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VIDEO: Poverty rampant among elderly residents living in Toa Payoh

Posted by temasektimes on July 21, 2012

Singapore may be a so-called ‘First World’ country with world class infrastructure and glittering sky-scrapers, but poverty is rampant in the HDB heartlands especially in its elderly population where many still have to work as cleaners, cardboard collectors and street scavengers to support themselves.

Below is a shocking video of poverty in Toa Payoh, a typical HDB estate in the central part of Singapore, courtesy of the Singapore Democratic Party, a REAL opposition party which dares to hold the government accountable.


26 Responses to “VIDEO: Poverty rampant among elderly residents living in Toa Payoh”

  1. Fuck PAP! said

    This is seat warmer’s so call More good years?
    Fuck him!

  2. A G Young said

    Perhaps Central CDC could made some comments on these Video clippings!

  3. Wicked Brain said

    After watching this video, will someone say that our old people actually enjoy collecting trash to sell, prefer to walk home (can exercise) instead of taking a taxi?

  4. P Koh said

    The government has enough money to be able to put aside a couple of billions to help, house and feed the poor who are struggling just to have two meals daily. Can there be a committee set up to really look at the dire situation because these
    old folks were in the early days, the pioneers in shaping Singapore to what it is today.

    • Julie Ong said

      P Koh, I cannot agree with you more.
      We just can’t cut loose our old and infirm. Actually if we look after our needy we will be a shining example of what a great nation we are, i.e. we will never abandon our own. Furthermore, foreigners will be impressed and may want to join this great and caring nation. But alas ….. this will probably not happen as the PAP is too shortsighted and far too money minded.
      All we can do I suppose is to cry/scream out ever more loudly in the hope that the government will relent and take steps to attend to the needs of our elderly .
      If not, General Election 2016 is our last and only hope.

      P.S. I’m not sure we have that hundreds of billions in our nation’s coffers.
      We, the citizens, will never know the true state of our finances as the government always claim to be honest and good stewards of our money, but has never ever given us a statement of account independently audited.

      • P Koh said

        The coffers may be in deficit but somehow the government has enough money to loan 4billion to IMF to help the Europeans solve their financial problems. Most times such money are not returned and we can say byebye to our hard-earned $4billion. You can expect further increases in the minimum sum in your CPF account in the coming months.

      • Edmund said

        Wait for the govt to announce an increase in GST. Govt said GST has not been raised for many years and now its time to do so.

    • Annoymous said

      They can’t contribute to their GDP bouns so in another words to the PAP, they are USELESS.

  5. NaBey said

    $250M collect from casino levy every year, can give $10k to 25000 old folks every year! Billions of $ losses in poor investment such as shin corp, ABC, citicorp, ubs, etc. All these $ can help save so many poor people. I don’t understand despite losing so much $, the CEO still at the helm. Would be sacked if its a private company. Nabeh!

  6. Copycat Chen said

    I’d like to see which country actually have a policy that prevents this from happening because right now, No such place on the planet exists!!!!!

  7. Ajit said

    By the look of things, poverty is rampant throughout Singapore.

    The majority of elderly in Singapore will end up as hardcore poor.

    Makes you wonder why foreign talents want to become Singaporeans?

  8. Alice Leong said

    The present policies have failed us. They are so many poor people everywhere. Any yet they are providing free education for foreigners. If the 60% don’t wake up, they could end up as an elderly poor as well.

  9. Naivety said

    Bravo SDP & Long Live to your Party!

    • Nemo said

      I’m not pro-PAP but this video was obviously a propaganda act.

      Before this SDP guy started filming he was probably like, “wow, just randomly passing through toa payoh and this situation is just sad. I should film it instead of helping them.”

      And you think these old people really don’t mind people randomly filming them in this sorry state? Obviously the SDP guy must have asked (some of them) to show him how they carry out their everyday lives on the street (and act pathetic), just for the sake of the anti-government video. This video does not show poverty because those texts in the videos telling you what the old people are doing might not be true. (Do you actually see the old man collecting from the dumpster to sell or was he just working or searching for something?)

