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Outcry over PRC flag hanging in HDB estate as PM Lee calls on Singaporeans to help new citizens ‘fit in’

Posted by temasektimes on July 22, 2012

Even as Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong continues to call on Singaporeans to integrate with the immigrants and to help them ‘fit in’, a massive outcry has erupted in cyberspace over a shocking photo depicting a PRC flag being hung side by side a Singapore flag in a HDB flat in Hougang.

As Singapore’s National Day approaches, PAP grassroots leaders have been busy hanging the Singapore flags along the corridors of HDB flats to instill a fake sense of ‘patriotism’ among burnt-out Singaporeans who are struggling to make ends meet.

However, in one unit in Hougang, a PRC flag could be seen hanging in public, much to the chagrin of angry Singaporeans:

While the Singapore police was quick to arrest a 13 year old Singapore girl for burning the Singapore flag, no action was taken against this PRC new citizen family yet for displaying the PRC flag publicly.

Some comments from netizens on Facebook:

“its funny… govt here asking us to integrate with them and here they are, forever displaying their defiant behaviour…. alamak, pls la, PAP… should ask them to integrate with the locals la…. we singaporeans have been accommodating foreigners all these years with no issues until the defiant ones came knocking at our door… open your eyes and see can?” – Jessie Wan

“What does this tell us? The failed policy of integration of our PAP government. It means that China is the country and Singapore is a province flying it’s provincial flag. We have lost our sense of belonging of our country….” – Lee Wee Kiat

“Arrest 17 years old youths for racist remarks, then go arrest those PRCs also! This doesn’t concern just about racism, but nationalism! Police force, please do your freaking job fairly!” – Apple Ling

“How to arrest when PM call to intregrate with the foreigner trashes. See this is one good example of foreigners thinking they have superiority over spore. Sg govt just suck thumb….sit down…n watch at their own mess created” – Mohd Amin


101 Responses to “Outcry over PRC flag hanging in HDB estate as PM Lee calls on Singaporeans to help new citizens ‘fit in’”

  1. Singaporean1 said

    When you import them by a million, these foreigners or new citizens will not think there is a need to integrate as they become embolden by their huge number of fellow countrymen. This is the danger of importing too many foreigners within a short time and in huge number.

  2. Ah Heng said

    How would an enlightened person perceive a “foreigner”?

  3. Julie Ong said

    Wow, how good is that? Singaporeans standing up for our flag. Never mind your race, language or religion – we are truly one until ….. the unruly hordes of foreigners came in. Certainly there are good ones, but the bad ones spoil it for the rest.

    Mr Lee Hsien Loong, please do not trample on the 13 years old girl and the two 17 years old boys, but leave the undesirable imports go scot free. I am not even anti-PAP, but I’m definitely against injustice/unfairness. Besides, may I respectfully ask, “who pays your salary”? Also, if you are so enamoured of the foreigners why don’t you go live with them? China, India, Phillipines or wherever you fancy.
    Finally, we’re tired about hearing about integrating, fitting in and reaching out, etc.. If you have any sense of fairness yet, please do more for what you’ve been paid for. Your performance so far has been dismal!!

  4. Majority Report said

    When they are the minority, they will try to fit into our society but now that their population is growing…. their guts grew as well! Im not surprise that more and more of them will hang up their flag instead of ours because they will say they are true chinese! BS!

  5. Do Rae Me said

    Singapore govt only dare to bully the locals. When it comes to foreigners, especially when they are PRCs or Ang Mo, the govt will close one eye.

    • tuck u understand! said

      i think its both eyes!

      • Senior citizen said

        Agreed one eye closed and the other shut!!!

      • J said

        They actually close both eyes and turn their back and vent their failures at us normal singaporeans….

      • We Singaporeans said

        when are this so call GOVT going to arrest this shit which hang a china flag at our HDB ?? ‘fit in’ ? fit what ?? so many complaint by singaporeans ! still don’t take action ? WTF ?? We singaporeans boiling point is below zero now ! Guess what happen below zero ?

