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VIDEO: Elderly Singaporean couple forced to walk home after paying doctor’s fees

Posted by temasektimes on July 20, 2012

An elderly Singaporean couple had to walk more than I km home when they were left without money after they paid their polyclinic fees.

Watch the shocking video below:


105 Responses to “VIDEO: Elderly Singaporean couple forced to walk home after paying doctor’s fees”

  1. Anon said

    I hope the person filming this tried to help at the very least! I would have.

  2. dred said

    If only there was a church that could heal them, for Jesus…they also look malnourished…then they could use the money to buy food.
    Come on CHC members..find out who they are and heal and feed them.

  3. Dan said

    Hope all children will take good care of their old folks…. eventually one day we will be in the needy state too.

  4. SkinFT said

    vote for pap. this is your destiny. good luck.

  5. hihihi said

    Ministar Ah Cow only paid $8 for his heart bypass, but $2,200 for each of the 26 branded foldable bikes for the parks.

  6. Fark That Sissy AssLoong said

    My heart bleeds for this elderly couple.

    For fark’s sake, instead of just taking the video to expose those heartless million dollar white scums, didn’t anybody offered to send them home or give them the money to take a taxi home ??

    Please update.

  7. what said

    who the hell was recording this, you have a recording device but you can’t spare them some money to take a cab or something?

  8. Cher said

    60 years ago, these are the people that form the backbone of our country. The core foundations were built with their blood, sweat and tears. Does our million dollar ministers still have any decency left, to help those in need. Needless to say most old folks are not in a first world country?

  9. Singaporean said

    We have to stop this kind of heartless ministers..
    I hope bad Karma strike all bad Ministers in our country. Let their relatives, children and themselve be striken by desease or more.
    Then they will know why and how Singaporeans are suffering.

  10. alex ang said

    If I’m the one who took the video, I’ll would given them a ride home or woud gave them some money for cab fare.

    • mahbok tan said

      Lets look it at another angle : If the man with video are to give them a hand by providing transport ( taxi or driving them home ) u think you are able to see the video that we just saw….????

      Or maybe the man with video are trying to bring the message across to all coz definitely it’snot a make believe scene for TT rite….!!!

  11. SG said

    I think the jobless person who filmed them should’ve just given them some money to help them get home instead. I think that’s why it’s a ‘shocking’ video: that some guy decided to video it and try to get publicity rather than be compassionate and help…

  12. dyn said

    and…you are juz taking a video instead of helping??

  13. waswer said

    What did the video poster do? Film and post on youtube ? Got offer to send them home or not? 🙂

  14. Rinrin Teo said

    and the person who filed this…did you even bother to lend them some cash to take bus/taxi? totally reflects on the person who filmed this instead of the original purpose of the video.

    • Pussy Rules said

      Lets look it at another angle : If the man with video are to give them a hand by providing transport ( taxi or driving them home ) u think you are able to see the video that we just saw….????

      Or maybe the man with video are trying to bring the message across to all coz definitely it’snot a make believe scene for TT rite….!!!

  15. Chengxim said

    These are the pioneers of our country… Whom built this homeland with their blood, sweat and tears and this is how our current government repays them…the CPF is just one huge ponzi scheme!! One generation paying for the previous generation…

    Lack of jobs, suppressed wages, jobs for ft and ns for locals, million dollar minister salaries and still trying to shove integration down our throats… Screw you papies…. Regime change 2012!!!

  16. wanker10 said


    • Pussy Rules said

      Lets look it at another angle : If the man with video are to give them a hand by providing transport ( taxi or driving them home ) u think you are able to see the video that we just saw….????

      Or maybe the man with video are trying to bring the message across to all coz definitely it’snot a make believe scene for TT rite….!!

  17. 69 said

    Sigh …… This will be our future when we get old …..

    • lolkey said

      Yes, give your sacred vote to the govt who will promise free taxi ride home. What a cheap/easy way to gain political power.

  18. Really? said

    Really? U stood there and film the whole time, instead of trying to help them? Awesome..

