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PM Lee to Singaporeans: You should help new citizens ‘fit in’

Posted by temasektimes on July 21, 2012

After importing too many immigrants within too short a period of time which makes integration impossible and leading to rising social tensions between native Singaporeans and new citizens, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is now calling on Singaporeans to help the newcomers ‘fit in’.

Speaking at his Teck Ghee ward’s racial harmony celebrations, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has cautioned Singaporeans to pay attention to new fault lines that have appeared between new and old citizens due to the government’s discriminatory policies which put locals at a disadvantage.

PM Lee also appeared to come to the realization finally when he said “new citizens may be ethnically similar, but the fault lines develop as they have different norms, habits and attitude.”

“Citizens must work together to ensure that the differences do not affect social stability in Singapore….Singaporeans should help the new citizens fit in,” he added.

Due to the government’s open-door immigration and labor policies, large number of foreigners have flocked to Singapore to study, work and live in the last five years leading to rampant inflation, sky-rocketing property values, stagnant wages and an obvious decline in the quality of life.



69 Responses to “PM Lee to Singaporeans: You should help new citizens ‘fit in’”

  1. Ben said

    we help, but they think they are still in their own country and are entitled to behave like king

    • Sporean said

      Tell them to try that back in their own country … So why Sporeans should give face to the ignorant ‘new citizens’…??

    • ANGRY Bird said

      why must we help. you allowed the influx, you draw million dollar salary, YOU do the bloody job.

  2. Jack said

    who created this problem, sir?

    • Edmund said

      Good question

    • Me said

      The problem lies in the unwise policies marginalising your OWN citizens …
      And we are just reacting to protect our rights as TRUE citizens. ….
      If mr lee does not admit where the root of the unhappiness, the situation will worsen … WAKE UP! MR LEE !!!

  3. SG Talent said

    We can help them feel comfprtable by spitting on the floor and cut q too

    • gr0koewi said

      That is completely unhygenic. You risk spreading diseases, especially those that mutate easily and become drug resistant. Before you know it, we have a bio-hazard on our hands.

  4. P Koh said

    The government has brought about social unhappiness with the huge influx of new citizens and whose duty is it now to close the gap when PM Lee calls upon “Citizens must work together to ensure that the differences do not affect social stability in Singapore”. If the government could not do it, can the local Singaporeans do when these new citizens acted brazenly and even told locals off that we are useless to the extent that our Government have invited them to come to help us produce more babies.
    I cannot see how they can change their habits, their cultures and upbringing styles to fit into our unique Singaporean culture when we are commonly known as “Singaporeans” first and race second. Can this be true with the new citizens.

  5. aloysius12 said

    How do we do that, speaking loudly and boisterously, spitting and uncontrollable litterings, cooking curry when they are out? When we move into new terrorities, we merge with the locals and asking the locals to follows our ways of life.

  6. alex said

    Can someone tell him and his MP’s to shut up cos its annoying when they keep talking about the same things over n over again as if we Singaporean are racist. Can they solve Singaporean issue first before talking about foreign issues.

    • NaBey said

      Nobody can stop them. Even RAVI trying to help but he alone can’t fight. WP also keeping silence. Move to JB, maybe its better, at least they have human rights for BERSIH 3.0

      Mod’s note:

      Of course WP is keeping silent as it is the PAP’s ‘B’ team. You can’t expect it to defy orders from the PAP HQ to shut up and act blur, can you?

  7. Only idiot will do your bidding !!! said

    Since your last sorry to S’poreans without sincerity, I can’t trust you anymore so why should I do your bidding ????????????????? I decided to do the opposite of what you say !!!

    • Fark That Sissy AssLoong said

      Agree with your comment.

      After screwing Singaporeans big time with his mass importation of 3rd world citizens, now he wants us to embrace them.

      His false, self serving ‘sorry’ made during the elections was insincere and meant solely to win votes amongst the fence sitters. Nothing more than that.

      We don’t trust you anymore Pinky, so you can go fark yourself for all we care.

