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NTUC offers PMET jobs at $2,000 monthly to Singaporeans

Posted by temasektimes on July 22, 2012

With Singaporean PMETs facing intense competition from cheaper foreigners in the job market, Singapore’s only legal trade union NTUC is currently working with employers to provide more meaningful job opportunities for members who are mature professionals, managers and executives (PMEs).

At its U Live Symposium on Sunday, NTUC offered 15 PME job openings including middle management positions which pay at least S$2,000 per month each.

Speaking to queries from the media, President of the National Trades Union Congress, Diana Chia said:

“They are also part of our rank and file workers, and this is an important aspect for people to realise — that we are all moving up in our career, and we are all going up for higher education, to ensure that we find purpose and a career for us to move on.” 

An increasing number of PMETs are finding hard to get decent jobs due to competition from foreign PMETs who are allowed to find work in Singapore with few restrictions.



29 Responses to “NTUC offers PMET jobs at $2,000 monthly to Singaporeans”

  1. cc chia said

    $2000 a month salary is not enough for a former PMET with family to survive in Singapore!
    This is only minimum wage here, but of course it is not a concern of NTUC which works hand-in-hand with the PAP to suppress our wages and to bring in more foreigners to work cheaply.

  2. NaBey said

    Nabey! Cheapskate! No wonder can offer 12months maternity leave! Nabey!

  3. kaffir lime said

    Wow, so much money for people who are older, and have working experience!
    It’s about 80% of what new graduates with no working experience are paid!! The NTUC is doing a fantastic job – of making Singaporeans cheaperer and helping them feel worthless!!!

    I trust it will be showing the way by slashing the pay of its own executives, starting with all the MPs and hopeful MPs that have been stuffed into this organisation.

  4. Bao Ching Tian said

    A middle management job paying $2000 per month? A fresh graduate earns more than that. What rubbish is NTUC trying to do? Push down wages even more?

    • NaBey said

      They want you to chop off ur organ, then become women, get pregnant and then u got 6 months maternity leave + 6 months unpaid and guarantee your job is back. You can continue making love and get pregnant every year. Like that, u no need work liao!!

  5. joe said

    Government had done a good job in reducing the FW (foreign workers – unskilled) but they did nothing in the restriction on the FT (Foreign Talent)

  6. Wolfglare said

    $2000 salary per month how to survive….ask them take it and shove it up their ass….they think we are like their precious FT who are like beggers….why don’t Ntuc and PAP top management take $2000 per month

  7. icefire said

    wtf … ntuc implied locals professionals, managers nexcutives only worth 2k ???

  8. WR said

    PMET only worth $2000 salary per month that that is middle managment positions?

  9. SkinFT said

    pap said you can can hdb with just 1k….so 2k….its double… deal….take it or leave it to FT

  10. we need min wages said

    This is the problem of no min wages in S’pore.
    Everything leave it to the market forces and who is behind all these market forces?

  11. mahbok tan said

    can joint GOVT sector better lei…..easily 3~5k per month…..!!!

  12. Ken Lee said

    mature professionals, managers and executives!!!!!!!at least S$2,000 per month each!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Actually there is a flaw in govt immigration policies. Currently there is quota restriction on S-Pass and work permits issued to the lower skilled foreign workers who came here mainly for construction, cleaning, therapist or other lower wage jobs but there is no restriction on the employment passes issued. Employment passes are issued to the so-called FTs who are here for executives or management positions. It is the low wage jobs that Singaporeans shunned but not the executives or management positions so why is the quota restriction on no. of foreign workers for low wage jobs but no restriction on FTs for the executives and management positions? Especially since the govt’s reasoning for the huge influx of FTs is due to Singaporeans not wanting to do certain jobs, but Singaporeans do want the executives and management jobs!! So why is there unlimited supply of FTs to compete with Singaporeans for these jobs?

  14. Actually there is a flaw in the immigration policies. Currently there is a quota restriction on the no. of S-Pass and work permits issued to foreign workers who mainly came here for construction, cleaner, therapist, service crew and other low wage jobs but there is no restriction on employment passes issued to FTs who are here to compete with Singaporeans on executives and management positions? This is especially when the govt reasoning for the huge influx of immigrants is because of Singaporeans not wanting to do certain jobs but Singaporeans do want the executives and management positions!! So now after the unlimited supply of FTs, our govt decided to fix the min. wage of PMET at $2000 so that Singaporeans can compete with FTs only if our expected salary is $2000? We know that employers will all use this min. wage as salary benchment to recruit PMETs from now on because that is what have been happening to the lower wage workers as well (with employers only willing to pay the min. wage)??

  15. L said

    Not attractive but to others, it’s a life line. However it only show the government raised the living standard too fast and the ever failed influx of foreigners policy. To the ministers cum MPs, please curb the root of the problem. I believe the pay we people pay you should be enough to get a win-win solution. By the way, I hope this life line can be substain and revised accordingly cause inflation in Singapore rises every year too.

