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Singaporean asks PM Lee: Why are you asking us now to solve your problem?

Posted by temasektimes on July 22, 2012

Mr. Prime Minister,

Racial harmony and national loyalty are two very different issues! It showed how inadequate your understanding of the people your government had brought into Singapore! Many New Citizens from PRC got upset when your news media reported negative news about China, its system and people. When a PRC driver crashed his Ferrari into a taxi, killing a Singaporean driver and a Japanese tourist, a New Citizen from China told me, “At least the China driver did something good just before his death – he killed the taxi driver and his passenger, instead of crippled them. They should thank him!”

Mr. Prime Minister, you got no bloody clue on what is in the mind of these New Citizens or PRs who came from China! They despised nearly everything about Singapore! They came here to study, but they looked down on your education system; hiding in their heart or mind, they regard Singaporean teachers and students very low. They hate Asean leaders talking about disputes on South China Sea – “Who the hell are you to talk about our territorial waters!”, never mind they are holding a pink identity card!

You and your government seemed to have over fantasized New Citizens’ loyalty for Singapore! I know them, you do not! Not even your father!

Anyway, it was you and your government who created this problem of social fiction or tension between native citizens and foreign-converted citizens! Why are you now asking us to solve your problem?


*The above was first posted as a comment on PM Lee’s Facebook.


53 Responses to “Singaporean asks PM Lee: Why are you asking us now to solve your problem?”

  1. Naivety said

    Yep, fully agreed with Celia!

    And I hope this strategy will back-fire on the Papapa Party come GE 2016, instead of getting the foreign-converted citizens to vote for the Pappies, they will turn out voting against the Pappies & their dogmatic policies eventually!!!

    • oldguard said

      I agree with Celia, our fools gahmen bring idiot Ft from thrid world to integrate with us and expect us to be third class citizen when this alien improve themself. They are laughing at you (Ministers) fools for bringing them in. Many have seen return to their homeland and enjoy their retirement at 50 years old when we have to continue working till we drop dead.
      Now Pinoy asking ask to invest in property in Philippine. WTF

  2. yes man said

    Mr Lee, what do you think?

  3. Disappointed Native said

    I think I agree with you Celia.
    Speaking from experience, my neighbourhood (which is a typical private housing estate in the suburb) used to be very peaceful and serene.
    Unfortunately lately the foreigners have started to move in.
    They were able to outbid the locals whenever a unit is up for sale.
    They also come in with two or even three expensive cars per unit.
    They also tend to drive at super-high speed even along the internal roads.
    As a result the whole place is now very congested with cars parked outside the houses.
    I overheard that two of the foreign families have each won a COE to buy a new car last month.
    I doubt locals can compete with these foreigners for the limited car COEs issued per month.

    Just last week there was a big fight between a local family and a neighbouring foreign family over a car park space resulting in serious hurt and hospitalisation for both parties.
    For all the past 20 years that I have stayed there I had not for once heard of such violence in the past.
    Now the place has become very expensive and the neighbours are no longer friendly but very agressive. What is the use of making the residential area very expensive when we no longer enjoy the tranquility here???

  4. he and his ministers ONLY know how to collect their salaries DILIGENTLY & FAITHFULLY every month BUT when GOT PROBLEMS they will tell SINGAPOREAN FOOLS they are NOT HERE to provide ANSWERS !!! cocked up our daily lives and future and still SO COCKY !!!

  5. cc chia said

    Agree with Celia!

    Anyway, old man Lee has already said long ago that “any fool can be the PM of Singapore, as all systems are in place”. Do not know exactly what he meant when he said this, but looks like he admitted that his son is truly a fool as evidenced by all he has done so far, and what he keeps on repeating for us “to welcome and integrate with the foreigners in our midst”.

    • Beenthereseenit said

      Old man Lee has not only admitted his son is a fool but exposed himself as one too because, even when all systems were in place, it is still possible for a foolish PM to screw the system over. So you see, old Lee was wrong when he thought otherwise.

      • benny said

        You are absolutely spot on!
        Old man Lee knew his son was dumb but never expected him to be that dumb.
        And the real tragedy is the 60% idiots who refuse to or cannot see this.

  6. SG Talent said

    If there is no national loyalty. how to have racial harmony and social cohesion?….

  7. Singaporean said

    I dont care if these ministers were top student in top JCs and graduated from top universities overseas. I honestly believe many Singaporeans including myself can do better than them. PUI !

    • Naivety said

      Agreed with you absolutely…Singaporean

      Even someone with PSLE education but with humanity heart & mindset can do better than them!

