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Singaporean to PM Lee: Be fair to Singaporeans

Posted by temasektimes on July 24, 2012

There are a lot of frustration and anger out there towards foreigners in our midst. This may be mistaken for the need for more racial harmony. Something must be done to quell these misguided feelings towards foreigners, before they manifest in violence.

It does not help that the population has increased so substantially by the influx of new immigrants, and within such a short period of time; the trains are crowded, cost of basic housing is high, cost of living is going up, and many foreigners are perceived to be in better positions to take advantage of the economic success of Singapore, while many Singaporeans have perceived that this is done at their expense.

Notwithstanding that some of the newer measures have been taken to make up for inequality of past policies, one cannot help but feel that the horse has bolted out of the stables already, and we are trying to catch-up on the failed policies of the past.. It is well and good to ask Singaporeans to be understanding but the government must be even more proactive in its policies towards a fairer Singapore for Singaporeans.

Talk is often easy but execution of policies need haste and action. I wish you well in a difficult task, but I do hope for the sake of Singaporeans, that this is done expediently.


*The above was first posted as a comment on PM Lee’s Facebook:


31 Responses to “Singaporean to PM Lee: Be fair to Singaporeans”

  1. kampong said

    “the horse have bolted out of the staples already…” well said but THE TRUE OF FACT is that the horses are more than just bolted out of the staples, they are running wild and are wild horses, to say the least! and may we remind that among the midst of these running wild horses are wild MONKEYS as well and especially “snakes” among the joining who are sneaky from the wild of India…in short, this land, this island that we have build and on which our fore fathers have established are for ours to the taking and our future future children and you do not need reminding us that OURS ARE THE LAND OF IMMIGRANTS! BUT WHAT KIND OF IMMIGRANTS AND AT WHAT PERIOD? this era, this country and island have became ‘pirates of the carribean’ for the taking and who ever is stronger, mightier and with connection…is enough to warrant the intruding and robbing and now ever wonder why, is better to be tougher than just educated for the rule of law is better well prepared for the fittest to survive…

    • sweetbean said

      Your reference to snakes and Indians – I’ve been subjected to it nearly all my life living here as a SINGAPOREAN. It’s old and it’s tired and I wish people would stop it.

  2. Citizen said

    The issue of shortage of public housing and unemployment of graduates already existed since 2006 or even earlier. Not only nothing was done to improve the situation, they had to make the issues worst by opening the flood gate which sky-rocketed the housing prices, depressed wages for our people and retrenchment for middle age professionals.

    I have no idea why did people continue to vote for PAP to govern our country when they cant even understand basic economics (increased in supply of talent and lack of jobs will drastically decrease wages / increase in demand for COE/HDB and scarce supply will cause drastic increase in prices) or they are pretending not to understand and continue to pocket all the ‘drastic’ amount of $$. Now they just tell you everything is unavoidable and we just got to suck it up and live with it.

    Stop telling us to integrate with foreigners as we are already doing so or otherwise it wouldnt be so peaceful. Tell us how you plan to improve on the situation instead.

    In the 90s, you will see people almost all the HDB units hanging out the Singapore flags near to National Day. Just go look around now. There is simply nothing to celebrate when you or your close ones are faced with retrenchment and a lifetime of housing debts. Not to mention, there is no more significance in national day when half or more of the population are not singaporean (PRs are NOT singaporean they are whoever they are from and just leeches in Singapore).

    • Leong said

      If all of you guys out there do not want Foriegners, wake up!! Have more kids. The more the better, at least 3 for a start! Aging population is a problem. What the govt did, bringing in FT to increase population is not wrong. What the govt did which is wrong, is the 2 child policy created by LKY. 5 years after it was activated, fertility rates drop to 2 from about 5. And less and less. This is the cause of all our population problems. Who to blame? LKY I guess…. PAP waited too long, until GCT became PM, GCT is the scapegoat to reverse the policy. But a little too late. Singaporeans no longer want to give birth!