  8. SEE-ME-NO-UP-AH? said

    How do we help to fit in new citizens? Very simple. Behave just like them. How about importing “culture” from them and make them feel at home? Some examples like talking loudly on the mobile phone without any consideration for other people around us, clearing the throat with loud growls followed by spitting out the phlegm just about anywhere indoors or outdoors, squatting on top of public toilet bowls with their dirty shoes while doing their thing, cutting queues is also an acceptable norm. Do we need to learn and find out more of their so called culture, mostly unheard of before, the last couple of decades ago? Are we expected to “accept” them wholeheartedly welcoming them with open arms and open legs? Can we actually fit a square peg in a round hole??

  9. justamolester said

    i have no time

  10. This is your farking problem said

    Whether new citizens fit in or not is not our farking problem.
    Our farking problem is massive influx of foreigners within a short period of time, the floodgates started to be wide opened after 2004 coincidentally when someone took over the highest office in the 3rd world parliament.

  11. General said

    We the locally born single or divorcees have financial problems wanted to buy brand new HDB. The answer is NO. But when the NEWLY imported trash apply. Yes. It is APPROVED immediately.
    So what the far* we serve NS for. Now, We MUST buy HDB from RESALE MARKET from AN F**K immigrant. U tell me to INTEGRATE. F all the GENERALs.

  12. Annoymous said

    Go and share all these PM Lee double standards with the 60.1%.

  13. solaris8899 said

    same old story again…have lost my confidence in papa…

  14. Shawn said

    Why does he look very Cheena to me? Is it just my eyes??? LOL!!!!

  15. Unhappy said

    Read my lips. No more integration for me. Only differentiation. dy/dx.

  16. The Mighty Pen said

    It is indeed an irony that a prime minister of a nation continues to admit foreigners in large numbers despite knowing full well of the fault lines that have appeared between new and old citizen and other foreign trash. It is unthinkable that he is still calling for integration, perhaps this is the only word/solution that he knows. His National Day speech will be monitored closely by Singaporeans as he cannot take a neutral stand on this all important issue. Singaporeans are generally angry with the prime minister playing tricks using words and catch phrases to justify the influx of foreigners into this country.

  17. Fuck you! said

    Faggot Lee, you must help your daddy fit in with the heat also, I heard he loves air con, but it will be burning down there in hell, where he will be for eternity.

  18. Sporean said

    I think immigrants should learn to respect and fit into the country that they decide to settle down and reside rather than the citizens unrolling a red carpet for all these people.. You think I got so much time to understand China Madarin when they don’t put in effort to speak English aaahh ..?? Who’s home is this ..?? Mine or theirs…??

    • DustyP said

      So true! when setting down roots a new country, it you that has to adept and show respect for the culture you have chosen to join. Setting up a “Little China” to make yourself feel comfortable causes distrust, dislike and downright antagonism in the end

  19. Multiply n Integrate said

    But did the government help or prepared Singapore in anticipation of the huge influx of foreigners since 2006?

    No, the government since 2006 quietly mass imported foreigners without telling Singaporean what was going to hit them. Even up to 2010, they are in denial mode.

    And now PM Lee expect Singaporean to help them fit in? Who will help Singaprean then? Who will help those PMET who have lost their job? Who will help those who submitted hundreds of job applications and received no reply? Who will help those professionals who have to resort to driving taxi when they lost their job in their 40s?

    Look yourself in the mirror , and answer the above questions.

  20. pay said

    Its 60/40, u are just addressing the mere majority, not super majority….

  21. Wolfglare said

    PM Lee you can ask your precious FT and new citizen all go to hell with you….we don’t need or want them here….it’s you and your PAP pigs who need their help so that you can remains in power

  22. pitbull said

    what the fark !!! when you come and live in my country, you must assimilate yourself in our culture and customs, not me having to try and fit in to yours. Ah loong, are you daft or what ???

  23. Bernard Deng said

    Talking cock again.