    • Anthony Tang said

      close 2 eyes as they are badly needed by 2016

  6. Fu_pap said

    We singaporeans are much much more tolerant than our Hong Kong counterparts. Hong Kong people only have to deal with LOCUSTS. We have locust, cockroaches, ants and termites to deal with. See video of how tolerant are Hong Kong people. Source of Youtube: Hong Kong anti D & G Protest

  7. cc chia said

    The PM and the PAP/Lee family are really daft. There have failed to realize that our country has been invaded and occupied by the millions of PRCs, Pinoys, Indians and others without firing a shot. These foreigners are meanwhile laughing behind our backs (even after the Lee family has freely given many of them PR and citizenship after only being here a short while), while plotting their next steps. Obviously there are many foreign spies in our midst, pretending to be students or working here in the many jobs reserved for non-Singaporeans.

    Most of these foreigners know it is to their advantage to be low key and try to blend in, However, some of the Pinoys have been more vocal in expressing themselves (to announce their intention to create a new Pinoy enclave here), and all along the PRC have displayed their flag in Singapore, in order to announce their true intention of making Singapore a new province of China.

    Our dear PM has over the years tried to convince Singaporeans to welcome and integrate with these foreigners, but without success as we all know better. Doesn’t our PM realise that these people have no intention to integrate with us, and are here only for their ulterior motives. They would leave at the earliest opportunity when there is something better elsewhere, or use us as a stepping stone to move to greener pastures. Also, many who are still loyal to their home countries would be most happy to sell us out when the time is ripe for them to take over completely.

    • J said

      Sad but true….PAP handled the whole country without firing a shot…… all those expensive SAF toys and overseas bases for….. what? use for fuck spiders only….

  8. Alan Lau said

    When u pay useless ppl millions …. this is what they come up with

  9. These days the onus for integration and respecting racial sensitivities seems to fall solely on Singapore citizens. The full brunt of the law is applied on Singaporeans where they are deemed to have transgressed, but hesitation is applied when foreigners violate those laws. Is it no wonder that Singaporeans are starting to feel alienated in their own homeland?

  10. Alvin said

    I’m going to hang Bangladesh flag.

  11. seah said


  12. Michael Lim said

    Manner of display of Flag
    6.—(1) Subject to international practice, the Flag shall take
    precedence over all other flags when displayed in Singapore.

    (4) The Flag shall not be displayed below any other flag, emblem
    or object.

    So in any case, if anyone hangs a flag under this Chinese flag, isn’t it against the above mentioned rule?

    (CHAPTER 296)

  13. nan said

    I am not against anyone here, but what is wrong with hanging flag of other nationalities in singapore? Is it illegal or what. What is the ground for the massive cyberspace outcry??

    • mahbok tan said

      Are you stupid or ignorant???
      Go go to your grandad LKY and follow him to his condo@sixfeet

    • No Mood said

      You are stupid to think like that. 9 August is Singapore National Day, to hang up another nation flag during this period is either insensitive, arrogance or plainly defiant.Not that I am celebrating Singapore’s Birthday, lost the mood many years ago.

    • Steve Lee said

      @Nan. Try hanging the Singapore flag in America on their independence day the 4th of July and see who they hang. You are joking aren’t you?

    • Law said

      I Bet U will be the Target for their Shotgun Trail if u ever hang other Flags other than USA in US.
      They are allow to buy guns, Gd thing Singapore Guns are not flying ard, otherwise tat person who hangs the Flag sure get shot by some Patriots…

    • SS said

      are you not Singaporean? 9 August is which country National Day. Do you mean you don’t celebrate 9August National Day? If you are not sure, go ask native Singaporean.

  14. Seb said

    People please remember that this PAP Govt is bought and paid for.