      I would suggest to increase fertility,

      For the mother who gives birth before 30years of age,
      Each child born will entitle her a cool 10% discount to buy a HDB flat directly from the gov, up to a maximum of 30% discount.
      For the mother who gives birth after 30 but before 35 years of age,
      Each child born will entitle her a cool 5% discount to buy a HDB flat directly from the gov, up to a maximum of 30% discount.
      So max 3 children, before 30yrs old, 30% discount.
      If 2 children, 20% discount, an 1 only 10% and so on.
      Or 2 children before 30, 2 more after 30 but before 35, also 30% discount. In any combination. This entitlement will be valid for only one flat and until the mother is 40 years old, subject to eligibility to purchase flats directly from HDB.

      The 6 months maternity leave proposed by NTUC is ridiculous.

  3. icefire said

    Be fair to LKY’s son !!!
    60% of u voted to let LKY’s son papaya party to destory the nation so dont complain !!!
    LKY is like liu bei, MR Goh is zhuge liang … then LKY’s son here is ah dou
    u cant expect him to be as capable as his father …
    we can only pray hard that his father can hold his hand behind the scence and lead singapore until 2016 …

  4. Henry said

    Let’s see what PM says in this year’s National Day Rally.

  5. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    Very well said Toh Yiu Kwong! I agree whole heartedly with your constructive thoughts and concerns. I could not have put it across to our Honorable PM better than you have. Cheers!

  6. FTs who dun like PAP said

    If all thia are done, the sun will rise from the west!

    Anybody watch “The Lorax” movie?
    PAP is the yong man aka ‘The Once-ler’ who cut down the trees!
    ‘The Lorax’ and ‘Ted’ is the voices from the true blue Singaporean!
    All the trees are the true blue Singaporean!
    Crazy baby man aka ‘Mr O’Hare’ is the FTs!

    UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not! quote by Dr. Seuss

  7. The Mighty Pen said

    This vindictive policy of the ruling government has backfired, and now the government is asking its citizens to integrate with the trash that citizens wants to rid off. The more these incompetent leaders call for integration, the more anger is fueled amongst citizens of this country. I agree with the writer that this situation will lead to violence in the near future and this government must accept the full responsibility of this very certain outcome. I am not surprised that even amongst many of the government’s party members at grassroots level (I have spoken to recently) are not supportive of this government’s policies anymore.



  8. David said

    Hmmm, let me guess how fast this post will be deleted from PM’s facebook. I would say within a day of posting.

  9. NTTY said

    “..execution of policies need haste and action.”

    WTF is he talking about?! It is PRECISELY the haste and expediency (with no oppositional hindrance in parliament) that they went ahead with the open door policy that resulted in our situation today. The importation has started several years back, and was done quietly and gradually (until last year or earlier) WITHOUT consulting, engaging and talking to the population about it. They sneakily let them in, and after GE2011 the camel back broke, that this whole sorry episode about the “controlling” “integration program” “infrastructure enhancement” etc are then brought up one by one for scrutiny.

    So what is the outcome today? We the taxpayer fork out $1.1 billion to SMRT/LTA – mind you, a public listed pte company where its boards of directors and CEOs are reaping millions in pay/bonuses so that the buck stop with us?! Now the integration job is on our lap, and they slapped us “xenophobe” and ‘racial harmony faultlines”?
    What’s next? We should go up to our foreign employers and tell them to remove most of the foreign trash in our companies so that we the local can save our jobs?!!!

    Thanks for solving the problems you created for us!! FUCK YOU MIW!

  10. md amin said

    now day singapore malay many are jobless, most of them are husband, to survive wife need to go out and work, the reason is the employer need mandarin spoken worker, coz most of the workers is speaking in mandarin, is it fair when they come to our country ,to our land , to our friend, to our family, but we need to learn their language, many people are unhappy about this issue but they keep it in their heart, I’m worry family man and those who can’t speak mandarin have a hard time to find a suitable job, they allready have problem seeking for a job for them to survive in their own country, hope our leader take this issue seriously……

    • mahbok tan said

      Allo Mr md amin , please do not feel sorry for yourself or ourself….even our fellow SGporean of chinese or Indian or eurasians or malays are already piss-off with our PM and its famiLEE….!!!
      U cry loud loud or went bersek , it wont change anything to Sgpore social demographic …..!!! just that when everything go haywire , where the monkeys and the elephants start to find their space have been intruded …. only then will they realised their mistakes in the meantime work harder and smarter for your family alike ….do not let the FT’s cross your line and disturb your peace in your own territory(home).
      Vote for a CHANGE…!!!