  19. lanpa said

    Since you can shoot them, why dun you help them to get a cab back? Action speaks louder than words!

  20. chee soon juan said

    why didn’t the one taking the video gave them some money to take cab home? But stood aside and watched

    $28 for cab for 1km? This is daylight robberY!!!! Down with the PAP!

    $5.80 for their whole treatment! Its too expensive! Down with the PAP!

  21. Sg said

    It breaks my heart watching the video. Where are the social safety nets for the poor aged people?

    • mahbok tan said

      In SGpore where GOT such thing as social safety net…..NETS have la….coz money in bank already got interest for them to earned…!!!

      Since when does oyr GOVT of the DAY say that they provide safety net for us COS???? Even our CPF oso cannot touch liao…can see can smell …but cannot have it physically…..!!!! To the ministers n parliamentarians ( except opposition parliamentarians ) KNNBCCB….!!!

  22. Walker said

    the crew took a video for 45 mins plus and you couldn’t offer them some money to let them take a bus/cab back..i wonder what the world is coming to..we can lament the fact that ministers are getting a lot of money, but if the middle class or whoever that is seeing this do not do anything, then I guess all is lost for Singaporeans.

  23. Russell said

    No offense to all, but could the videographer have helped the elderly couple instead of just filming them. An offer of sending them home or something. Perhaps the uploader could assist with the enquiries readers would have about this situation.

  24. Naivety said

    It is extremely terrible as the Polyclinic could have waived off the medical charges for the elderly couple concerned then instead being so commercially minded!

  25. Renesis Lim said

    wonder why the person recording this couldnt just fork out that $10 for them to take a taxi back or bus. Rather than recording this video of two elderly couple walking over a kilometre JUST TO PROVE SOMETHING.

  26. Talk is free if this guy is so free and so sympathatic for the elders and to video the two elderly and post it it, why did he not offer the help them home instead. To take their stories and post it, is some kind of an act just to tell what kind of a person he is. Just hail a taxi send them home this is an act of human and not otherwise.

    • Pussy Rules said

      Lets look it at another angle : If the man with video are to give them a hand by providing transport ( taxi or driving them home ) u think you are able to see the video that we just saw….????

      Or maybe the man with video are trying to bring the message across to all coz definitely it’snot a make believe scene for TT rite….!!!!!

  27. Crap... said

    MIWs!! How do you sleep at night?? Your inhumane policies have created social tragedy aplenty!!

  28. P Koh said

    I am just wondering why the person who took the trouble to take this video did not offer help to relief this couple of the pain and agony of a long and tedious journey home. I would have offered to pay for their taxi fare home if I were there and saw their plight.

    • Mich said

      You guys don’t know head dun know tail but come n bAbble nonstop n blame that Polyclinic cannot waive off e $$.
      Polyclinic can n will send charges to the home.
      I happened to be in a rush once and the Polyclinic said I can receive the bill by post.
      Stop blaming the govt for everything. Why dun flamers stay in some third world countries for a week before coming here to kpkb!
      Old people can be senile or have dementia.
      Let’s take this post w a pinch of salt.

  29. It Pains Me said

    Oh my gosh………..I would like to help these elderly couple. Temasek Times, please let me know how can I contact them. Thanks!

  30. Jaded said

    this happens because they are no longer useful… not like the beloved FTs…

    • Belle said

      Heart wrenching to watch the video…

      The beloved FT earns the money here then go back to their home country and retire. Govt hope they will become citizen and stay here but they are not so stupid to retire in Sg when inflation moves faster than increment…

  31. Luke said

    Kong Hee demands 10% from his followers, SG demands 20% from his citizen.

    And what do we get in the end?

  32. Burpzzz said

    Blaming the government? How about the person taking the video?

  33. Jj said

    Could have still taken a cab and pay for it when they reached home!

  34. icefire said

    wat have the govt done to help our elderly !!!
    where is all the promise make ??? buried in the bugis down town line !!!

  35. Singapore is a third world country,by the look of that!

  36. Ron said

    I suggest TT starts a charity drive to collect money for this poor couple.

