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NTUC recommends 6 months of paid maternity leave for mothers

Posted by temasektimes on July 23, 2012

In a desperate move to boost Singapore’s flagging birth rate, NTUC is recommending that working mums be given six months of paid maternity leave, and an additional six months of unpaid leave.

Speaking to queries from the media, NTUC President Diana Chia said:

“It’s important for us to encourage employers to embrace better work-life (balance). Particularly after delivery, there are certain stresses for women. Many women, because of this difficulty, leave their job to take care of their family. And to get them back to work is also an enormous task. So we’re actually looking at how we can phase in this.”

The idea was met with a lukewarm response from some members of the public, one of whom told the state media:

“It’s good, this will encourage more women to have babies, but it depends on the company. (For) small companies, I don’t think they can afford to give six months of maternity leave followed by no pay leave.”

The key reason behind Singaporeans delaying marriage and starting their own families is the sky-rocketing prices of properties which is partly caused by the relentless influx of foreigners into Singapore in recent years.


29 Responses to “NTUC recommends 6 months of paid maternity leave for mothers”

  1. choo choo train said

    does the benefit extend to FT as well?

    • Foxy said

      F-Trash your treatments should be better than SGrean, I would recommends 9 months of paid maternity leave for F-Trash mothers!

  2. Ken Lee said

    so NTUC should start it first in all their own company and shop!

  3. i say what i think only... said

    another reason not to hire local women or don’t let them promote (blacklist them in their heart, cannot be public as it violates women’s charter). how to survive the 6months no pay leave? they think singapore very cheap is it? mai kun la… ur own ntuc stuff prices rising everyday. never see u paiseh before.

  4. Chrizz said

    “excellent choices” of recommendation…. if really approve this, i can tell you more issues of “Singaporean’s pregnant woman get terminated before their delivery date” will arise up to the table. As more cases will be against the company, and in the end, Court will say due to insufficient supporting evidence, the company is shown not guilty of discriminating against the pregnant woman. And in the end the woman can suck thumbs together with her baby.

    in the end, will the woman enjoy as much as it promises? or eventually will lead to more woman fear of getting pregnant just because of job security?

  5. Bengy said

    do not listen to them, they cannot do anything when your company fire you nor the MOM..

  6. David Leong said

    NTUC is out of sycn with society, instead of giving 6 months of paid maternity leave for mother which will cause headache for many bosses, should have recommended giving other forms of support like,

    a) Better medicial care for baby. since new born are more likely to fall ill and is expensive to see a paediatrician. Make it a law such that if a new born is sick and M.C for the baby is equal to M.C for the mother till the baby is 3-5 yrs old.

    b) Better child care services. NTUC saw how lucrative the private pre-school child-care industry is, to the point they also went in to start their Pre-school. They shold walk the talk by setting up highly subsidise child care, pre-school and after school services across the island for Singaporean. This will surely ease lots of parent headache when child care matter is concern.

    and lastly, Child Development Account should be well promoted to inform young and not so well inform parents of it existence. It can be enhance to include allowing money be used for simple fever and common illness.

    I hope NTUC can be more odjective and can come out with something that is needs focus and more long term.

  7. NaBey said

    Are we capitalism or socialism? How to encourage entrepreneurship? Public and private contracts are awarded to lowest bidder! Big projects are awarded to accredited big MNC. How can SME survive? After Mr Sim Wong Hoo, we have never seen another entrepreneur in singapore. SME who employ women about to be pregnant will surely die!

  8. Fuck NS said

    Boost simi cheebye?
    Already import all these third world peasants to do all the job already, just want Sinkie woman to produce kids for your fucking NS ah? Fuck you understand?!

  9. NaBey said

    When can those dungs eater, pervertic, child abuse scholars recommend better ideas? Only your father company will let u take 6 months maternity leave + 6 months unpaid leave with your position and job scope in tact! Stupid suggestion. Brainless hopeless !
    Another one in today ST, LTA spending so much money develop a system for passengers to check buses crowded or not, whether got seats or not !! NABEY !! No brain !!! If u rushing for time, whether bus is crowded or not u still have to squeeze yourself in !!! You mean you will stupidly wait at home or office until u check for an empty bus arrive ???? I hope govt can send more people to TRAFFIC university in shanghai to learn traffic management so that they know how to increase more bus service and plan wider road instead of “bus crowded system”.

  10. Ken Lee said

    even MOM can’t do anything about it, think NTUC can do it? 6 months of paid maternity leave for mothers!!! even NTUC fair price got no sure thing.

  11. Ken said

    6+6mths? Who is going to pay for that? Big coy can afford that but for SME is impossible. Imagine you are the business owner of a small coy and already have to care so much about the rental, bills and worker’s salary. How to afford to pay someone who is not productive to your coy. Unless can claim back from gov’t funding.

  12. denzuko1 said

    After so long, NTUC is so Gung Ho all the sudden working hard for its members. The effect of losing 6 seats to opposition is really strong, imagine if they lose more seats.

  13. Protestor said

    If that’s is the case, HR will employ more elderly women and not those young people who just got married or have not marry. Or worst, terminate them for whatever reasons once the woman are pregnant or force to resign!

