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M Ravi: WP MPs are ‘cow dungs’

Posted by temasektimes on July 23, 2012

Prominent Human Rights lawyer M Ravi has lashed out at Workers Party’s MPs for their lack of support to his client in the Hougang by-election case.

Mr Ravi is representing Hougang resident  Mdm Vellama Marie Muthu in her campaign for the Court to declare that the Prime Minister does not have unfettered discretion in deciding when to call by-elections.

Though the by-election in Hougang has been held, Mr Ravi is still continuing fighting the case.

In a fiery speech delivered at the Speakers’ Corner yesterday afternoon, Mr Ravi publicly called WP MPs Low Thia Kiang, Sylvia Lim and Chen Show Mao ‘cow dungs’.

Afraid to offend the PAP, WP MPs have been quick to distance themselves from the by-election case when it was first filed in High Court, saying they have nothing to do with it whatsoever.

Despite promising to be a ‘co-driver’ to the government, WP MPs have either been sleeping most of the time in parliament or asking mostly trivial and irrelevant questions, leading many disgruntled netizens to dub them as the PAP’s ‘B team’.

Meanwhile, it is said that the PAP and WP grassroots are working in ‘harmony’ together in Hougang as one big happy ‘family’ so much so that it is almost impossible to differentiate between the two camps.

WP MP Pritam Singh had earlier proclaimed proudly that WP will form a coalition government with the PAP in the event the latter failed to win a simple majority in a future elections.



45 Responses to “M Ravi: WP MPs are ‘cow dungs’”

  1. Jack said

    The whole speech pls, by picking up one liner and fan the fire is not good enough, the readers are not stupid

  2. anything is better than PAP said

    Only 2/5 of this report is about Ravi. The rest is the all TT’s mods same tired rehash against WP. Give it break. Unless you can can come up with a legit scoop against WP like Tremeritus, it’s all just juvenile, slapdash reportage that TT resorts to on a slow news day.

  3. mahbok tan said

    Guess SGporean will be too tired to opposed the PAP govt by GE2016 as they have play the politics in containing the WP….!!!
    It will be to vote or not to vote , but it will make no difference….and the best way out will be to take watever we can take and run away from SGpore…..either way vote will still be for the opposition come GE2016 !!!

    good luck Sgporean and may we all suffer more in the near future….god bless….!!!

    • SkinFT said

      good luck Sgporean and may we all suffer more in the near future….god bless….!!!
      good luck Sgporean and we WILL AND SHALL all suffer more in the near future….god bless….!!!

    • WP = idiots said

      What garbage are U talking about. How did PAP play politics against WP. So far, all the screw ups that WP have done:
      1)Screw up own formula for ministerial Pay
      2)Came up with a salary band similar to PAP
      3)Got caught copying other people’s work
      4)MP got caught having affair with own party member who is married(exposed by alternative media NOT MSM)
      5)New MP caught lying(exposed by own CEC member sending letter to MSM)
      6)Do nothing in parliament(I am sure PAP don’t have a gag order on any of them)
      7)No lawsuits against them from PAP so don’t accuse them of threatening WP

  4. Mike Zeng said

    Not cowards but cowdungs?
    But I’m slowly beginning to agree with you after a year + after they triumphantly captured Ah Joo née GRC. Let’s wait for their response to this very serious charge by my hero Ravi. If they remain silent….it would mean their silence speaks louder than words.
    MPs pay of $15,000++pm is big money and does affect significantly the receiver ( not used to such cash dropping suddenly from heaven) vicariously.

  5. ONE SIDED MOD said

    Another post attacking the WP, more multi nicks will be coming out soon and the useless mod.

  6. Steady said

    “cow dung” is still USEFUL as fuel when dried.
    They should be “lump” together with “cat shits” smelly,worms infested and buried!
    We can’t denied that without Mr Ravi’s court action,Houganites will still be waiting long long for a by-election,even as WP cozy towards PAP’s approval for a by-election date.Remember Mr JBJ’s Anson disqualification?The by-election date never came.
    WP,please remember ‘ yin shui si yuan “.