    • Aminurasyid said


      • J said

        NO NEED TO SPEAK BAHASA… just Singlish…lah… we all true blue singaporeans understand right? … Boleh?

      • James Tan said

        The best is for all Singapore born Singaporean to speak only Singlish, Malay or local dialects and make sure all the PRC trash doesn’t understand us !!!!!! And also make sure everyone start printing and wear their own Tee Shirt with “I am Singapore Born Singaporean”

    • SueM said

      The pinoys and indians don’t speak mandarin, how come they get jobs? Asking for mandarin-speaking applicants is just a ploy not to hire malays, but they will gladly hire pinoys and indians.

  11. Charlene said

    I’m Singaporean Chinese, and my Hubby is Malay. He can’t get a job (eventhough hes a degree holder) cos he cant speak Mandarin (the requirement in the Job Description is Mandarin speaking to deal with Chinese / Mandarin speaking colleagues. Why are we Singaporeans being discriminated in our own country so that these immigrants CAN have a job here?! ITS STUPID! SERIOUSLY!

    Besides that, I’d dare say 50% or more of the available vacancies REQUIRE MANDARIN be spoken! This is utter rubbish! I hardly ever speak / use mandarin at the workplace and I even deal with countries such as Taiwan and China!

    Truly this is very sad for all of us. One day, Singaporean Chinese like myself will not be able to find a job because we do not speak or write “BUSINESS CHINESE” and the like.

    The discrimination must stop.

  12. Naivety said

    Hey Guys!

    It is no use as Pansy Lee can’t hear you one lah & don’t forget he is a deaf little frog too!!!

  13. Unhappy said

    Talk or write so much also no bloody use. Just do it ! Vote them out.

    • mahbok tan said

      AGREE AGREE AGREE … vote for a CHANGE…!!! Anything but PAPayaLEE…!!!

    • Joshua said

      Definite second that, greatly diminish their dominance in parliament… policies as dear as demographics & cost of living/wages should never be allowed to sweep thru a country

  14. Andrew said

    What have you learnt??

    They will say that they will take your opinions into consideration, and then they will turn around and go ahead with whatever is profitable for THEM.

    What have you learn’t??

    Anyways they will not be voted out la. By 2016, there will be enough New Citizens to vote for them and to keep them in power.

    Unless we explode into the very violence or Civil Unrest you were talking about, which will turn things around 180 in our favour.

    What have you learnt? Keyboard Warrior?

  15. Julie Ong said

    Hello and thanks Toh Yiu Kwong. Excellent and rational argument.
    If you don’t mind I think your last sentence and last word ‘expediently’ should read ‘expeditiously’. It is because Mr Lee Hsien Loong took the expedient option that we are in this mess and misery. He wants to maintain the GDP. Also younger people to replace our ageing population. If only he has the nimble mind to quickly slow down the FTs intake when he senses and sees the social tensions brewing then we would not be in this dreadful situation. Frankly, as you’ve said the horses have already bolted. All we can do now is to mitigate the pressure and pacify the badly affected Singaporeans as it is really the fault of the government.
    If no genuine effort is made to rectify this unhealthy state of affairs then expect the worse to come. I sincerely hope that things will be brought under control and the people are satisfied with the government’s measures to correct the situation. Question is: has the government the will to rectify the wrong and put it right?

  16. solaris8899 said

    well said..

  17. A G Young said

    Only a MIRACLE will put it right!

  18. nocando said

    ‘It is well and good to ask Singaporeans to be understanding but the government must be even more proactive in its policies towards a fairer Singapore for Singaporeans.”
    that’s what we want. just don’t tell us what to do. it’s what the govt should do

  19. pegonmynose said

    think the type of FT also matters a great deal. As one PAP himself say , he pass by serangoon like become night and the sewarage system got problem.

  20. Henry said

    Singapore is hopeless guys. Visit my site to learn how to get out of this country

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