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PRC ‘fashion’ company uses Singapore’s Merlion logo in its products

Posted by temasektimes on July 24, 2012

China is famous for its counterfeit products and it is not a surprise that Singapore’s national trademark – its Merlion logo has been used by a fashion company based in the city of Tianjin:

The use of the Merlion logo is restricted under the the Singapore Tourism Board Act (CAP 305B) which forbids external agencies and persons from using it.

It is not known if the authorities will lodge a complaint against the PRC company for using the logo illegally.


23 Responses to “PRC ‘fashion’ company uses Singapore’s Merlion logo in its products”

  1. Alamak said

    Are you sure is merlion, and not Ritz Calrton that they are trying to plagiarize the intellectual property from ?
    Epic Fail, TT!

    • MT said

      This is definitely the merlion symbol. Please Google “merlion symbol”. This has to be illegal otherwise anyone can just use this symbol on their product. I hope STB do something about this.

      • ~~~ said

        the restriction based on Singapore Law … since when Singapore Law applicable in China… unless STB also filed for copyright in China too

  2. Wicked Brain said

    Will our Tourist Promotion Board take legal action against this company?
    Or just simply let it go again?

  3. Naivety said

    STB, do your job & sue them for copyright & trademark infringement ASAP please!

  4. mahbok tan said

    uwaaah haa haa haaaaaa……they are cunning like a fox… in SGpore for 2 to 3 years go back already can take the merlion logo back home……in few months time this logo will be written as made in SGpore product and command higher premium…..!!!
    well done PRC ….. Sgpore will suck to you all in the very near future…!!!

  5. Webbie said

    singapore is so scared of china. of course we won’t lodge a complain against it. we still need to survive on china afterall….!

    • Edmund said

      Rite, u sue me,Singapore companies beware when doing business in China- now Singapore will say lets give them a chance so Singapore can still do business in China.Better play safe lor.

  6. 3a said

    U dun know how PRC company works meh. Once they first to file the copyright or patent, thy will have the right to sue u 4 money.
    So Singapore gahmen b sued in future for infringement of copyrighted material.
    Next time, they will patent your flag. Once you have money, they will sure luv u deep deep like the Pinoy and Indian.

  7. fuck PRC said

    low class

  8. The Gardener said

    Singapore Tourism Board have no balls to confront the Chinese offender. KNN

  9. Nabey said

    Did our leaders sold it or give it away? just like Tiger Beer.
    anyway, read as what FU XX CHY ? KNLBCCB better. Somemore British collection !!! YA, we really are British collection but since 1819 and not 1868 !! NABEY CB !!!!

  10. Nabey said

    OK lah… got difference lah …. Singapore merlion got 86 fish scales on both sides. This one only 84 scales. Just like Rolex got 6 sticks and Polo got 3 legs …. So I think STB cannot sue the PRC company, no case here !!! Our LP choke.

  11. kaypoh said

    Why not? U wanna piss off BIG BROTHER?

  12. Sam Gunner said

    Even your underwear they will steal, if they can make money.

  13. Nothingspecial said

    This is nothing. I have seen our green army singlets n t-shirts being sold at!!!

  14. i5htar said

    look like we going to spend some $$$ (like apple) get back the logo

  15. fox said

    I’m not surprised.
    Remember Beijing Shijingsan Amusement Park? It’s a whole fake disneyland near China’s seat of power. Any gov official says that they know nothing about it? Puhlease.

    Anything can be faked, and most likely sanctioned by the gahmen there.

  16. Dr XYZ said

    Pls lah. PM said to integrate. That’s why they INTEGRATE mah. Nothing wrong. gahmen tell these foreign talents to do so.
    We LL also cannot do anything.

    in·te·grate   /ˈɪntɪˌgreɪt/ [in-ti-greyt] verb (used with object)
    1. to bring together or incorporate (parts) into a whole.
    2. to make up, combine, or complete to produce a whole or a larger unit, as parts do.
    3. to unite or combine.
    4. to give or cause to give equal opportunity and consideration to (a racial, religious, or ethnic group or a member of such a group): to integrate minority groups in the school system.
    5. to combine (educational facilities, classes, and the like, previously segregated by race) into one unified system; desegregate.

  17. EnglishBengz said

    中国人坑蒙拐骗偷样样来, 没诚信,没廉耻!

  18. It's not the same! said

    Firstly it has to be exactly the same! Trademarks are also industry specific. Lastly Singapore Tourism Act only applies in Singapore. So that act has no jurisdiction internationally. So if you don’t know what is patents and trademarks, check 1st.

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