  7. By now all Singaporean know what we choose and what we want…when the country is quiet then let do the changes when the time arrive so no need to be on the it right and you will win the 2016.

    • Julie Ong said

      Mr M Ravi, good on you!
      Thanks for standing up for the vulnerable and downtrodden.
      An afterthought : Why don’t you put yourself up for election in GE2016?
      I’m sure you’ll have at least one ardent supporter (me), besides many, many others.
      Please always remember: Discretion is the better part of valour.
      Good luck and all the best in your endeavours.

  8. NaBey said

    So the driver and co-drivers are all dungs? How I miss jeyaratnam.

    • in loving memory said

      There will not be anymore JBJ, so far only CSJ comes close but as long as he is not elected as a MP, is toothless.

      • Naivety said

        Even if Dr CSJ is voted in as MP, does the Law in Singapore allows him to serve being an undischarged bankrupt that he is currently??

      • DIY said

        Ravi should consult and get a second opinion from Dr CSJ. He is a neuro-psychiatrist by profession.

        I could imagine what Dr CSJ would advise Ravi; that is to separate the forest from the trees instead dungs from the cows.

        Presently the cows are slowly munching the fodder and mooing some comments when parliament begins.

  9. I was wrong to think Ravi is sane,just being mistaken myself and base on what I was told by academically and politically correct people,smart Alecs,who are very intellectuals so-to-speak–,senior and superiority.I was shocked,or I shouldn’t.Why use the word “”bipolar””,when every Christian knew that,since English Language came into our world-that is demonic possession?

    No wonder people actually believe Kong Hee,and the Law society as dumb,and the Doctor just by slanderous and ignorant media reports.

    Just offer the whole story,the two sides of the story,as Kong Hee proclaimed to our world,on such wisdom,everything shall crumble down!I maintain my integrity.That is enough!

  10. The Gardener said

    Just like the Cults quoting only the phrases of the Bible suitable for their cause.
    Nonsense article.

  11. Jaded said

    TT taking a one liner out of context just so that they can whack WP? Lame as usual…

  12. NSW said

    Human rights lawyer M Ravi danced, prayed, and made numerous accusations peppered with expletives during a two-hour “party” at Hong Lim Park on Sunday afternoon.

    Heavily made-up, barefoot and wearing jeans with a black t-shirt as well as an ornate gold belt, scarves, and flower garlands, Mr Ravi danced three Indian traditional dances that involved him kneeling on the ground, lying prostrate on a small stage, and embracing a nearby tree.

    At one point, the 43-year-old flung an orange flower garland into the air and attempted to slice it with a fake silver sword in front of an audience of about 30 people, made up mostly of several supporters, Bangladeshi workers and journalists.

    Ravi, who suffers from bipolar disorder, a condition of severe mood swings, had invited the media to his Speakers’ Corner “party” to, amongst other things, demonstrate against the Law Society of Singapore, with whom he had a highly publicized run-in last week.
    Last week in court, Law Society representative Wong Siew Hong had attempted to prevent Ravi from acting for his client, Mdm Vellama Marie Muthu, on the grounds that Ravi had suffered a “manic relapse” from bipolar disorder and was therefore professionally unfit to practice.

    Wong’s request was thrown out by presiding judge Justice Philip Pillai, who called his intrusion “unprecedented” and said that if Ravi had a valid certificate, he was free to act in Court.

    Ravi then said he would also be filing a complaint with the Singapore Medical Council against his doctor Dr Calvin Fones, who had submitted his medical records to the Law Society, and said that his behaviour had been “slightly ignorant”.

    In an interview with publichouse, Ravi assured the public that he was feeling “a little stressed” but fine.

    On Sunday, Ravi said that he would be suing Wong and the Society on Monday for an apology and for damages against his reputation that will “exceed hundreds thousands of dollars, or millions” because he had a “huge reputation internationally”.

    Calling Wong a “cow dung lawyer from Law Society” who had “sh*t in his pants”, he said that he would “forgive but will never forget”.