      • Julie Ong said

        Singaporean and Naivety, I agree.
        I’d strongly encourage you both and all others who are eager to change things in Singapore to step up and prepare yourselves now. You do not need to have multiple degrees or be a top scholar. That’s ACADEMIC!
        Leadership is about people and how you work with them to get things done.
        It’s also about getting the best possible from the limited manpower/material resources we have at hand. Humility, Integrity, Diligence and Resilience, among others should be the quality sought after in a leader.

        Ms Celia Lim is right in asking Mr Lee Hsien Loong not to push his responsibilities on us. Mr Lee has all the resources available and also the power to change and do things so why ask the hapless citizens whom he treats so disrespectfully?

  8. Bai Hu said

    Hi Celia, I am glad that u brought up this sensitive but crucial issue to our pig-headed government. Loyalty cannot be just simply bought, converted over or just giving out goodies to these new citizens. Back in their minds & hearts, the compass will always point towards their motherland. When my grandfather first came to SG from Tangshan, he will always refer himself as 中国人 (China Chinese). Well, this is nothing wrong because I believe other persons like him or other races will have the same mentality. But one thing that differentiate the earlier immigrants from those present ones are their mentality. My grandfather generation is to come here to work, escape poverty, make new friends, carve out a career, etc. They know how to respect the host country who accepted their presence by giving respect back, showing appreciation to the host country. Of course he later decided to settle down cos he became old liao & the males in the family served NS. Through the years, he had grown fond of this little island that offered refudge to him during his younger days when he millet needed.
    But NOW, u look at this new generation of immigrants. Look at their attitudes, behaviors, mannerism? They are full of ego, look down on the natives, names-calling us, thing we can’t go on without them…… They can be from any country! So our PM things that things is as simple as 1+1=2, then he better thing carefully again.

  9. patrick eng said

    its like trying to merge heaven and hell. its not just worlds apart.
    its not even just universes apart. its impossible, not in our lifetime, not in the future.
    only possible in our dreams.

  10. mahbpk tan said

    Since we are having the notion that WP are team “B” for the PAP …… what should we do then…????
    forward we kena backward oso kena…..ayo yo yo ….!!!!
    Still remember back in the 70″s during election in sembawang they have that Mr Singh who can spew lots of rubbish towads LKY and were never even touch by the PAP machneries….guess this WP of the 2012 are the replica….????
    Wah lau eh like this arh SGporean are doom…..!!!
    ( Sorry mod … I am rambling off topic )

    • Naivety said

      Harban Singh was not from Workers’ Party, he was infact a joker planted by PAP to smear all opposition parties lah!

  11. Do not change until a good solution was found (for benefits to all and not just government) said

    Do not change until a good solution was found (for benefits to all and not just government)

    Good questions, so PM has to think carefully before he do, and not do
    then keep changing here and there. He should not change for the sick of changing,
    If he cannot change for better, then do not change until find a good solution.Also, changes must resulted in “win-win” for both parties, or all parties, and not just for PAP.

  12. Peace said

    The new group of PRCs are mostly from the northern parts of china, who they themselves even look down on their own people from southern parts of china. These northern PRCs think that they are of better quality in terms of brain and look. History shows that they are a group of people who love to conquer other parts of the mainland which originally not theirs. So I’m not surprise when they claim that the south-china-sea historically was their territory. If they want to talk about history, they mind as well back their bag and go back to Xi’an, Chang’an, which are the central plain, because the rest of the now china was originally not theirs.
    In years to come, our govt will bite their own dust, because these group of prc are unlike our great grand parents, who were so obedience and peace loving.

  13. Anti said

    For me to know for you to find out & solve it ur self

  14. Lee Ka Bang said

    As a 66 years old man, I remembered Hong Kong tried to prevent the “snake-head” from crossing into the territory but to no avail 50 years back. Now that the flood-gate has been thrown open here in Singapore , the “Piranhas” has impacted every aspects of our lives. There is absolutely nothing we can do but to wait for our demise.


    • Edmund said

      when we open up the country to FTs,there are certainly some undesirable elements will infiltrate into the society and caused havoc and thus damaged their image in the eyes of the locals.The govt will have a hard time to deal with these undesirables.

  15. Too bad he still need the Chinese Money…. he did not trust our own neighbours… and here we are… moving away up north for lesser cost and better relations.

  16. lsvop said

    Just look at the accompanying photo. Just how rowdy are they?

  17. zorro said

    Looks like Pinky Lee is not going to read Celia’s comments, as his FB admins have deleted the comment.