    • J said

      BY….. Wait for it…. CHINA of Course…. back in the early 90s….when those Suzhou industrial parks…. fucking failure…. in the end, Got used by Chinese goverment…

  15. Cassandra Tana said

    This is just utter embarrassment for Singapore. Giving these bloody PRCs citizenship and having them openly being defiant and disrespectful for our country. We should burn their flag and get the cops to arrest these people. Get the hell out of our country if you never wanted to be here in the first place.

    You accommodate to us and our culture and country, not we give it to your bloody filth.

    Singapore is no longer authentic Singapore. It’s infested with foreigners, their language and dirty culture. There’s an epidemic in Singapore that will not disappear, the influx of these filthy new citizens. Blame the government for allowing this to happen, and they wonder why the locals are leaving and giving them up on their home country.

  16. singaporeson said

    This is what happens when have pap fuckers

  17. bb said

    Don’t forget China’s population 1.3 billion -who dare to provoke except US. No one would dare to touch the Chinese Flag.

  18. PureSG said

    Sooner or later there will be riot. Just a matter of time and anger management, for that little spark to start off.

  19. tyu said

    What happens if one Singaporean hangs Malaysian or American flag?

  20. Ron said

    Wait a minute. Is it an offence to display a foreign flag? I thought the rule only applies to displaying the Spore flag.. What of the PRC fella claims it is a symbol of China also honoring Spore? Anything wrong with that?

  21. kumantong said

    i tink the flag is hung by the same fellow who took this picture.This person may be trying to create havoc uproar la… Aiyo..Haiz….

  22. come said

    When PM and team issue the Pink IC, have you really think what type of talent u r admitting?
    They will one day b biting you harder than the current Indian nationals. It had happen in Australia. Worst is yet to come.

  23. said

    Weak mah scary cat..

  24. Dave Teo said

    I’d rather make do with less economic growth than to have such a distorted and disgruntled society. In any case, economic growth has NOT help Singaporeans whom are struggling to meet ends meet. The so called economic growth has fueled inflation which made daily household expenditure more expensive. At the same time, property prices and car prices have gone north, meaning the gap between rich and poor has also widened. For many years, our government’s policies seemed more of a reactive approach than a proactive approach (which makes one wonder why they deserved to be so highly paid in the first place). MOM and HDB did seem to mess up in their immigration and housing policies as many average skilled foreigners can be a PR easily those days which in turn drove up demand for flats (thus prices). I sincerely wish for a government that will listen to the hearts of the people, not just have eyes but do not see, ears that do not hear.

    • bob said

      No you are wrong… PAP main aim is to secure the vote… Imagine more than 50% are foreigners turned PR…

      • IronMan said

        PRs cannot vote……but then again, the million dollar moron can and will change the rules and regulations here.

  25. kaypoh said

    Majulah Chinapura!

  26. TT said

    Even if the person who displayed the flag may not have committed an offence, the government should revoke his residence status in Singapore and ask him/her to leave as a person not welcome in SIngapore. This is not only a show of disrespect but a very aggressive challenge to the authority.

  27. Moon said

    The flag has been removed. Updated on 23 July 2012.

    Mod’s reply:

    Your source?

  28. The PURE Singaporeans said

    Singapore only will have the 3 main core race, The Malay, The Chinese and The Indian that are local born. the foreigner are the outcast, they are the thief of this country.

    My pure and local Singaporean we have to do something to get rid of all this invader out of our land!!!!

  29. jnjklk said

    jus dun vote for them lor .. simple

  30. Cute said

    When I saw the picture, I nearly fall off from my seat…..When will Singapore govt wake up.

  31. Realist said

    Let’s admit it. We are a province of PRC just like Hong Kong.

  32. sg said

    from the “Guide on Display of State Flag”: No other flag/enblem is to be placed above or to the right of the Flag. You should also not place things such as washings or mattresses over or to the flight of the Flag”.

  33. OMGKthxbye said

    did the person who saw this make a police report? or make liao police dun care?

  34. somethingwrongsomewhere said

    Have the foreign flag ordered to be taken down? Impossible to tolerate such act ! can vomit blood.

  35. Andy said

    I believe that it is an offence under the National Enblems (Control of Display) Act to display flags unless permitted under the legislation.