    Ravi also launched into several other bizarre rants, reserving choice words for several prominent politicians and the Law Society.

    “I come from a generation of samurais, 369,” said Ravi, before challenging former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew to meet him “one-on-one”, “go fly kite” and telling the 30-member crowd to “stand up for Singapore.”

    He also expressed his anger with opposition politicians, calling Workers Party’s Low Thia Kiang, Sylvia Lim, and Chen Show Mao “cow dungs” for what he said was their “lack of support” for his client, Mdm Vellama Marie Muthu.

    Ravi is representing Muthu in her campaign for the Court to declare that the Prime Minister does not have unfettered discretion in deciding when to call by-elections.

    Most of his time, however, was spent talking about his history and childhood.

    Claiming to be from a secret society called “Jalan Kayu 369”, Ravi told the audience he had a Taiwanese father who looked like notorious Hong Kong pop star Edison Chen before ranting about abusive Indian fathers and the suffering of his late mother, whom he credits as his inspiration.

    He also peppered his speeches with strange statements, announcing at one point that “Hot is cold, cold is hot, Yin is Yang, and I look young – that is why Hallelujah and Praise the Lord”, eliciting strange looks from curious passers-by.

    Ravi also spoke of his intention to “return to New York” where there are “vampires in the Empire State Building”.

    When reporters asked about his mental condition at the end of his talk, Ravi asserted that he was “fine”, calling the media “stupid” for raising the issue and refused to take any more questions.

    It is not the first time the prominent lawyer has lashed out at the media. In 2010, Ravi called a press conference to defend his comments over a criminal case, but ended up smashing a glass, spewing vulgarities and yelling at journalists to leave his office.

    • DIY said

      Ravi’s action is really Bollywood in the making. There was no directors and producers except himself and the 40 odd audience who attended the free dramatization of a zombie lawyer.

  13. Naivety said

    Hey TT & Ravi!

    Whatever it is, “Half A Loaf Of Bread Is Still Better Than None”, right?

    As to have the WP as an opposition party in Parliament rather than to let the Pro-Alien Party have Total Monopoly In Totality to do whatever they want at will inorder to “Kill” all native Singaporeans eventually, is that what you want??

    This is a no brainer answer as we, native Singaporeans will continue to vote for opposition representation in Parliament so as not to give the Pro-Alien Party the full majority & judging by their pathetic, poor & incompetent performance so far by the PAP, can or will possibly any future Opposition Party that you will be voting in going to perform worse than the Pro-Alien Party???

    As the saying goes, “Nothing Is Permanent Except Change” henceforth, we are going to change the ruling government come GE 2016!!!

    Mod’s note:

    You have been deceived by WP – it is not an ‘opposition’ party, but a subsidiary of the PAP. Pritam Singh has already stated clearly that WP intends to form a coalition govt with the PAP if the latter fails to win a simple majority, so how are you going to change the govt? Dream on…

    • Smith said

      Dear mod, the same goes to the Liberal Democrats being in a coalition govt with the Conservatives in the UK, and the Greens being in a coalition with Labor in Australia. Similarly, I don’t see any wrong with the WP forming a coalition govt with the PAP if there is the need. It is always better to have a stable government, and in this case, WP has made it clear of its intention. This lead to stability, which is good.

  14. AL said


  15. Realist said

    Why is M.Ravi saying the obvious ?

  16. Bian Lian said

    These cows are happily munching grass in the meadows and watching the world go by while waiting for the next election.

  17. No Can Do said

    The Hougang case is b4 the courts and WP is right to steer clear of prejudicing it in any way with any public comments. Pending its outcome, the best recourse for all interested parties is to ‘wait and see’. Ravi shd accept this situation and not be worked up over it. But he is the ppl’s hero, undoubtedly, for his selfless espousal of the commoners’ causes all the time.

    • Agree with you. WP is only taking tentative steps, avoid a collision with the pro-alien.All alternative parties unite and form a coalition opposition to KO the pro-aliens.

      Mod’s note:

      You are deluded – WP is only keen to ‘unite’ with its parent party – the PAP and not with other opposition parties.