  18. jay said

    Mr PM pretends he is. Deaf or maybe he is practising selective hearing. Keep uttering garbage. Too many flaws in the system why act like a perfect govt. Gotta reap what u sow. Don’t drag the locals in to clear your. Shit

  19. loo said

    There is something not quite right after giving the matter some thought. If we are able to let our goverment know what new chinese citizens are commenting on our system and their opinions, probably due to the fact that we are chinese and there is no language barrier, i was just wondering why there wasn’t problems with the koreans, japanese. Is it because we are not fluent in their mother tounge and as a result there is no avenue to discuss about social integration with them? Or…..they are alot nicer people. In any case, i doubth our goverment will take any active stance but a passive one where they do not show favour to any party. Of course, we Singaporeans do feel like we are the less favoured ones. Well, guess thats life. Go watch Batman and you can see there is certain truth in life as many middle to poor often live in silence. I think Total Recall will be a better movie. So is Singapore run like planet mars?

  20. UTTER RUBBISH! said

    Celia…so do you think Singapore is indeed meddling too much on other country’s internal affairs? Do you think Singapore has the rights to interfere or even give comment?

  21. lee david said

    PM Lee, remember the time when u were at Geyland Lor 29 visiting a camp-mate, running around with them in shorts… those were times i am sure u ‘MISS’…those are days of HARMONY

  22. kenza said

    The PAP will never understand how true blue Singaporean feel. You think they really care? We are on our own. I will vote them out in 2016. Don’t want my next generation to suffer in the “rat race”.

    • to rat racer said

      Err. I don’t think you should blame the govt if you want to escape the rat race.

      The govt is not stopping you from escaping the rat race. Do you know what is the ‘rat race’ and have you tried getting out of it? By having a full-time corporate job, you most likely won’t leave the rat race. But if you do have a full-time job, isn’t job stability what you wanted? If you didn’t want to be part of the rat race, why get a job? Is your job your career?

      How about reading ‘rich dad, poor dad’ by robert kiyosaki? Instead of blaming the govt because u most likely are in the rat race?

      If anything, our education system, coe, etc are all flawed. But definitely not their fault you’re in the rat race.

      • new Aust PR from S'pore said

        Living in S’pore be it studying or working is a rat race and fortunately I will be out of the rat race soon.

  23. Anthony Tang said

    Quote from a good for nothing empty tin
    “Er Er I don’t know what to say”, Unquote

  24. Karias said

    The thing is, they don’t know what those FT think.

    The government is blinded by an illusion that if FT do not come to Singapore, Singapore will destroy itself.
    That may be true that Singapore might destroy itself, but rather one would not like to see our country fall in racial discrimination that we have always counted on for years.

  25. Integrate said

    Maybe he should invite each & every newly converted citizen & their family to stay in his residence once they collect their pink IC, integrate with them first for about 6 months & then teach and SHARE his experience with fellow Singaporeans on how to integrate as like what he always emphasize.

  26. Kok & Bull said

    Gommen is now full of BULL leh. We Cantonese have this saying: “Put shit on one’s own body.” Now they employ “stop gap” measures to clean it up; wiping here & there only with toilet paper! Tolong lah brudder!

  27. seah said

    They even dare to hang their China flag here,that show how arrogant they are.They known our National Day just round the corner ,and they have no respect for our Law.It seem they are untouchable.,and to add salt to our wound our PM ask as to help us to integrate them,How to when they had no respect to spore.See what had happen when all this people came in.Compare 10 years spore to now.Pay stagnant.Housing ‘Coe all rocket high,inflation rate so high,if Coe wont come down every thing will going to get more cost will pass to comsumer.People vote for u so that u will manage the country well but did you do it,?You make our life Worse,you only take care of the FOREIGNER.more than sporean

  28. singaporeson said

    FUCK pap and ministers

  29. Ken Lee said

    We, the citizens of Singapore,
    pledge ourselves as one united people,
    regardless of race, language or religion,
    to build a democratic society
    based on justice and equality
    so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and
    progress for our nation.

  30. jJAMES pAUL said



  31. Benny said

    Wow, took some time for people to actually notice that. The entire ‘FT policy’ is to address the problem that they caused more than 30 years ago. Stop at 2 anyone? Now they are taking the easy way out and screwing most native singaporeans and finally, they see the threat in the massive influx of foreigners due to their race and cultural background. Can’t wait to see what will happen in the near future. Hope they can deliver a good show.

  32. Alex Tong said

    Erm. It’s social “friction”, not social “fiction”. There is nothing fictitious about Singaporean society existing. It’s no wonder PM Lee didn’t respond to you. Good one, Sir – just block out the”noise”.

