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M Ravi seeks public apology and compensation from Law Society

Posted by temasektimes on July 24, 2012

Prominent Human Rights lawyer M Ravi is seeking compensation and a public apology from the Law Society and lawyer Wong Siew Hong for alleged defamation after the latter appeared in High Court last week to hand over a letter to the judge from Mr Ravi’s psychiatrist which said he was medically unfit to practise law.

The stunning move was dismissed by the judge Justice Pillai. Mr Ravi was representing a Hougang resident in the Hougang by-election case.

Mr Ravi’s lawyer and colleague Louis Joseph served a letter of demand on the Law Society and Mr Wong, to which they have seven days to respond.

The letter claimed that Mr Wong’s conduct was “intended primarily to injure” Mr Ravi’s “reputation, goodwill and standing in the community” and by handing over the letter, put the contents of the letter “beyond the scope” of “intrinsic confidentiality”.



17 Responses to “M Ravi seeks public apology and compensation from Law Society”

  1. Jack said

    why not post the photo of lawyer Wong Siew Hong? Is TT also like our beloved Mass Media?

  2. kaypoh said

    A move which has always worked (for 3 generations of PMs) 🙂

  3. Compatriot said

    I thinki that this lawyer Wong Siew Hong indeed needed to see a phychiatrist for his/her mental capacity which the Law Society can help to plan for a psychiatrical appointment

  4. i say what i think only... said

    i support him but seriously, his stint at hong lim park put him in very bad light. open himself to public defamation suits byt insulting WP and many others. see a good confidential doc, cure yourself and continue the holy fight

  5. Naivety said

    Wow, this whole episode is becoming quite comical among the Law Society, Wong Siew Hong & Ravi!

    Btw, I thought the medical records of Ravi should only be privy to him and not to the others, why is it so that Lawyer, Wong Siew Hong is able to obtain the confidential records from his Psychiatrist, Dr Fones in the 1st place?

  6. well done said

    well done!

  7. Malcolm Aspen said

    Ravi was doing alright UNTIL he started to do that gig hugging and dancing to a tree, what on earth was that for ??

    • Bipolar said

      Steady Ravi. Stop doing things which may injure your reputation further.
      Need to control the manic part of your bipolar. Hope you’ll be ok.

  8. Ron said

    The Law Society investigates and discipline errant lawyers. Now who should investigate the Law Society? This appears to be a serious event and the privacy of medical records seems to be violated. “We will settle it one way or the other” stated the PM in the case of alleged corruption on two senor civil servants. Perhaps the same swhould occur in this case.

  9. Sage said

    Ravi may be a fruit cake but if he goes to court and behave appropriately, who are we to say that he cannot cross dress and walk in Orchard Road?

  10. Robin Williams said

    This man is welcome to do stand ups with me anytime , I am always game for a few laughs , hugging a tree is fine by me so long as he don’t screw it

    • DIY said

      If Ravi screwed up the tree, then NParks will charged him for damaging public property and be fined $2000.00

  11. Perry Mason said

    Ravi is fine , leave him along , a couple of strong medications and sedatives will get him back to normal , he is not that serious , I have seen worst like one male lawyer in our team wearing nothing but a bra and bikini to court and his legs was not even shaved , we won our case that day , nobody bothers how you dressed , it’s substance that matters

  12. Ben Matlock said

    I tend to agree with Perry here , I had a partner once , Bobby Lard was his name , a fat man with a strong body odour coming from the armpit , loved to dressed up in drags for official functions , was our top counsellor for years running , he was the best we ever had

  13. John Lennon said

    I once had a male lawyer who thought he was a woman and man he really did talked real fast , he left us suddenly for Tuscon Arizona to kicked some corporate butts , he yelled ‘ get fat , get fat , that was what I wanted all along ‘

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