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DPM Teo to govt scholars: Stay focused to ‘serving’ Singapore and Singaporeans

Posted by temasektimes on July 23, 2012

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean has called on government scholars to stay ‘focused’ on ‘serving’ the nation.

Speaking at the Economic Development Board’s annual scholarship ceremony, he said:

“Remember, when you study, and you work, you’re not working just for yourself, or your company, you’re working for Singapore and Singaporeans. That’s the most important and the most satisfying bottom line that anyone can have.”

Ten Singaporeans received the Economic Development Board scholarship this year and they will be studying in universities in the United States or Europe.

Singapore government scholars are guaranteed a ‘golden’ rice bowl upon graduation after which they will rise rapidly within the ranks of the civil service.



29 Responses to “DPM Teo to govt scholars: Stay focused to ‘serving’ Singapore and Singaporeans”

  1. Ken Lee said

    NUS?? low!!

  2. Mike Zeng said

    Yes indeed….and don’t get tempted nor even distracted by SYTs. Stay faithful to your wives after marriage. Don’t do what so many of your seniors did just recently. It’s not worth it, isn’t it?
    A moment or moments of pleasure and a life-time of regret! This is no duff but the reality of life here!

    Best wishes scholars….keep your trousers zipped up all the time and always rember the hell your seniors like PL,PL, NBG, JS, TWK, etc are going through now. The higher you rise, the greater the fall…if and when you fall.
    PS: contact PG if you need further advice or help before embarking on your journey of many miles. Good Luck!

  3. bb said

    Even the minsters you can all ignore as when you return after you finished your studies you will serving the singapore gov under the opposition party. You also need to undo what these bunch have benn doing wrongly all these years Hope this batch of scholars are true blue singaporeans and not children of Ftrash.

  4. Fuck PAP said

    The self serving one uses his CB mouth to tell scholars to serve others?

  5. sly said

    of course TeoCH would have already clarified that PAP is Singapore and there are 3 categories of singaporeans, firstly those who are elites and PAP members, secondly, the newly minted Singaporeans, and thirdly are those who make up the numbers.

  6. Sashaqueenie said

    Teo Chee Hean, remember not to fall asleep in Parliament or your “words of wisdom” will really be just empty words.

  7. Tan Yan ren said

    The comments should NOT be targeted at the up and coming scholars…LEAD by example…so teo chee hean should tell those upstarts scholars to be humble enough to SERVE the nation…presently I DONT SEE IT…The reverse I SEE like LSS …the prick who keeps JABBING Singaporeans although he is way overpayed and DONT DELIVER!!!!!the MINISTRies are full of these chaps that if you dont believe, try writing a letter to them….YOU WILL NOT EVEN GET A ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, LET ALONE A REPLY!!!!!>>….

  8. van said

    it is not true scholars are guaranteed a golden rice bowl. being a scholar myself i must say that the expectations on us are higher than non scholars…and we are given a whole lot to do. all eyes are on us. not complaining though, just pointing out it’s not a fast track to success. but yes sadly….the number of scholars who are in it truly to serve Singapore has dwindled….people may be hardworking but they’re doing the job for the sake of the job…or to earn their wages…but (and in fact…it’s not only scholars but the rest of the workforce in and out of the govt included)…how often do u come across someone who says he’s in in to serve his country anymore? gone are the days of old where patriotism and loyalty and faithfulness were virtues observed….people today…are more of..”what’s in it for me?” and adopt a minimalist form of behaviour/ play the social game for self interest to win self promotion, more money, more benefits, more prestige….the mistake is not in the government itself…but that the PEOPLE of singapore has changed…and the government is made up of PEOPLE…yes ministries are run by ministers…but it’s ordinary s’poreans like u and i that make up majority of the govt workforce, scholars and non scholars included. time for us singaporeans to reflect upon ourselves…the government reflects US. we are a democracy after all. i don’t see how people working in the govt (which is a signifcant quantity of the singapore pop) are different frm the average singaporean….yes…there are the stellar few who truly care about the country and values and what nots…but they are a minority, a dying breed – they belong more to the older generation……the young people today are more concerned about fun and freedom and all that westernized philosophies instead of wanting to slog for something virtuous like the traditionalists…goh keng swee, lee kuan yew etc……sigh…(this coming from a young singaporean)

  9. NaBey said

    Dear minister, I think its better u send these scholars to be to stringent psychology drills, make sure u don’t waste our money to produce a child sex pervert. I think u use this money for sporean to lucky draw is better.