  33. pegonmynose said

    just looking at the picture evokes a smell from my pc – is this some new technology ?

  34. nocando said

    in case PM you don’t know, if u happen to read this. you and your man like to do thing to the extreme you guy deem ‘right’ . i have a feeling that when things go wrong ,you thought you have a back up plan, which is, tell the media call on to people, do this and do that, if not, singapore will be this and that…did it ever work? you should realize this.

  35. Pai Sei said

    It’s already too late for the garment to prevent PCR ppl coming in becoz the situation is getting out of hand. What the garment can do is to let it getting bad to worst. Also garment wants to save their faces of the crazy open foreign policy. PnP always think it’s a right policy….let’s see lor….

  36. stevenado said

    Prime Minister, do you really understand the mentality of those FTs when you offered so many goodies to them? Do you really think they are willing to “intergrate and open”? Do you believe after attaining their new citizenship, they will faithfully vote for pap?By now i believe you still don’t.If not, you wouldn’t ask singaporean to be “open”. Hopefully we can contingents of pinoys,prcs,indians’ FTs during our national parade.Betterstill if these contingents can march through HDB estates!

  37. rose said said

    agreed with Cecilia Lim 100% . In future our children will be out of job bcoz of all this new immigrants lol

  38. TT SUCKS said

    THey can’t stop because they got alot of investments, especially in China.

  39. solaris8899 said

    well said.

  40. Andrew said

    Once again dearest Singaporeans,

    if we wait till 2016, it will be too late.

    Our government is handing out citizenships like crazy to these foreign trash, especially the PRCs and Pinoys.

    We have to be VIOLENT and AGGRESSIVE to them whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    These people have almost turned our beautiful garden city into the third world cesspool like where these cockroaches crawled out from.

    We need to take our country back before it is too late!!

    No point whining about it online!!

    The moment that a situation irks you, DEAL WITH IT ON THE SPOT!!

    If the person turns out to be Singaporean, just apologise. Its not a big deal.

    If the person happens to be Ah Tiong, Pinoy, or some third world trash, Just Fuck them in the face there and then.

    They are laughing behind your back at how easy it is to come here, earn 10 times their income as compared to back home, and maybe get a PR so that they can fly off to some western country.

    Think they give a fuck about ruining our labour market?


  41. Cll said

    After chasing economics success for so many years isn’t it time for mr lee and his members to take a step back and look at policies from a more humane point of view. Time to stop “strangling” local Singaporeans. I think there must be a limit to all these. I may not be the one who can contribute but let’s our younger generation have a meaningful life. Let them grow without all these pressure from the government’s policies. Let then have a chance to do what they want to do. Don’t corner the young ones and the elderly. Young ones are getting the stress and this disturb their potential, the elderly are not getting much attention with their own children working like machines. Give out the 50 million used for Safra club house to help those who need it most. We don’t need to tell the world how nice our club house will be. Sincerely care for us and I assure you we will defend this country without doubts. We will fight against any foreign threat because our families are here. I am sure all the NS men will feel like i feel. Everyone needs a space to breathe to live. Take care of the elderly. Let them live with dignity. Economics figures comes And goes. Systems change people will change. Where is my beloved Singapore? Mr lee

  42. Wait it out. The tide has to turn.

  43. Dear fellow Singaporeans,

    We can channel our anger to our PAP leaders all we want but the question is, do you think they really care? They all only care about one thing – to fatten their pockets. They peck their salaries to the GDP and that is their main focus. Bringing in FTs is the only way they know in achieving this. Once in a while, when there are some public outcries, they will just come out and do some `wayangs’.

    Why should they care about our plight when it doesn’t affect them at all. The streets is crowded, the FTs are misbehaving, there’s flooding, the MRT breakdowns. Are they affected by all these. Is our PAP government a government that feel pain when their citizens suffers? No way. There are living in a glass tower while we are suffering!

    This is the reality. You cannot expect a bad person to feel sad when they realized they have hurt you. If they are good, they wouldn’t have hurt you in the first place.

    In a nutshell, the only way out for us to do our part and wake the daft 60% up. You can do this by relentless sending articles about PAP’s misdeeds to them (the 60%). Keep doing it even if they are not interested. There will definitely be one article amongst hundreds that will strike a chord with them. Then, it will lead them to favourite websites and hopefully, they convert.

    The only way is our way. Don’t hope for them to change their heart. They do not have one.

    God Bless You all.

  44. april said

    The Old ThugLee used to laugh at the neighbours but infact the laugh is on him and his system, policies and stupid idiot Papies mp’s.60% who voted deserved it, cos they are no different from a whore

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