  16. I recently got to know from a friend who is working as HR in a company that her company has recruited a Pinoy legal consultant who has a MBA from a US University and 15 years of relevant experience (in other countries) at a monthly salary of just $3000! I wonder how can Singaporeans compete with such FTs who do not mind taking a lower salary just to have the opportunity to work in Singapore? And especially if there is no quota restriction on such FTs?

    • Naivety said

      Fake MBA Degree from US University lah…that’s why it is so cheapskate!

    • Lollapalooza In SG said

      Naivety, it can be real or fake but only time will tell if the person can or cannot perform the job. But assuming it is real, how are Singaporeans going to compete at such low pay? I believe a Singaporean with such qualifications and extensive experience will be asking for $6k onwards? Then what’s the point of upgrading skills if at the end of the day, it is the cheaper candidate who is getting the job?

  17. Naivety said

    We must graciously thank Zorro Zero Lim S S for this kind & generous offer of S$2,000 per mth salary for PMET managerial position from NTUC???!!!

    What a moron as it was often reported widely on the Strait Times & MSM that the latest salary survey for Fresh Polytechnic Graduates whose starting salary is at least S$ 2,150 onwards!!!

  18. FrustratedSinki said

    Idiotic NTUC now trying to bridge the gap of its sheer unpopularity with this simplistic gesture!!! OK, let’s say now retrenched PMET like me wanna work for the 2k salary. So how? There are probably a few hundred thousand of us ex-graduates now jobless, so your 15 job openings enough to help alleviate the problem????? Wat a laugh! As usual just like the kkkccb Wayang PAPigs , the stupid useless ignorant shiity arse NTUC is just making another wayang show. IDIOTIC shit useless scums!!!!!

  19. Andrew said

    Once again dearest Singaporeans,

    if we wait till 2016, it will be too late.

    Our government is handing out citizenships like crazy to these foreign trash, especially the PRCs and Pinoys.

    We have to be VIOLENT and AGGRESSIVE to them whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    These people have almost turned our beautiful garden city into the third world cesspool like where these cockroaches crawled out from.

    We need to take our country back before it is too late!!

    No point whining about it online!!

    The moment that a situation irks you, DEAL WITH IT ON THE SPOT!!

    If the person turns out to be Singaporean, just apologise. Its not a big deal.

    If the person happens to be Ah Tiong, Pinoy, or some third world trash, Just Fuck them in the face there and then.

    They are laughing behind your back at how easy it is to come here, earn 10 times their income as compared to back home, and maybe get a PR so that they can fly off to some western country.

    Think they give a fuck about ruining our labour market?


    • mahbok tan said

      At times I do agree with you but hor we Sgporean have been a eunuch since the begining of our life….have we ever heard of labour unrest since the 70’s…???
      With that our govt are taking the full advantage of its citizen…..!!!>>>>?????
      The problem is with us as a citizen , the 60.1% vote for the govt and in the end they are the one to suffer …. NTUC are nothing but their tools to achieve their own agenda that is to make SGporean wake up from their slumber ….. as LKY says that we are no longer hungry…..!!!
      So to force SGporean to be hungry , they bring in more FTrashes and squeeze our salary to the minimum….but they forgot that GCT promised SGporean the “Swiss standard” of living….!!!!
      What can we do now…..even our GLC are practising it , by outsourcing the manpower to lower their operating cost….!!! End of the day the shareholder are the one to benefit …. there’s more to profit than to ensure the Citizen of SGpore are fully employed….???
      KNNBCCB to all those who belive in what this NTUC boss are talking about….ask him to step down and get any FT’s to take his place at much lower cost/salary ….you think he will agree…..???? But why GLC are doing it …by reducing all the Sgporean working in SATS and employed FT’s from Malaysia and PRC and INDIA and blah blah blah…..!!!
      Sgporean are DAFT… say… PAP and this is what we get….KNNBCCB….!!!!

  20. solaris8899 said

    cannot imagine this is from our trusted union, with a 2k cheque to attract local PME?

  21. Steve Lee said

    Is this offer open to native Singaporeans only or to import Singaporeans too?

  22. mahbok tan said

    Uwaaah , moderators disagree with my post ka….??? Its okay coz I do believe with agree to disagree…I am here just to vent my anger …so be it if some u guys not happy with my comments or opinion….!!! thanks

  23. Andrew said

    This is what happens when there are no real unions.

    Im sure you all know how they were all crushed during the early LKY Era for being communists.

    NTUC is a puppet. People join for Supermarket discounts, not to organise protest and fight for labour rights.

    SO Now we suffer.

    What are you going to do about it?

  24. A G Young said

    Save your breath, for every PMET, there will be PRC cutie fighting for the same post.

  25. Me said

    ntuc fighting for normal wage workers more like taking advantage of them. Union like a dog to the govt.

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