  37. Tan Yan Ren said

    OUR health system was and still is not good enough. I found out that our neighbour , Malaysia, charges less than 5 ringgit(about 2 Sin Dollars) for medical consultation.You think the their medical care are not up to standards?…STOP believing the singapore propaganda ….the press ,media bulshit…Ma;laysia is taking care of their people in view of their limited resources.

    • Sky said

      Fyi, in Malaysia government hospital only charge Rm1 Which include the consultation fee, and all prescriptions. RM 5 all in fee for the government hospital specialists. If you are golden age you get it all free!

      The Malaysian government medication prescriptions are far better than most private clinics or private hospitals.

  38. bon bon said

    The person who took the video did the right thing….. by taking the whole journey in video and let the whole of Singapore know.

  39. load of crap said

    You help this one because you get to see about it. What about all those you never see or hear about? In all these older estates there are whole blocks with 1 or 2 bedroom units and a lot of them are full of old people renting from HDB single and lonely, many without kids or relatives and they are falling through the cracks. This is a problem that government has to take ownership of. We can help this one but how many can we help without government’s involvement? A country is not a company- it is a nation made up of people united in spirit and if the government doesn’t take care of its people that’s the end of the nation.

    • mahbok tan said

      Correct and agree with you….!!!
      Most of us here tend to blame the man taking this video…..its our GOVT problem for not providing free health care for our old age citizen.
      as SKY did mention , Malaysian GOVT , even though they are corrupt , the eklerly are being taken care of by providing FREE or affordable health care ….!!! But our PAP GOVT instead of taking care of its citizen they are more keen to take care of our CPF money…….coz its BIG MONEY BIG MONEY with huge interest earned….!!! KNNBCCB to them in the PAP GOVT….!!!

    • K said

      But sg is a corporation since the beginning, will always be. When did it become a country? Din u look at our ndp? Which country in the world celebrate its national day in that manner?

  40. Crap said

    Let me know how and where to help old couple. When I saw this I deeply sad abt healthcare system that didn’t offer free coverage to all poor and elderly instead of world high pay to minister. Every 10% deduction from all these minister pay will help them a lot. Just imagine also like chc case money to church that 5% pay will definitely help a lot alrather than to church

  41. coco said

    how come people got the time to take video but no heart to even help???
    what is the point of showing this post?

    You might want to blame the CDC and every other government office.
    But what about the person who took the video?

    Are you even helping what you are seeing?

    • hihihi said

      kok. if he/she din take the video then how to show it here?

      • mahbok tan said

        AGREE … most of us tend to look at only 1 angle of life ….how about from other perspective…..!!!

        We should thank them for highlighting this issue with a video…..!!! U think our GOVT who have all the machineries under their command could’nt provide with this type of video….!!!! How many intelligence mice they have daily in our daily life and in the streets….??? but to provide them with this kind of video will ONLY tarnished their IMAGE as a GOOD and reliable GOVT…..phuck ….!!!!

      • Dj said

        You’re right. The video should never been shown. The brainless, heartless person who videoed their plight OVER 1 HOUR should have helped them home! Feeble, staged attempt to stir up emotions. Should be removed from this site.

      • Piratetoon said

        If they give money for them to take taxi home. nobody would know such things actually happen in singapore.

      • Dj said

        So thanks to the insightful, miserly creeps who recording this staged video, we are all little wiser.

      • Naivety said

        @Dj, What you said is quite incredible as how can this video be staged & do you mean that the SDP, Dr Chee Soon Juan purposely go & get 2 elderly folks to play & act out the scene as depicted on the video ka???

        Kindly try to use a bit of ur brain to think logically, intelligently & rationally, please (papaya ass licker)!!!

      • Dj said

        @naivety: obviously a sdp supporter, sound very much like them with the flowery language too. The compassionate sdp, who filmed the old couple for over an hour, have chosen to let the old couple endure their pain and plight to bring light about the suffering of Singaporeans to the masses. Your superior brain will tell you how truly concerned are SDP to helping Singaporeans.