  36. GaanMaro said

    Only the new citizens are taught how to blend in with Singaporeans. To some extent, there has been some success but largely the new citizens still keep to themselves.

    As for these blokes who hang their country’s flag, talk loudly, and do extraordinary things that ordinary people don’t do – well they are foreign workers who are here to just earn a living and then later go back to their respective countries. They are not educated from the beginning when they land here that they have certain code of conduct to follow.

    The government and employers of cheap labour should increase their effort in educating these foreign workers on their responsibilities in maintaining a code of conduct when on public transport, public toilets and other public areas.

  37. Speechless said

    where are the ‘efficient’ police????

  38. Yayrhah said

    we should change 9th August be an International day instead. All foreigners are to be encourage to display their respective national flags.

  39. Meowmeow said

    I think it’s cheap and effective way for PRC to vent their anger towards Singaporeans for discrimination. I don’t blame them, its our govt fault.

  40. Dr XYZ said

    Well we celebrated the Pinoy day in Suntec didn’t we? Somemore sponsor by our major telcom company.
    Next to be expected are Myanma day, Vietnam day, PRC day, Ah Ney day.
    In time to come, the national language of Singapore will not just be limited to 4.
    Tagalog, Hindi, Thai, Myanma, Vietnam languages are next to be integrated.
    And we all must speak Putonghua with a very obvious northern slang and accent.

  41. peace in SCS said

    We are Singaporeans and we have a house in Malaysia. My younger son (P1) wanted to put our Singapore flag around our house to celebrate our 9 Aug national day, but i stopped him. Told him we need to learn to be sensitive. This is Malaysia, not Singapore. We cannot anyhow “suka” put up our flag in other people’s land. This is tantamount to aggression. I think only diplomat and embassy can only display their respective national flag in their designated embassy compound or official business venue by sanctioned parties. For any person to do that indiscriminately is a bad reflection of ill discipline and up bringing and will bring disgrace to his country and countryman !

  42. AL said

    my goddness….they fu*kin no respect to our country…

  43. Naivety said

    It is too late to integrate now, you moronic…white pappies & vampires!

    You have already over-imported in more than 2 Millions of Alien FTs (source: into our tiny island
    since Year 2005 comprising mainly of PRCs, Indians, Pinoys, Bangladeshi, Thais, Viets, Burmese, Europeans & others!

    And Sinkapore’s population is made up of more than 40% of Aliens already!!!

    • SS said

      Causes Singaporean with expensive HDB house or can’t even afford one. but my neighbor new fake singaporean, rented her whole house and go live in pte condominium. There go fully utilise our school, our jobs and our home. PRC singapore PR brought a HDB, go back work in China, rented out whole unit of his HDB. Their kids occupied our Pri school. and so much…. more….. As a native Singaporean with young kids, what can we do and what is next?

  44. Truth said

    We people must realise that when your strongman mentor (who destroyed all his enemies and silenced the people) is willing to bend over and kiss Chinese ass and at the International level too, the rest have no choice but to kow tow and kiss ass too.

  45. Daft Peasants said



  46. Fuck PAP said

    PAP is made to look like a fucking fool by all these peasant imports. I hope they will take it to street protest soon as well. I want to see how fucking PAP will handle these peasants.

  47. Andrew said

    Once again dearest Singaporeans,

    if we wait till 2016, it will be too late.

    Our government is handing out citizenships like crazy to these foreign trash, especially the PRCs and Pinoys.

    We have to be VIOLENT and AGGRESSIVE to them whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    These people have almost turned our beautiful garden city into the third world cesspool like where these cockroaches crawled out from.

    We need to take our country back before it is too late!!

    No point whining about it online!!

    The moment that a situation irks you, DEAL WITH IT ON THE SPOT!!

    If the person turns out to be Singaporean, just apologise. Its not a big deal.

    If the person happens to be Ah Tiong, Pinoy, or some third world trash, Just Fuck them in the face there and then.