  24. Friend said

    The Govt is the one bringing in the problem, then they shd also be the solver to the problem. STOP bringing in the china F***s. These china F***s are loud, aggressive & arrogant behavior is vexing to the True Singaporean’s whole being.
    It is really an irony, whenever thing turns bad or when we are facing tough time, the Govt has the audaucity to ask usTrue Singaporeans to help out & tighten our belts….. when everything is ok… “pap” forgets about us…ALWAYS setting up policies to drain us ALL dry… Eg I’m 56… I’ve abt 100k in the CPF, I’ve exhausted my saving due to retrenchment & unable to get a job.. Went to CPF to ask them to return some of MY money to pay for my SP Svc, C&C, etc, CPF told me that it’s policies does not allow.. Hv to wait till 60 something or till I die than my family can hv my CPF money…. What bull shit is that…

    Really REGRETTED voting for the “pap” all these years….voted them to setup policies to KILL myself…maybe the old chinese saying is right …” if my calamities is created by myself (voting them in), then I deserved to die “

  25. Henry said

    Agree with Alex. Hearing the same refrain makes me puke. They created the problem, we suffer for it and now they are telling us to solve it. Shitty, man!

  26. The "Silent" Majority said

    I dont know what to say…….

  27. yes man said

    go integrate yourself

  28. Gone case said

    They already fitted in any small amount of opportunity like in the train fitting themselves into seat with total disregard for other more deserving ones.
    Mr PM disguise yourself as a common people and move around to see it for yourself and stop talking through your ass hole.

  29. sgsiol said

    gov has make me kena FIT instead of fit create self trouble and unhappiness twrds its own seem no point to comment here since gov blind by our unhappiness comment.I guess cannot rely on our own gov anymore..they bring in those foreigner trash and these trash make us lost our job..who can stand justice for us? even the courts,police and those official agency are belong to the gov so will they listen to us..what a sore eye to see those local golden age had to work to survive when by rights its time for them to relax for the remainder of their much can gov support them..even cdc cant help them so much..u tell me if u get finance of example $400 mthly,can u survive? u go shop and bring $50 dollars and see how much balance u left..a local take home pay after deduct cpf about $1.5k but there a foreigner holding S pass even same post as local but they get nett pay of $2000plus without any there a fairness in wages?even our cpf for our retirement is been paid monthly installment and that is where those golden age had to werk even I guess if want to die also cannot die at ease because now before sleep think bout money wake also need to think money..there no one in the official dare to stand for us because gov pay them well and they so happy.If someone fails to pay errands in town council will be called to go courts and even after explanations of financial trouble then will have to go prison..what the crap go prison for cannot pay the town council..then some might even lost their job..did the courts ever think why someone cannot pay theirs errands? because the judge never think of that,so many local unemployed because of the foreigners,but the judge never think of it..sometime i wonder until when can I take those gov crap twrds foreigner..last time they brings in china then phillipines then now expect more india come here..these nation people are the most dirtiest people and corrupted in the worlds.maybe that what our gov like and known them as talented.but should any of this foreigner trash plays punk twrds me and my family then I will use necessary force twrds cannot blame us because gov know in the first place who make local unhappy.I believe they built up Changi prison complex wider so they can put in more local in wake up don’t be too greedy which cause local unhappiness because local don’t create policy it is U.

    • Julie Ong said

      Sgsiol, I support your fair and reasonable criticism of the government. Keep it up! Never fear the government. They better fear us because we can vote them out. Except for my shyness I would have openly challenged the PAP.
      The other problem is: who will vote me? By the way your complaining counts. If too many people protest they will finally ‘crack’. Then, they will be forced into action/change.
      Not to worry. The government wants to stay in power so they will change things sooner or later. If still not happy, let’s get rid of them and put in a new government in GE2016.
      It is really hard to be in the situation you are in now!
      Good luck and all the best.

      • Sgsiol said

        Hi Julie tks…well wat to do if last time father a kempetai and nw son worse than kempetai which make us born local live suffering with their own decision that unreasonable..well….god is great..retribution has shown to their side..wait for this is fair deal when we lost job our children suffer as us for daily ration hard to get and gov make us like begger to beg at any welfare agency for assistance when the officer there seem like not interested when I explain yet I been told to find a job when I had try many times but no avail even when I meet their company requirement but..hhmm..hopefully we can stand as one united regardless of race or religion to stand firm twrds the gov…hopefully one day someone will take the guts to reveals the their family asset in a boom value they have i believe so.

