016 wil be a turning point for Singaporeans.

  9. We need to make a lot of noise in support of Ravi said

    This is too damn much, is so obvious, all these happenings are nothing but a stupid plan to “fix” him. If S’poeans are going to keep quite about it, then SG is really not worth to save. Who will want to be a hero & take on the oppressor ???

  10. alex said

    I think this people are scared of you. They will try to use their mean ways to smear you to bring you down trying to stop you from your practice for justice to the people. Guess they cant face the hard truth. Just take care of yourself and please be careful with your words. Im sure god is with you Mr.Ravi.

  11. Wolfglare said

    Next time don’t let mediacorp or SPH do any interview with u….they will never stand on the side of the people cos they are dogs for PAP

  12. pay said

    She was not physically hurt right or proved to have so bad an emotional distress she wanta to jump off her window. Then the normal route is an investigation officer will be assigned then end up in mediation court and will most of the time settle there.
    Its as good as 2 neighbors shouting over their parking rights but no physical harm was done.

    The timing is all too suspicious, it could just be nothing unless this was pre engineered to have it lend up in hi court. But then again no one was ‘hurt’. Dark times man…

  13. Merlion said

    “They” said that Ravi is a Bi-polar and not fit to be a lawyer. I totally agreed that Ravi shouldn’t be a lawyer if he is a bi-polar.
    But the important question is what causes Ravi to be a Bi-polar? We have to understand that in his life he is fighting a cause for Singapore that no other lawyers in Singapore would fight. Ravi knew that he has little support from the public (that is you and I) to fight the cause with him. Well, the Press is well known to have the facts distorted in favor of the one particular Party.
    If you and I am fighting a great cause in this type of environment, we would have bi-polar too. I have great respect for Ravi for his cause and effort, but please stay cool ok, don’t let your emotion rule you.

  14. oldguard said

    Ms Vicneswary fuck you, you are just another idiot fool. Want to angkat bodek (carry balls) Come carry my balls.

  15. stevenado said

    Please Mr.Ravi, stay put, we support you all the way.Just be prepared, misilles not only coming from all directions but also from directions you least expect.Remember be cautious, don’t end up renting a room from Francis Seow or Tang Lang Hong!

  16. i say what i think only... said

    trying to cook some news for ownself and gain credits. remember the stomp staff who photoshop to garner public interest?

  17. KF Yap said

    Tru-Blu Singaputra said: Alamak! All these political bangsawans are calculated to silence & discredit opposition.
    Everyone knows full well this MediaCorp lady has no leg to stand on in court. Our despotic bosses are full of bull these days.
    Tolong lah! Keep you chin up, Ravi!

  18. dy2lyv said

    There were numerous past reported cases of the Police maintaining that verbal abuses including vulgarity between parties were not a subject for the Police to take action. The aggrieved parties were invariably advised to take out private summons against the abusers through their own lawyers. If the Police is going to take a different stance in this case than its a clear case of practicing double standards and will provide further evidence of the growing perception among Singaporeans that their are two sets of laws, one for the rich and powerful and one for the common folks.

    Is this how a nation based on JUSTICE, EQUALITY and ALL-INCLUSIVENESS is defined? If so change is urgently needed.

  19. SashaQueenie said

    Ravi and Ms Muthu, we support you all!
    What a great inspiration both of you are.

    • DIY said

      “Hougang cleaner files summons to order PM Lee to appear in court” Posted to TT on 3 Jun 2012.

      I commented : Mdm Vellama don’t know that she’s being used as lamb to the slaughter. It’s all in M Ravi’s mind to advertise his profession. Mind you that lawyer’s cannot advertise his work. The case is ‘pro bono’ and in Latin means ‘done without usual payment for lawyer’ In this case, if the verdict is not in Vellama’s favour, M Ravi will join WP.

      After a month and the By-Election was won over, a twist of event continues. Mdm Vellama Muthu was not the hypothetical lamb that I presumed, but it was Ravi putting up a show.

  20. Ron said

    More scud missiles? I just hope sanity will prevail. It can boomerang.

    Now that a Police Report has been filed, Mr. Ravi can get to challenge that, file a lawsuit and escalate this matter. If this Police report was filed by an individual and not by her organization, then it is between the two of them. Let there be Light.

    Also, why grant interviews? Less talk, less problem. Talk only in Court.

  21. kums said

    Stand Tall, Ravi!

  22. Naivety said

    I sense a conspiracy going on to put down Ravi for good…

  23. jaded said

    can I file a police report against my NS trainers for using vulgarities against me?

  24. Steve said

    MR RAVI , if the accussation is not truth, please sue her for defamation.

  25. april said

    Lets pray for pap to collapse. The whole truth shall prevail. I believe by then, most of the ministers will pack their wealth and hide. Until now, police keep mum about TPL case. All government bodies are full of corrupted lots!!!. Hey you USA why there’s no regime change here??????

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