  42. Julie Ong said

    It is heartwarming to hear your contributors coming forward with offers of help to this elderly poor couple. It reinforces my belief that there are still many good hearted Singaporeans.

    The government should aside some money for our poor citizens. It is really their duty. The public can do their bit through donations or even give hands on help.

    We must not see our elderly poor or less fortunate citizens as being a burden. True, they cannot contribute economically. They are Singaporeans nonetheless. Perhaps we should have a debate on this issue and see what the majority feel and think. To abandon our poor, sick or needy is simply wrong, in my opinion. We should put our minds together to come up with ideas to resolve/better manage this
    issue of our hapless citizens.

    I hope that the government will look into this matter with some urgency as there will be more of these cases surfacing. If the PAP is wise they will put aside some real money into this. They will certainly win back some of the support they’ve lost of late.

    P.S. I’ve never been a mindless anti-PAP crusader. I’m only ever against their policies that is detrimental to the people. I will give credit where it is due and criticise like mad if they do bad/nonsense things.

  43. lolkey said

    SDP resorts to lame political tactics like this… What has Singapore become…

  44. KNN said

    When everyone complain about the video grapher no doing anything. Perhaps I like to question, do you think the Indian from India, Pinoy and Cinky will offer any helping hand?

  45. FreeMakan said

    why they voted for pap ?

  46. Kexinjiapo said

    very heartbreaking… 😥

    Please help to find out where and how we can help them instead of pursuing why the videoman didnt offer to help.

  47. Anthony Tang said

    The MPs should donate some of their high salary towards this old couple.

  48. Singaporeslut said

    May i have the couple’s name and address so I can give them $200?

    • mahbok tan said

      Thats a GREAT contribution as fellow SGporean.

      Thank you fellow citizen .

    • Hee Hee said

      Thank you for your contribution. Please send it to:

      City Harvest Corporate Office
      8 Temasek Boulevard,
      Suntec Tower Three, #08-01/03,
      Singapore 038988

  49. Mogula said

    Please tell me where I can find these poor folk. I’d like to help them in some way.

    You could have filmed them continuously for 5 minutes and we would already have sympathized for their intended long walk home. It was needless to let bone-bent old people continue in such pain.

    You can show your point– but you can do it with more Heart!

    Kindly advise on your site – so All of us so concerned here can do our part.

  50. Liew said

    May I ask what is the videographer trying to prove and his agenda behind this video? If he/she is so anti-government, why don’t he just send this video to the ministers instead of complaining or trying to prove that the health care is a failure and has no sympathy for the elderlies?

  51. kaypoh said

    People need to see this. How did you know the video guy or his party didn’t give them some help later? But remember there are many more who suffer unseen, can you help them all? That’s why we need to see this. So that we can take action. This is not a 45 minute video, perhaps he gave them a lift or cab fare after filming a few minutes.

    I feel very sad after seeing this. The criteria of a government is not how much money you make, but how you treat your people. Especially when a lot of the money is made FROM your people. Just my opinion.

  52. Hopeless said

    Pathetic government of ours… Totally lost it!!

  53. lolkey said

    SDP blaming highly paid ministers (indirectly pap) by showing a video of two old people walking on the street without any reasoning or context? Do not support a party that put up childish crap like this. If they put up images to draw people to make easy conclusions without due diligence, they cannot be trusted to make any decisions when put into power. At best, they will not be treated seriously by their peers, the worst is unimagineable.

    • kaypoh said

      Not easy conclusions… if we have a brain & a heart.

      1) yes, we dun know what SDP will be like as a govt
      2) and yes, we DO KNOW what MIW are like as a govt

  54. joun lee said

    This is a SDP video. No credibility. Someone has the time to film them and not help them? (disclosure: not PAP nor govt supporter. Just being objective)

  55. Ame said

    How do I help them? any information abt them?its a sad thing to see this happening..:(

  56. A Singaporean Abroad said

    I am wondering why are so many criticising the person who filmed this video. This person filmed the incident to create awareness and to increase the impact of the video. No one knows what that video person did in the end because the video stopped at the point when the old couple was sitting down in chairs and they have not reached home.