    They are laughing behind your back at how easy it is to come here, earn 10 times their income as compared to back home, and maybe get a PR so that they can fly off to some western country.

    Think they give a fuck about ruining our labour market?


    • Julie Ong said

      Good one Andrew! Yes, stand up for your rights. Never be cowed. We don’t owe anybody anything. But, please …… No Violence. It will be like cutting our nose to spite our face if we choose so to be. We are smarter than that.

      Keep up the heat/pressure on the government.
      If we have a do nothing government we must altogether respond and tell them unambiguously: Nothing Doing!

      Hopefully, we’ll have a new government as soon as possible. It will be difficult to find another government more out of touch and incompetent as this one.

      • pat said

        Awesome Andrew, I’ve been doing precisely that all this while. We didn’t do NS & than chiak peng to be subserviant these PRiCs or other FTs who choose to behave like marauding cockroaches. Next time they fly that red used tampax as a flag- we’ll tear it down

    • kaypoh said

      Wah! The Punisher comes to S’pore??? 😉

  48. Its clearly their bo chap attitude……I come here to earn my money and uproot to go back or move to another country when its time for my son to serve NS…..

    Last night a bo chap boy rode his bicycle right accross cars that were moving off after the lights turned green. It happened right before me and I lowered my window wanting to give him a shout but alas he scooted off. He could have been knocked down if not for the alert drivers. There are so many PRC bo chap around. How can we accommodate them when there’s no attempt to respect our laws and faint attempts to assimilate?

    The Government must close the sieves and get all immigrants to study our history and be tested on our local behaviour and tolerance for other religions and cultures. Apart from their mother tongue, they should do it in one other official language. Why do you think the Aussie government implemented it???

  49. eek said

    There’s actually nothing wrong with foreigners hanging their flags. It’s a common sight in cosmopolitan cities such as London, etc. I don’t see anyone getting so upset when the English people in Singapore display their flags during the Euros?

    As much as we don’t like seeing PRCs showing off their flags, it doesn’t mean they are showing disrespect to the Singapore flag.

    i think the bigger offence here is the mattress over the sg flag.

    • Yes, 2 wrongs don’t make one right! First the PRC flag hanging at a time when its SINGAPORE’S National Day. This is unacceptable. Do that in Pakistan and they’ll rip you apart.
      Secondly the mattress over our flag is a sign of disrespect. Both better don’t hang out their flags at all.

    • SS said

      hey, wake up! this is Singapore National Day. if you think other countries better, then go there and hang whatever flag you want.

  50. Realist said

    Let’s change the national flag and incorporate symbols to represent China, India and Philippines immigrants.
    Hail all immigrants from these countries.
    C.I.P immigrants, we salute you !!!!!!

  51. Steve Lee said

    Is this our new flag?

  52. 陈先生 said


    • SS said

      听起来,你不是新加坡人. 所以你不懂新加坡人的想法. 不懂就去跟ICA学. 如果你的国家生日, 有人也做一样的动作,你能接受吗?

  53. solaris8899 said

    papa do you see what we see?
    why u allow this type of ppl into our homeland?

  54. Malcolm Aspen said

    They are turning Hougang into some kind of ‘ mini’ United Nations , I suppose

  55. shiroiluke said

    The younger generation may not understand the importance of respect, understanding and tolerance since they do not walk along our forefathers’ footsteps. The time when Singapore is not yet independent, the time when all our forefathers are considered foreigners, low in status, poor in finance and not as well off as the British. Many years after, our children have forgotten the ill-treatments, the humiliation and the poor benefits our forefathers had once been in, and are doing the same thing towards the foreigners now.

    I am not siding with the foreigners. In some cases which I have observed over a period of time, there are foreign talents that do not exercise respect and understanding towards the locals as well, which somehow rubs into the open wound, and increases the tension between the two groups.

  56. Mikey said

    Like dat do NS for what huh?

    Protect what? FTs nia leh..

    I get injury.. or die.. bo hua leh..

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