      • mahbok tan said

        Didn;t the govt do not want Sgporean to be dependent of the govt…????
        But the Govt are more then dependent to its citizen CPF……by retaining it till age 65yrs old…..!!! KNNBCCB.

        Not only the elderly have been living under their constant threat since their younger days ….coz they are not well educated….but till their age at 80 too they have been bullied by the govt. Pity those elderly….!!!

        If sdp have an agenda , it is for the bettement of its senior citizen but our present govt have been lacking in their agenda towards the elderly…..????

      • Annoymous said

        From what you wrote, obviously you are a PAP dog. period.

      • Naivety said

        Hey Nemo or FT converted citizen,

        Kindly do use a bit of ur brain to think logically, rationally & intelligently for a moment, please as how can the video be staged per your suggestion, do you mean that the SDP or Dr Chee Soon Juan purposely go & get these elderly folks to play & act out the scenes as shown on the video ka (future pap ass licker) ???

  10. Hate it said

    We have 10 billions MOH budget this year. We employed tons of Pinoy and Indian in the hospitals. Yet I c lots of Singaporeans DO NOT benefit from these money. Instead, I c immigrants benefiting from such health care budget.
    Worst. NOW the ex Health Care MINISTER, a Malaysian claims that HE HAD a 8 dollars bypass and 1K can buy HDB while LOCAL elderly cannot EVEN afford to take transport back home.
    Fark back to ur own COUNTRY and stop MISUSING the system and BUDGET to benefit the IMMIGRANTS.

  11. No Eyes See said

    We have $4B to loan to the IMF but the poor elderly here are struggling to make ends meet. What a joke????

  12. The Gardener said

    “PAP leaders are always doing the ‘right’ things for Singapore for the ‘long-term’ even if they are hugely unpopular with Singaporeans – that’s the public perception that the government and the state media have been painfully cultivating for a long time to force its hated policies down the throats of unsuspecting Singaporeans.

    Minister in Prime Minister’s Office and Labor Chief Lim Swee Say propagated the myth again on Monday at the closing ceremony of the Asian Young Leaders Convention at River Valley High School where he reminded the audience that “putting the country’s interest first is more important than winning votes by pursuing populist policies.”

    Mr Lim added that “leaders must have the courage and be far-sighted enough to introduce tough measures necessary to sustain a country’s progress.”

    – Thank you Mr. Lee. I understand your stand thats why I dont need to vote for you.
    You & your kakis are too busy to do Big important issues then care for Singaporeans huh.

  13. ANGRYNativeSingaporean said

    We are soooo RICH, sooo rich that ah neh can pledge S$4billion to IMF….. Those greedy bastards say we are living in Swiss standard……

    • mahbok tan said

      AGREE 1000%.

      We are so rich even our elderly are still working to provide the momentum to our economy by not asking the govt any money but instead spent money for the govt to rarn BIG MONEY from its people . The GLC will then have more money to throw here and there…with out any responsibilities towards its people….KNNBCCB to the GOVT of the DAY and its MINISTERs….,!!!

  14. ANGRYNativeSingaporean said

    We are soooo RICH, soooo rich that one ah neh can pledge S$4billion to IMF! And some greedy bastards said we are living in Swiss standard!!!!

  15. fairplay said

    The PAP govt can spend $1,000,000,000 to build a Garden By The Bay in Marina Bay and conveniently forget our old needy people all over the heartlands – not only in Toa Payoh, but also in Yishun, Tampines, Bukit Panjang, Marsiling, Sembawang and Jurong West. WTF!!! WTF!!! WTF are they doing???

  16. ted said

    So are there any organisations that are helping? Are there avenues where we can pitch in to help?

    • P Koh said

      Yes join the Lions Befrienders whose members go around helping the poor and destitues in Singapore. This Organisation is formed by the Lions Clubs in Singapore and many void decks in HDB estates have been turned into meeting places for the old folks while members of the Lions Befrienders go on their rounds to the old folks’ residences to render help in cleaning and washing as well as provision of food too. Today the Lions Befreinders have organized a Flag Day and if you can, donate generously to help for a worthy cause.

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