    Turning to charges: I understand that consultation fee at a polyclinic is $5.60. Does anyone know if a patient gets charged an additional sum for attending Family Physician Clinic (FPC) or a Nurse Clinician Service (NCS)? I understand that FPC costs $20.00 and NCS costs $6.00. If so, that figures why they don’t have enough money to take a taxi home having brought only $30 with them. Can anyone enlighten me please?

  57. Merlion said

    I am not sure whether the video man has offer financial help at the end of the filming. But the saddness is that this old couple is not alone, I am sure there are many old couples have suffered or suffering like them. Can you imagine that many financial poor and aging couples may not have the financial ability to visit the polyclinic and suffer in pain at home?!!
    Can the Government do something for this group of Nation Builders? Don’t let them suffer anymore. Have a policy that give them free medical service. Subsidizing rate is not a solution for them as it is still a cost to them!! Help them Government!!!

  58. Singapuraboi said

    Guys, we r looking at our future here and it is pretty scary. With the rate if inflation I don’t know if my savings would even be enough for me in my old age. There is too much elderly abuse around. My cousin is speaking of moving to Thailand where cost of living is cheaper and where he can retire like a king. He is a true blue Singaporean but at the rate we r developing it would be hard for citizens to survive. Our society only treasures the young and the beautiful. It is very cruel that the govt pays scant regard to the people who once built this city.

  59. witan said

    i just cant accept that we was living in this country …. very sad and heartpain to see that …..

  60. sarahxskies said

    Apart from our medical policies, there’s another issue that concerns me. The root of the problem really is that our government has focused so much on our economic progression that our family values and morals have been neglected. We’ve become automatons for our government that we’re no longer in touch with what should really matter to us. My first thought when I saw this video was, where are the family members to help their elders out? It’s simple heart wrenching to see how out of touch we’ve become with basic human principles.

  61. kaypoh said

    Hey farking Medishield so great how come this happen?

  62. Cool said

    I think the main problem are – ‘where and what their children doing’ ??

    • x said

      The main problem is that too many people like you still think like a peasant living in 17th century China — that providing for the elderly is the sole responsibility of their descendants. No modern economies in the world except Singapore do shit like this — everybody else have pension and social security that provide for their senior citizens. And these are genuine pensions, not Ponzi schemes like CPF that siphons wealth from the people to make up for GIC and Temasek’s investment losses.

      The PAP knows to exploit backward thinking like this — make the children feel guilty, shame them, etc, so that they would be hoodwinked into doing what the government ought to be doing.

      Singaporeans make the highest contributions in the world towards their own retirement. No other country in the world makes their citizens to contribute a third of their income in forced savings for their retirement. Yet Singaporeans are much worse off than their counterparts elsewhere when they actually retire. And you think their children are to be blamed?

  63. hamtorof4 said

    maybe if ministers have lower their pay more they could do better use with the money….

  64. x said

    You can help this elderly couple on this particular day by simply giving them cash but you won’t be helping the thousands of other elderly destitute folks who will live out everyday of their twilight years in such misery.

    The stupid fucks who cry foul here are just being short-sighted and narrow-minded. The person who shot this video did exactly the right thing by exposing the failures of the PAP government for everybody to see.

  65. x said

    I know of another elderly couple — when the wife fell sick in London, Singapore Airlines sent a chartered jet to pick them up. SIA removed half the seats in the first class cabin and retrofitted a bed in there. SGH even provided a team of doctors and nurses to go along with the plane.

    Who says our government doesn’t care about the elderly?

  66. Marie said

    I feel sorry for this old couple. . I hope Singapore government will do some actions regarding elderly. . I wish all children should be very aware in their old parents especially they need to pay attention. .

  67. Icigirl said

    WTF MAN! Why aren’t they seeking help/ Anyone helping them!?

  68. Leanne said

    I really don’t understand why the person filming this let them walk 1km when they could’ve just given them some money for a taxi. They are not animals. That annoys me more than the situation with the government.

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