      • gr0koewi said

        Wat, wait, wait, wait. Where did you come up with the whole Kempetai theory?

  30. NaBey said

    Hello sir, I have 1 proposal, govt to attract more woman FT, then legalise 1 man can have 2 wives policy. Like that, u can ensure more babies born and NTUC no need to crack their hollow brain for stupid 12 months maternity leave !!! Follow denmark for F**K? We can follow our neighbour malaysia, 1 man so many wives and yet no need to work!!!

    • Sgsiol said

      HI Nabey..i agreed wit u..issue PR to those Ft woman married to local man so that we local no need to werk..y? because our foreign wife are talented..yeah..if the foreign wife divorce us then immediately sent them back can take in other nationality FT woman..gud ideas

  31. NaBey said

    In order to ensure “fit in”, we must try first. Therefore don’t anyhow tell police go raid lorong suka. At least I can try if I can fit in by paying $6 per 10 min.

  32. Hopeful said

    Correct me if I am wrong, only SDP and maybe SPP will take the incumbent party to task. I was hopeful when WP won the GRC but they have been quiet so far…disappointing.

    Mod’s note:

    WP will never take on the PAP because it is the PAP’s ‘B’ team! A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please help spread the message! Don’t be deceived anymore by the ‘Wayang Party’!

  33. Fu_pap said

    To make your favourable FT feel more at home,sir, to their original environment, I would start to spit, litter and hang china, India and Pinoy flags outside my house.

  34. Lim said

    The trust is gone yet the PM seems so blissfully unaware and ignorant that people no longer believe the government. They say one thing but do the opposite or pretend not to hear our cries of misery when jobs, space and precious resources are inflated beyond our reach by this multitude of foreigners – then pay lip service in tightening up the inflow, blames Singaporeans for being xenophobic, crimes by foreigners are met with a light touch then talk of fault lines and want us to integrate.

    • Displaced said

      Singapore is like Geylang now, attracted too many customers lingering around thus look prosperous but many residents there has already moved out displaced by pimps, international prostitutes and customers.

  35. Naivety said

    Hey Loony!

    Stop TCSS here will you & shut the fark up?!!!

    • TCSS said

      The man in the photo look more like a PiMp in the Geylang area than someone who look after the peoples interest!

  36. FT is better than Singaporean, and they should help Singaporeans now! said

    FT is better than Singaporean, and they should help Singaporeans now!

    FT is better than citizens, FT should help Singaporeans ant not vice versa.

  37. Alv said

    At current stage without initial planning, is too late for us to integrate as a whole cause culture and values has been educated wrongly initially. The influx of foreigners is good to country economy and growth but government forget to balance back the problem causing the huge income gap between rich and poor. Low to middle income earners have problem catching up w costs of living in Singapore and that is the true fact. Pay increment is not able to match even the rising inflation rate. I urge the government to come out w more policies and schemes to help local SMEs grow their businesses so that they can pay better salaries to local employees. Not forgetting we cannot always depend on global MNCs in Singapore. Once the business costs is too huge for the MNCs to bear in Singapore, they will relocate to China or India which is much cheaper than Singapore. Hope Singapore government will put on all talented Ministers and MPs thinking caps urgently and help Singaporeans to have better platforms to sail through life smoothly and happily!

    • Stop reading the mainstream media and more social media said

      Think you have to wait long long, by now you still do not see the picture?
      Do you think that these people in office are stupid have no solution and keep talking nonsense?

      They are not for you the people anymore except themselves and the richer class.

      Think of it as they are the milkmen and you the cow to be milked till dry,

      Use your 5 years hard earned bullet wisely!

  38. JagaBee said

    To be brutally honest, there is only a particular “foreign race citizens” that sticks out like a sore thumb.

    And I am sorry to say, it is from the same place that majority of Singapore’s forefathers are from.