  10. mahbok tan said

    Yes STAY FOCUS to be a slave to the PAP…..!!! no need to worry ya….go study later come back must make more MONEY ….BIG MONEY….for PAP…..STAY FOCUS….KNNBCCB…!!!

  11. said

    Ngee Ngah … Ngah Ngah Ngoh Ngoh,,,, Zzzzz

  12. Kim said

    Government scholars are the ones that screw up this country. FUCK them all.

  13. kaypoh said

    Their job is telling u wat to do ….. & asking u wat u think

    lool reminds me of Mao’s “serve the people”…. and wat happened to all his opponents, even his own supporters, his citizens.

  14. Dove said

    But don’t you think that everywhere you go, you face foriegners? So, do you serve singaporeans or FT??

  15. Fed Up Singaporean said

    civil servants don’t need more motivation… every year their pay rise rise, while the rest of us peasants stay the same or worst, pay cut.. Teo you want people to listen lower your cabinet salary first…

    So small country, MP’s salary more then Obama.. what a joke

  16. J said

    If one wants to SERVE the Country…. Money is not the issue ! is it?….. Golden rice bowl…. says another thing….!…. ATTACH talent? i think it’s more attracting greed and Cronyism….Period!

  17. Lim said

    The kind of scholars they choose is reflective of the kind of scholars they have currently – kiasu, exam-smart, low EQ, ultra-self-centred, `get off my elite face’ snobs who despise their common garden colleagues and can write flowery theoretical papers but with absolutely idiot ignorance of real life workings on the ground. In short, computer zombies who can describe in full academic graphic details the experience of intercourse but incapable of experiencing it themselves. As far as I know they serve only themselves, boot-lick up the corporate ladder, cover their rears many layers and fear to take initiatives in order not to jeopardise their inevitable meteoric rise. Once out of this PAP system of pseudo-meritocracy they are total flops and can never command ever again their obscene stratospheric salaries they are being paid by tax-payers. Now their role model is telling them to serve the country and work for Singaporeans! I read the the real message as make more money so that the potential scholars can take home even more millions in bonuses by serving foreign talents at citizens’ expense.

  18. pooohth said

    Remember, when you study, and you work, you’re not working just for yourself, or your company, you’re working for Singapore and Singaporeans. That’s the most important and the most satisfying if you also work as opposition.

  19. Jaded said

    sounds nice but how do you define Singaporeans? newly minted ones or native born Sinkies?

  20. odd said

    For some reasons, the government scholars whom I have met in Singapore are by far the most self-serving people I’ve ever encountered anywhere in the world. It must have something to do with PSC’s method of selection. Even though PSC didn’t set out to pick the most self-serving people to give scholarships to, it nonetheless ended up picking the most self-centered assholes imaginable. Maybe all these criteria that they use, A-level grades, psychometric tests, leadership roles in ECA, etc, measure just one thing — how self-serving that person is.

    It’s a little scary that if you think about it: PSC selects scholars primarily for the civil service, ie. people whose job is ultimately about serving other people. But these self-centered assholes care just about one thing: How to pave their career paths within the civil service. Doesn’t matter if a policy is going to create hardships for Singaporeans, so long as his superiors like it and give him a great performance evaluation. No wonder Singaporeans’ lives have been getting harder and harder.

  21. Wicked Brain said

    Please give true blue Singaporeans more opportunities for scholarships.

  22. Wide Eyed said

    ““Remember, when you study, and you work, you’re not working just for yourself, or your company, you’re working for Singapore and Singaporeans. That’s the most important and the most satisfying bottom line that anyone can have.”

    The most important ingredient or value is HUMILITY. When your chosen scholars are groomed by you, remember to instill humility. It is very sickening listening to some civil servants’ spouses speak where they dish themselves backhand compliments because their other halves are in high profile places. Makes you want to gag. And they have no shame in highlighting their lives of privilege, making mere mortals feel cheap. Ask your scholars to be humble and be grounded. Don’t talk big amongst their friends. Don’t show off. Be respected for their intellect, for their work. Not what they boast and what they wear.

  23. AG said

    While there might be some valid comments over here, it’s disappointing to see how some commenters have decided to tar everyone with the same brush and make assumptions of all scholars.

    If we want to have a proper debate about this, we’ve got to set our facts straight. Or maybe at least do away with all the unjustified assumptions.

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