  14. cow beh said

    they don’t give..u cow beh…they give….u also cow beh…so what’s your suggestion?

  15. Employer would likely no employ women who are going to give birth soon, or worse stiil find reason to dismiss them, otherwise it cause the company double as it has to hire a replacement for six month. Will NTUC stand up to protect this women?????? Yet to see NTUC take employer to task for taking advantage of its employee.

  16. Alex Lee said

    Perhaps, before they make any effort, I suggest that the Govern or MOM to amend the Law first. Otherwise, we will see more unfair dismissal or Discrimination of PREGNANT woman in workplace. My wife is the result victim by the “Evil Heart” GM, which not only Forcely terminated my wife, even when my wife ask for “termination letter”. But as employer did not give any notice, just playing with words. As such my wife still reports for her work at workplace, until the GM use force to take my wife bag n belonging and indirectly hurt our baby. Even we made a police report, the police can only give warning to this GM only, and refer my wife to MOM. In actual fact, we did paid a visit to the MOM, and the replied from the MOM officer was “Termination letter” they are able to investigate into it. Now, after that incident, police came and the Evil Heart GM, did not bother to apologize to my wife, instead. Still force her to handover her work, whereas she needed rest, due to the baby in the womb. Ever since then my wife health suffer and the need to rest on bed. Then the Company MD step in to made compensation to my wife, ask her not to persue the case and drop it. Even the MD made my wife to sign an agreement on this, and the MD verbally offer to have my wife back as part-timer during their discussion. Now, my wife is hospitalise and bed-ridden, all thanks to the GM who forcely and indirectly hurt my wife. The baby might not make it. I feel as husband, this is so much I can tell the truth and anything apart from the whole true to my acknowlege.
    (The XXXX Bar @ Shenton Way), the Malaysian Chinese GM, S. Peh, is the one who cause all this to happened to my wife and my unborn baby. May the karma be upon this GM and its very own and all its generations. If there is such thing as Karma exist!

    A real story of what happen in singapore today, from an heavy-hearted Husband, who see the wife been suffers and the unborn baby in danger now till today. Not, forgetting the hospital bill that will come forth.

  17. All right.NTUC should practice it,and don’t impose it on others.If new babies come in this world,grows up, turns out to be tragic,would you people assume responsibilities?Is human life here… is heaven, sicknesses and death and problems,that we should enourage more to suffer here… by coming here?Is human existence a great mistake?What’s your final conclusion?Bedok guy just committed suicide.

  18. dressmall said

    Nobody read this stupid crappy news website anymore. I’m reading instead.

  19. bb said

    What is the use-only recommendations. The best approach is the minister Lim SS tabled in Parliament and legislate it as Law

  20. andy said

    six months maternity leave! the pregnant worker will be replaced by FT in no time!! get real man!!! NTUC is just full of shits!!!!

  21. Malcolm Aspen said

    If you are the boss of a small company and 4 of your female staffs goes off to a 6 months paid maternity leave all at the same time with and additional 6 months entitled no pay leave

    I tell you , you are practically ‘ screwed ‘ LOL

  22. Wicked Brain said

    The solution for SMEs – Employ single, foreigners. 😱

  23. Nabey said

    As i said earlier, they are not encouraging entrepreneur, creativity is out of question! You setup your own company, make sure all your relative join you so that you no need depend on pregnant woman. Otherwise you don’t setup your own business and go join $2000 paid NTUC PMET.
    They are practising communism economy, encouraging capitalism to come in and then give socialism benefits !!! ROJAK country, ROJAK people, ROJAK economy !!!

  24. Reema said

    I want one more child if government give me 6 months maternity leave.

  25. Peter said

    Giving birth is a social benefit and is critical for a country like Singapore but in typical PAP fashion, the government is passing the buck to the private sector and making employers pay for the first 2 months of maternity leave while they only reimburse for the 3rd and 4th child.

    A woman on maternity is really a liability to many small businesses. Not only do they have to pay for an absent staff, they have to pay for another staff who may be untrained and unfamiliar to replace the staff on maternity.

    In today’s economy, more and more companies are already delaying and defaulting payments. Is it any wonder why companies try to escape this unnecessary burden forcefully shoved down their necks by the government?

    For a big company with hugely positive cashflow, the maternity benefit is a drop in the bucket to them but to a small company, that extra one month of salary to an absent staff may just drive the nail into the coffin for them.

    Many women have complained of being unfairly terminated prior to giving birth but this problem can be greatly reduced if the government is willing to bear the cost of maternity.

    This situation is akin to men on ICT. Even with the government bearing the cost of the absentee staff, many companies are already unwilling to let the men go as they would be struggling with the temporary loss of staff and the training and orientation of a new staff.

    For women giving birth, the companies experience a double whammy.

    Let’s get the basics right first. Population increase is a social benefit and is the responsibility of the government. By passing the cost of maternity leave to the private companies, the government is shirking part of its responsibility and then wondering why the population is not increasing.

    Better still, it is blaming everybody else and bring in FTs to “solve” this population problem.

    Without solving this fundamental issue, we should not even consider paternity leave and much less extending the maternity leave to 6 months.

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