  18. Ron said

    Cow dung has value. They are used as fuel in India, as fertilizer. So, will the WP be used as fuel and fertlizer by the PAP?

    Mod’s note:

    Of course. WP is used by the PAP to suppress the growth of a genuine opposition in Singapore.

    • S'porean with Aust PR said

      If there is no genuine opp party, there is no hope and no future for S’pore. What do you think?
      Lucky I did the right thing by migrating to Aust.

  19. kaypoh said

    PAPpies or WimPies take your pick lool

  20. gr0koewi said

    If only you’ve seen his speech. He looked like he was losing it.

  21. J said

    hahaha PAP “B” Team….!… pathetic!

  22. Annoymous said

    As usual, all the multi nicks are out again.

    Where’s the mod? Aren’t you good at barking at WP?

  23. whocares? said

    I beg to differ, i trust WP doesn’t charge like a bull in The Parliament & also that doesn’t means they’ll sing in unison with the ruling party. Perhaps Mr Ravi should contest in the next election, he might stand a chance to voice out in The Parliament, or… will he?

    • samasama said

      what a charging cow ? Cows who can only moo and squeezed at peasant’s expense.Not in unison perhaps,but definitively in harmony to the tune of “The more we get together ” after the mas selamat lesson.

  24. I can see clearly said

    You who support the the Mad Ass Ravi should be in IMH with him for a long time.

  25. WP is our fren said

    Stop lambasting WP lar. It is the only strong opposition party to counter the PAP. The rest like RP and SDP do not have as many candidates nor qualifications of WP candidates

    Mod’s note:

    You have been deceived – WP is not an ‘opposition’ party and neither will it counter the PAP. Pritam Singh has already announced to the world that WP will form a coalition govt with the PAP. Because of WP, many voters are deceived into thinking they have a choice thereby siphoning support from real opposition parties like SDP and RP to keep them weak. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please wake up and see the truth!

  26. No Can Do said

    To Moderator: u’re being ridiculous to
    conclude “A vote for WP = A vote for PAP”.
    U mean PAPies are not worried WP wld
    replace it next GE? Who r u kidding? Go
    fly kite, moderator. U’re being splittist
    to divide opp ppl by ur bashing of WP!

    Mod’s note:

    WP is the PAP’s backup plan in case it fails to win a simple majority, WP will form a coalition govt with the PAP to ensure LHL remains the PM. WP offers a fake ‘alternative’ to unsuspecting voters. If there is no WP, the other real opposition parties like SDP will gain power one day. The first step to boot out the PAP is to eradicate its ‘B’ team first, aka the ‘Wayang Party’.

  27. No Can Do said

    To Moderator: The first step to an opp party to replace PAP is to vote WP. Splitting the opp camp to support SDP which has no substantial backing from the rest of us is for the opp to be sidelined and the PAP to continue to rule. If this is ur true agenda, do this openly, Moderator, and please do not hide behind bashing WP. If u’re really for a stronger opp, rally behind WP in the general interest. Don’t bluff urself and netizens that u’re pro-opp when u’re simply divisding opp to PAPies’ advantage. If the rest of us know that WP is the best opp party to challenge the PAP but u don’t know, then u’re unfit to moderate TT. Get ur vision clear first, I say.

    Mod’s note:

    Since when did WP ever challenge the PAP in parliament? Please wake up! The ‘Wayang Party’ is the single biggest threat to democracy in Singapore by offering voters a fake alternative and by siphoning crucial votes and support from the real opposition parties.

  28. I can see clearly said

    Hey Mod, You are definitely a FOREIGN COW DUNG trying to cause division in our country ! Go back into the arsehole of the cow !

  29. Realist said

    There will never be true Opp as long the Papies are in play.
    All true Opp will either be in jail or persecuted eg CSJ.

  30. Great post. I used to be checking continuously this blog and I’m inspired! Very helpful information particularly the final section 🙂 I care for such information a lot. I was seeking this particular information for a very long time. Thanks and good luck.

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