    However, we have evolved and we have cultivated First World manners & hygiene and are a completely different breed from them.

    I hesitate to group all foreign talents in Singapore into one category because I know the Filipinos, the Indians, even our fellow South East Asians, have a better moral & value system than them.

    We are happy that there are foreign workers coming into Singapore, this indeed does help to elevate many Singaporeans to “Boss” and many SMEs to propagate.

    But you truly need to regulate or in fact, drive out many of these new Chinese foreign talents.

    They only have allegiance to their home country, so you can forget about forging loyalty.
    And they only have money on their mind.
    Evident from the fake foods, fatal traffic accidents and more.

    PM Lee, I only ask you for ONE thing.
    Show me one of your new Chinese Citizen who can actually sing the National Anthem.

    The Speak Good English Campaign was started because your father said “Singaporeans cannot speak Singlish, we must speak proper English otherwise, the rest of the world will not be able to understand us.”
    Show me one of your new Chinese Citizen who can speak your father’s standard of Good English.

    It is hypocritical that you criticise YOUR CITIZENS, and yet you bring in loads of these Chinese Nationals.

    How about we replace the parliament with foreign talents such as Bill Clinton & Tony Blair, following your foreign talent policy since they are evidently MUCH CHEAPER than your whole lot?
    What do you think?

  39. A Sad Singaporean said

    To Mr PM: Help can only be rendered to those who are humble enough to acknowledge that they need it.

  40. SicknPoorian said

    Help ? How ? Let them screw us more ?

  41. Bao Ching Tian said

    Why should we native born and bred Singaporeans help foreigners to integrate when the latter form clicks amongst themselves? Look at the cliques of foreigners on weekends- PRC, Filipino, Indian, Myanmar, Indonesian – they click amongst themselves and make no effort in reaching out to Singaporeans.

  42. Sadness said

    Please get all those not belong to Singapore out of the island. We had enough trouble and i really don’t believe we need them. It will be only for low end job when we native are unable to do.
    Wake up!!!

  43. Andrew said

    Once again dearest Singaporeans,

    if we wait till 2016, it will be too late.

    Our government is handing out citizenships like crazy to these foreign trash, especially the PRCs and Pinoys.

    We have to be VIOLENT and AGGRESSIVE to them whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    These people have almost turned our beautiful garden city into the third world cesspool like where these cockroaches crawled out from.

    We need to take our country back before it is too late!!

    No point whining about it online!!

    The moment that a situation irks you, DEAL WITH IT ON THE SPOT!!

    If the person turns out to be Singaporean, just apologise. Its not a big deal.

    If the person happens to be Ah Tiong, Pinoy, or some third world trash, Just Fuck them in the face there and then.

    They are laughing behind your back at how easy it is to come here, earn 10 times their income as compared to back home, and maybe get a PR so that they can fly off to some western country.

    Think they give a fuck about ruining our labour market?


    • gr0koewi said

      You truly are dangerous. What do you think would happen if the innocent locals, like me and tourists get caught in between you and them?

    • gr0koewi said

      You really want to trigger a war, don’t you? If you must know, some nations do not take well to such an act, especially those which are nuclear-armed. We don’t stand a chance against them. At the very worst, they might invade us, or nuke us. We would have to kiss our sovereignty, or our existence goodbye.

    • gr0koewi said

      Or the UN can revoke our membership. This would leave Malaysia free to ’reclaim their lost lands’.

    • P Koh said

      Violence is never a choice in resolving problems and issues. This beautiful country will be doomed if we take the law into our own hands and wage a war on our new citizens just because of a few who cannot assimilate into our culture. Patience and tolerance are the only ways that can win these people over but it really takes a lot of efforts. The government should not just ask us the true blue Singaporeans to do it but must also find ways and means to help in putting everybody’s minds at rest and to retain the fast fading Singapore culture.

  44. Foxy said

    new citizens should 改便自己来 ‘fit in’ Singapore! Not Singaporean 改便自己来’fit in’ new citizens!!!

    • Brain Damaged said

      All of you guys are damn right, this asshole has got his brain damaged or he isn’t worth a cent?

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